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Gregg Charles Popovich (born January 28, 1949) is an American basketball coach who is currently the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Taking over as coach of the Spurs in 1996, Popovich is the longest tenured active coach in both the NBA and all US major sports leagues. He is often referred to as "Coach Pop" or simply "Pop". He holds the record for most consecutive winning seasons (playoffs included) in NBA history at 18, and third all time for the regular season, behind Pat Riley with 19, and Phil Jackson with 20. Popovich has won five NBA championships as the head coach of the Spurs. Along with Phil Jackson, Red Auerbach, Pat Riley, and John Kundla, he is one of only five coaches in NBA history to win five or more NBA championships. He is also one of 9 coaches in NBA history to have won 1,000 NBA games. Achievements such as these are what garnered him recognition as one of the greatest basketball head coaches of all time.


NBA champion (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014)


San Antonio Spurs
One AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX 78219


Submitted by JL (not verified) on

Constant comments from another celebrity mouthpiece, how sad, but fully expected. Ignorance and brainwashing runs deep in this country particularly from those who receive millions from milking the zombie sports and TV/movies realm.

Of course, without a context of the selling out of the nation over the last many decades - Bush's, Clinton, Obama, etc., then folks just dont understand much. Their myopic views, like pokovich (what a clown) will just keep running their ignorant mouths with no real understanding whatsoever of the globalist takeover of the country, and how the country has been sold off to the aforementioned. And, no, i wont sit here and explain that massive conversation.

But, on a very bright note - pokemoninivich and other celebs are the very best advertisement for a continued push to get out of the controlled narrative Orwellian state where everything is surveilled and all information is carefully orchestrated to control the people. Its sad pokemonivich cannot see beyond his very own childish, ignorant reactions. .

Submitted by Karen R Brown (not verified) on

Sir, I believe you are too old to coach any more. If you think The US is an embarrassment to the world , why have you not left? I will buy you and your family a one way ticket to North Korea.... oh... that's right, you don't want to loose your spacy money that you make. Old men like you need to retire and keep your mouth shut. And a Texan... Holy Hell!!! What have we produced down here? A grey haired, balding man who shows disrespect for this Country and my grandson is in the Military to protect you? You are an embarrassment to the State of Texas. Yes, I am a Texan.... I am ashamed of you and you are my age. ESAD

Submitted by Jb Sensenbrenner (not verified) on

It is hard to believe that an aging basketball coach rants for the democratic former 'll party home of the most millionaires and liberals/socialists. To concur with James political views misleads many young people that socialism is good. Come on. president Trump has done more good for all of us in one year compared to 8 years of awful leadership. Please look at the facts. Take off your liberal blinders. I realize it's hard for millionaires to face reality.

Submitted by Duncan Judson (not verified) on

If the USA is such a damn embarrassment to you then pack your bags and get the hell out! Where else on this planet can you make as much as you do as an average basketball coach and enjoy the life you live? NOWHERE IDIOT. You, like all NBA players have ZERO gratitude for all God has given you. But you probably don’t believe in God do you? This entire left liberal strategy of disrespecting America will backfire and by the way,

You’re inconsequential! No one gives a *#&@ about what you think. Gym rat!

Submitted by JL (not verified) on

Recent article on popovich:

Responding to the ‘take a knee’ controversy, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich says that white people “need to be made to feel uncomfortable”.

“Obviously, race is the elephant in the room and we all understand that,” said Popovich

“Unless it is talked about constantly, it’s not going to get better. ‘Oh, they’re talking about that again. They pulled the race card again. Why do we have to talk about that?’ Well, because it’s uncomfortable, and there has to be an uncomfortable element in the discourse for anything to change. Whether it’s the LGBT movement, women’s suffrage, race, it doesn’t matter. People have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially white people because we’re comfortable. We still have no clue of what being born white means.”

Popovich wasn’t done there with his exercise in white guilt, going on to assert that there are “advantages that are systemically, culturally, psychologically there” in being born white that “have been built up and cemented for hundreds of years”.

“It can’t be something that is on their plate on a daily basis. People want to hold their position, people want the status quo, people don’t want to give that up. And until it’s given up, it’s not going to be fixed,” he added.

