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Aaron Rodgers plays quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. He played back-up quarterback for Brett Favre for three years before he became the starting quarterback in 2008. Rodgers led Green Bay to the Super Bowl XLV and that year was named the Super Bowl MVP.

Rodgers played college football at the University of California, Berkeley, where he set several career passing records, including lowest single-season and career interception rates. He was picked in the first round (24th overall) of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Packers.


Pro Bowl 2009, 2011, 2012

First-team All-Pro 2011

Second-team All-Pro 2012


Super Bowl XLV Champion

Super Bowl XLV MVP


Green Bay Packers, Inc.
P.O. Box 10628
Green Bay, WI 54307-0628


Submitted by Spencer Driscoll (not verified) on

Hi Aaron Rodgers its me Spencer from Hartford,Wisconsin i'm you number one fan can you get me discounted tickets for me and my dad tom and i'm 12 years old and i'm really excited to see one of you games! and so when you get this plz Tex me back plz.


Submitted by BTB (not verified) on

Aaron you are money but PLEASE do something with that beard because honestly: you look like a Muslim extremist! FOR REAL!! PLEASE!!!

Submitted by Naomi (not verified) on

I have loved the packers all my life and would love a chance to see them play live because I live in California and the packers don't come out here too often and when they do it's hard to get tickets. I would love discount tickets for me and my dad I'm only 11!! Thank you I LOVE THE PACKERS!!!!!!!

Submitted by Nabil (not verified) on

We weren't a fan of any teams but when we saw you in 2010\2011 we enjoyed watching you guys dominate the other teams! The packers are now are favorite team and we never miss a game that you guys played. You are the best team keep it up. Congrats again on your victory and congrats on your next victory against the Seattle.

Submitted by Henry Smith (not verified) on

I was really sad that you did not do your best against the Broncos
Please Reply I live in Golden Valley MN (Close to Minneapolis).

Submitted by matthew johnston (not verified) on

A Aaron I love u so much I want to be just like u Im the quarter back for meridian middle in idaho. I got the winning touchdown inspired by u keep it going even though u guys lost 4 games thats ok hopefully we go to the super bowl can u mension my name in the next game my name is matthew shawn johnston I told everyone that u would say my name they all laugh and I know I shouldn't have said that but I. Love the green bay packers ever seen I was 7 im the only one in my family that likes the greenbay packers please mensain my name thanks

Submitted by kaleb hunter (not verified) on

Hi Aaron Rodgers I just want to say I'm your #1fan I love the packers and your my hero I want to play in the nfl some day but I'm not sure I'm I could make it. I would like to go to one of your home games maybe I can next year anyway congratulations on the MVP award # 1 fan for life

Submitted by Tyler Winn (not verified) on

Hi this is Tyler winn i'm a huge fan how's the team I love how you guys are undefeated this year maybe we can WIN superbowl 50 have you guys thought about throwing more hail marys? Any way I'm not telling you what to do but keep doing great I'll be cheering for you guys if I could I would be at one of your games but I can't don't have the money or a car to get there well I got to go keep doing great guys.

sincerely Tyler winn age 12

Submitted by Casey Scholler (not verified) on

hi Aaron it's been a dream of mine to meet u I have been a gb fan my whole life I've never been to one I suffer from develpmental delay and soto syndrome I can't drive it's been a dream of mine to meet u I want it more then anything if it's possible thank u

Submitted by Jimmy (not verified) on

Aaron, congrats on your new contract. I appreciate your play and shutting down questions with your play! You are the Pete rose that doesn’t get the praise for being the best on the field.

Submitted by PatLichosik (not verified) on

Hi Rogers! I’m Sorry to Hear what happened to you but today I’m going to Church here in Milwaukee wis an I’m Lighting a candle for U to get sell Soon a Big Fan of Your! I wish u were still w out Loving Packets cause I MISS U Dearly!

Submitted by cathy horn (not verified) on

hi Mr Rodgers my name is Cathy Ian 57 years old I'm a big packers fan Will I was little every year at Christmas I got a new green bay helmet .So for 50 years I have love them .MY son got me tickets to see a live game on Nov.9th I so happy my frist time seeing a nfl game but to see the packers WOW .IS THERE any way you could up date out seats so I can see real good .My son tried to get me good seats but couldn't afford them .If not thats fine just have a good game .Im from louisville ky so its a long drive but it will be worth it .GO PACKERS

Submitted by jackson (not verified) on

may i please have your autograph? i am 8 years old i hope to see you this season. i live in charleston south carolina.

