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Jerral Wayne "Jerry" Jones Sr. (born October 13, 1942) is an American businessman. He is the owner, president, and general manager of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys.

When he graduated from college in 1965, he was hired as an executive vice president at Modern Security Life of Springfield, Missouri, his father's insurance company. He received his Master's degree in business in 1970. After several unsuccessful business ventures (including passing up the opportunity to purchase the American Football League's San Diego Chargers in 1967), he began an oil and gas exploration business in Arkansas, Jones Oil and Land Lease, which became phenomenally successful. His privately held company currently does natural resource prospecting.
Dallas Cowboys

On February 25, 1989, Jones purchased the Cowboys from H.R. "Bum" Bright for $140 million. Soon after the purchase, he fired longtime coach Tom Landry, to that point the only coach in the team's history, in favor of his old teammate at Arkansas, Jimmy Johnson. A few months later, he fired longtime general manager Tex Schramm, and assumed complete control over football matters.

The Cowboys won the Super Bowl at the end of the 1992 and 1993 seasons. After the 1993 Super Bowl victory, reports began to surface in the media that Jones had made the statement that "any one of 500 coaches could have won those Super Bowls", given the type of talent that he (Jones) had drafted and signed for the team. Jones also stated to reporters at a late night cocktail party that he intended to replace Johnson with former University of Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer. The next morning, however, Jones famously denied those reports by stating that it "was the whiskey talking". Johnson was eventually forced out in 1994 and Switzer was hired to be the new head coach. The Cowboys won the Super Bowl for the 1995 season.


Super Bowl Championships 1992, 1993, 1995


Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys Center
1 Cowboys Parkway
Irving, TX 75063-4727


Submitted by Irvin Ortiz davila (not verified) on

As a long cowboys fan true fan win or loose we need to draft zeke Elliott super bowl bound please he's the next Emmitt smith

Submitted by Steve major cow... (not verified) on

I don't under stand are defensive line is on a wing and a prayer we need Greg hardy back and we need Dwight freeney we need them very badly the Cowboys can get Greg hardy very cheap since no body wants him so please Jerry jones pull the fucking trigger and bring them in

Submitted by Ronnie Allen (not verified) on

Thank you Mr. Jones for your commitment to the Dallas Cowboys! I have been a fan since Roger Staubach played for Dallas. You are a great owner and have given all of us Cowboy fans many things to be proud of. Keep up the great work and thanks for all you do to make the Cowboys GREAT!!!!!

Submitted by Ronald Cortes (not verified) on

I realize Mr. Jones you reason for not wanting to allow San Antonio to have a team, but first Texas is a big enough state to accommodate a third team as does New York and California with 4. We are bigger than both of them and deserve a third team. Of course, I have selfish reason. I recently took a buyout from the Philadelphia Inquirer where I was the main sports photographer for the past 27 years to return to my home town of San Antonio but there is no team that I can shoot for. Unless San Antonio can get a franchise. If you really are not going to help this city and want to have support from this city then you should at least have an exhibition game in San Antonio, GREAT IDEA or even a regular season game at the Alamodome. I am ready to shoot it.

Submitted by Tom (not verified) on

Mr. Jones, after being a life-long Raiders fan I just became a DALLAS COWBOY fan! Thank you for your "stance" on the issue of "kneeling" during the National Anthem. Go Cowboys! God bless America and God bless America's team!

Submitted by Michael (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Jones, I have been a Cowboy fan since the Tom Landry. Ever since I was a kid the Dallas Cowboys have been known as AMERICA'S TEAM. If you allow team players to kneel during the National effort, it will be a black eye on the team's reputation and will greatly hurt the franchise. Secondly Constitutionally the right to free speech is exempt in the work place. As in you employees are not free to express themselves on the job, and must follow company and League rule such as standing at the National anthem. This does give you grounds to fire players or discipline for taking a knee. I hope this message gets to you in time Mr. Jones.

