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Gregg Charles Popovich (born January 28, 1949) is an American basketball coach who is currently the head coach of the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Taking over as coach of the Spurs in 1996, Popovich is the longest tenured active coach in both the NBA and all US major sports leagues. He is often referred to as "Coach Pop" or simply "Pop". He holds the record for most consecutive winning seasons (playoffs included) in NBA history at 18, and third all time for the regular season, behind Pat Riley with 19, and Phil Jackson with 20. Popovich has won five NBA championships as the head coach of the Spurs. Along with Phil Jackson, Red Auerbach, Pat Riley, and John Kundla, he is one of only five coaches in NBA history to win five or more NBA championships. He is also one of 9 coaches in NBA history to have won 1,000 NBA games. Achievements such as these are what garnered him recognition as one of the greatest basketball head coaches of all time.


NBA champion (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014)


San Antonio Spurs
One AT&T Center
San Antonio, TX 78219


Submitted by sir (not verified) on

I tell you what coach ,how about you coach the spurs and let President Trump do what he was elected by the people to do,and quit being so divisive, furthermore I really don't know why people give a rats ass about what you think anyways.

Submitted by Phil (not verified) on

Best to coach, and not use the hopeless view of future you positioned.

It diminishes prospects to improve us.

Best of success until you play the east.

Submitted by bob schoenberg (not verified) on

1 aggree- dont take your game loss out on pres. trump-drop it already-give him a year-then lets see-in the meantime-button it up coach -bob-wall nj

Submitted by calvin lakins (not verified) on

Are u kidding me ?
Oh sure Trump hates all groups of people.
So very xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic & etc etc. lol
Yet he has hires all races in his campaign and in his business.
He had a woman campaign manager.
I think you crybabies will live.
All he's going to do; is try to straighten out the country's many problems created and left by a inept President.
If Hillary would have gotten elected; would you bring up her filling her pockets with money from countries that kill gays, hate Christians, Jews & women.
How about her being a habitual, crooked liar?
I highly doubt it.
Try to get educated and informed with the truth before you speak.
Obama had his chance & failed miserable.
Give Trump his.

Submitted by Sherry (not verified) on

You are a well respected coach! Keep your political comments out of the press and to yourself. Get to know Donald Trump and I am sure you will see him differently than your leftist brain-dead sheep type followers make him out. It's time for a BUSINESS man OUTSIDER to take the helm and you should stick to what you do best.

Submitted by Vince O'Neill (not verified) on

Hey Gregg - guess what? There was an election and we have a new President-elect. All the BS celebrities and stars that rant don't mean jack to every-day Americans. Only idiots get their information from jerks like JZ, Beyonce, George Clooney, Barbara Streisand, or Alex Baldwin. Elites that live in glass palaces are just that, elites. I suggest you work on trying to get out of 3rd place instead of thinking your opinion actually matters to people who think for themselves. If you decide to cast your one vote for someone, great. Don't tell me how I should think, or feel. Do you really think taking to the streets is a "good thing"? The election is over and Trump will be sworn in on January 20th, shut up and deal with it.

Submitted by Politician (not verified) on

You have a very high basketball IQ. You have a very low political IQ. You sound like these goofy movie stars and singers with all this talk of xenophobic, homophobic, racist, and misogynistic. Coach, you must watch these liberal news stations who lie about what President Trump said. Yes, President Trump! For Example: He said he wanted to keep the Mexicans who are Thugs, rapist, murderers, and gang members out of this country, and you and the rest of the media and Crooked Hillary supporters say he is racist. You should be praising President Trump on wanting to keep our great country safe. Why don't you go coach the Raptors and move to Canada with all the other idiots?! We definitely don't want you in Texas!

Submitted by gary (not verified) on

I can understand your rant about our next president Trump as your whole team is made up of minorities and you have to make them fell good about you. But when you criticize the people who pay your and the players salary is not a smart move, an example NFL is feeling the pinch for the anthem revolt. As for me and my family we will never come to another Spurs game or watch as long as you are the coach. Hoping you have a losing season. Oh by the way you really need to shave and get a hair cut as you look like a homeless person in a cheap suit.

Submitted by Haywood Jablowme (not verified) on

Nobody cares about your opinion !
You are not as important as you think you are.
you and your democratic buddies LOST !!
Get over it you LOOSER !