Submitted by GreenbayNation (not verified) on

Hey Aaron, My name is Tony im a 16 year old living in Kansas City and I got to Say that this Year looking like that Championship run you Promised. You play great! And I seriously want you to bring back "the discount Double-check" haha. Show all of these other teams Who wants it More!

Your Biggest Fan:

Submitted by Dr. Louis Voigt... (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Rogers,

You truly are a competitor and a great example of a moral athlete! Thank you for taking the high road and setting such a great example of what a professional athlete should be.

I'm guessing that you have significant left hamstring (and glut medius) weakness and that it may directly involve restrictive tightness in your thoracolumbar junction causing a reduction in motor control. If so, this issue will continue to predispose you to left leg injuries if it is not adequately addressed. Knowing this and addressing it could definitely give you a great competitive advantage.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this more. Best wishes. Voigt

Submitted by Thane McIlquham (not verified) on

Hi Mr. Rodgers. I am Thane McIlquham a veteran of the United States Marine Corp. I have been watching the packers for years and my first year in the military you guys won the super bowl. Besides the fact I was wondering what you do with the beanies you are wearing vs the Bears for the salute to the veterans. If you auction the off for charity or raise money for wounded warrior project that is more important but if not I would appreciate if I could get you're beanie from the game. I hope to hear from you soon.
Sent with respect. Cpl McIlquham.

Submitted by Tara johnson (not verified) on

Hello Aaron my name is tara and I contacted your organization about a year ago. On Nov 10 you guys played a game that my Nephew last seen. He had cardiomyopathy that game thru him off his game after 6 years of being a packer fan. I tried to reach out thru your macc fund for help for him to be his last dying wish. But that did not happen. Elijah has been gone now almost an year come Dec 10. A month later he had past after watching the game from nov. He was a true fan and his parents. My family is poor. But if you can send his parents to one of your game with their two siblings. Would be nice. They don't miss a game. For his mother to have that as her son last memory watch his favorite team. She continue to support their favorite team. I wish you could have responded to his dying wish. His Auntie Tara. In loving memory of Elijah Bey 01-03-08/12-10-14.
Please respond anyone who can help a family of 4. Thx

Submitted by Mark Rayshell (not verified) on

Hey Rogers, when you play New England in a couple of weeks youll have a big fan from Dallas there. He is twelve and will be with his grandmother. I would appreciate a win that game sir, for them.

Submitted by Jeri Filo (not verified) on

I saw your picture on facebook with a dead bear and a couple of dead birds. I had no idea you kill animals for sport. Killing defenseless animals lacks empathy and soul. Words can not even express the sadness I felt to see these animals killed to boost someone's ego. Those who are not kind to animals can not be a good person. Now every time I watch packers football, I will remember the poor animals you killed, just like every time I see or hear of Micheal Vick, I think of the poor dogs he abused and killed. I am very sorry I had to see those awful pictures. I re posted them on my page expressing my sadness. Thanks for helping the Packers win games, but I have to be honest, the animals lives were more important to me than a Packers win. I watch every game, but now that's kind of ruined.

Submitted by Rey Enos (not verified) on

Hey Aaron - Whats up with dissing UC Berkeley? You seem to like to claim you're from Butte College when you are introduced at the beginning of the game. Cute.......a lot like the homies from Long Beach Poly and the school of hard knocks. What is wrong with you? No respect for UCB and Jeff Tedford who picked you up when NOBODY ELSE would. Cal could use a little help with recruiting, and I'm guessing very few youngsters know where you became a football star. It sure wasn't Butte College. Your lack of respect for the school and team that put you where you are is revolting. I have been one of your biggest fans forever. I am a Cal Alum. Why do you dismiss UC Berkeley as your primary origin for football? You would not be where you are if not for Tedford and Cal. I doubt Butte college had much to do with it at all. Did you even attain any degree there either?? You have become a typical selfish athlete, spoiled by ridiculous amounts of money. Why don't you show a little respect, and give credit where credit is due? You are Cal's most famous athlete, yet you piss on the tradition and prestige of one of the finest schools in the world. You've lost me my friend, and I can't wait for the Niners to whip your asses again in the playoffs and send you and that clown Clay Matthews HOME! Show some class at pay your due respect jerk-off!

