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Drew Christopher Brees was born January 15, 1979 in Austin, TX. Brees played flag football in middle school and in high school he was a varsity letterman in baseball, basketball and football. Brees only began to concentrate on football when he became starting quarterback as an injury replacement. Brees had hoped follow his father and uncle's footsteps and play for the Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies but was not heavily recruited despite his stellar record in High School. Instead, he only received offers from Purdue and Kentucky, ultimately choosing Purdue. He left college as one of the most-decorated players in Purdue and Big Ten history, with 2 NCAA records, 13 Big Ten Conference records and 19 Purdue University records. He remains the Big Ten Conference record-holder in virtually every passing category, including completions yards and touchdowns.

After a prolific college football career at Purdue University, he was chosen by the San Diego Chargers with the first pick in the second round of the 2001 NFL Draft. He became starting quarterback in 2002 and making the Pro Bowl in 2004. After injuring his shoulder at the end of the 2005 season, Brees signed with the New Orleans Saints, where he met immediate success, earning seven trips to the Pro Bowl and leading the Saints to their first Super Bowl. Since joining the Saints in 2006, he has led all NFL quarterbacks in touchdowns, passing yards and 300-yard games. He was the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year in 2004, the Offensive Player of the Year in 2008 and 2011, and the MVP of Super Bowl XLIV. Sports Illustrated named Brees its 2010 Sportsman of the Year.

Brees married Brittany Dudchenko in February 2003. They met and dated while attending Purdue University. They have three sons.


Super Bowl Champion (XLIV)

NFC Champion (2009)


New Orleans Saints
5800 Airline Drive
Metairie, LA 70003


Submitted by Sherri Smith (not verified) on

I know you must get many letters just like this one that's asking for help with charity events for someone with a terminal illness. I am seeking a signed football for just an event. Our event is a glow in the dark golf tournament that is being held in honor of Christi Honea from Liberty Mississippi and Drew Breed and the New Orleans Saints is " HER TEAM " she deeply enjoys watching and supporting the Saints. I was hoping for a signed football we could raffle off to benefit her financially during this difficult time she and her family is going through. Christi is 45 years ole and has a husband and two young children -- one 5 and one 3. She has already gone through so much trying to beat this disease but she struggles with new challenges every day. She has been through a double mastectomy along with Radiation, Chemotherapy and now receiving live virus injections to help her fight for life. One of her concerns is her families financial burden of being able to bury her upon her death for she doesn't even have a life insurance policy. I could go on and on about her situation and like many others I know these stories frequent your desk. I hope and pray that you will take a few minutes from your day and offer her a signed football so that we might use it to help her and her family's financial situation. If you need any further assurance or verification that this is exactly where this item would be used for I will be glad to send you any verifying information you would need. I hope you find it in your heart to support her cause. Please feel free to contact me for any further information you should need. Please contact me via email for addresses or phone numbers.

Thank you in Advance
S. Smith

Submitted by Sherri Smith (not verified) on

I'm sorry about the typos but she is 35 and sorry about auto correct Mis-spelling Mr Bree's name

Submitted by Hugh Cyboran (not verified) on

You are my favorite quarter back, and you are on the saints (my favorite team)!!!

Submitted by Steven Forsberg (not verified) on


I am an American living in Singapore. I attended a charity golf event a few years back in Houston sponsored by The United Way. They had an auction to raise money and i bought an autographed football by Drew. Problem i have now is the ink has faded. I wanted to DHL the ball for a new signature and pay the return as well. Whats the chances of that.
Steven Forsberg

Submitted by Dale Gross (not verified) on

Hey!!!!! This is Dale Gross from CRAVE at Sweetwater First Assembly in Sweetwater, Tennessee. We are in a competition right now called Tribe Wars!!!! Our youth group is split up into three separate tribes: red, orange, and green. I am apart of the Green! Tonight is the finale! And my youth pastor, Drew, is a huge Saints fan!! If you could, could you please send him a video telling him about the impact we could have on society and it with "Go Green Tribe"! We would love it if you could send us something!!! If you can please email me at "grossrd3@yahoo.com". We would appreciate the help and good luck this coming season!!!!!!

Submitted by Patrick Quebodeaux (not verified) on

I’m a 63 y/o W/M and live in the Lake Charles area. I’m a Registered Nurse and my wife is an elementary school principal. Me and the family are all Saints fans and have been for a long time. We just watched the playoff game with Minnesota. I would like to say to you Drew Brees that it’s okay. You are truly a Saint and I respect and admire your dedication to football. A lot of players have come and gone but you have stayed true. I just wanna say to keep going as long as you can. You look great out there. You make my Sunday football a great day.

Submitted by John (not verified) on

Drew don't want to swell your head or anything told the wife soon as saints got ya they would win the trophy I hope to see you play my granddaughter is 2 half when I watch the games she does also out of all me and sons football cards deuce is the only one she picks out and does theduuuce it's awesome to see her stop bounceing off the walls and watch the game well got to go French toast calling have great year love how you play and respect a great game

Submitted by robbie steele (not verified) on

i would like to meet you i am really am a big fan of the shaints and you

Submitted by Loary Coates (not verified) on

Dear Mr, Brees,
My daughter Katrina was born in New Orleans in 1968. Her and I loved our New Orleans Saints. No matter where life took us we routed for our team. One of our life long dreams was to meet you in person. Mr. Brees, Katrina passed away in 2014 and was never able to realize her dream. She was the third of three daughters my husband and I have lost. My husband and I will be married 50 years on March 2. My husband as well as Katrina's brother have served in the military. My husband spent two tours in Vietnam and her brother just came back from the Middle East. Her brother Charles and I will be at the game in Tampa on December 9th. I look forward to seeing you play. I watch every game I can even though I can't be at every game because we now live in Bradenton, FL.