Submitted by gary (not verified) on

I like the way pop calls Donald Trump all the isms he learned listening to Clinton News Network seems he has the talking points down pat. Hey pop as a modern day slave owner isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black. When you trade people like cattle without blinking an eye you don't get to call others names. You and the Spurs front office and the NAB are no different than the old slave traders when cotton was the byproduct only now your slaves are running up and down the court making you rich. Sure you pay them well but in the end they are nothing but a tool like the ball they bounce or the shoes they wear. If you are really concerned about being fair how about turning in your whistle and apologize to the players for treating them like slaves, and then apologise to Mr. Trump for your disparaging remarks. Did you ever talk about Obama like that?

Submitted by Pablo (not verified) on

Coach. So disappointed to know who you really are. Your comments put you in the same category as Miley Cyrus, Cher and Michael Moore. At least you aren't shooting police officers or burning the flag. How can you live in this country if you truly feel as you speak?

Submitted by Kent Gray (not verified) on

Using the truth card in your rant on Trump? So you must actually believe Hillary when she "accidentally" deleted 33,000 emails. You are a helluva coach. Better stick to that.

Submitted by Al Roberts (not verified) on

Hey Coach, stick to coaching the Spurs, and don't use your luxury of having press around you to feel obligated to tell us how you feel about the election. If you came to the US illegally, shame on you. If you got here through the legal immigration laws, then good for you - that's how it's supposed to work. Those that are here illegally, should not get social benefits, the Lone Star card, free education, breakfast, and free English lessons, but they do! Current Pres has this country more divided than ever, and now the left wants to blame Trump for not doing more to bring uis together, give me a break! Let's talk in about 3 years, and see where we are as a country. In the mean time, stick to coaching!

Submitted by Jude Delaney (not verified) on

Mr. Popovich--Thank you for your thoughtful comments on the election. Everything you said in your two interviews perfectly expressed my thoughts about Donald Trump and the state of our country.

Your eloquence, moral decency, respect for inclusion and diversity, and forthright expression of the revulsion so many of us feel were a great relief to hear.

I know very little about sports, Mr. Popovich, but I am an American who is proud of you and of your love for our country. You are a humble man who has a difficult job and, from what I gather, you excel at it. For someone like you, with your superb credentials, to express the thoughts of millions of us means more than I can say. You represent the best of America, Coach Popovich.

Finally, to the Holt family--you should be honored and humbled to have Gregg Popovich as an employee who demonstrates true moral leadership. He is a great mentor and role model for the team, the fans, and those of us out here who want the best for America.

Best wishes, Coach Popovich.

Submitted by JOHN (not verified) on

Popovic needs to travel through rural America. How many small towns have lost everything when the industry they work in is closing shop and moving out of our country, shutting down due to energy costs, new regulations, etc.? It is easy for Popovich to use divisive examples to try and divide our country further, but it is not divided by the language Trump or Popovich used, but by what we are doing to the working men and women in rural America. The language used by Popovich could be used to describe the NBA and not just Trump. NBA is homophobic, the NBA degrades women, the NBA does not provide equal pay for all races and gender... should I go on Mr. Popovich. I really thought highly of you as a coach and person, but now as a person I really pause. To judge the American vote as too what I would describe the NBA embodies, really indicates to me how out of touch you are with the everyday workingclass American. I drive through these rural towns everyday and see the impact the current administration has had on them. Really it is no wonder why the current administration has targeted every day rural Americans. We have a popular vote that is ruled by population centers, while the $'s that support this country come from the everyday working American in rural America. We will always be divided, until we support ALL of America. Remember when you describe the person who voted for Trump, you could use those same descriptives for the NBA, the organization you work and make you living off of.

Submitted by tom murphy (not verified) on

I voted for Donald j trump trump will make a great president

Submitted by Ken Womble (not verified) on

Coach Popopvich,
I appreciate your recent comments about President Trump and couldn't agree with you more. It takes courage for any public figure to speak out like you did because you can be sure many people will disagree with you. Your comments spoke accurately about the mean spiritedness of this man, and the people who defend his defenseless comments, and mirrored exactly what I have also felt about him. Again, thank you for having the courage to speak the truth.

