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Jerral Wayne "Jerry" Jones Sr. (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman. He is the owner, president, and general manager of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

When he graduated from college in 1965, he was hired as an executive vice president at Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri, his father's insurance company. He received his Master's degree in business in 1970. After several unsuccessful business ventures (including passing up the opportunity to purchase the American Football League's San Diego Chargers in 1967), he began an oil and gas exploration business in Arkansas, Jones Oil and Land Lease, which became phenomenally successful. His privately held company currently does natural resource prospecting.
Dallas Cowboys

On February 25, 1989, Jones purchased the Cowboys from H.R. "Bum" Bright for $140 million. Soon after the purchase, he fired longtime coach Tom Landry, to that point the only coach in the team's history, in favor of his old teammate at Arkansas, Jimmy Johnson. A few months later, he fired longtime general manager Tex Schramm, and assumed complete control over football matters.

The Cowboys won the Super Bowl at the end of the 1992 and 1993 seasons. After the 1993 Super Bowl victory, reports began to surface in the media that Jones had made the statement that "any one of 500 coaches could have won those Super Bowls", given the type of talent that he (Jones) had drafted and signed for the team. Jones also stated to reporters at a late night cocktail party that he intended to replace Johnson with former University of Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer. The next morning, however, Jones famously denied those reports by stating that it "was the whiskey talking". Johnson was eventually forced out in 1994 and Switzer was hired to be the new head coach. The Cowboys won the Super Bowl for the 1995 season.


Super Bowl Championships 1992, 1993, 1995


Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys Center
1 Cowboys Parkway
Irving, TX 75063-4727


Submitted by Jax Maximus (not verified) on

Come on Jerry. Now I have to find a new villain. Why did you have to show everyone that you are a stand up guy (actually, a kneel down guy...but I digress). Does this mean that I have to get rid of that pic of you with a red face and horns?? I was born a Giants fan and always will be BUT I have to give you your do. Seriously, congratulations to you and your team. Those Who Condemn the Lawful Dissent of United States Citizens are NOT Patriots. They are at best, misguided. At worst, they are the Enemy.

Submitted by Brenda Boyle (not verified) on

Hey Jerry, I just read your bio. Wow, you graduated college in 1965. That's pretty impressive! I guess if you would have had a sense of duty you would have joined the military and lead men in Vietnam Nam! Working for your daddy's insurance company was fulfilling enough I'm sure. Shame on you you rich popas ass! If you served I would have given you a pass on this on!! Americas real team are the patriots that stand for our flag and anthem and fight for the injustices in our country by peacefully protesting and using their votes not their knees!

Submitted by Former Fan (not verified) on

The acts of Jerry Jones and the players of the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, Sept 25, 2017 were among the most disgusting displays of anti-America sentiment that I have ever seen.

Jerry Jones CHOSE to spit on the graves of every American who has died for the United States of America. Jerry Jones CHOSE to support those who hate America.

Jerry, after 50 YEARS as a Dallas Cowboys fan, I will never watch another game. You have lost me as a fan. May God forgive you.

Submitted by Susan Newcomer (not verified) on

I am a Texas Girl, RN, and Widow. This has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech. It is about the Men and Women that lost their lives for my and your country.

I think you are a disgusting person and hope you lose all your millions because you have lost your soul!

Submitted by Marc Bender (not verified) on

How pathetic to see what used to be "America's Team" take a knee for a pretend, virtually unknown cause. Does the NFL take a knee to protest the hundreds of black citizens gunned-down every year in the city of Chicago? Does the NFL take a knee for the thousands of Americans poisoned by illegal drugs, that are often smuggled across uncontrolled borders? Does the NFL take a knee against domestic abuse? The answer will always be no! You're all a bunch of rich, spoiled anti-Americans. Me, my family, my church and my business are done with the NFL.

Submitted by Walter Kennedy (not verified) on

Monday evening was a very difficult night for me. My team, "Americas Team" fell flat on its face when they, the team, coaches and owner, failed to show respect for our flag. You have allowed politics to rule your behavior to the detriment of our country under the shadow of "freedom of speech".

As a result I personally will never again watch or recognize the Cowboys or any NFL team as a true representative of a sport worthy of my time or money to support. I truly hope you and your organization will someday realize that your politics do not belong on field of sports.

