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Ralph Dale Earnhardt, Jr. was born October 10, 1974 to NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt, Sr. He is also the grandson of both NASCAR driver Ralph Earnhardt and stock car fabricator Robert Gee. He currently drives the No. 88 Chevrolet SS in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series for Hendrick Motorsports and drives the No. 88 Chevrolet Camaro for his own team, JR Motorsports, in selected events in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

At the age of 17, Dale Jr. began racing in the street stock division at Concord Speedway. It was two seasons later that he moved up into the NASCAR Late Model Stock Division, where he would compete for three seasons. Earnhardt Jr, or Little E as he's sometimes called, captured 12 Bud poles in the Late Model Stock Division. That's when Earnhardt, Jr moved on to the NASCAR Busch Grand Nationals in 1996. By the start of the 2000 season Dale Jr. was ready to move up to the NASCAR Winston Cup Series. He won at Texas in his 12th career start and at Richmond in his 16th start. He also became the first rookie to win NASCAR's all-star race at Lowe's Motor Speedway.


1998 Busch Series Champion

1999 Busch Series Champion

2004 Daytona 500 Winner

2000 The Winston Winner

2003, 2008 Budweiser Shootout Winner


Dale Jr. Foundation
Box 330
Mooresville, NC 28115


Submitted by Tammy Seibers (not verified) on

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Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

Dear Dale Earnhardt Jr,
I am Chris and I’m your fan for NASCAR so my dad we especially me I also like the way you drive. My favorite thing about your car is it has National Guard, Amp, Budweiser, and Mountain Dew or Diet Mountain Dew logos on the car. The car you drive is one of the best cars in the whole race and in NASCAR and my favorite thing is the recesses in different towns you go to and your skills are pretty good. The favorite skill apparently you are good at is driving a car and your kind of car is number #88 and that number is my lucky number.
Your skill is one of the best and I like is the way you spend your time off the track. If I was a racer I would make my spare time doing is spending is making a 10 word search. Who finishes first would take a ride in my car ones or twice around the track. My suggestion is spend it with your family and pretend your dad is there.

Submitted by kevin wernecke (not verified) on

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Submitted by Greg McGregor (not verified) on

I hate sports but I love YOU and therefore Nascar
You are the coolest dude. I get razz from all of my friends and neighbors for not being a loyal fan of the 49rs, Raiders, Giants and A,s but I do feel total appriaciation for your talent! Regards+.

Submitted by steve stevens (not verified) on

Your father probably rolled over in his grave when you made such a stupid statement about the Confederate Flag.......NASCAR was founded UNDER THE CONFEDERATE FLAG!!!!!!!! I used to watch NASCAR and I know one person "ME" banning NASCAR won't hurt it a bit.....BUT I'M NOT THE ONLY PERSON BANNING "YOU" AND NASCAR!!!!!! You will find out what I"m talking about when the stands are only half full!!!!!!!!!1

Submitted by Cory on

Here is a story of what Dale did when confronted by a black friend about the use of the battle flag:

Flags bearing Earnhardt's No. 3 still fly alongside the rebel flag in infields. But how did Earnhardt himself feel about the flag? A story from off the track gives a clue.

There's a bumper sticker out there still on sale at just about every truck stop in the South. "AMERICAN BY BIRTH," it reads, "SOUTHERN BY THE GRACE OF GOD," usually with a rebel flag alongside. One day Earnhardt slapped one of these stickers onto the bumper of one of his trucks. He didn't think any more of it until his housekeeper, an African-American woman beloved by Earnhardt's children Dale and Kelley, mentioned that the flag's implications made her uncomfortable.

Earnhardt immediately went out to his truck and sliced off the rebel flag. The motto remained; the flag itself was trashed.

"He didn't want to offend anybody or make anybody mad in that manner," said Kelley Earnhardt Miller, telling the story on her "Fast Lane Family" podcast. "He had a good heart."


Submitted by Harold Barton (not verified) on

Dale I'm very excited about nascar , but there is a big divide about a wonderful sport in the black & Spanish community . I would love a opportunity to promote this great sport to people that haven't experienced such a family friendly sport. I see a great chance to increase a fan base and expose the young people to your wonderful sport ,like I was as a youth at Greenville Pickens speedway ,when your dad came to practice and race ! Need that opportunity to enlighten ,thanks

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Take a long look at bowman grey race track
17,000 seats
how many sell outs, how many car owners with a shop in their car garage seat ticket prices 1/4 wild drivers track
I have been watching and going to nascar races since Richard Petty only had 20 wins the whole family rode in the car that he drove in the race things like # of tires and many others things could be something to even the racing I am almost ready to quit watching and have quit going because I believe with all things most races are won by the car owners that have the most money
hope this will be of interest to you and all evolved in Nascar

Submitted by Barbara j. Beach (not verified) on

Praise GOD , for watching over you dale, and your wife, and baby girl. Also for HIS watch over your pilots. May all your recovories be swift, and without any further complications. Always remember, who your SUPREME pit crew chief is, and HIS faithfulness. I Am and have been a Dale Sr. Fan , and of course with you Jr. I'm disabled, and have not ever been to a race. that does not mean that kept me from being an advid Fan of yours, thru it all. now I see you in a different position at the track, but it definitely suits you. I love to hear you get excited when you call the race. I'll continue to keep you and yours ALL in my thoughts and in my prayers. Your72 year old fan, yes 72,

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