Submitted by Tim Howard (not verified) on

Mr. Jones is a sellout for a dollar he spits on the graves of our military for what. To keep the business alive and spoiler players motivated? I am a veteran and I was singing your praise as the only team i would watch...well, no more. Instead of enforcing the rules or being a patriot you kneel with your team. Don't blame this on Trump you were on your knee during the anthem...for spoiled players and money. You have no honor Mr. Jones and I will never watch your Cowboys again. You are a coward and a POS.

Submitted by Jax Maximus (not verified) on

Those Who Condemn the Lawful Dissent of Our Citizens are NOT Patriots.
They are the Enemy of the United States. It took tremendous courage to express what he felt was right. We need more, not less of that. He is not stupid. I'm certain that he knew there would be a negative backlash from people with a false sense of what true patriotism is.

Submitted by Michael McDowell (not verified) on

Jerry I have been a Cowboys fan since early 70's...I never thought I would see the the day that myself and many of my friends would quit watching the NFL...but that time has come!!..I appreciate your stand on the anthem and I will continue to watch the Cowboys as long as that stays the same!!But am done with the rest of the league!!Everyone I know is saying the same thing!...Thanks for your support!!

Submitted by Molly Fisher (not verified) on

As an admirer of your original stance on politics on your football team I am dismayed that you caved. Keep politics off the field. All you needed to do was hold a news conference, apart from a football game, stating you are in tune with your players while indicating that showing reverence for the American flag and Anthem at your games would be followed.

Submitted by Thomas CARDENAS (not verified) on


Guess you skipped US Government 101 while at Arkansas. Where in the US Constitution is it stated that US citizens must stand when the National Anthem is played or when the US Flag is waved? Perhaps the NFL should read the Flag Code on what can and cannot be done with the Flag. Exercising ones constitutional right by protesting is what being a US citizen sets our country apart from authoritarian countries. Perhaps you, the President and Vice President can all take a US Government for dummies course and learn about our form of government. It seems that the players did attend US Government 101 and learned that protesting in the United States is not unAmerican - in fact protesting is being American. I guarantee you Jerry a vast majority of the fans at the game and watching agree with the protests against unfair treatment of African Americans by law enforcement, and yes it is a race issue. Jerry what are you going to do if all of the players take a knee - forfeit one game , forfeit a season. You and your fellow owners should remember a vast majority of the players are African Americans. Perhaps you should remind the President and Vice President, don’t stir a sleeping giant.

Submitted by Earl Johnson (not verified) on

As a son of a WWII veteran, I am appalled that Jerry Jones would take such a dictatorial and authoritarian stance toward the sacred RIGHT to air one's grievances regarding policy and governmental behavior. Kneeling during the National Anthem is not only acceptable, but a laudable, brave, and peaceable way to protest unjust and discriminatory behavior toward African American citizens in the US. This is just the sort of RIGHT that my father and others supported when they fought in Europe and the Pacific. The authoritarian approach Mr. Jones has threatened is closer to Hitler's and Tojo's ideas than Thomas Jefferson's and James Madison's. Shame on you, Mr. Jones.
I have defended you against innumerable detractorsI talk with during the 28 years of your tenure. I haven't always agreed with you, but I feels like you've had the players' and fans' best interest at heart. On this issue, you seem to have taken an ideologically based, culturally tone-deaf stance. I urge you to publicly rescind your threat, and make good with the side of justice. To support a policy of flag worship is tantamount to fascism, and perhaps even sacrilegious.
Standing or kneeling: both excellent forms of self-expression. In America, we have the RIGHT to speak our mind.

Submitted by Rebecca (not verified) on

The right to protest is guaranteed by the constitution. The right to protest in a business is NOT. The owners have every right to fire a player who protests this wonderful country. I guess you checked your patriotism at the door if you want this illegal protesting to continue. People like you are making this racial against blacks and the American patriots who are incensed by this behavior are protesting the unpatriotic players who thumb their nose at this country, black or white.
I have stopped watching and I have stopped buying. I hope the NFL loses billions. Maybe they won't be able to afford the millions they have just voted Roger Goodell in a new contract. He should have been booted out for not enforcing the NFL rules about respecting the flag and the anthem.
A former NFL fan
The fun is gone forever !!!