Submitted by Kelly (not verified) on

Way to stoop to all the others Jerry

Submitted by Kelly (not verified) on

Locking arms with all the girls in their cute outfits doesn't cut it!! Stand up, put your hand over your heart during the playing of the NATIONAL anthem. Until you do, I'm not watching "AMERICAS" team again!!

Submitted by Kelly (not verified) on

I've been a huge Razorback and Cowboy fan and a HUGE fan of yours until Monday night. That display of disrespect toward our flag and our military broke my heart. Will not watch again until something changes

Submitted by Elaine Cannon (not verified) on

How embarrassing it was to me to see Jerry Jones kneeling before our National Anthem was played! I was sickened to see him succumb to some political agenda within the Roger Goodell version of the NFL! I shall never watch another game. I shall never experience the pride of America's Team. He is being a contradiction to himself! He can not satisfy both sides of this argument. His silly smirk while kneeling was evidence of this. Never has anyone in football kneeled except in prayer--and that apparently is banned. Banned as well according to the leagues own bylaws is any behavior during the National Anthem except standing with helmet off and hand over heart. Is Jerry then in unity with the knee taker Colin Koepernick, a professed cop hater? Football games are entertainment to us. I'm sure Jerry's bank account proves this! The National Anthem and the flag are to be respected. Both national football (entertainment) and patriotism bring us together. Politics create divisions. Political issues have many outlets to be discussed and debated. Get your priorities straight, Jerry. Kneel to pray and stand for the Flag!

Submitted by Dave (not verified) on

I served 21 years in the U.S. Air Force. As government employees we were very keen on the right of every American to protest, and, although as American citizens we were allowed to protest, we were NOT allowed to protest in our uniform or at a military sponsored function. In addition, we were expected at all times to render respect to the flag and all who had fallen in defense of our country.

That is my position with respect to the current "protests" by NFL players. I respect their right to protest, but NOT in uniform and not on the field of play, and not in the manner in which they wage their protest. Although I am disappointed in the players, I am even more disappointed in the owners. They make it out to be the players' "right" to protest, but, just as you can not jokingly yell "fire" in a crowded theater, there are limitations to our freedoms to express ourselves. In my opinion, the NFL shows its hypocrisy by punishing players who taunt other players or owners who are disrespectful to officials, while allowing players, executives, and owners to disrespect the flag of the United States and our national anthem!

Lastly, their protest is hollow, as they have no "end game". There is no realistic point at which they can say, "See, we accomplished our objective". In my opinion, it's an absolute joke.

Thank you, Jerry Jones, for forcefully stating your decision to respect the flag of the United States, and for expecting your players to do the same. Hopefully, other owners will clearly follow in your footsteps!

Submitted by Gary Garlin (not verified) on

Mr. Jerry Jones I doubt you read these but I'm hoping someone with access to you may and pass along. As a diehard Razorbacks fan since 1984 I'm extremely nervous about the future of our Razorbacks football program. I'm a resident of Michigan and my concern is the image of the Razorbacks has turned for the worst under a man I like and respect Bret Beilema. I respect the direction he's taken in terms of stressing education and holding players responsible. I believe our image is weakened nationally and you know better then anyone the importance of image. As much as respect Beilema he has not done what he is paid for which is winning games. He's done great at with stressing the importance of education which is as important as winning he's yet to give us the winning part of the deal. The state, alumni, fans and boosters who donate his salary deserve better. I'm appealing for you or Stephen to use your influence.

Submitted by tony (not verified) on

Dear Sir, I am holding on to the NFL by thin threads, thanks in large part to yourself. not sure if I am part of a majority or minority regarding my fan status, but certain that almost half the country is not on my side. As a retired enlisted guy carrying on a family tradition serving this country, it is painful to watch what is happening to our country, and while I think "the haters" will likely win this one, I just want to say Thank You Sir, for your position on the anthem thing. I will be there as long as you are Sir... thanks sincerely...

