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Cameron Jerrell "Cam" Newton (born May 11, 1989) is an American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for the Auburn Tigers in Alabama and was drafted as the first overall pick by the Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft. He is only the third player (and the first since 1950) to be awarded the Heisman Trophy, win a national championship, and become the first overall pick in the NFL draft all in the same one-year span, joining Leon Hart and Angelo Bertelli.

In his rookie year, Newton broke numerous rookie and all-time NFL records for passing and running the ball. He became the first rookie quarterback to throw for 400 yards in his first game, shattering Peyton Manning's record by 120 yards. He also broke Otto Graham's 61-year-old record for passing yards by any quarterback in an NFL debut. Newton would go on to become the first rookie quarterback to throw for 4,000 yards in a season, as well as the first rookie QB to rush for 700 yards. He also ran for 14 touchdowns, more in a single season than any quarterback in NFL history, breaking Steve Grogan's 35-year-old record.

In 2015, Newton became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 30 touchdowns and rush for 10 in the same season (35 passing, 10 rushing). He also became the only quarterback ever to have 300 yards passing, 5 touchdown passes, and over 100 yards rushing in the same game.[9] In the final game of the 2015–16 season Newton tied Steve Young's record for the most career rushing touchdowns by a quarterback—a record that Young set after 15 seasons in the NFL, compared to Newton's five.


2010 BCS National Championship

NFC Championship 2015


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Submitted by shamia (not verified) on

can someone email me back some information on how i can get cam newton or one of the panthers to come speak at a event. in south Carolina

Submitted by Amber (not verified) on

If you have a twitter you text them on there and see if one of them replies .

Submitted by Rian Yorgensen (not verified) on

I've been a big fan of your team and also you. You are doing well this year. I have a disablitiy with vcfs 11 and and 22 q and also autusim I'm a high level. My name is rian yorgensen I'm 27 years old. I live in Bakersfield California. I work at vons at coffee road I've been there kinda 2008 to 2015. But I came back from college from 2012 and still there from 2015. I'm still working there I'm a courtesy clerk I'm a front end person. I work early on the morning for explame like 4 am to 1 and 5 am to 2pm. I was hoping someday I want to met you because you inspire me you stay strong and tough in the game even though you hurt your ribs last year I was shock and proud that you made it far to the play off. I was hoping for a hug and picture of u and me and u sign a paper. I would love a Jersey of your name with #1 no it I love the dark color black and little bit of blue in it. I wear a size large. I was hoping to met you this Christmas at my work. I have there phone number also 1-661/589-0316 when you call hit the number 8 it takes u to the front end to talk to the boss it's faster. I was really hoping you can come. I probably forget easy but I will be suprize. I was wondering if u could bring Manning from new York giants he is a big fan of them sense he was little and my dad has cancer we just found out in January when both of our grandma died in December last month one on 17 and the other on 25 Christmas night. I am looking forward to see you on Christmas Eve if you can or sooner. I love you can Newton as a friend!!! I hope you make it to the championship this year I'm wooting. For you and the team.
Love always rian.

Submitted by Barbara Gallman (not verified) on

I am a 67year old breast cancer survivor and followed you from Auburn. Never knew anthing about the university until I saw your team play SC GAMECOCKS and have been a fan of yours every since. The only thing that I would like to ask of you is a jersey with your name and number. Keep being the best you can be and may God Bless you and your family.
Barbara Gallman

Submitted by cherie bedford (not verified) on

Mr. Newton: I am presently watching the game against Green Bay and Carolina. This is the first time I am watching as my daughter's family loves Carolina and I wanted to learn more about Carolina Panthers. I have watched approximately 10 minutes and it is obvious that you are an amazing quarterback. However, and in my opinion, you represent The State of North Carolina and when you show your excitement for making a great decision, your showing off. I feel that a quarterback is the leader of the team and therefore, is put into a position of one who sets an example for children and others, especially in our state. Please consider being more humble, you don't need to show anyone that you made a great decision, we all know it, I promise you. Be safe, take care, and you are a role model for our state and our children. Sincerely, Carolina Panther's newest fan. For the sake of my daugther's family. Thank you.