Submitted by Eddie clark (not verified) on

I am A fan, but I will Not watch any NFL games until the kneeling during our National Anthem ends.

My focus will be high school and college football.

Submitted by Terrina Mcintosh (not verified) on

I've been a cowboy fan my whole life and I live in pa, so when they come to Pittsburgh to play the steelers, I would love to be there, but can't afford tickets. It's always been a dream of mine to see my cowboys in person but I guess it's going to stay a dream, thank you for listening!

Submitted by Tim Conn (not verified) on

Like Mr. Jones, I too am disappointed in the NFL players who take a knee. They can say that it doesn't mean they disrespect thier country or the people who fight for ir, but if does. It is a kin to the cheating husband who claims it doesn't mean they don't love thier spouse.

I was not a cowboy fan, but now I am. We stand together on things bigger than football.

Submitted by Mike Vuolo (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Jones, I'm a die hard Patriots fan so I'm obviously not in love with the Cowboys. However, I must tell you that I have the utmost respect for you regarding your position on the National Anthem. Thank you sir for having the balls to do take the right stand (no pun intended). It's sad that other coaches don't have enough sack to do the same thing. If your team goes to he Super Bowl and wins, I will stand up and applaud you. Best Regards, Mike Vuolo

Submitted by Michael Lara (not verified) on

Man Jerry Jones Romo a good dude but Dak earned his if yall bring him back were screwed no matter what u say Romo needs to just sit back and teach Dak this is bullshit if he comes back and really at the Phili game WOW!!!! Thanks alot another F'd up year cause of Romo

Submitted by Robert Jackson (not verified) on

Jerry please don't let Romo go. He deserves the right to start next year. Hexwas s class act this year. That alone should be enough to earn him a 2nd chance. We would be playing today if Romo would have playrd ladt week.

Submitted by Tom (not verified) on

Why is it that when we finally got a quality back up quarterback, albeit a young pro bowl back up, that is able to do what you want - win games w/ a good team around him & not make mistakes, we get so excited that we gave him are all pro starters job? After Romo was fully ready to play perhaps after week 12 at the end of our win streak, if you look at the record the rest of the way out we went 2 & 3 even though we kind of threw the Philly game they did take us to overtime the first game. Do you think Tony would not of been able to go better than 2 & 3 if he was healthy or even better than 4 & 3 had he came back a couple weeks earlier? We finally get a good back up that can win and a chance to have him learn under an all pro for another year or two and we throw that away by making them the starter and we could've had them both for three years just buy letting our all pro bowl almost league MVP starter do his job and get the Packer revenge he was due & our amazing young back up quarterback of the future learn under him and get even better at reading defenses and the deep ball with Tony's help. If Dak comes out throwing pics next year and Tony stays healthy & wins the Super Bowl or Dak gets hurt and we're done, we are going to be regretting this move. Dak can be great with experience - Tony is great now if he's healthy. One win streak (yes a great win streak, but w/ some very close games in it) and then 2 & 3 down the stretch is not a sure fire reason to fire your 4 x time pro bowler who's last year was his best when you would have easily been able to have both with a little patience.

Submitted by Anthony (not verified) on

Trade the browns for josh Gordon
Give them a late pick this guys going
To return and play at a high level ( ftw )

Submitted by Josey Leck (not verified) on

I really hope the stuff I've been seeing about kapernick possibly coming to dallas isn't true as I have been a cowboys fan my whole life and as a Afghanistan veteran I would really hate for my team to sign someone who will not stand for our country's national anthem there's other ways to protest something and still show love for the country that has made him a millionaire

Submitted by Jax Maximus (not verified) on

Those Who Condemn the Lawful Dissent of Our Citizens are NOT Patriots.
They are the Enemy of the United States. It took tremendous courage to express what he felt was right. We need more, not less of that. He is not stupid. I'm certain that he knew there would be a negative backlash from people with a false sense of what true patriotism is.