Submitted by TS (not verified) on

There was an election a few months ago in case you missed it. You had the opportunity to vote, to rally all the others who agree with your wrong opinion, and apparently you didn't do that. So shut up, focus on basketball and coaching multi-millionaires who don't give a crap about what's really going on in this country.

Submitted by Ex Spurs Fan (not verified) on

I've been a Spurs fan since 1989. After your unsolicited political comments I am no longer a fan. Where have you been the last eight years? Way to go Pop, you just alienated a huge chunk of fans.

Submitted by Erin McEnulty (not verified) on

Hello. You should really keep your idiotic notions about President Trump to yourself. My husband & I will never attend a Spur's game again.

I suppose you think it's A-OK for Chinese & Indian nationals to come here on visas & take away jobs from young American engineering graduates who are strapped with debt & under-employed because these foreigners will work for less & live 4 and 5 to an apartment. Go to north Austin & you'll see this, you cretin! These companies like Apple and Samsung make billions but they want to further pad their pockets by hiring these cheap workers. It's a disgrace & as I said you're a moron who should only comment on things you know--since you obviously don't know that the American middle class was dying under Obamacare, Bush, Clinton & all the other globalists. My advice to you is to READ some alternative news. Enlighten yourself. Open your mind to the realities of life in America for the middle class.

Submitted by john isola (not verified) on

you and coach kerr have 90% black players on your teams making millions of $ and 90% of black people in more cities kill black people. If black people would embrace education and better social habits such teaching families to respect hard work and own up to mens respect for families plus liberals like you and Kerr would encourage black people to stop blaming white people.even black educators like Thomas Sewell and others do not buy your thinking

Submitted by Carl (not verified) on

Coach, just shut the F**k up and quit being a sore loser. If the liar Hillary would have won it wouldn't change race relations one bit. Your asshole president Obama made sure they were more screwed up than ever.

Submitted by Ernie (not verified) on

Coach, thanks for your courage in calling to the carpet our “president?’ Obama was a Class Act! Trump is a Crass Act! As a long time Republican, I was for Trump until he belittled a handicapped journalist in front of thousands. No one with a sense of human compassion would even ”think” of doing such a degrading and disgusting thing. His ego needs constant adulation, and as long as his cretin supporters who have the mental capacity equal to that of a clam feed him with such he’ll be OK. Just wait until 2 years down the road when the “rust belt” workers realize Trump negotiated a bogus dream to get elected of FACTORIES coming back like it was the “”good ole America” of the past? They don’t get it yet that it’s the era of robotics! Workers? Capitalist don’t need no stinking workers, they cost money! But wait, maybe those Trump supporters are willing to work for minimum wage in a factory? Now you have Trump’s ear.

Submitted by benzo (not verified) on

No longer a spurs fan ..will not attend another game or spend a dime there...
Your white privilege comments are out of line and absurd , what an idiot you are ...
I put you in the same boat as Crapernigg.. Go to hell...

Submitted by César (not verified) on

I don't know if you'll see this Coach pop but if there was anyway you could get DRose on the Spurs for possibly tony Parker or I'm not sure how but it's just some idea I wanted to throw at ya. Anyways good luck on the rest of the season

Submitted by Andrew (not verified) on

I can't stand seeing all these bashing Popovich on his views. I can't say I agree with him on all his basketball decisions but him disagreeing politically with a person I do not consider rationally sane, I have to agree with. I was a republican for a long time but after seeing what we have come to, I can not agree. This nation was built on respect for one another and great values and where are they in our current president? I can't blame Popovich for speaking out.

Submitted by Volunteer Coach... (not verified) on

Hello and good day coach, I have been your biggest advocate behind Coach K of Duke University. I only have one question for you, and that is why have you not played Simmons more. He is a definite diamond in the rough and I do believe that he and Kawhi along with Gasol and Aldridge are your core future players with so much to offer in the post and perimeter. I know that you have your routine and I most highly respect this. Respectfully your biggest Advocate.

Submitted by Zachary Addkison (not verified) on

Mr. Popovich ive been watching your games all season long and what I have noticed is that kyle Anderson and Danny green are in a slump. And during the playoffs Danny's defense is great and kyle is really doing nothing, so my suggestion is to please put in Davis Bertans he's making his shots and can add some scoring. So please play him during the playoffs please. Thank you!