Submitted by Margaret Isom (not verified) on

Cam, I would like to express my gratitude and happiness for you never giving up on your dreams to become one of the best NFL quarterbacks in history. While working at the University of Florida in the Family, Youth, & Community Sciences Department, I had my first encounter with you. You approached me and requested to speak to your counselor, I asked your name and you said I am the Backup Quarterback for Tim Tebow. I will never forget the words I expressed to you, I told you to never announce yourself as a backup for anyone and to proudly state your name. You humbly agreed. In my opinion, you were treated unfairly at the University of Florida, but you overcame by winning a championship at Auburn and now becoming one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. You probably don't remember me, but thanks so much for being so patient, hardworking, and humbling in achieving your dreams. I looked forward to seeing you excel even more. God Bless You

Submitted by Steve Newton II (not verified) on

I been your fan ever since I seen u at UF all the way till you made it big and I was just wishing that one day you would come to my home town and make things happen. And one of your farmer player went to my school Chaminade- Madonna. And shit I'm the top o- line in my class if your brother need a guard I got him.

Submitted by E'Nariel Clark (not verified) on

Hi, my whole family supports you and hope that you are okay from your accident. My dad has a rare disability and has dreamed for a truck like yours. I hope it isn't too troubling but is there anything salvageable from the car. I mean can we like just replce the roof on in or replace some doors. We rw trying hard to get my dad a truck and we would do anything to be able to try and fix yours too use. My dad said that he could donate to you, etc., if thats what it takes. I also hve a little brother who were are trying to set on rhe right path. He playa football amd is mvp of his football team. Due to my dad's injuries we had tk movie to a quiet, stress free place, so we live in Thomaston, Georgia. His doctors tell him he should have no stress but he worries aboit having to pay for a whole brand new truck when he could juat fix one up. Please Mr. Newton we would be more than grateful. -E'Nariel Clark

Submitted by Devon hogberg (not verified) on

Hey wat up Playa .....bro I have the best idea for a td celebration I don't want anything or even need a reply I just want you guys to do this next Sunday .....after the td you run to sidline of end zone and pull start the lawnmower a couple time's then start mowing the lawn ...someone else goes to the fiels goal post and start trimming the branches with hedge clippers and 1 more guy start raking the leaves just doing work on a Sunday nothing to it I think that would be one of the best celebrations hope you get this I know it's a long shot but man that would be so deadly take care and good luck on your season going undefeated looks good and winning the superbowl !!! Thanks Devon hogberg

Submitted by Tonja Schultz (not verified) on

I want to thank you so much for making football fun this year. It's been a pleasure to watch you grow into an upstanding man and outstanding player. You deserve MVP.
I'm a die heart NY Giants fan but have a secret love for you and your team. Every time you play I'm rooting for you. Don't know what I'll do when you play my team. Because of have made the game fun for my 15 year old daughter to watch. She will join me when you are playing(and my Giants) to watch you and root you on. She loves seeing you give a football to a young fan. Brings tears to her eyes every time. She always says "Cam a good guy". Because of you she has caught the bug of loving the NFL. The NFL is my passion. I watch every game. Read all the articles. In fact at the gym men ask me about the games. You passed the passion on to my daughter. I hope one day to watch a NFL game live it's on my bucket list.
I tell my daughter all the time Odell Beckham Jr is my future ex boy toy, Cam Newton is my future husband.
Your always welcome to come to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world Destin, Florida and we will show you around.
Again thank you for giving my daughter the passion of football.
Good luck against my NY Giants (I'll cheer for you in my mind but not out loud)
Tonja Schultz

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Submitted by moripovitch (not verified) on