It’s odd that all this “white privilege” doesn’t extend to violent encounters with cops (the very thing the ‘take a knee’ gesture was started to protest). Figures show that significantly more white people are shot dead by cops every year, despite black people committing more violent crimes.

Popovich also failed to explain how white people being “uncomfortable” about their skin color is going to prevent the relentless carnage that is black on black murder.

Around 2400 black men are killed by other black men every single year. Compare that to just 16 unarmed black men who are killed by police every year (about the same number who get struck by lightning).

None of that has anything to do with “white privilege,” but then again, Popovich doesn’t really care about black lives, he cares about tedious virtue signalling and genuflecting to political correctness to make himself look good.

Submitted by L.M. Burg (not verified) on

Gregg, You're entitled to your opinion but slanderous statements like yours easily portray that "two wrongs don't make a right". I thought that you were better than that. Race is NOT the issue here. Respect IS. Respect the flag, respect the United States, respect law enforcement that protect you after your repeated outlandish outbursts at every game and most of all: respect the Veterans that have protected you, your family, your neighbors and community, your fans, your team members and their families with so much more courage in their dog tags than you EVER will experience, portray or have!

If you can't handle it here Gregg, I suggest any third world country where you can fight for toilet paper!

Submitted by Ed O'Brien (not verified) on

hey coach - stick to your game plan and prepare your team to be better men. Stay out of politics you don't know what you are talking about. Trump is telling the world that the USA will not the world's dumping ground any longer.

Submitted by Roger Phillips (not verified) on

Sorry, Gregg, but when overpaid professional athletes decide to make a protest at a game that is totally wrong and childlike. They are at their workplace, not outside of work. Do you think all of the fans who pay the overpriced tickets have paid to see a protest? No. They want to see professional teams play and act like adults. Yes, they certainly are free to make comments and protest but all that should be outside of their work area. I couldn't protest at my job and keep my job. Don't you realize that many fans could start to realize they are being played for fools and stop both buying tickets and watching games on TV? If the TV sponsors decide not to pay the high advertising, then the networks, the players, and the owners will be hurt in the pocketbook. I agree the president should have maybe said nothing but remember we just had a president for eight years who was divisive. Remember the Obama statement "If they bring knifes to a fight, we bring guns." Not a unifying or kind thing to say. By the way, isn't his city of Chicago a city that many people are killed in daily? And these are not killings being done by cops. Yes, the US has many problems but we all need to try to get along together and not try to inflame group victimhood. As for the witch that just lost the election, remember how she commented on four dead Americans in Libya "At this point what difference does it make?" Not a kind or loving person. By the way, living in Texas many people have spoken that Bill was friendly and charming yet they didn't agree with his politics. Not ONE single person ever described Hillary as a nice person. Let's just all speak to each other and for pete's sake, let's honor the flag. If this is such a hellhole place all of the protesters are free to move away. Why are people trying to come here sometimes illegally if this is a terrible place? You should be thankful and not try to add to the negative voices. Are these players unhappy about being paid these huge salaries? Couldn't they volunteer some time outside of their work to try to help people? There can be bad cops, yes but the vast majority are working to help the community. If we start wanting to criticize cops and sadly in Dallas five who were protecting demonstraters were murdered by a racist, then who will want to be a cop? Would you want to live in a city with no cops at all? I don't think so.

Submitted by Timothy F Michalak (not verified) on

Coach, You ought to learn what it is to be white and have diabetes, to be white and have vertiligo, to be white and have your twin sister die of brain cancer, to be white and worry about getting fired and being too old to find another job, to be white and worry about falling off the ladder because you're trying to save some money by painting your own house. There are plenty of white people who know struggle and heartache and who are still charitable. You've enjoyed great success; good for you, but don't pretend to understand what the average whiter person, or black person, goes through in their life. You have no idea about what you are talking about.

Submitted by John (not verified) on

So America is an embarrassment Gregg? Why don't you move your sorry butt to another country? You are the complete embarrassment. An absolute disgusting enemy of the state. You should keep your mouth shut cause every time you open it your IQ drops another 10 points.

