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Jerral Wayne "Jerry" Jones Sr. (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman. He is the owner, president, and general manager of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

When he graduated from college in 1965, he was hired as an executive vice president at Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri, his father's insurance company. He received his Master's degree in business in 1970. After several unsuccessful business ventures (including passing up the opportunity to purchase the American Football League's San Diego Chargers in 1967), he began an oil and gas exploration business in Arkansas, Jones Oil and Land Lease, which became phenomenally successful. His privately held company currently does natural resource prospecting.
Dallas Cowboys

On February 25, 1989, Jones purchased the Cowboys from H.R. "Bum" Bright for $140 million. Soon after the purchase, he fired longtime coach Tom Landry, to that point the only coach in the team's history, in favor of his old teammate at Arkansas, Jimmy Johnson. A few months later, he fired longtime general manager Tex Schramm, and assumed complete control over football matters.

The Cowboys won the Super Bowl at the end of the 1992 and 1993 seasons. After the 1993 Super Bowl victory, reports began to surface in the media that Jones had made the statement that "any one of 500 coaches could have won those Super Bowls", given the type of talent that he (Jones) had drafted and signed for the team. Jones also stated to reporters at a late night cocktail party that he intended to replace Johnson with former University of Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer. The next morning, however, Jones famously denied those reports by stating that it "was the whiskey talking". Johnson was eventually forced out in 1994 and Switzer was hired to be the new head coach. The Cowboys won the Super Bowl for the 1995 season.


Super Bowl Championships 1992, 1993, 1995


Dallas Cowboys
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Submitted by Samuel Young (not verified) on

Good morning,

My compliments on a first class organization. You are an amazing business man and it’s inspiring to see you and your family conduct such an under taking.
That being said, I’m somewhat disappointed in this year’s team. I say somewhat because I realize it’s early in the season and there’s a lot of football to be played. My primary reason for concern however is the fact that it doesn’t appear that the organization sees/understands that our offensive system is broken and needs a new direction.
Let me also say that I appreciate your faith in Dak. I’m from Mississippi and am no doubt biased but I don’t feel your coaching staff is placing him in a position to succeed due to the fact that you are not playing to his strengths. The first designed run was in the 4th quarter and most of the routes being called are very predictable “come back” routes. The few times we’ve gone down field have worked. Austin and the play to Zeke where he stepped out of bounds. Since this is a make or break year for Dak contract wise why not let him leave it al out on the field/table and run more RPO.
I have a lot more to say but those were just a few things. Again, thanks for your time

Sam Young

Submitted by Jason Muller (not verified) on

I've been huge fan of u for long time! But u really messed this up screwing Tony. You would have another ring if you still had your balls never should of left that to a rookie!

Submitted by Candace (not verified) on

Let's bring Romo back. He's ready to bring us that Superbowl now!

Submitted by Robert Johnson (not verified) on

There will never be another ring in Dallas or a Super Bowl appearance until Garrett is gone and a coach comes in who can run the team the way he wants is hired.

Submitted by Ana Gutierrez (not verified) on

When are you going to realize we are not going to the Superbowl with Garrett. 4th an 1 on OT and he opts to punt it instead of converting? Opting to punt is literally handing over the game. At least trying to convert would of gave us a chance. No Superbowl until Garret is gone. Mock my words.

Submitted by Thomas (not verified) on

I’ve rode with this team for years and years! But this mediocre play calling from these inept coaches have just come to my wits end! I can’t take it anymore! These coaches SUCK! I’m tired of having all this talk and we can’t beat below average teams! I can’t take it anymore! Do what is right and FIRE these BUMS or lose a lifetime FAN! Ugh! I’m so MAD right now! I’m tired of LOSING! I HATE all of YOU!