My son has been raised by my husband, his stepdad for over 10 years. We tried the adoption process but the attorney took our money and closed her doors. Long story short I myself am a die hard Bronco's fan my husband and daughter age 8 are for some reason a Redskins fan and my Son Jose age 13 has been a Panthers fan since he was about 4. I'm not in no way saying nothing bad about his choice because my son is very much his own person. Anyways November 15th this year my son had his name changed from Jose Enrique Madrid III to Jose Cam Orozco. Cam Newton is his favorite person in the world. Sometimes we have to tell him to hush because he will go on and on about him and the Panthers. Over all he has received a package from the Panthers and has most of it in frames. So just a little heads up to Cam Newton thank you for keeping my son interested in playing football and him working hard in school because he to wants to attend Auburn. We are from a small city Carlsbad NM just south of Albuquerque, where there is nothing to but play sports, hunt or get into trouble, and he choose all but to get in trouble. Anyways even if you ever leave the team my son will always be a Panthers fan but also a Cam fan. His dream of course is to see you play in Carolina along with us and his aunt who is also a big Panthers fan. I just want Cam Newton and the Panthers team and players to know that the team and Mr. Cam have a big impact on my son. Sincerely Mori Orozco
He has no idea I sent this to you. I hope to hear from you.They call him Bi-gun or Jcam he is a little guy about 80 lbs but plays like a 250 lbs man.

Submitted by Bridgett Morgan (not verified) on

I am writing to you about my niece Erica Hodge. She is from Texas and has to be one of the Panthers biggest fans. Win or lose you are still her champions. She never misses a game. She is 25 years old and on Dec. 30,2015 at 11:30 pm. her life took a dramatic change. As she was helping her mom and stepdad at a fireworks stand in Wharton Tx.two men attempted to rob them armed with a rifle, her mom saw them about to come in and tried ti defend herself. Erica was outside and heard gun shots when she attempted to run inside she was shot it hit her in the shoulder and moved through her body, she was airflighted to Herman Memorial Hospital in Houston. It collapsed both lungs, broke 4 ribs and hit her spine. She will now be paralyzed from the chest down because of it. She is trying to stay strong for everyone else and learn to cope with her new way of life. She still has many months in the hospital and then many more inpatient rehab before ever being released to go home then even more outpatient rehab. She use to love to go to the mountains and hike but because of 2 selfish men that had all been taken from her. She is so hoping for you guys to win the Superbowl which she is positive you will. If maybe she could just get an autographed picture or something of you and the team it could put a little sparkle back into her beautiful brown eyes. I know ya'll are concentrating on the playoffs and the Superbowl right now but just a few minutes at anytime would really be appreciated. Thanks from your fans in Texas and GOOD LUCK on the big game. Erica Hodges aunt Bridgett Morgan.

Submitted by Thresa (not verified) on

I had to contact you, I believe what you did on Sunday with the 12 man flag is trouble. You are supposed to be a stand up person that kids could look up to, being an NFL player. I hope you really think about your negative actions that you have displayed to all of us.
I have a son your age, and I always told my son growing up, remember people who destroy things and show negative actions, need to learn to love and not hate others, so I hope you take this advice and apologize, as you should to all of those people you have hurt by your actions. I know your parents taught you better than this.
Remember the position your in everyone can see how you model yourself and what you do, follows you for life.
Thank you

Submitted by Lynette M Brown (not verified) on

Hi Cam my son is 19 yrs old attending Bowie State University. He has labeled you his role model since pop-warner football days in his life. He's one of Maryland's top high school football quareterbacks. I realize he's not your only fan, but if you can find it in your heart and your busy schedule to make a way for my superstar to meet or even talk to his superstar I would greatly appreciate it. My son's name is Martaz Boone. Martaz is a three sport athelete, that has a dream of becoming a NFL quarterback just like you...Make my son's day like you make the children's day at the games by giving them a football. By the way I myself love your style, your loyalty and your winning spirit. I know a few words of encouragement to my son would help him along his journey. Being a single mother is me make one of his dreams to meet his #1 role model a realty. Martaz was also born with some challenges that lead doctors to believe that he would never read, write, walk or do anything at the pace of children his age. He's truly a mircle. Thanks Cam.