Submitted by Beth Stackhouse (not verified) on

GOD BLESS YOU SIR ! Finally an owner with some guts. Thank you for standing up for all of those who gave their lives. I have always said we need an owner life George Steinbrenner. "I pay you r salary and you will do what you are told to do, or you don't play for me." Thank you, thank you. Dallas has a new fan.

Submitted by joe (not verified) on

what if, instead of kneeling during the national anthem and showing disrespect..., what if the players who believe that Americans should come together , stand hand in hand, heads held high during the anthem to SHOW we will stand together as a nation..
send a positive message instead of promoting a gloom message?? what if???

Submitted by Life Long Fan (not verified) on

I hope to God you sir, Mr. Jerry Jones, do not give in. YOU, sir are the owner and one that pays the salaries. They play under your rules and guidance. This is turning into a race war it seems. I agree with the President "OUT-you are fired." And not because of the color of that players skin, but because of the disrespect to the men and women who have fought and some given their lives to let us have the freedoms we do in this country. Please Mr. Jones stand tall with continued respect for our flag and country. The NFL is not the place to bring politics into. Be the one team that stands up and says "it is a privilege to be play in the NFL and we, the COWBOYS, will not tolerate this type of disrespect to our country". There are a lot players out there who respect our flag and are ready and willing to step in and replace those who do disrespect. The COWBOYS have way too many fans that are against this disrespect. God Bless!

Submitted by Jax Maximus (not verified) on

Those Who Condemn the Lawful Dissent of Our Citizens are NOT Patriots.
They are the Enemy of the United States. It took tremendous courage to express what he felt was right. We need more, not less of that. He is not stupid. I'm certain that he knew there would be a negative backlash from people with a false sense of what true patriotism is.

Submitted by Sue (not verified) on

He disappointed us.

Submitted by Michael Thomasson (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Jones

Thank you for sending the correct message to you employees regarding the National Anthem. I have been a Batimore Ravens fan since their inception and now I am a Cowboy's fan.

See you in the Super Bowl soon.

Michael Thomasson

Submitted by Sam Henderson (not verified) on

Thank you Mr Jones for your response to the flag protesting. I have been a life long Redskins fan but after hearing your comments I am now a Mr jones and somewhat of a cowboys fan. I am also an USAF veteran . Thanks for taking a positive stand. God Blass America.

Submitted by Jim (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Jones,

I hope other people are sending their support as well. As a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, I'm asking that please remain strong in your convictions. Fire the whole team if you have to. Seriously though, protesting while on the job is not accepted any where else and playing football is no different. Also- do half of these people even know what they're protesting? At first it was race inequality and now it's to defy 1 man? I digress.... The family and I just want you to know we support your position and decision as well as do many people. Our voices aren't the ones you are going to hear on social/main stream media.

Submitted by Brenda Boyle (not verified) on

Mr. Jones, I just want to send you my appreciation for your stance on players standing for the National Anthem. As a life long 49ers fan, I chose to not watch any of their games last year due to the fact that they didn't have the courage to stand up for what is right (in my opinion). Due to the events of yesterday, I decided I was done with the NFL all together, but after hearing your stance on the subject...I will only watch Dallas Cowboy games and will be a Cowboys fan for life as long as the team shows the values that make us great as a Country. I understand that there will always be some misguided bad apples that don't understand the sacrifices that gave them their Constitutional rights, but again, I appreciate your patriotism! If I were an Owner or the Commissioner, I would strongly encourage all NFL player to visit their local VA hospital so they can meet face to face with the Heros that gave them their freedom.
Brendan Boyle

Submitted by david (not verified) on

Mr Boyle I couldn't agree more with your comments. I for one have watched my last NFL game but most importantly my LAST COWBOYS GAME. Those who protest haven't a clue what that flag and anthem represent. To use it for the purposes of "protest" is shameful. Sunday, the cowboys and its owner crossed the line.