Submitted by Cope (not verified) on

I hope he runs for office. He's dead on about Cheeto Jesus, who's entire 10X days he and his cronies have been under FBI investigation. It's all about the $$$ with Chump, who can't literally make it a day without lying multiple times. He'll be gone in March '18 (that's what I've got in the pool), and I don't think he can even last that long. BTW, Pop is a much bigger patriot than almost all of you (look up his background before you shoot off your chaw stained gums).

Submitted by Troy DeBoard (not verified) on

It all started in basic training 1983 I was on my way to see Dr. J and George Girvan... I ended up with Artis Gilmore and double dummy Dawkins... and is was awesome! I'm from a teeny tiny town called Salmon Idaho, the most remote location in the 48 states geographically. Then years later this dude named the admiral shows up at my base in Montana and signs autographs until his fingers or ready to bleed! I love your style of coaching and I miss Craig Sager, in the moment you had some beautiful comments for his son during an interview! Please just know that as a fan of basketball and of life issue thank you! As a coach and teacher I say thank you because you represent the first amendment of the United States Constitution! Keep being yourself because honestly nobody else can be you ! Much love!

Submitted by Jimmy (not verified) on

Hey Popovich go suck Ass like your team did last night, Mr. Trump won the election and you can't stand it. You think no one likes him and there is all pall over country well enough of us must have liked him he won the election. He is a Winnet unlike you and your team and if you put as much effort in to coaching you team instead of spending time talking about the President maybe you wouldn't be a LOSER!! You Suck Ass !! Your a Joke and we don't care what you think. Next time dress like a professional when you show up for a Press conference you bum!!

Submitted by Johnny v (not verified) on

Sounds like pop is another butt hurt democrat that's ignorant to what direction this country needs to go in - sad

Submitted by Dean (not verified) on

Lol scumbag coach. Saw ur rant about trump. You got what u deserved u scumbag with ur top players Injury!!! I love karma. Congrats loser. Trump... trumped you lol.

Submitted by Tena Markham (not verified) on

Gregg is loser and stupidity.....puppet of Hillary and Obama and Soros!@!@

Submitted by Patricio Cordova (not verified) on

Way to go, Coach! This country needs some respected voices to speak in a common sense, down-to-earth, real way. Political correctness has gotten us nowhere. I agree with everything you've said about Trump. The persona he exhibits is an embarrassment to the country and furthers idiocy among the public when nincompoops imitate Trump's nonsense. It's about time that people say enough is enough and demand that the office of the President of the United States be held to a higher standard. Game show host is an appropriate comparison for what he is doing, but jerk will do as well.

Thanks for your honesty.

Submitted by Marc reyna (not verified) on

Coach Pop I'm a huge fan and to be honest would like to pick your brain on how you bring the best out of the best. I'm a baseball coach in the local area and would love to sit and talk even if for 5 min any advise is good advise.

Submitted by Jim (not verified) on

Maybe if you spent a little more time coaching and a little less thinking about Pres. Trump, you wouldn't get your ass kicked by Golden State.

Submitted by Dimitrios Altzerinis (not verified) on

Please forgive me the coaches but the team is very heavy with a small selection of choices, you mainly miss the explosion the speed and over all the fastbrak, the fast successful attack.

Submitted by Pete Villarreal (not verified) on

I'm 34 years old, and I've been a Spurs fan since I've been able to remember. My comment or suggestion is, if you're going to consider trading so many great players for one of the greatest players, please consider looking into Paul George rather than Chris Paul. I say this, because I look at longevity. We can gain Chris Paul, But once he's done in a couple of years, what are we left with. Without Parker or paul. I see it better to get George and keep Murray at point. Granted he's young and has a lot to learn, but he's the future point guard of basketball. In my opinion honestly, I think we shouldn't go after anyone and just do what we've always done. Which is scout better than everyone else and create the best teams as we've always done, but if you want to make a huge move like this, then consider the correct Paul. Paul George not Chris Paul.

Submitted by Martin Harry (not verified) on

President Trump, like many Americans, condemns the political expression of pro athletes as disrespectful to the United States and the men and women who serve to defend her. Significantly, Trump did not approve or disapprove of the purpose of the protest, whatever it may be.
Since President Trump’s criticism, the NFL, players’ union and team owners have criticized President Trump. Those defending the protests and players, however, misrepresent President Trump’s complaint, demonstrate confusion about the law and fail to appreciate the political consequences.