Submitted by bj wallace (not verified) on

Dear Jerry Jones - Back When You And The Team "Took A Knee" Before The National Anthem I Sent You Comments: Some Of Which I STILL Stand By. However, I Am Now Retracting The Part Of It That ASaid: "Jerry Jones, You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself!!! You Should Have Stepped-Up & Been The Leader & Patriot, That I Thought You Were - By Providing Your Players & Coach Garrett With Proper Guidance, With Regard To There Being A “Proper Time & Place” To Peacefully Protest." Jerry Jones, I Am No Longer "Disappointed In You", As You Have Now "Stepped-Up, Took A Stand & Provided Guidance", Regarding "Taking A Knee", During The National Anthem. You Proved Yourself To Me, To Be The Man & Patriot I Always Believed You To Be - And I Can Now Say: I Am Proud Of You Jerry Jones, For Saying "No Taking A Knee, Or You Won't Play"!!! I Was So Glad To Hear This, So I Can Watch "Cowboys Football" Again. I Have Now Yet Watched A Game, This Season, But Will Be Watching To See What Happens During The National Anthem, At Your Next Game. If Anyone, "Takes A Knee", I Won't watch. In My Previous Post To You I Said, And Still Stand By: "You Certainly Should Not Allow (Or Participate In) “Displays Of Disrespect” To The Flag & National Anthem On Your Football Field. Call It What You Want, But Whether You “Take The Knee” Before, During, Or After - Disrespect Is What It Really Is!!! And The Act Of “Taking A Knee” BEFORE The National Anthem Was Played, And "Standing" DURING It Being Played, Does Not Make It OK - It Just Makes Ya'll "Two-Faced"!!! And It Is An Insult To Your Fans. THE FOOTBALL FIELD IS NO PLACE FOR A “PEACEFUL PROTEST”, OR ANY OTHER KIND OF PROTEST – WHY DON’T YA’LL GET THAT??? WE FANS, WHO WON’T BE WATCHING, OR ATTENDING YOUR GAMES, GET IT!!! If Players (Or Anyone) Want To Protest, That's Fine. However, Their Protest Should Not Take Place On The Football Field. First They Should Be Told That "Taking A Knee" Is Unacceptable Behavior On The Football Field & NOT To Do It AT ALL. And If They Continue To Do It, As Their Employer, You Should Fire Them. I Know Of No Other Workplace, That Would Allow This Kind Of "Protest Behavior" – And Jerry Jones, You Should Not Allow It Either!!! (Am Retracting This Next Sentence: "I Am Very Disappointed In You Jerry Jones, Because Being From Arkansas, I’m Sure You Were Raised To Have Respect & Were Taught What Is Proper & Improper Behavior.) Thanks Jerry, For Proving To Be The Man & Patriot, I Believed You To Be. A Loyal Dallas Cowboy's Fan, From Arkansas

Submitted by Dana Hartoin (not verified) on

You're ridiculous Proclamation that you will bench any player that takes a knee to use his first amendment constitutionally-protected right is outrageous. Thank God Texas has two football teams. My husband and I will be watching the Texans from now on until you resend this ridiculous Proclamation we also will not be wearing our Cowboys paraphernalia and we certainly would never buy a piece again. You're a puppet of your good friend Donald Trump!

Submitted by Mark Gabryel (not verified) on

Mr. Jones I have been a Buffalo Bills Fan my entire life. The team I hated the most in the NFL was the Dallas Cowboys, for the simple reason you guys ended our Super Bowls Dreams not once but twice. That all ended today. Mr Jones you stood up when no one else would and put our flag and our country before profits. I thank you for all the men, that stood up for our flag and for the ones that never got to see another sunrise or the beauty that the flag should represents to us all. All of us owe the ones that gave so much, a thank you for being able to have this discussion. So many other places in the would the ones that took a kneel would never be seen again. My first team is still the Buffalo Bills but Mr. Jones you have my second team. The Dallas Cowboys. Thank You for all that you stand for, a man of honor is always a man I will stand with.

Submitted by KIM MOSLEY, sin... (not verified) on

Mr. Jones, respectfully, I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan since before Roger was a starter. So I, like quite a few others, have been in your corner for a LONG time. The time used to be that making the playoffs for the Cowboys was a given, I would boast "We ONLY COUNT SUPERBOWL Rings, thats the ONLY reason to play."
Well, times have significantly changed. There is a generation of fans who have NEVER known the Cowboys to be DOMINANT and great. That hurts me dearly, however, Im still there on Sunday looking for that glimmer.
I never made it to Texas Stadium, have yet to make it to AT&T even though i have a number of friends that go religiously.
I stood by when Tom Landry was let go, cried, even. Stood by that 1-15 season (glad it was the redskins), I remember EXACTLY where I was when Dwight Clark caught "the CATCH", I still believe Montana was throwing it away.
I was looking forward to domination with Jimmy J, still I would don my Cowboy gear proudly.
Agonized over the Tony fumble in Seattle, I HATE losing, and Monday used to be my GET IT GOING DAY, because the Dallas Cowboys won on Sunday.
Today is the day, I question my loyalty. The taking of the knee debate, which shouldn't be a debate, has taken over the NFL. First, I will say, I have never be a proponent of the NFL being the "social police" , however, there seems to be craziness over this issue. How do we allow this to be spun into a FLAG Disrespect debate. When asked, the protestors, to a man, say its not a flag protest, yet we allow a 3rd party to define what the debate is??
Now, you, the owner of the DALLAS COWBOYS decree stand or DON'T PLAY!! Unacceptable !!!
I will be encouraging others to follow suit, DONT WATCH, DONT BUY. As much as I love NFL Football, there has to be a limit!!! and I LOVE me some DALLAS COWBOYS, however, this has brought me to emailing you directly. WOW!! I am completely bummed out.