Submitted by Ronnie Sadler (not verified) on

Thank you for your boldness in your faith with the AFA. More NFL players of the faith need to be a good example like yourself for children and reaching them in a positive way. Never mind the liberals. GOOD JOB.

Submitted by gary dungan (not verified) on

i am so proud of you as a christian and a fan pls do not back away you are a christian soldier thanks for all you do for people who do not have your bully pulpit thank you again GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!

Submitted by Donald Lebert (not verified) on

Dear Drew Brees, way to stand in Faith Hope Love in Christ for all, even when being attacked. Keep being you in who you are as much as those who attack decry they can't be who they are because of your belief in our Lord Jesus. This has nothing to do with being correct in anything they are calling you out on, and everything with being correct on your Loving stand for Jesus. All I seen in the video was you being a Loving person for those who need some encouragement from time to time. Some times so called correctness is nothing more than a cover for them to argue/debate, to call out believers for anything they can to get a platform to make a case for their own ideology. It has nothing to do with journalism or reporting or even editorializing it has everything to do with their own corruption as all they want is a reason to complain to then bring up their own idiocy. Go Freaking Figure

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Brees,
As a Catholic man I wanted to thank you for being a man of faith and for being willing to stand up for Christianity. We need more role models like you in this world, more people like you for our kids to look up to. You have my complete support and prayers, please remain strong during this unwarranted attack. It is sad that in America today, people would be outraged because a man supports the bible. The forces we fight are strong but Jesus is stronger. God bless you and God Bless Focus on the Family, which is a great organization.
Chris, a brand new New Orleans Saints fan, the Giants will get over it, I am sure.

Submitted by Jules M Demers (not verified) on

Drew, I wish you a great season and you will be hearing me cheering (from Rhode Island) for the Best Team in the NFL-My New Orleans Saints!! I will be at the Saints/Eagles game in December. I can't wait to see "my boys of Fall" Go Get'm Drew:) Remember-Never Apologize for being a Proud American!

Submitted by Ligon Grace (not verified) on

Drew Brees I hope you get this message. You are a person that I hold in high esteem. I'm a 69 years old black man. I agree that you have had every right to say what you said regarding respecting the flag however I do disagree. I do believe that there may possibly be a time when you could disrespect the flag if the flag is disrespecting you as a government not as individuals in the population. We need to care for all people as you said. And we need to stand up and say it.

Submitted by Jessica McCarty (not verified) on

My husband and I love to watch you play! Watching you play the Bears right now!!! You just threw it to Thomas 3rd quarter 9 and 1/2 mins!!! Now to Cook!!! Just wanted to say how much we love watching you and the team play!!!!

Submitted by Rohit (not verified) on

I really love you, Drew Brees. I have been a fan of you since the years where you turned the team around after Hurricane Katrina. I respect what you do not only on the field, but beyond the game. I was crying after the bucs game, because I knew it might have been your last, and if you decide to retire, I totally respect that. I am crying right now while sending the message. My name is Rohit. I am 13 years old. I would really love you to play for longer, because you bring so much excitement to the game, but that is a lot to ask, so I will leave it up to you.I know that injuries are a big thing to watch out for, especially since you are more prone to them now, but you are the reason that I watch football every Sunday, Thursday, Saturday, or Monday. Some people said that you to,d Jamie’s Winston that it was his team. I just want you to play for longer if you can, that is my dream. If you retire, I just want you to know that you have had an amazing career and will continue to love a beautiful life outside of football. Thank you. I even saw that you played outside with your kids and wife on the field. I love to see that. Thank you for all you have done, and if you decide to retire, I wish you good luck in the future and they said you signed a deal with NBC so maybe I’ll see you there. But if you decide to play for longer, however long, my dream would have come true.

Submitted by Anthony webb (not verified) on

To the greatest QB we’ve ever had so far and the one who helped us win our first super bowl, I really would like to see you give it one more run! I think it can be done, I say we woulda had a good chance to win that game if cook doesn’t fumble the ball, I’m not gonna blame the loss all on him because it’s a team game and we still had a chance to win it even after the fumble but that fumble lost the momentum we had possibly going up by 2 scores! But I think if you came back for one more run we could get closer and hopefully get over that hump! I think you and Sean could convince some players to come and play with you (just like Tom Brady does ) to try and help out too! I’m sure players like JJ watt and Larry Fitzgerald and Patrick Peterson AJ green etc etc wood love to come play with one of the best to try and win their first super bowl(would be your 2nd) so even if you don’t come back for 1 more your legacy is already cemented as one of the best but would love to see you come back one last time with a possible run with maybe some other vets along with the most of the core we been having

Submitted by Gloria Foradori (not verified) on

Congratulations from a grandma fan. My Daughter-in-law loves you and your generosity to people.

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