Respect for Country. Jerry is in the same group as Al Sharpton....a race baiter.....

Submitted by Curtis Jackson (not verified) on

Jerry Jones,
My name and story are small in stature compared to what is happening in our society today. I am 51 yrs. old and I long for the days past when I could watch a football game and not worry about politics and world events. Football plain and simple. Two of my uncles fought in two separate wars. One was wounded but kept fighting. I was only 18 when I found myself carrying an M16 at FORT SILL, OKLAHOMA one foggy morning. I had just been blessed out by my D.I. for a letter, that I had received, and it had a stamp of the AMERICAN FLAG on it upside down. As I stood there I wondered why am I doing this and why do people leave home and endure the physical and mental training it takes to be a soldier. Why do people risk their lives for their country in which some of the people do not care? It came to me as I stood there. There are many different reasons that motivate people to serve. That FLAG gives every soldier that ever wore a uniform the courage to push on. The strength that every soldier rallied behind in every war, was found in that FLAG. The AMERICAN FLAG stands for honor, courage, and bravery. Many have paid the price with their lives. Though my stint in the ARMY was cut short due to knee surgery from football, I get it. When you stand and salute the AMERICAN FLAG, you salute every person whose story may never be told or known but found the courage to press on. Even unto death. I salute you now sir. Maybe you knew may you did not, but when you spoke your feelings about not kneeling for the flag, you spoke of respecting the untold sacrifices.

Submitted by Jessica (not verified) on

With tonights game coming closer, I wanted to stop by and say that I truly hope you gentlemen can keep it classy tonight. I am so disappointed in the men who chose to kneel yesterday! I come from a long line of men and women who have served for this country. Men and women who gave up their rights so that we could live in this amazing country. While I fully support the freedom of speech that is given to us by our constitution. I also hope that individuals are reminded that these rights are given to us by those men and women. The men and women that the flag and the anthem stand for. I am begging you to keep this classy and remember why we stand. Remember those men and women who have sometimes given the ultimate sacrifice, so that you may live here and play football here. You are not making a difference in the Presidents thoughts about you. You ARE, however, making a difference with your fan base. some of those very people are the ones who have served for our country. Sows these others teams how MEN act. Stand proud for the national anthem!

Submitted by Ed F (not verified) on

I have loved football since I was a kid back in the early 60's. The Cowboys being my favorite team. I have watched games on TV & in person religiously and love the football season culture. So it pains me to do this,but I will no longer watch football,or keep up with it in any way since some miss-guided players are now disrespecting the flag. That flag represents not just the sacrifices of our military throughout history, but the people,all the people, that live and work here. America is the most self correcting country in history,and has done more to bring justice to all than any other. By taking a knee or hiding in the locker room during the national anthem demonstrates their lack on knowledge about these facts. They are actually creating more division by this act than to stand together. They would do better to involve themselves in community activities that actually will help their cause. It pains me to no longer watch or support the NFL,but its my way of protesting them.

Submitted by Ex-Dallas Fan (not verified) on

You disrespectful lowlife!!!! I hate the cowboys now!!!! I will never watch your team again!!! Take your team to some other country!!!!!!!

Submitted by Dan (not verified) on

Cowboys took a knee tonight ... same as all the other teams. America's team ... not so much. Stopped watching them tonight. I won't come back until they quit the BS ... maybe not even then. A bunch of multimillionaires protesting inequality. How special.