Submitted by MJ Lauffer (not verified) on

Mr Jones
I have been a Cowboy fan for over 40 years and a season ticket holder since 2007
In all those years I ever never seen a worse decision by a Cowboy coach. That decision showed that the head coach had no confidence in his team. In a 10 minute OT as you know if you have a chance to score you’ve got to take it. By punting from the opponents 42 on a 4th and 1 you lose your opportunity of winning the game and almost hand the victory to your opponent. Even if the Texans go 3 and out their punt would put you in a worse position than where you were at their 42 yd line. When you have the best running back in the nfl and one of the best O lines also. If you don’t believe your team can pick up that yard and a half when the game is on the line then you need to resign as their head coach.
I am not a Garrett hater at all as a matter of fact I like him and respect him as an individual but now have lost all faith in him as the head coach of our beloved Dallas Cowboys! He had a chance to pull a victory from the jaws of defeat and simply gave it away. At that point our defense was exhausted from playing an amazing game and the soft prevent defense didn’t help either when all it took was a short pass to Hopkins in the soft center of our defense and after at least 3 missed tackles and a gimme FG our fate was sealed. With that 1st down at the 42 and just a couple more yards on 3 plays Maher would have won the game for our Cowboys whose defense gave that game everything they could muster until they were completely exhausted in the OT. Our offense as you are aware was terrible in that game. Not because we don’t have the best running back in the nfl but because the play calling was simply atrocious. One great play in 4 plus quarters does not make for a good offensive scheme. I sat on my chair at home and called out 90% of the plays the entire game to my wife which had very little imagination. And if I can do this you know their def coordinator can do the same. We are not the same team without Dennis Fredrick. I know it you know it and the rest of the nfl knows it! You can’t keep running Zeke into the teeth of their defense especially when everybody and their mother knows you are going to do it!
Bottom line you are never going to get this team to the Super bowl or even an nfc championship game with Garrett and company at the helm. He is just too much of a nice guy and surrounds himself with too many Yes men. When was the last time you saw Jason grad a player by his jersey when he came off the field after making a terrible bonehead mistake that cost the team dearly in a game? Never! Is the right answer. Their has to be accountability. You are sure paying the players enough not to be stupid on the field. As much as I don’t care for the Steelers, Bill Cower was a coach that let his players no immediately when one of them made a mistake that was going to cost his team. Maybe that is someone you should be talking to as our next Cowboy coach!
I truly hope you read this. I know you get lots of emails but you have to know that some shake up has to take place after Sunday’s debacle or myself and others will be leaving the Cowboy fold in droves!
Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this from a very frustrated fan!
Yours truly, MJ Lauffer

Submitted by Mjlauffer (not verified) on

Terrible decision to punt on Texans 42 yd line

Submitted by Liza Devaney (not verified) on

Good morning Mr. Jerry Jones, Happy Birthday a day early! I heard that the Panthers hired a therapist to help with mental well being of the team.

Submitted by Liza Devaney (not verified) on

My father introduced me to football, when I was 8 years old and have been a fan ever since. I was even so fortunate to have my dad take me to Superbowl X. Even though the Cowboys did not prevail that day, 21-17, Pittsburgh, it remains one if my most cherished memories. When I was younger, people told me I should become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, I said no thanks, I want to be the owner! No worries, I am not after your job, but as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 30 years of experience, I would love to help the team in any way I can. #America's Team Forever

Submitted by Marie Pichardo (not verified) on

I'm hoping that after losing to the Redskins that both Mauer and Elliot are both FIRED, they dont deserve to play for "My Team" and surely "My Cowboys deserve better!!!@!

Submitted by Mark Foreman (not verified) on

Mr. Jones I’m a retired high school football coach of 44 years, I coached for most of the time at West Orange-Stark high school ( KEvin “Pup” Smith ) I live in Waxahachie now and was talking to a church member I attend with and he mentioned that the new Atlanta Falcon stadium has either pictures of or the actual helmets of every high school in would be outstanding if you were to display EVERY high School football helmet in Texas, extraordinary form of respect for Texas high School football

Submitted by Scott Morrison (not verified) on

How far into the season are you going to go until you finally realize Dak doesn’t have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback? He doesn’t have the finesse Tony did. He can run but he can’t pass. You stick with players far to long!

Submitted by Randy (not verified) on

As a LONG suffering Cowboys fan. We got a Great National fan base, Great stadium. WE deserve better. .500 record is not acceptable. We should easily be at worst 11-5 each and every year. Jason has had ample time to get us to the damn TOP!!

Submitted by Poncio Gonzalez (not verified) on

We need a new coach or a new offensive coordinator we got the players to win but they are miss calling in the offensive side

Submitted by Manuel (not verified) on

I think it’s time for a change, before season goes even more south. I think it’s time to bring in Johnny football.

Submitted by JGray (not verified) on

We have talent on this team that is not listening to the coach’s message. They are not buying the end goal from our coach. I have always been a glass half full fan, but I have found myself struggling to stick with the current situation. This coach is the definition of insanity. I long for a team that you cheer for because they did everything right. The coaching decisions have killed my spirit. Our coach lacks emotion and that is what players relate to.

Submitted by Chris Haines (not verified) on

Been a Cowboys fan since i was 10 years old I'm 50 now i can't even watch what you put out on the field it's always the same outcome so predictable always a let down its time for a change i wont be watching anymore games and waisting my time feel sorry for the people that pay to come see a game at least we will get a high draft pick next year oh wait Oakland will be thanking us for such a high pick lol Good luck with the rest of the season with who you have running the show

Submitted by Calvin (not verified) on

Jerry I love The DallasCowboys you own them.If you Had true passion for this team make the necessary changes.