Regardless of the reason for players kneeling during the national anthem, the players’ political expression is being done on their employers' time and property. The reason the players have chosen to act on the field during the national anthem is because their protest is seen by persons who paid to be entertained not proselytized. They constitute a “captive” audience, forced to witness the players’ political expression while attending a football game.

Recently, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a school that banned a football coach from kneeling on the field after a football game. In describing the coach’s act in defiance of the ban, the court said he “took advantage of his position to impress his views upon the impressionable and captive minds before him.” If other players, coaches and the public are captive in this instance, then they are captive in every instance.

Undoubtedly the players are making a political statement. That is their express reason for not standing for the national anthem. It is not an act of laziness or inattentiveness but an affirmative act of defiance. They acknowledge that this is the intended meaning of their actions.

Players and their supporters claim a right to protest. There is no dispute that players have a right to political speech. They do not, however, have a right to express themselves at the games at the team owners’ expense. If team owners allow it, they, not the Constitution, authorize it. Just as a school determines the scope of duties for a high school coach, the owner of a NFL team determines the scope of duties for his players.

In fact, the NFL goes beyond regulating players on the field. It enforces a “personal conduct policy” that subjects players to penalties for certain personal behavior outside the workplace on their own private time. Also, three years ago, Robert Griffin III wore a t-shirt with the words “Know Jesus, Know Peace” to a press conference. The NFL required him to turn the shirt inside out because it wasn’t a Nike product. No one with his team or the NFL objected to RGIII’s voice not being heard and no one defended his right to peacefully effect social change and raise awareness in the manner he felt most impactful. Neither the players union nor RGIII claimed his First Amendment right was violated.

The owner of the Baltimore Ravens, Steve Bisciotti, responded to President Trump, however, by stating, “We respect their demonstration and support them 100 percent. All voices need to be heard. That’s democracy in its highest form.” Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO of the New England Patriots, stated, “I support [our players’] right to peacefully affect social change and raise awareness in a manner that they feel is most impactful.” NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith issued a statement that said, in part, “the line that marks the balance between the rights of every citizen in our great country gets crossed when someone is told to just ‘shut up and play” and “those opinions are protected speech and freedom.” Players tweeted similar statements referring to a “right” to protest and portraying President Trump’s words as hostile to that right.

President Trump, however, did not criticize the players for protesting or their message. He criticized the manner in which they were protesting as disrespectful to the country and fans. Characterizing this criticism as bigotry, racist or anti-First Amendment is ignorant at best. Refusing to stand for the flag and national anthem before a football game when a player is on the field in the team’s uniform is not a right regardless of the purpose for which it is done. Furthermore, as past and current practices of the NFL demonstrate, it has the authority to restrict players’ speech and conduct.

Politically, it is the NFL’s decision to allow players to conduct personal political protests at games that has resulted in the political backlash from fans. The NFL and players have politicized their games. Politics is divisive. It is ridiculous for owners or coaches to promote political activity and then criticize the political response as divisive. You can't credibly insist the players voices be heard but then object when fans, including Trump, respond. The NFL cannot credibly complain about fans tuning out and not attending games when they are regularly being offended by political expression, authorized by the teams and NFL, with which they disagree. Again, the opposition is not necessarily to the purpose of the protest but the manner in which the players protest.

It isn't President Trump’s remarks that are divisive but the protest itself. Where one or a few players are making a political statement in the presence of other members who are mandatorily present as well, the players and coaches are no longer a team with a unified purpose. Over time, observers question who “supports” the protest. Some begin to infer that those standing in respect of the flag not only do not support the protest but do not support its purpose as well. Standing or not divides the team. Clearly, the protests have divided fans from teams as well. The effort by the NFL and owners to treat the protest as a protected right is an effort by them to avoid political fallout for their acquiescence. Too bad for them, fans know better.

Submitted by Phil (not verified) on

President Trump has proven he supports, protects and honors America and the flag so many have died for.
It is clear you do not. There is no place for politics in sports, especially from those insulting their fans.

Submitted by Terry (not verified) on

I have been a loyal NBA Spurs fan for many years and was looking forward to October 2nd (opening day). But no longer. I will not watch the NBA Spurs this year. Popovich has the right to say whatever he likes. But his opinions are no more valuable than are mine. And I disagree strongly with is opinions. He has shown GREAT DISRESPECT for many of his fans and for many fans of the San Antonio Spurs.