Submitted by paul trump (not verified) on

Dear cam hello my name is paul and me and my dad has loved the carolina Panthers since pathers started in 95 has to be your biggest fan well here it is he has alzheimers he's had it fot about 8 years now and to make it even worse he just lost his wife my mom of 35 years to cancer he does better day by day and his wish before he gets to sick is to meet you and I will do what ever I got to do to make it come true like the pathers I have to keep pounding and pushing for what he wants me and my fiance take care of him on a full time basis I work and she's a stay at home mom and she's a major help with my dad and our 4 kids and I'd do whatever it takes to to make all of them happy and make them smile everyday cause that's what makes me happy seeing them happy he's super excited yall are going to the superbowl and already knows yall got this in the bag congrats happy for the whole pathers family hope to hear from you ty

Submitted by Melvin Salmeron (not verified) on

Cam hook me up with some superball winning tickets supaman . Thanks godbless

Submitted by Shirley Blanford (not verified) on

Hi Cam,
I am a 56 year old woman who loves football and baseball. I watched the game this past weekend and first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! YOU made the game super enjoyable...your great talent along with your charm and energy are unbelievable and to all those out there that make a point to critique you have not really taken the time to fully enjoy what you bring to the game! Keep doing what your doing and stay true to are one heck of a football star and definitey give this fan great pleasure when watching your games! Thank you for making football better!!!

Submitted by George (not verified) on

I will be praying for you Cam Newton and your team

Submitted by George (not verified) on

Cam my Grandson George is a huge Fan of you and he said a prayer for you very night and ask god to bless you he pray for you and your team every night before going to bed he said you are his hero and he ask me to trying to go to one of your game but I told him it will be impossible I could not afford something like that sorry babie. Cam he said you are special and that god is going to bless you..

Submitted by Tom Wolery (not verified) on

Cam good luck in the Super Bowl. I'm a 63 year old white man who hates prejudice of any kind and am sorry you are feeling it. Keep having fun playing the game the way it was meant it was meant to be played.

God bless

Submitted by Dina Bishop (not verified) on

I have been following a lot of the stories throughout the season.
I have to say it really is infuriating how the Panthers Players are spoken about. Especially u Cam!
As a former college athlete and a mother of 5 , 4 r girls that play competitive soccer, I know what it takes to get to the level of play you have reached. It doesn't matter how naturally talented u are, u have to work. There is alot of blood, sweat ,and tears that make the best of the best.
You have earned the right to celebrate. I really cant beleive this is even up for discussion.
Its pure jealousy!
People who never had the intestinal fortitude to fight through the fatigue,the pain, the heat the cold ,to become better.
As great as u are ,underneath it all u are only human. I can see it on your face the media and these sore loosers spewing crap is getting to you.
I implore u to push on. Shut them out and shut them up!
I wish you could see what I see everday. A sea of support for you and the Panthers. Entire schools are having panther pride day. Everywhere u go u see panther support. You and your team mates have something special. No amount of talent or money can buy the team u have created and the bond u guys have. That is why you will win. I have been a big yankee fan most of my life. People always said they won because of the payroll. Its not that. You can gather the best athletes in the world but, if they dont respect each other don't realize they need each other, it means nothing. You guys are a team. I guess since you guys arent out beating your wives , or driving drunk, they have to find something to write about. Our kids love it , so keep on dancing!
We enjoy watching someone actually having fun ! Hard work should be celebrated.
Like I said before . Shut them out and Shut them up!!!
Good Luck !!

