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Glenn Anton "Doc" Rivers (born October 13, 1961) is an American basketball coach and former player. He is the current head coach and President of Basketball Operations for the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers. A point guard, Rivers was known for his defense while playing in the NBA.


NBA Championship (2008)


Los Angeles Clippers
Los Angeles Clippers Training Center
6951 S. Centinela Ave.
Playa Vista, CA 90094


Submitted by Victor (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Ballmer,

Hello sir. Hope all is well. I am a 40 year Los Angeles resident. I have been a basketball fan all my life. I have been a Clippers fan since Danny Manning, Ron Harper and the boys were playing at the Los Angeles Coliseum. I have been waiting forever for a Championship. I love what you have done thru-out the franchise and I am proud of you. Our team looks great but we lack serious toughness and championship awareness. I believe that although Blake Griffin is an All-Star and a really good player, HE IS NOT A CHAMPION!!!! I couldn't sleep well last night after what I saw in last nights loss to the defending champs. I AM FED UP WITH BLAKE GRIFFIN!!!!!

After watching that loss last night to the Spurs, I am convinced that this in not the guy who will bring us our 1st ring! He doesn't have what it takes to be a Champion. Winners do not turn the ball over in crucial situation consistently like Blake does. I have seen improvements in his game but he is not respected in the block by NBA players. He gets punched in the mouth and doesn't do anything. That's not a champion. Matt Barnes is the toughest player on our team. Blake doesn't get emotional and there is a major lack of nastiness that MUST be maintained at the power forward position in the Western Conference. That nastiness like all the past championship teams had. I JUST DONT SEE IT WITH BLAKE....its not in him.

I really believe we can bring a CHAMPIONSHIP to the Clippers by picking up a young, NASTY, power forward named DEMARCUS COUSINS from Sacramento Kings!!!!! He is the epitome of toughness, heart, and nasty! That toughness will spread throughout the team and will change the culture of the Clippers of always being considered SOFT!!! I am so sick of Blake....I cant take it anymore. We blew a chance to go up 2 games against the Spurs. Chris Paul ( who I love ) deserves a Championship and I feel sorry for him. He gives the ball to Blake to put the Spurs away and Blake LOOSES THE BALL without being contested by weak, smaller defender ( Marco Belinelli ).....WHAT CHAMPION DOES THAT????



Thank you.


Super Clipper Fan,

Victor C

Submitted by Alex Enigma (not verified) on

Clippers need a small forward, since Carin Butler and Lamar Odom the my have lacked at that position.
Here are the small forwards to consider:
1. PJ Tucker -Suns
2. Danilo Galiinari - Nuggets
3. Rudy Gay - Kings

Trade and Give up:
JJ Reddick, Wes Johnson, and/or First Round pick.

Austin Rivers can play the SG, focus on defense and making 3's, aka: Tabo Sefalosha, Clay Thompson.

Submitted by Marvin Downtown LA (not verified) on

Now that we no longer have Lob City with CP3, Blake Griffin and most likely DJ and Doc Rivers Doc whim made a mess of this team. Clippers suppose to be what Warriors are now. And will perhaps be going into a rebuilding mode with a new team and arena in place. I believe it’s time the Clippers change their name. They need a new identity and perception, a name change will bring.

The name Clippers has been linked to disappointment, losing, laughing stock; and former NBA owner Donald Sterling, whom adopted the name from San Diego. Prior to being the Buffalo Braves.

The name change will surely change the perception and brand.

How will it change it? They will fare better under a new name... with a New Identity and Perception it will reboot the team brand and encourage the way fans, players, refs and the media view them from now on.

Than the current name adopted by Donald Sterling for the last 20 years. Plagued with disillusions and shortcomings. They Haven’t won a championship nor past a Conference Finals. Like the Miami Heat, or Orlando Magic that started 10 years after them, as expansion teams.

So why not take chance.. they already had the Cojones of trading CP3, and Blake Griffin which were all stars. So why not change the name when other NBA teams have changed theirs for example: OKC-Thunder, New Orleans-Pelicans, Charlotte-Hornets, and Washington-Wizards.

Keep in mind we are not just fans, we are consumers too. And as consumer you are selective at the kind of brand name you buy. And unfortunately the Clippers have been Shasta not Coke.

Y say bring back the name LA Stars at least they got to the ABA Finals in 1970.
Possible names LA All-Stars, or LA Condors, LA Avengers, LA Express, etc.

Didn’t Jerry West say: What’s right isn’t always popular and what’s popular isn’t always right. The popular thing will be to keep the Clippers name, but the right thing will be to change it.

Submitted by Jabbar (not verified) on

I am jabbar nazal. I am a fan of the Philadelphia 76. Please can you take out tucker from the team because he is the worst player in all of nba history. He hasn’t done anything for the team all he does is run around and waste time. Thank you so much

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