Submitted by Ctjester01 (not verified) on

We watch games to get away from Political gaslighting and Grandstanding! I've been a Fan Since The 80's! You should Respect Our PRESIDENT, NATIONAL ANTHEM and FLAG. After all Our fallen Soldiers come home with the flag draped over their Coffin! They have made the ultimate sacrifice and their families paid a high Price so you could have the freedom to say the devisive malarky you did! To even entertain the thought that these BALL Players are worth more than our Military Service Men is just plain specious and ludicrous! Most of these players had their College education payed for by US Tax Payers! They are payed up the wazoo for chasing a ball around! No where near as brave as our soldiers who risk life and limb so you rich sob's can live in big houses! As an SA Resident I believe You are an embarrassment to SAN Antonio! I will never watch the Spurs, buy Merchandise or Support them as long as you are Their Coach and poor Rolemodel for Players and Kids and Our Community! I will be Burning all my Spurs stuff and my Dogs Jerseys too! Resign! Loser!

Submitted by Burke Huber (not verified) on

Popovich, you need to retire because you are a washed up POS. Remember when you made comments about Zaza that ended up in death threats? What a joke you have become. Your disgusting attitude makes everybody uncomfortable. Your stupid comments makes everybody feel uncomfortable. Spurs suck and so do you.

Submitted by Dave Bullock (not verified) on

Mr. Popovich, please stick to coaching, not politics. I found your 7-minute diatribe shocking. The ignorance you display is probably based on your exposure to left-wing programming for many years. I'm sure you're sincere, but your stance is idiotic. The United States is probably the least racist country in the world. Yes, we've had problems, but most people don't give a hoot about it anymore, or the largely white fans wouldn't dominate the audience. People like you don't help by joining the whiners. You've drunk the media's Kool-aid of lies. If you want parity of outcome, hire fewer black players and more white, Hispanic, and Asian players. If your players are part of a down-trodden group, then ensure they get paid the minimum wage so their griping will have merit. Yes, Donald Trump is a jerk, but his point on sports players insulting their country by dishonoring the national anthem is right on. So many professional athletes are crybaby millionaire children who have as much societal acumen as you have suddenly revealed. Sports should remain a venue above the political fray. You have just denigrated it by sinking to the intellectual level of some their players. Sports should unite, not divide. Congratulations on sinking to Trump's level.

Submitted by Dave Bullock (not verified) on

I forgot to add this in my prior post. What a great comment you made: "Whether it's the LGBT movement or women's suffrage, it doesn't matter." You must know a lot of guys still grousing about the 19th Amendment passed in 1920. One wonders what circle of people you run with. We need to amend your other comment: "Our country is an embarrassment in the world." I would replace "our country" with your name.

Submitted by BRN (not verified) on

What a loser piece of crap you are. You are an embarrassment to this country. You always have been racist to whites. Why all of us sudden all these thug athletes think they have to get involved. They are all losers. There is no in equality these days sorry Lebron is another useless one. We just had the most racist president of all time leave office where were you then? Hockey is the way to go people you will not see any of this crap in the NHL, HMM i wonder why not

Submitted by L Heffley (not verified) on

Popovich, You need to listen to Burgess Owens! A man, former NFL player, who makes sense, unlike you, divisive and a follower. You don't think for yourself.

Submitted by Dr. Daniel Malchow (not verified) on

Pop, I love you as a basketball coach, but your view of being white is out of your bounds to tell White America that they have no clue of what being born white means. I'm sorry, but if this was a 4th qtr. 5 seconds left in overtime...this advice would lose the game... there is no explanation for that comment... I survived thru MLK being killed and the backlash anger on whites...something I had nothing to do with... I was being beaten by blacks b/c of a black man I hardly knew was killed. I grew up in a segregated school and neighborhood and never really understood why I was beaten when I had no malice towards African Americans... I learned of racism b/c of what I had gone thru...but I lived more scared than privileged b/c of the riots...I've lived thru numerous riots on my own high school with blacks against whites and the whites were being beaten... I played basketball in HS and I had to hang out with them b/c they were mostly black and teased me that they had to protect me... don't tell me I don't know what white means... Your liberal view misses much of America and the values we hold dearly and your radical view is more divisive than I've heard in a long time... I'm very sorry to hear you say what you said... please stick to what you do best and that is coaching basketball...