Submitted by Katie (not verified) on

I am so up to watching the superbowl only because you are in it I even got a jersey and you are my wall paper so you need to win and you were the first birthday on my phone when I got it I'm counting on you good luck

Submitted by Carlos Dones (not verified) on


Keep your head up! You led a phenomenal year this year, no shame. I am so proud of the Panthers on and off the field with the fans. Move past this and let's go get'em next year Cam!!!!!

Much love and respect homie,


(Living in Texas but NC 100%)

Submitted by Philo (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Newton,

I am not a fan of yours. It is because of who you played and play for since I am a Gator and a Buccaneer fan. However, I truly wish for you to keep your chin up after the loss. There is a lot of negative noise. That is all it is... noise. Focus on what means the most to you and please keep playing with the joy you have shown so often. I am not a fan but I respect you and the way you play the game. All the best.


Submitted by Philip (uncle phil) (not verified) on

Hey young man,
I realize this is your fan mail email and that you probably may get a chance to read some of them or have a chance to respond. So I am going to ask you a question that is going to require you to think of our conversation when you were here in Maryland at the farmhouse. The answer that I may get from you will let me know if you are answering your emails or not. You were supposed to to an event but you decided to do what instead? If you remember also I provide protection services as well. Here it is flat out Cam, brush that sh*t off your shoulders and keep on grinding like you have. It was your first super bowl and with your energy and tenacity, it will not be your last!!! You have accomplished a great deal and had a phenomenal past season. So now that's over with, you will know what to expect when the next time you are going good to the super bowl. I have faith in you that you WILL accomplish that with no problem. You and the team work out the bugs and kick a$$ to be back in the next super bowl and I will be routing for bro.
A smart man quoted this to me when I was taking martial arts: You must under any pretense allow your mind to dwell on your losses as well as any thought which is not positive, constructive and kind!
Uncle Phil

Submitted by Ivenia White (not verified) on

Listen up Cam. You have to understand how God operates. Listen you are Great. Just because you didn't win doesn't mean you carry yourself the way you did after the lost. You have to understand that so many tongues where against you. But just a few where with you. You are not a veteran and Manning is. Your energy in the game was weak no matter how you feel. You wasn't your self. And you're game was off. Next year you keep the same smile even when you lose. Pull your self to gather and face your fans cry let it out. You owe allot of people apologies for your actions Cam. A fan who love your smile and all the games you played even the ones you lost. When I was young I heard it happen to the best of them. Even the Greatest people lose. You are still great.
Ivenia Burke

Submitted by Frank M P (not verified) on

Sorry about the Super Bowl, but please don't let it get to you to much. I'm a 60 year old dude and not much impresses me anymore but you and the Panthers do. I've had lots of problems with my back and am in lots of pain all the time....have been for years.... But watching you guys play gives me more relief than the best pain meds available. You, Josh, Greg, Luke and all the other guys are "Winners"no matter what the game score is. You have an infectious "Smile" so bring it back. I've known only a few people that can do that. I'm sure you and the other guys will bring a Lombardi trophy to the Carolinas soon so hang in there. Though I don't know any of the Panthers personally I love all you guys. And if you will....tell the others for me. I wish that I could say something to help but like I said...I'm an old man,out of touch with the young people and might even be crazy... just don't know it. Anyway bring back the Smile... It will make us both feel better. Oh yeah love Coach too, all of them. "SMILE"

Submitted by Dawn Castlebery (not verified) on

I used you as an object of overcoming odds and doing the right thing in my Life Skills class! I explained to them how much you loved your sport and how fun it was to see you express that! When I came to class on Monday after the Superbowl, the all boys class asked me, "What do think now?" What was I to answer after your pouty, shameful, childish behavior when your team lost on Sunday? Please tell me what to say....I am in a rock and a hard spot, here.
Than you- Please-
Dawn Castleberry

Submitted by Eloise Hearn (not verified) on

Thats a good question.. How would you have handled it if it was you? All that you've worked for since youth came to a disappointing end and your spirit is crushed, devasted, dejected, disappointed, Failure, etc.. need I go on.... when teaching students always let them know we are human and not perfect. The only perfect SON sent to save us and HE was criticized and persucuted. TELL them Cam's a child of GOD and made a human mistake like we all do. Our mistakes don't have a camera in our face to share with the world. I can't throw stones at Cam because I have a few in my pocket.