Submitted by Robon Bruner (not verified) on

I. Nobody really. The only thing we have in common is our devotion to this team. Your fanhood is right up there with me and skip Bayless. But you have to come to the realization that you create these perfect storm of everybody falls short because you don't have a guru to bring out your best.really think about it if Bill Belichick had had this team with this exact group of players know Tom Brady he would have won the same amount of Super Bowls maybe even more just because of the Cowboys sure will but you have single-handedly tried to create what you love when you already loved it let somebody else who knows what they're doing created and get rid of Jason Garrett even Tony Romo and Jason Witten right now I would take them for coaches over Jason Garrett the back up the always backup she said he wasn't even a good enough backup you guys had two shots sign Bernie Kosar when Troy broke his finger we've been heartbroken so long realize you don't know how to Guru this team you put the pieces in place get the coach

Submitted by Robon Bruner (not verified) on

I have been a part of Dallas Cowboys football since I first saw staubach and the legend Tom Landry on the sideline.i was three and I hated Mondays because dad was in front of the t.v. football that's incredible was a nightmare but not when the cowboys came to the show. Those cheerleader and the true America's team were my own my dad hates us mom doesn't care but I never feel more apart of whenever I see a Star. We've been bad a bunch but I knew that the star would get it right at least once every twenty years. And now we have basically The Replacements of head coaches he's who you put in when you have no other choice and then you have to make a different choice it's like watching The Replacements with the QB that is not Keanu Reeves on the sidelines there's no heart there's no desire there's no knowledge of how to be a winner but Troy s*** if Tony would have had one good offensive coach he would have been Dynamic Bill Parcells really created a great great player and you should have got him a ring it's too late for that make him a coach let them work you don't know football you know how to love football you make the money let them shop for the groceries get a new coach

Submitted by john krapcha (not verified) on

You listening Jerry? Dallas' two Hall of Fame quarterbacks are talking about how you are running the team into the ground. They know way more about football than you. Patient, fans have known for years that your egomaniacal persona has destroyed the organization. I implore you to back away and just sign checks. Let the football gurus run the show. You are an embarrassment and laughing stock of professional sports and you make it very, very hard for fans to continue to remain loyal. John J. Krapcha, ABQ.

Submitted by donna Fay jacques (not verified) on

He is bragging about spending all this money on a yacht while people are starving and struggling paycheck to paycheck. I get that you have more money than you could ever spend in your life but I'd rather not hear about a wasteful purchase when I'm struggling to pay rent while working 50+ hours a week. But I will say good luck Saturday and you're having a great season.

Submitted by Victor Betancourt Jr (not verified) on

I bleed blue since I was a baby. Finish the fight Jerry. Hey I have a name for our defense. How about Doomsquad defense. A new version of the Doomsday defense. Maybe? Go COWBOYS!!! Super Bowl bound baby. #finishthisfight!!!’ Email from South Texas,Brownsville Texas home of the Pitada!!’ Lets do this!!’

Submitted by Danny Wilson (not verified) on

Replace Jason Garrett with Sean Peyton. Give Sean the authority to hire his own offensive coaches.
Replace Dak Prescott with Nick Foles. Keep Dak as a backup so he has a chance to learn from a veteran quarterback.


Submitted by Robert Webb (not verified) on

Mr. Jones please please consider Tony Romo as the new O C if you listen to him analyze the games. He knows football.

Submitted by Tevita Mafua (not verified) on

Aloha Jerry,
Change is needed if we ever want to get back to Super Bowl contention. In the last decade we appeared in just 4 divisional playoff games and lost all 4. Three of those divisional playoff games was under the helm of Garrett and Linehan. The best team that Garrett/Linehan was involved with was the 2016 team, Dak's rookie year. Plain and simple what made this team so successful was Romo helping Dak. If you listen to Romo sports announcing lately he is almost Nostradamus like in reading the defense and calling the play before the ball is hiked. That kind of talent and experience is what our young QB needs. Dak needs a QB coach/mentor that is able to teach him the reads and adjust. Kellen Moore is not the answer in getting Dak to become the next Aikman. This young team needs leadership and a uplift in offense. We have the potential to be a great offensive unit with the guys we have but if nothing is changed in the QB coach, OC coach and head coach positions we will continue to be America's Team that hasn't passed the Divisional Playoffs in the last three Decades. If its only one change that can be made to this team in preparation for the 2019 season let it be Romo at QB coach.