Submitted by David Trieger (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Popavich,

Thank you for bestowing upon us your wellspring of knowledge and moral guidance so we can understand the social, political, and economic constructs of our society. Without you words of wisdom, we would be lost in a wilderness of ignorance and despair. Maybe since you are a demigod and are all knowing you can lead us to the promise land. Opening white peoples eyes to understand that they are privileged. That racial inequality exists, and that black Americans are at a distinct disadvantage because they are inferior systemically, culturally, and psychologically.

Gregg Popovich wake up! Sorry to bring you down to earth but you are nothing more than a basketball coach. That is right, you are basketball coach and in ten minutes of ranting and raving all you did is perpetuate the age old lie that the white man is keeping the black man down. This is the cancer that has metastasize around so many minds and has produces a convenient excuse for so many black Americans to latch upon why they are not successful instead of looking into the mirror and taking care of business through education and hard work.

There is an age old maxim don’t express your religious or political views in a business venue. So the next time you have center stage at a NBA event keep to the subject at hand which is basketball. If you feel that you must express you social and political views do it at another forum.

Thank you
David Trieger

Submitted by C Depres (not verified) on

Coach, please just coach basketball. You are good at it.

Submitted by JS Lurkin (not verified) on

Basketball. It’s what you know and do best. Leave politics and social issues to somebody smarter than a coach.

Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

I appreciate your comments on the "soulless coward" who resides in our nation's office of highest honor. He has proven he will not change and daily threatens our democracy and legitimacy as a reliable partner in global affairs. As responsible and proud Americans we must demand Trump's removal from office. There is no other logical conclusion to your comments or as a collective outrage to his dangerous and un-presidential behaviors. Please consider adding your influential voice to this cause to return pride and dignity to this great country..

Submitted by Jeffery Kamp (not verified) on

Mr. Head, I believe Dick is your first name, If you think there won't be severe repercussions to trying to take down our duly elected, legitimate President, think again. You have no idea what you're in for should it come to that>

Submitted by kent taylor (not verified) on

well said concerning Trumps lies about previous presidents and fallen soldiers. You are so right about the biggest shame being on those around him who know better and say nothing. Thank you for your courage

Submitted by Marie D (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Popovich,
Thank you so much for articulating what so many of us are feeling about this train wreck presidency. As I've said numerous times since our long national nightmare began, who could've predicted a man with numerous bankruptcies, failed marriages, bloated ego and reputation for being vulgar and crass would make such a horrific leader?
Please continue to speak out and I thank you.

Submitted by Jeff baker (not verified) on

62 million say your wrong. He is are President for 7 more with it!!

Submitted by Dale Zeller (not verified) on

Name ONE thing Trump has done as president that is NOT in the long term interest of our country????

Submitted by Malcolm Hein (not verified) on

He has taken credit for many things, but has essentially done nothing. Trump doing nothing is certainly in the best interest of the nation. Jobs and industries he takes credit for were on the table well before he was elected. The Senate had to go nuclear to approve Gorsuch. Taxes? Just wait for the chickens to come home to roost. Disaster is a-coming. Stock market? On the way up when he took office. What goes up must come down and bet your bottom dollar he won't take credit for the crash. The radical right doesn't care he;'s a buffoon. Birds of a feather. The poor schmucks of the sensible right cannot bear to acknowledge their biggest mistake known as Donald J. Trump, our great Slander-in-Chief. Can't say as I blame them. It takes me a while to admit responsibility when I screw up badly. Give Trump another six months and we'll be a second-rate power. Thanks a lot for flushing America down the toilet.

Submitted by John Cotton (not verified) on

Why are you posting your little fantasies in the real world??? Go back to sleep, And next time keep your pathetic dream narrative to yourself

Submitted by Steve Johnson (not verified) on

Why don,t you and Dennis Rodman go start a team in North Korea. I hear the dictator loves basketball. You would be a perfect fit. You do NOT deserve to be a American. Will never be a Spurs FAN!!!!!! Very surprised a state like Texas would put with a liberal pick of shit like you.!!!

Submitted by Steve Johnson (not verified) on

Once you start your own team in North Korea and remember how GREAT America is maybe you can hitch a ride on one of their missiles!!!!!