Submitted by Eloise Hearn (not verified) on

In everything you do always remember what GOD has for you is for you and no force on earth will stop it. This was not your season for a super bowl championship but is was your SEASON to break reconds, bring inspiration to youth boys/girls, and encourage originality to your craft. I don't know you but I'm so proud of the young man you are. Through your trails and mistakes God has create a phenomenal young man then athlete. We love you. WAR EAGLE always baby... Never lose your true self. Just put the other bull under your feet and walk through it....

Submitted by Sam Henline (not verified) on

Cam, I love what you've done for my team! I love your energy level and your refusal to let us Saltine Americans dictate your behavior! You keep on being who you are...Your excitement on the field when things are going well is electric and your sadness when things are going poorly is a confirmation of your humanity and I as one middle-aged white man find it tremendously refreshing and inspiring.I have to admit that I wish you had found a way to "suck it up" and perform a little better at the post game interview after the Super Bowl, but you wear your feelings on your sleeves and no person with a reasonable sense of empathy and compassion should take criticism of that interview to the point of outright vilification...It's not my place to vilify (much less criticize) someone for not meeting "my standards" of "maturity". I think that you are good for football and even good for American society as a whole as it's way past time for (white) America to accept that our culture isn't defined by a handful of white christian males and that black culture in America is and should be as great a part of our culture as white culture, or Asian culture, or...well, you get it. I am one of few middle-aged white men you will find in Spartanburg who will say that the bulk of the criticism you receive IS indeed racially motivated, mostly from white people who genuinely believe that it has nothing to do with race and some of us actually do realize that it's because we collectively still have pretty much no clue how to identify racism and for some crazy reason think that we are some sort of experts on the subject. I am doing my part to educate as many white people here as I can and have met with considerable success...Once you get them outside the box looking in that light bulb above their head is usually blinding. As a descendent of a slave owner who was known for his cruelty in Forest City, NC there is nothing in this world that gives me greater pleasure than making another honky realize that they've been unknowingly perpetrating racism and watching them take a step back and ask themselves, "Where might I be wrong?" Your taking a step back from your "African American" comment was wise but should not have been necessary because your skin color IS a major factor in the majority of the criticism you receive...The VAST majority of people I actually witness criticizing your behavior are all white men with very rigid standards that don't even attempt to get up from their comfortable white sofa. We are out here in the Carolina's Mr. Newton! I know it seems like we don't exist, but we do albeit we are quite rare. As for the Super Bowl...Yes, you and the rest of the offense let the pressure get you out of your game right from the beginning and while it was disappointing, the team as a whole did not give Denver an easy win and the season overall was nothing short of amazing! You and the offense have NOTHING to be ashamed of, only things to learn from. Don't let us pale Americans get under your skin...First of all you have a job to do and we expect you to do your best so just let that stupid BS roll off your back and keep being the awesome person you are...for the fans yes, but mostly for yourself. In the end you are the one who has to look yourself in the mirror every day...Be true to yourself no matter what whitey says...We went from being a bunch of dicks exploiting and brutalizing everything and everyone we came across to being a bunch of dicks about the fact that we can no longer exploit and brutalize everything and everyone we come across. We are the LAST people who have any business guiding others in the way of "respectable behavior" after the way we've taken so many lives, land, and cultures. Don't be like Bill...don't be like yourself in the face of all of us sanctimonious douche bags.