Submitted by Todd Childs (not verified) on

Mr. Jones, I am not the kind of person to let anyone know how i feel. I will always be respectful and dignified in my comments. When you and the Cowboys knelt tonight before the national anthem I felt a huge piece of my life become invalidated. I am a proud U.S.Army veteran who has been routing for the Cowboys for over 50 years. I was a Cowboy fan in Philadelphia, Pa. I have gotten into fistfights and family squabbles because of my love of the Cowboys. I saved money for years on end to go to Texas Stadium in 2006 with my sons for the Redskins game. I must tell you that I can no longer support your team with either my money or my time. I will not ever route for another team, but I cannot in good conscience route for your Cowboys ever again. Thanks, Todd

Submitted by Daniel Boyd (not verified) on

The way in which the Cowboys and the rest of the NFL have disrespected our great country is utterly disgraceful! You have brought politics into sports and you will soon find that this was a horrendous decision. I will no longer support the Cowboys or the NFL period! You will see the ratings decline and the silent majority will soon put you and your overpaid thugs out of business! Good luck. GOD Bless America!

Submitted by LoneEagle1 (not verified) on

I am So DISAPPOINTED in Jerry Jones and the Cowboys for acting like a bunch of me too. You will never see any marines or any branch of services taken a knee during or after the National flag is presented! I have been a Cowboys fan for ,well since Tom Landry and even saw Don Merideth play at the Cotton bowl.I will never buy another ticket to the Cowboys again as long as Suckup Jerry is alive or the owner. These players nowdays have No idea how lucky they are to be playing a game an making this kind of money.
Do you ever think Tom Landry would kneel down ?

Submitted by Ex-Dallas Fan (not verified) on

You are a ANTI-AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!! I hope you go broke!!! GO LIVE WITH KIM JONG-UN!!!!!! Go protest in a country that you belong in!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Ex-Dallas Fan (not verified) on

You DO-NOT deserve to have an American Flag or any American Soldiers in you stadium! If I had season tickets I would Burn Them along with a Dallas Cowboy Flag!!!!!!!!!! You Communist Anti-American!!!

Submitted by Ex-Dallas Fan (not verified) on

I had so much respect for Jerry Jones!!! He is the last person on earth I thought was a Anti-American??? JERRY - YOUR FIRED!!! YOU CAN NOW LEAVE THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LIVE IN NORTH KOREA! SOUNDS LIKE YOU WOULD FIT IN THERE JUST PERFECT!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Eva Thetford (not verified) on

This is a thought I have that might solve the big problem going on about the kneeling and the National Anthem. What if the Cowboys were to be the first to do this. All stand for the Anthem with hands over heart then have a few seconds of silence for those who want to kneel. This should please the crowd, The President and the players could go out on the field without guilt.

Submitted by Brenda Boyle (not verified) on

Mr. Jones, you failed me and many of your fans. Why you crumbled is a mistery to me, but you are an older man and when your time will have to live with your decisions in life. You lacked the moral courage to do what you said you were going to do. Your team "Americas team" was outclassed by the Cardinals! Shame on you and every disrespectful NFL player that spits on the graves of our brave men and women who have sacrificed so much for this Country. I hope the Military stops participating in any and all NFL functions!

Submitted by Curtis Jackson (not verified) on


Submitted by Jeff Pierce (not verified) on

Trump Continues to Behave Like Trump

Jeff Pierce

Trump’s latest hypocrisy is stunning. Athletes and this country itself, yes, this country itself, have used the sports platform to demonstrate and publicize social activism for decades.

Since 1968 when a couple of high profile athletes held their fists in a Black Power salute at the Mexico Olympics to Muhammad Ali refusing to fight in Vietnam, and to the US government itself, who orchestrated and advocated the boycotting of the 1980 Olympics in Moscow to protest the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, we have a history of using sports venues as platforms for social and political activism and protest. We’re hypocrites if we support our government when they choose to use a sports venue for political and social protest but don’t like it when our individual athletes do it. That’s the part that Trump doesn’t get – because he doesn’t think about the whole of an issue or its complexity – he merely spouts off like some half-informed fool.

We either stop allowing any form of social protest or activism in any sports venue completely, or we live with the reality that athletes have the right, as do actors and business people and everyone else in society, to use their public venue to publicize their activism. Social activism has never been a popular thing to do at the time it’s done – and we’ve got lots of history behind us that proves that and, thankfully, proves that after the world has had a chance to digest it and think about it, that we usually come to the conclusion that the person doing it at the time was brave and had vision.