Submitted by Jeff baker (not verified) on

Greg popover is a VERY jealous man.

Submitted by Dale Zeller (not verified) on

I was in class of 71... I didn't care much for Trump at first...but, despite his outbursts, his heart is in the right place. He has raised good citizens as children, he makes nothing from being president and our alternative was Hillary. If you supported her over Trump then YOU are the idiot. Name one goal that he has that is NOT good for the country...just one. You have 4 or 5 NBA championships...I know you received the same citizenship training I did at USAFA. Using your celebrity from a sport that is "supposed" to appeal to all groups to call our president names ....when millions ..mostly working stiffs like EXACTLY what he is not a good idea. Coach basketball....IMO only Wooden was better...but political commentary not your thing.... DZ

Submitted by Ed (not verified) on

Dear Coach P. You must be a pretty darn good basketball coach, having led the Spurs to the playoffs and championship on so many occasions. My admiration for you ends there. So should YOUR self-perceived insight or expertise.

You have SO mischaracterized the context in which the President has spoken that you are PART of the problem that plagues the mainstream media. If you thnik for a MOMENT that President Trump meant that former Presidents NEVER contact families of deceased military members, you'r a moron. Anyone with half a brain could easily conclude that THIS President, who is NOT a slave to the teleprompter, and who doesn't give canned or non-committal answers, meant that Presidents don't ALWAYS write to families of deceased servicemembers. And they DON'T!! Yhey do to SOME, and in MANY cases, the letters sent are never even seen OR signed actually by the President - they are MOST of the time signed by an auto-pen. So, PLEASE step off your altar of omniscience and just go back and coach basketball. As if YOU CARE what the President does to respect the fallen! What has been YOUR public stance on the NFL's disrespect of deceased military members by their kneeling during a solemn time of remembrance?? You should know that the playing of the National Anthem is specifically to have a moment of respect for those who have died protecting our freedoms. If YOU think it is appropriate to monopolize THAT time for political or personal purposes, it's YOU who are an embarrassment, as you accused the President of being. You have NO CLUE what the international community thinks of Trump and America, not if you think international players in the NBA are a good source of political information. I live work and BREATHE in South Korea. Most of the population want Trump to bomb the SNOT out of North Korea. True, the liberal so-called Progressive accommodating appeasement administration here would prefer to beg North korea to stop being bad, but the majority of the populace admires Trump for NOT being that way. Most of the international community are afraid of Trump. Not beause of his personality, but because he is no longer inclined to allow the American tax-payer to foot the bill for everything int his world. They fear actually having to pay their fare share in trade, in immigration measures, in defense, etc. And he is also no longer inclined to PAY hostile regimes to NOT do bad things. We are not an embarrassment. Coach, but every time you open your mouth, YOU ARE. I have been a fan of the Spurs for YEARS. Now, though, with Duncan already gone, and your mind apparently gone as well, I will look for a new team to root for. If you think I am an anomaly, you are drastically out of touch. You will never know how many fans your stupid comments have caused to look elsewhere.

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on

How the hell do you know who the former presidents contacted were you called sure not
Your mouth runs like a ducks ass and get the moron players to respect our flag and country

Submitted by Todd (not verified) on

Coach come-on we go for the game not the politics, as a veteran of the USAF and the Army with deployments in Shield/Storm/Freedom I think you should know better then to bring your personal politics into play why you hold a position where the fans and advertisers play the bills. I support your right to do so but reserve the right to not to attend/pay to support your, mine, or any other political view brought or attached to the game. As with any public position any comment you make is seen as reflecting the organization's view because you represent them as the figure head/face of them (see N.F.L). You have a right to your opinion and people have a right to agree or disagree but I think you got baited by the media or wanted to use your platform to make a statement. Either way you will "live in fame or go down in flame"

Submitted by Wally (not verified) on

Thank you Coach Popovich for your wisdom and the courage to speak out against the biggest threat this country faces - Donald Trump. I was so pleased to read your comments. Thank you.