Submitted by Joshua Pentico (not verified) on

Dear Cam,

I really hope you take the time to read this because as an outsider/ non media person you motivate me every day of my life. You’re work with your numerous charities and communities (which were not being mentioned during the super bowl and in the media at all…Off soap box) Inspires me every minute of my life, to become a better husband, father, son, and person. I hope you meant your comments today because you should never apologize for being you. You are reviving a sport they are trying to suck the life and fun out of never forget that please and keep being you Supercam. Also, watching you and your personality and talent you will be back very soon. You were one strike from nobody knowing your name or playing a down and now people can’t keep your name out there mouths after you lost the super bowl, you’re doing some amazing work for the world. Both on and off the field is magic keep your head higher than ever before and build your teammates up higher than you ever have and you will be back and you will win.

Joshua Pentico

Submitted by Bill Meyer (not verified) on

Dear Cam,
I would like to congratulate you and your team for the great year! Continue to hold your head high. I know you and your teammates will return to the big dance. You are one of the most gifted athletes I have ever seen. I am 66 years old and I know if God continues to bless you- you will be the best QB of all time. I pray for your continued good fortune and health.
Bill M

Submitted by Howard (not verified) on

Sure you are feeling painful disappointment over the Superbowl and the ridiculous press business after the game. The physical layout was inexcusable. The press always ask stupid questions..and the same questions over and over. It is surely aggravating to say the least. So here is what I offer you as a choice.
You can deal with this however you want to. And I am sure you will be in Superbowls in the future as well as other big games. I do not criticize your choices, but suggest you think about the long run. You will certainly earn many millions in indorsements in your career. If you choose to optimize that, it would make sense for you to get someone you trust to help you prepare for post-game and other off-the-field stuff just like you practice and prepare for the game itself. You have such talent. You could not only be respected for your prowess, but widely loved and admired for other parts of your personality. What do you think? Good luck. Howard

Submitted by Aaro (not verified) on

Hey Cam,

I don't know if you will ever see this message, somehow I doubt it. I just wanted to let you know you are an awesome QB and person and I appreciate all your hard work and effort in football and other parts of life. Don't let all the shit talkers get you down. You have a great life and you have a super bright future ahead of you. Anything you want to pursue, you can and I know you will do many many great things in your life. You are my favorite QB by far and I hope you get all the super bowl wins you want in the future. Just keep doing your best and remember there are plenty of us that respect and admire you and will always wish you the best. Take care of yourself and enjoy being a wonderful guy with tons of money and the chance to do whatever you want with your life. I hope you go one to help many many people in your life and achieve whatever success you desire in football and elsewhere. Take care of yourself and be good to your loved ones.

Peace Always,


Submitted by Frank M P (not verified) on

Cam Newton don't know how to be a good loser ! And if things go well next year the Panthers won't learn how to lose then either. I totally agree with Cam..." Show me a good loser and I'll show you somebody that has had a lot of practice at it..A lots " and that won't be the Carolina Panthers.. KEEP POUNDING

Submitted by Kiara Mcdougald (not verified) on

Man if you ask me you should have one the superbowl. You and the panthers are still my favorite team cause i'm not a bandwagon, I was wondering if you had time could you come to my school and teach us how to dab. Everyone in my class dosent like you because you lost but I still do because your !.

Submitted by Herbert Harms (not verified) on

I'm white, a Chiefs fan and haven't been a Carolina fan before. I think the negative following you currently have to deal with is unjustified. I hope you always maintain your enthusiasm and win a title. You're a unique athlete as was Wilt Chamberlain.