Submitted by Mitch Chandler (not verified) on

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for standing up for the USMC and our brothers & sisters in ALL of the other armed forces. By being bold enough to say: STAND or SIT,,,,you are saying that you honor our Flag, our Anthem the United States Marines and every other service man or woman who have sacrificed in the past or who currently sacrifice daily. Football is great entertainment, but giving your time and even life when it comes to it, for a flag, for an anthem along with our freedom and way of life is just priceless. Many dream of being a professional athlete, but ALL dream of being free. Being a professional athlete is something you do alone, but being FREE is something that others do for you... Honor Them

Submitted by Darrion Grady (not verified) on

Jerry I have 100% supported every move you made for the team.... But now Is the time to do something drastic or our season is over SIGN REVIS PLEASE if just for one game! If you like him keep him we need defense and these rookies aren't cutting it!! So please save our season! #throwuptheX #bleedblue

Submitted by Anthony Cannady (not verified) on

Mr Jones,

Let me start by stating I’ve been an admirer of you and the Dallas Organization for decades. I admired you kneeling with your team and protesting. I’m a rec league head coach and I use you and you players often in my examples to the 12-13 year olds of what they are to inspire to. I also for the first time in my long support of the Dallas Cowboys have an opportunity to come to the stadium and see the one thing in life I had to before I leave this world your stadium. I have finally gotten tickets for 11/30 Cowboys vs Redskins game . (A dream come true)

I write today to let you know that my father fought for this country in Vietnam war. He fought for all rights, he didn’t cherrypick. I would ask you to reconsidering your stand on this protest Sir. It’s not about the Anthem at all. I would love to shake your hand and thank you for all you’ve done for life long fans like me.

Kind regards,

Your Friend,

Anthony Cannady

Submitted by RICHARD BIRGEL (not verified) on


Submitted by Mike Emery (not verified) on

Arthur Moats is extremely under utilized in Pittsburgh. His pastor mother is a huge Cowboys fan, and Arthur would be an incredible locker room upgrade in maturity and leadership. Coach Marinelli is exactly the guy to take Arthur to a new level in his career. It wouldn't take more than a bench player, a 5th or a 6th to get him from Pittsburgh.

Submitted by Wesley Adams (not verified) on

Dear Jerry,
Threatening to bench and fine players for respectfully and peacefully expressing their opinions is un-American.
It sounds like something that would happen in Russia. In case it has not been made clear, the players are kneeling to the protest social and racial injustice, not to disrespect the flag and the anthem as President Trump has purported. I submit that he does this to divide us as a people and a nation and for his own political gain. It is bigotry. Shame on you for capitulating to Trump and politics, you should be the champion of your team and players, not dividing yourself from them with threats. I have been a cowboy fan since the '60s, please straightened this out as it makes it hard for me to watch the team. This is America, land of the free and home of the brave.

Submitted by Donny (not verified) on

Please don't let Jason Garrett sit on another lead. Seems like he wants to get a lead and try to run the clock out. No matter how much time is left.

Submitted by Jan Svochak (not verified) on

I’ve put up with the underperforming GM who won’t fire himself or underperforming coaches. Ironically Jerry has taken a little stronger stance on the USA disrespect during the anthem than most of the NFL. Problem is that they play in the NFL. I’ve been foolish spending thousands of dollars on NFL tickets, jerseys and game day entertainment every year for many years. The NFL’s actions this year has caused me and many to reevaluate this senseless spend for something we used to love, I hope I can recoup some of my PSL since the market for that has surely shrunk as well but I’m gone regardless. You have lost a season ticket holder and lifetime fan.