Submitted by Jim redmond (not verified) on

Coach, just can't seem to avoid bashing trump. You are a basketball coach, not a political hack. Never recall you having any bad things to say about Obama as he systematically weakened this country with bad decision followed by bad decision. It is apparent you are still angry with the outcome of the election. You comment about trump and his comments about not calling families of fallen soldiers. Don't recall your comments about our boys that were left to die in Benghazi? I suspect you drank the cool aid they were serving. I know lots of people who are giving up on pro sports because they are so ungrateful. Millionaires complaining about this great nation which does have some issues as all countries do. Police brutality does happen and it is not right. The majority of police are busy protecting the black community as they slaughtered each other. Look at the numbers. They tell the story. It is a sad situation that no one will talk about I am no millionaire but I thank god every night that I am a proud American. apparently you are not a proud American. You can easily fix that. Move!

Submitted by I Hate Popovich (not verified) on

Gregg the dick head Popovich should focus on coaching and leave President Trump alone. I’ve had enough of these jokers making comments about the office of the President. When that jack off Obama was in the office everyone was on their knees for him while he was destroying America and propping up Islam. We finally have a man that respects and protects this country and jerks like Popovich can’t see past their nose hairs.

Submitted by Jude Delaney (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Popovich,

Just wanted to thank you for speaking out regarding Donald Trump. Your frustration and anger, you must know, are shared by millions of us. I am not a sports fan, Mr. Popovich, but we are both concerned Americans. You do a great job coaching your team--not only leading them to victories, devising complex strategies to use every player's talents effectively, but also leading by example.

Your moral leadership is as important to you as everything else you do as a sports professional and as human being. Please know that your anger is our anger, your outrage is our outrage. And your courage and empathy are qualities we all try to reach for in life.

These are deeply troubling times. We need people like you, with your public position, to show your love for our country.

Many thanks, Mr. Popovich. Best wishes to you, your family and your team. Go Spurs!

Jude Delaney
Wynnewood PA 19096

Submitted by Larry Haynes (not verified) on

You must have gone to school on one of the little short buses with bars on the windows huh, Jude. You stupid moron !!!

Submitted by David (not verified) on

Coach Popovich

Why do you think you are relevant? You coach a game for a living, no one takes you serious outside your bubble. You are a disgrace to the Air Force and country you live in. Please stick with the game you coach because every time you step outside that you confirm how foolish you are. You say things that you don’t even believe. You are lucky the spurs owner still employees you

Submitted by Jeffery Kamp (not verified) on

Pops, thank you for reminding us that after winning multiple NBA championships you move up to God status. Quite frankly, you have just given me another reason to tune out the black NBA racists like I've already done with the poor disadvantaged negroes in the NFL. Good riddance, you pompous ass!

Submitted by Dr. Francis Joh... (not verified) on

Apparently, you have severely you reach, and importance as a coach, insofar as you have attempted to elevate yourself to a stage where significance is the first harbinger of validation.

Take a time out koach, duh! You have, on a national stage, showed us your ass!

Submitted by Maria Gonzalez (not verified) on

To all those who spew hatred for our president Donald Trump--including bigmouth "minority spokesman" Popoff--may the hatred come back to you many times over. America is sick of leftist/liberal primadonnas in sports & entertainment--you are criminals & anti-Americans for inciting hate against our prez. Hopefully your bad karma will bring you much suffering--you deserve it.

Submitted by Dan (not verified) on

As a proud Texan and American, you are a disgusting lying disgrace to our state and country - I hope you're comfortable in your evil, fraudulent skin: simply a fool and ruined it for the Spurs. Shame on yourself!

Submitted by Kevin (not verified) on

As an 8 yr Vietnam Era Air Force veteran, I am very proud of the gutty stance Gregg has taken.
It would be all too easy with his success in life and financially to just ignore everything and enjoy the fruits of his labor. That would have been the easy thing, as many Americans do. The fact that he just couldn't stand by and let his country be continually degraded is what being a true patriot is all about. Especially in the part of the country where he coaches. This is true whether you agree with him or not.
I admired him in the past-now I will be a San Antonio Spurs fan even though I live in the northeast.

Submitted by james sanders (not verified) on

Popovich- if would quit wasting everybody's time with your disrespectful and utterly stupid comments
about Donald J Trump and things you do not know anything about and start figuring out how to beat the warriors maybe I will buy season tickets again- just stay the hell out of politics, you do not have the education or the background to know what the heck you are talking about you liberal--


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