Submitted by Claire Hoffer (not verified) on

My name is Claire Hoffer and I am a senior at David W, Butler High School, I believe you have heard of it since you have been at a couple of the football games within the years. This email may be a little far-fetched but it doesn't hurt to try. So as people know CMS schools require seniors to write a graduation paper and make a product and present them to a board of people. My paper was on bullying... That is a pretty big topic so I narrowed it down to the way materialist things define a child's status in high school when it shouldn't. I believe personality, interest, even values should be more important than the clothes we wear and the cars we drive. Sadly high school kids don't all think that. I would kill for an interview with Cam Newton to talk about his schooling experience. Have him talk about if he was bullies or if he bullied or just bullying in general when he wad in school. I know you probably think I am out of my mind thinking I can interview him for my product. I just want to make a huge impact on the next generation of kids coming into high school and even kids in high school now. I have been bullied before for the materialist and so has my younger brother who will be a freshman in high school next year. I want to make an impact on the school and future kids entering the school before I leave here. Below is my graduation paper and I am begging you to not just shoot this down it would be so important to me and the school and I am also trying to go to middle schools and talk to kids who will be in high school next year and inform them on this subject that can easily go extinct.
Thank you and have a blessed day!

Submitted by Keri (not verified) on

Dear cam, I want to meet you. I'm 7and my name is Branlun simon.

Submitted by Samuel cantu (not verified) on

Dear Cam

My name is Sammy cantu. Last October my best friend Omar alveraz past away. He was your biggest fan and I'm not just saying that. My boy loves you and your whole team. He's only few true panther fan I know out here in San Diego, he even went to only game you played here a couple years back.I've been trying to get in contact with the orginization during the season, but I knew you guys were busy on such a great season. He would've been proud. But now the season is over I would like to ask if maybe you can give him a shoutout or something I don't know how that all works but it would kill me as his best friend if I couldn't at least get your attention. So please I know your a good guy I see it all the time on tv.. If you could give my friend my brother that peace he deserves.. i and everyone here who's love him would be so happy. His Instagram is @omaralverazmustdie just so you can get a look at your biggest fan and how he repped you out here. Thank you Mr. Newton!

Submitted by Gena (not verified) on

I have searched the internet and can not find those shoes. I want those shoes as a bay gift but can only find a picture. The Carolina panther shoes is something he would just die for. Please tell me where I can find them. His bday is next month i

Submitted by Joy Keenan (not verified) on

My son, Robert, is a superman.He has a Cam Newton bedspread and his entire rooms Carolina Panthers!!! He is a 13 year old QB for his football team. He scored a 70 yd touchdown in his last game and his goal id to be just like Cam Newton. If at all possible, can you send me an autographed picture. I know he would just love it and it would look great framed on his wall (with all his other Carolina Panthers memorabilia. It would truly score me some cool mom points!!! Thank you!!!

Submitted by Mikey Nester (not verified) on

i wish you would come to Carroll county middle school

Submitted by Sharona (not verified) on

THIS MESSAGE IF FOR CAM NEWTON MY SON LATRONE IS A CRY BABY FAN!! Lol . Latrone was born with klippeil feil syndrome . due to my DNA and his father. Latrone unfortunately can not play no contact sports but he loves football and you and your fellow team mates!! It took me awhile to reach out to you I don't know what I'm asking of you I know your are a busy young man! If only he could meet you the team idk. I'm just a mother who loves her son and see his hurt everyday of his 11 years and I felt like its time to reach out .I see how you and your teammates are caring with the kids the smiles on the kids face. Maybe a inspirational message to Latrone from you . Thank you

Submitted by Jada Greeen (not verified) on

Hi cam I love you I have everything that has your name and face on pictures shirts fatheads all of the above I love you cam

Submitted by Ace (not verified) on

Just watched your new show "All in With Cam Newton" and i couldn't find any other way to tell you this but I have always wanted to be a professional MLG gamer and I hope you can get back to me. Peace (dab)

Submitted by Ace (not verified) on

Just watched your new show "All in With Cam Newton" and i couldn't find any other way to tell you this but I have always wanted to be a professional MLG gamer and I hope you can get back to me. Peace (dab)

Submitted by Giana Tonucci (not verified) on

Hi Cam Newton! I just watched your new show on Nickelodeon. So inspiring! I love to sing and would like to ask if I could be on the show? I sing all the time and have gone through multiple choirs which none seem to be right for me. The person who inspires me is Sabrina Carpenter who is my favorite actress and singer! Please get back to me soon!


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