Submitted by Isabelle R Jackson (not verified) on

Roger Goodell doesn t want the cowboys to go to the playoffs.Dallas is not his favorite team.

Submitted by bruce sharp (not verified) on

hey jerry...not a cowboy fan...having said that, America is behind you. screw goodell. look at the stadium attendance on t.v.. goodell needs to grow a nut sack and remind the players that blood has been spilled so they can act like jackasses. if kapernick ever gets hired please please put me in on defense so I can get a crack at him. I am 64 and I know I could put one on him for America...god bless you

Submitted by Thomas Moquin (not verified) on

Thank you for your stand against players kneeling during the National Anthem. My son and grandson died in Iraq protecting America. I and my family no longer watch NFL football asD the narcissistic, egotistical players spit on their graves. Thank you for your stand against this practice. I have now become a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

Submitted by Ted (not verified) on

It's time Cowboys!!! We have to much talent on the team so why can't we score. As much I like Garrett he's done nothing since he took over it's time to clean house and bring in a coaching staff who can show this team how to win and finish games. Watching the Dallas Cowboys now days I just sad how can you have all this talent and can't put up points, I understand zek is suspended but that shouldn't stop the Cowboys from moving the ball and making big plays that they are capable of. Mr. Jones please take this in consideration it's time for you to move on to a new coaching staff, I mean the best you can find not any average joe's I would love to see the Cowboys win a super with Jason Witten on the team.

Submitted by John Vettel (not verified) on

Jerry Jones is the only NFL owner to question the renewal of Roger Goodell's contract. Retain an idiot who prevents "Remember 911" cleats, but supports disrespecting our nation and flag?

That's just nuts!

This 61 year Green Bay Packer fan and retired military officer has great respect for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys, and hopes that the rest of the league will follow Jerry's leadership, fire Goodell, and require all players to respect our flag and nation.

Submitted by Pretty Boy (not verified) on

Fire Jason Garret please..!

Submitted by jerry (not verified) on

You will NEVER win with Jason as the coach, but he will still clap his hands. WOW such a waste yet again.

Submitted by Daniel (not verified) on

Why with the team Dallas has can they not win the games that count? I do know that Roger Goddell is an ass and and he deliberately screwed Zeke that's a given. But it seems like Dallas is always having to play the refs, or now the damn Pres. of the NFL. Plz it's time for a super bowl.

Submitted by greg whitman (not verified) on

I used to be an avid NFL football fan since birth and trust me it's not easy being a Detroit Lions fan-Bobby Layne rest in peace. We all loved watching Barry Sanders perform his magic with class and dignity-no crazy end zone dances. Now we are leaving as fans-Boycotting your League, sponsers, merchandise, attendance,viewership, superbowl and soon season tickets too.

Why are we leaving??? Mainstream media points to Oversaturation,bad officiating,other networks and media broadcasting games. If you have not figured out it's the players protesting during the National Anthem you are FOOLS.

Is there social injustice and division in this country-Yes. Is protesting during the Anthem appropriate-No I cannot protest at work when I enter the workplace or WILL be fired quickly. If the players wanted to make a statement do that outside the stadium or in your communities or thru social media. I have marched with Martin Luther KIng in the cause of justice non violently but in a proper forum. Protesting during the Anthem is akin to interupting a religious leader during a sermon. You have alienated all veterans and police officers who used to watch the games.

Mr Goodell shame on you! You could have stopped this train last year by sitting down with Colin K and resolving this. Shame on all the owners for not acting to avert this-except Jerry Jones. Shame on the few players who continue to protest. What exactly are you Players doing in your communities to fight this injustice???? We as fans would like to know this answer. Please respect our flag during work hours. You had a chance to avert this also but still choose to protest. We loyal Americans are taking the advice of Delanie Walker who said if you dont like what we're doing don't come to the games! We are doing just that-buying no gear,not buying sponsers products, watching no games,watching no playoffs or Superbowl and not buying season tickets next year

Remember the unsinkable Titanic Mr Goodell-too big to sink-well watch and listen. We as Americans have great power and do not need the NFL but the NFL needs us. We will continue to respect our military, police and our flag forever long after the NFL is gone!

Submitted by Eric (not verified) on

Sign dez bryant we need his passion his intensity to further strength our offense how can you do this when u said his contract was safe

Submitted by Eric (not verified) on

You are a very respectable man with high power what happened to our big three u crushed our super bowl hopes what were you thinking

Submitted by Terry Craddock (not verified) on

Why isnt Gil Brandt in the ROH? It is a crying shame and a no brainer. Jerry this should be a high priority.