I gave up on the NFL a couple of years ago. Now the NBA.

Sad Loyal NBA Spurs Fan
September 25, 2017

Submitted by JL (not verified) on

Constant comments from another celebrity mouthpiece, how sad, but fully expected. Ignorance and brainwashing runs deep in this country particularly from those who receive millions from milking the zombie sports and TV/movies realm.

Of course, without a context of the selling out of the nation over the last many decades - Bush's, Clinton, Obama, etc., then folks just dont understand much. Their myopic views, like pokovich (what a clown) will just keep running their ignorant mouths with no real understanding whatsoever of the globalist takeover of the country, and how the country has been sold off to the aforementioned. And, no, i wont sit here and explain that massive conversation.

But, on a very bright note - pokemoninivich and other celebs are the very best advertisement for a continued push to get out of the controlled narrative Orwellian state where everything is surveilled and all information is carefully orchestrated to control the people. Its sad pokemonivich cannot see beyond his very own childish, ignorant reactions. .

Submitted by Karen R Brown (not verified) on

Sir, I believe you are too old to coach any more. If you think The US is an embarrassment to the world , why have you not left? I will buy you and your family a one way ticket to North Korea.... oh... that's right, you don't want to loose your spacy money that you make. Old men like you need to retire and keep your mouth shut. And a Texan... Holy Hell!!! What have we produced down here? A grey haired, balding man who shows disrespect for this Country and my grandson is in the Military to protect you? You are an embarrassment to the State of Texas. Yes, I am a Texan.... I am ashamed of you and you are my age. ESAD

Submitted by Jb Sensenbrenner (not verified) on

It is hard to believe that an aging basketball coach rants for the democratic former 'll party home of the most millionaires and liberals/socialists. To concur with James political views misleads many young people that socialism is good. Come on. president Trump has done more good for all of us in one year compared to 8 years of awful leadership. Please look at the facts. Take off your liberal blinders. I realize it's hard for millionaires to face reality.

Submitted by Duncan Judson (not verified) on

If the USA is such a damn embarrassment to you then pack your bags and get the hell out! Where else on this planet can you make as much as you do as an average basketball coach and enjoy the life you live? NOWHERE IDIOT. You, like all NBA players have ZERO gratitude for all God has given you. But you probably don’t believe in God do you? This entire left liberal strategy of disrespecting America will backfire and by the way,

You’re inconsequential! No one gives a *#&@ about what you think. Gym rat!

Submitted by JL (not verified) on

Recent article on popovich:

Responding to the ‘take a knee’ controversy, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich says that white people “need to be made to feel uncomfortable”.

“Obviously, race is the elephant in the room and we all understand that,” said Popovich

“Unless it is talked about constantly, it’s not going to get better. ‘Oh, they’re talking about that again. They pulled the race card again. Why do we have to talk about that?’ Well, because it’s uncomfortable, and there has to be an uncomfortable element in the discourse for anything to change. Whether it’s the LGBT movement, women’s suffrage, race, it doesn’t matter. People have to be made to feel uncomfortable, and especially white people because we’re comfortable. We still have no clue of what being born white means.”

Popovich wasn’t done there with his exercise in white guilt, going on to assert that there are “advantages that are systemically, culturally, psychologically there” in being born white that “have been built up and cemented for hundreds of years”.

“It can’t be something that is on their plate on a daily basis. People want to hold their position, people want the status quo, people don’t want to give that up. And until it’s given up, it’s not going to be fixed,” he added.

It’s odd that all this “white privilege” doesn’t extend to violent encounters with cops (the very thing the ‘take a knee’ gesture was started to protest). Figures show that significantly more white people are shot dead by cops every year, despite black people committing more violent crimes.

Popovich also failed to explain how white people being “uncomfortable” about their skin color is going to prevent the relentless carnage that is black on black murder.

Around 2400 black men are killed by other black men every single year. Compare that to just 16 unarmed black men who are killed by police every year (about the same number who get struck by lightning).

None of that has anything to do with “white privilege,” but then again, Popovich doesn’t really care about black lives, he cares about tedious virtue signalling and genuflecting to political correctness to make himself look good.


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