I support Colin Kaepernick completely. He has integrity so far above and beyond what almost any hard right Christian person you want to try and put in front of me has, that it’s not even a contest. Go ahead, try. His refusal to stand during the national anthem was a quiet and peaceful protest to demonstrate his personal support of police brutality that’s (still) overwhelmingly against black people. He has said, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.” And you know what? He’s right. But even if you don’t agree with him it’s still his right and it still has nothing to do with disrespecting the flag or our country. Hardly.

But let’s get back to the comparison of Kaepernick to your so-called Christian pillars of society. Stay with me a minute, this will be fun. Kaepernick was born to a 19 year old white woman. His black father left the picture before he was born. His mother was destitute and gave him up for adoption. He was raised by the Kaepernicks, a white couple from Milwaukee.

His body is festooned with religious tattoos, including depictions of scrolls, a cross, praying hands, angels defeating demons, terms like “To God be the Glory”, “Heaven Sent”, “God will guide me”, Psalm 18:39 and Psalm 27:3. He has said, “My faith is the basis from where my game comes from. I’ve been very blessed to have the talent to play the game that I do and be successful at it. I think God guides me through every day and helps me take the right steps and has helped me to get where I’m at. When I step on the field, I always say a prayer, say I am thankful to be able to wake up that morning and go out there and try to glorify the Lord with what I do on the field. I think if you go out and try to do that, no matter what you do on the field, you can be happy about what you did.” His faith is evident – his commitment to God and to the suffering of others is huge.

He’s also an activist and philanthropist. During last year’s offseason he launched a GoFundMe page to fly food and water into suffering Somalia. It surpassed its $2 million goal in four days. In March, the plane loaded with essential supplies landed in Mogadishu. He pledged to donate $1 million along with the proceeds of his jersey sales from the 2016 season to charitable work. He recently donated $50,000 to MealsOnWheels. And just last week, he joined up with the charitable organization called 100 Suits, and passed out free suits in front of the New York State Parole office for people who have been released from prison and are looking for jobs.

Go ahead, line up all your Christian pillars of society and show me how much they’ve done. I double-dog dare you. You’ll fail miserably. And this is how stupid people are – especially the Trump political base. All those fools can see is some nigger refusing to stand for the national anthem. And then we have our gibbon-faced president using foul language in a public venue saying we should fire athletes that disrespect our flag by not standing for the national anthem. Obviously he doesn’t understand two important aspects of the sports culture in this country or our legal system – that pro athletes are bound by contracts and have the right to voice their activism because there’s no pro sports association prohibitions to prevent that particular behavior – but he’d fire them anyway because he believes little details like that don’t matter.

And yesterday, Trump says at a rally in the bigoted state of Alabama that NFL owners fear him because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump. I’ve never seen a man so obsessed with himself as Donald Trump. I’ve never witnessed a president that’s so completely uninformed about any and all issues. It’s beyond belief. I’ve also never seen a president that does such a thorough job of offending almost every citizen of every culture and place in society that simply disagrees with him or his ignorant policy rants.

So all you NFL owners that refuse to hire Kaepernick, you’re fools. And all you people that think Kaepernick or anyone else isn’t patriotic for kneeling during the national anthem played at a sports event, you’re not only a fool but you’re a hypocrite.

And as usual, Trump has made it worse. A few days ago in London many players from both the Jaguars and the Ravens kneeled during the playing of the national anthem. Nice.

Submitted by Gary Thompson (not verified) on

After 50+ years of supporting the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL, I will do so no longer. You should not have allowed the team, much less been involved yourself, to show solidarity with the players who are disrespecting our flag, our anthem and our servicemen/women. What's next, showing solidarity with Aaron Hernandez or O.J. Simpson? You should take a stand on principle, not on misguided solidarity. Players are welcome to their own views but they should keep them off the football field. Adios Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys and the NFL.


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