Submitted by Haig Brown (not verified) on

Take a chance on LaQuon Treadwell from Minnesota, and use the first round pick on a safety, corner, or offensive lineman.

Submitted by Thomas Cavanagh (not verified) on

Mr. Jones As a long time Cowboy fan and since the fact we do not have a 1st round pick in the Draft how about a Hard Look at the free agents Golden Tate and Antonio Brown as an added Wide Receiver? I would like to see a Tall Safety or Corner back with speed to burn! LOL
But on a serious note Free Agency might get the Cowboys a Championship if we can get the right mix and not a distraction in the locker room TEAM PLAYERS! Stay well and good move with the Tight End, he will make a great coach some day (Whitten). Good Luck this season!

Submitted by Ameshia Hall (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Jerry, my name is Ameshia. I'm sure many people come to tell negative things and what needs to be done. By no means is that my intention, but I do have an opinion. I love My Boys with all my heart and would support them even if we didn't win a game. I grew up with Dak. We went to high school together as well. He looks a little uncomfortable.Tell him to relax and don't rush. Take a deep breath and not to think so much. when he is not in thinking mode,he is more efficient. Trust himself and don't worry about doubters, you're in control not them. But, Mr. Jerry I think we are going to need a new kicker. He is costing us games. I know you will do whats best, you're Jerry Jones.

Submitted by Charlie indelli (not verified) on

Can u please get rid of Jason Garrett 9 years of misery with him he’s not a coach was 3rd string quarterback played 1 game for cowboys we need real head coach please never going to win any super ball w him he sucks

Submitted by Edith Ryan (not verified) on

Why is it that Maher miss a field goal dam near every game. Does he not practice enough? When we need to depend on that certain field goal he doesn't pull through. What is going on?

Submitted by Austin Adkins (not verified) on

Mr.jones we are a talented team with so much potential but as long as jason is coaching I dont see us moving forward to play at our highest level I could coach better than him please bring urban Myer in soon

Submitted by Joel Carrasco (not verified) on

Hello Jerry Jones am a true cowboys fan! I love what you done to the team good offense of line and defense. Just the only thing that bothers me is making running plays with Elliott, it’s fine doing it on 1 downs or 2nd downs but try to make some more passing plays. I watch every game they pretty much always have eyes on Elliott for him not to make any running plays. On the passing plays we gain more yards and touchdown passes. Jerry I want for my team to come back again and my team could make that happen again.

Submitted by Joseph Francis (not verified) on


Submitted by Kelly (not verified) on

Coming from a life long Cowboys fan of over 50 years, how much talent are you going to watch waste away under a Jason Garrett coaching staff? I for one and TIRED of it! It does not matter how much talent you assemble, the Cowboys will always be nothing more than mediocre as long as Jason Garrett is the coach, maybe that is what you like? The second coming of Marty Schottenheimer? Always a game or two around 500, not going to have many losing seasons, also never going to have a championship season. Just look at an example. What do you suppose would the happen if the Cowboys traded Amare Cooper, cut Zeke, and went into the season with just Dak of the big 3? Then lets suppose Dak is out for the year injured? What do you suppose the Cowboys record would be? 3-13? Lets see if that type of thing has happened to any other team in the last few years?? Hmmmm how about the Pittsburgh Steelers? The same team that has won 5 of 6 after that very scenario happened to them? The difference? SOLID COACHING!!!!! I'm tired of watching mediocrity

Submitted by William McCarthy (not verified) on

It is time to part with Jason Garrett. How many loses is he going to be responsible for before you act. He will blame the OC but he has final say. Last nights loss to me was unbearable. I still have faith that the Boys will make the playoffs because of their division being horrible. I am afraid that you will then extend Jason and we will have to put up with more losing seasons. With the teams he has ahd we should have won a couple of Super Bowls already.

Submitted by Lonnie Abbott (not verified) on

Jones, are you finally ready to fire Garrett. Reason: at end of 1st half, he would not use 1 of his 2 times left. Lost 25 seconds and clock goes down to 8 seconds. Can't take time outs to the locker room???? So many other coaching errors the entire game. You must loosing too much......

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

How can we have this much talent on this team and be so bad? We have a mediocre QB and zero discipline on this team and it’s been this way since Jimmy Johnson. I should be a browns fan!