Submitted by Jg (not verified) on

Mr. Jones, I've been a steeler fan 4 life. Thank you so much for your policy to stand for the national anthem. The issues involved are extremely important for all people. However, the anthem should only used to show respect for all those who suffered and died for our country. Bravo!

Submitted by Katherine Westine (not verified) on

I am opposed to your prohibiting your players from protesting. They should be able to do peacefully what their consciences demand.
One thing that will fix this whole business is by keeping politics out of the game. When citizens go to a concert, a play, a museum, a movie, etc --- they don’t have to hear the Star-Spangled Banner played and watch a huge American flag.
Please take politics and nationalism out of your sport.

Submitted by Roderick Nunnally (not verified) on

I have been a fan and will stand by win or lose for 42 years. But regarding the team decision to enforce someone is not right. Becuase God is the only One we must pledge. However the flag represent our country or image of our country. It with great respect i have for the country and flag and will put it before any other country. It is my home. Nevertheless should you make someone violate their relatiionship with God. My suggestion is that the NFL hold a moment of silence you can do what you want pray to God, slatute flag or get mentally prepared or ect... Again i will die for my country as long as it doesnot kick me out of God and Jesus kingdom. Much repect for you and the flag and our country the USA under God.

Submitted by Scott Lowell (not verified) on

Mr. Jones
Sir, Thank you for making a decision to have your team stand for the national Anthem. I am not a Dallas Cowboy fan, but I appreciate your Integrity and Love of this used to be Republic. I have not watched the NFL for about 4 years do to the leagues dislike of America and its culture. The TV Networks and the NFL have shown their dislike of the 2nd Amendment with the kneeling during the National Anthem I have never decided to watch the NFL again. I pray that you are continued in being blessed and will pray for your continued Ethical Actions as team owner. Thank you Sir, and God Bless
Scott T Lowell

Submitted by Scott Lawlyes (not verified) on

I am so proud of you for doing the right thing by telling your employees that they will stand and honor the flag during the national anthem for this upcoming season. Players should not be protesting on game day. They should be focusing on the game. If they want to protest then do it off the clock, not when they are supposed to be working. I applaud Dak Prescott too for his recent comments. These protesters are taking away the joy of watching the game. My grandfather was a pow in ww2 and also served in the Korean war. Every day until the day he died he would hoist the flag up in the morning and take it down at night. Although I am a longtime Indianapolis Colts fan, I now consider the Dallas Cowboys as my second favorite team. You truly do deserve to be called America's team. Keep up the good work and I hope you sweep those disrespectful Eagles.

Submitted by Pat Matheaus (not verified) on

My husband and I will only watch the Cowboys’ games this year as they WON’T be kneeling! We won’t watch any other games as long as they kneel. Thank you, Mr. Jones.

Submitted by David (not verified) on

Hi Mr Jones, love the cowboys very much; I didnt watch last year and will not watch again this year. I have young ones and I want to make the right impression. It is so very tough when you are a Cowboys fan. Press on Sir.

Submitted by Michael Monteiro (not verified) on

I have been a fan since the 70s and I have never been so embarrassed to be a cowboy fan . I can’t firgure out why your general manager can’t put together a team that can win . The cowboys are America’s team and always had a tradition of winning,but now they have a tradition of losing and not spending the money it takes to build a winning team . Fan totally embarrassed to say that

Submitted by robert (not verified) on

lets win and a lot of people talk bad about our team and lets do something about it

Submitted by travis jenkins (not verified) on

man I been a cowboys fan every sence I was born and that's 1981 I saw and met troy amen I'll never for get what he said we are all humans we go through things off and o the field but we are all cowboys and we always have each other backs we need dez back he are player give home what he want but make him sign saying he will keep up his part off the deal we need him the teams need him please take him back we lost so much it's time to be them boys get 88 back

Submitted by Wade (not verified) on

The problem is your coach he's responsible for the teams success. Zero accountability and no discipline Jason Garett is not the answer. Frankly he is terrible. From penalties to clapping when we are loosing. Get someone that can control the team like Jimmy did. Dam been like 20 years. It's a business and you look like an ass to all Cowboy fans, I'm just stating the truth.

Submitted by Josey Leck (not verified) on

Just curious how many good years your going to waste with these young players with this aweful coaching staff


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