Submitted by Tom Priel (not verified) on

I have been a Passionate and loyal fan of the Cowboys for many years. This year (2019) has been especially frustrating for me. Our Beloved Cowboys have a few glaring and obvious weaknesses. You have assembled one of the most talented teams in the NFL but yet we are unable to get to the Promise Land. I feel the biggest weakness is clock management. I can point to numerous games where I was shaking my head and going WTF.. The smart play is to use the clock to your advantage. A case in point is the Philadelphia game this Sunday, The Cowboys last drive they had time to run the ball and work on the clock. Use the time outs on the offensive side and make that drive the final one. Statistics have shown the Cowboys are way better and have a better record when they RUN THE BALL !! Zeke is your best weapon amongst your talented team and not using him properly makes no sense !!! Sorry but that is a waste of enormous talent. Don't misunderstand me there are instances when you just can't run the ball but running the ball puts the Cowboys at an advantage. This is just one example of many this year.. The other weakness I see is special teams. You even stated that special teams all comes down to coaching. I totally agree. The smart investment is to use your strengths and exploit weaknesses !!!

Dallas needs someone that can make the special teams just that., SPECIAL,Please Please tell me you are going to address this during the off season so I can continue to back my BELOVED COWBOYS . I thank you in advance and can't wait to see how this works out in the future

Submitted by nate wood (not verified) on

I would like to say my son and I are die hard cowboy fans. We traveled to philly to support our team. Yet the few Cowboy fans that where there and actually wore Our team gear and battled against all the nasty remarks and the fight from philly fans. we fought harder to support our teram then our team fought on the field. Makes no sense we have all this talent and yet cannot show up game day. Very SAAAAADDDDD!!!!!
Something needs to changes.

Submitted by john mckinney (not verified) on


Submitted by Terry Robinson (not verified) on


As a Cowboys fan from childhood since 1971, I find it quite disappointing to see all the celebratory dancing in the end zone as one of the players scores a touchdown. It is hard to teach kids about winning and losing with class and dignity with all the players adding their antics that are on the cover of sports magazines, newspapers and replays. I thankfully heard that your players last year were mandated by you to stand and render appropriate honor to the flag of these United States. As a combat veteran, I understand both sides, but last year the only game I watched was the Cowboys as a direct result of your guidance. Perhaps you could make a change for next year to no allow any touchdown antics and thus lead the NFL in showing the league what true class is.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,


Submitted by Jonathan Santana (not verified) on

Jerry, I've been a cowboys game since I was 8, so for the past 28 years. We have a very talented team and I think that bringing Dez Bryant back would put us over the top. Can you imagine having Cooper, Lamb, Gallup and Dez in the red zone?!?!?!?!? Plus Zeke and Dak behind that all pro line?!?!?!?!? Plus Dez knows and accepts that he is no longer a WR1 or WR2 and that he would accept a similar role to what Witten was, and, he wouldn't be expensive at all. Bring Dez back please 🙂

Submitted by roger huff (not verified) on

i have been a fan off the cowboys for 50 years,but here lately i dont know. you can pay a running back that much money that hasnt showed much so why can't you pay him (dak) i think he has proved he is one of the top quarter backs in the nfl and he (dak) should get what he desirves.i am sorry for the comments but i fill he showed he desirves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Nathan Scherbring (not verified) on

Sign Dak Prescott now

Submitted by Andrew (not verified) on

Need to draft defensive men suggestions if available horn or surtain Johnson and or Washington Perkins if he's there or even Cisco and go after one tackle and guard for depth DEFENSE is what Dallas needs. We the fans want a super bowl you can put 40 plus points a game on the board but don't matter if defense can't stop them.

Submitted by Richard Stagg (not verified) on

Jerry, with all due respect to you and the empire you have established, being an avid fan since 1971, I certainly appreciate the latitude that should be provided to those elite players. However, for those players, and most recently, like La’el if this is legitimate, you need to set an example and penalize their ass and stop mollycottling them. I am so sick and tired of week in and week out listening to the likes of Shannon sharpe and Stephen A because yet again we got a rogue player who out of one side of his mouth he is pledging to protect DAK at all cost and then getting penalized for 5 games from the league wizard for misssin drug tests. WTF Jerry? Please help yourself, your pocket books, and your fan base. See you at the LAC game. And tell our boys to bring fucking rocks in their pockets. #LACsmashing.


1 Pissed off Fan


Submitted by John hurn (not verified) on

Jerry if u reading this I really would like to talk to u about the blueprint of the team and were we could change things around to bring home that Six Championship …. Not jus any regular fan I’m like u jerry grew up a fan and somebody that studies the game .. And will maclay is someone I respect very much

Submitted by James moore (not verified) on

Jerry I've been a cowboys fan for 43 years. The fix is right in front of yall. Fire mcathry, beg Quinn and Moore to stay 1 more year. Make Quinn the head coach, keep Moore where he is at, get a kicker. Draft or trade offensive line or defensive heavily. McCarthy is clueless and has to go.... go cowboys


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