Submitted by Greg Courtney (not verified) on

Aaron Rodgers lives in Chico and is simply representing his home town. I live close to Chico and you wouldn't believe The sence of pride the entire city takes in Aaron . Packers fan or not the city loves and supports him . I doubt he means any disrespect to Berkeley he's just representing his home so try not to be such a disrespectful douche

Submitted by Miles (not verified) on

You played great I am glad that you won and you are going to be a two time super bowl champ by the end of the season.

Submitted by CJ Daugherty (not verified) on

Aaron I just wanted you to know I love the way you play the game and make it fun for the young players to watch

Submitted by Trevor Terpanick (not verified) on

Hi Aaron, I'm a big fan of yours. You are the best quarterback that ever lived. Today when you play the Lions, tell your team to deny Calvin Johnson. Also, in all respect, passing isn't going to work very well against the Lions. I suggest that you should rely on Eddie Lacey to get you some touchdowns. In my opinion, pass the ball only when it is necessary. Otherwise only run the ball. It is also good because you don't have to worry about interceptions. Thank you for your time. Your biggest fan, Trevor Terpanick

Submitted by Mark Davis (not verified) on

Please support Suh's appeal to play vs Dallas! Detroit has a chance of winning with him and that will eliminate Dallas and the Lions would play a good game vs Seattle. Aaron your support at his appeal is the only way he'll get reinstated IMO. It would be better football and better for the Packers, thank you.

Submitted by sam (not verified) on

Just wanted to say that we as a family are huge fans. All I am asking is for a picture of the team or just you, Matthews and Nelson.


Submitted by Joel Gamez (not verified) on

I am 7 years old.
I am your best fan, because I have a cheesehat, Jersey, toy figure, poster, cup, slippers, and so many things with your name. For christmas I asked for two tickets to go see you in Lambeau field. But my santa said it was too expensive. When I grow up my dream is to go see you. My daddy and I are your biggest fan. I voted for you for FedEx. Have alot of touchdowns! I am praying for you to win.
Your California Big Fan,
Joel Gamez

Submitted by Jamie (not verified) on

Hey Aaron I am a big fan of yours you always have good games. I hope you go all the way this year. You deserve it.. Go beat the Cowboys and take care of Business. I'll be watching rooting for you. Good luck.

Submitted by leonard olmstead (not verified) on

You have had tremendous success throwing the screen to Eddie in the past. Why haven't you thrown one since mid season?? My wife would appreciate you throwing one to Eddie so I'll shut up!!!

Submitted by John sipes (not verified) on

At least be respectful of dez Bryant, that was a catch. Respect that. You won and that's fair, winning is winning. You might have won anyway but don't act like you were sure from the beginning. Thanks. A split Cowboys and packers fan.

Submitted by Kristine Harms (not verified) on

Hold your head up high! This one hurts and may be with you the rest of your career, but please know you have achieved so many amazing accomplishments on and off the field. Let this motivate you to work even harder. God has a plan for you and for whatever reason this wasnt the year! You are amazing! You should be proud of where you have taken this organization.#yourbiggestfan

Submitted by Adam (not verified) on

Keep your head up Aaron painfull loss for the both of us. Come back with the team stronger next year and repeat regular season 15 & 1 record and super bowl ring. You and the team played well against the seacocks tell next year RELAX.

Submitted by Norm Dahl (not verified) on

I recently heard you say in an interview that you missed a chance to attend camp at Malibu. I have had the privilege of visiting Malibu several times. It is a special place on earth, for sure. My wife and I will be adult guest hosts at Malibu in early July. I would personally like to invite you to come and see the camp and the kids in action as they explore this one of kind experience. Here's your chance to fulfill a dream and remove one of your greatest regrets!

Submitted by Tom Sr. (not verified) on

Dear Aaron,
I didn't know who you were until I was told we look alike (I don't follow sports these days). But for the probably 10th time this year, and the 2nd time in 2 days (Las Vegas last Thursday, San Antonio last Friday), I was told I look just like Aaron Rodgers. If you'd like to see a photo, and/or you need a double, I'll email you a picture. I'm 31 yrs. old, by the way.

Submitted by Bob Wisdom (not verified) on

Aaron Rodgers very proud of you and the work you have done with childhood cancer. Recently our head youth football coache's 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer and has been battling for the last year. We have started a foundation to raise money to help with the MAAC fund and to help families in this struggle. We are having our 3rd annual "Superhero Shuffle" in Lake Geneva, WI in May and would love to have you attend. I know you have looked personally into these kids eyes and some never made it. You can make a continued difference by being apart of this. I know you were here recently for a wedding so its a beautiful place. We will take care of your accommodations. Hope to hear from you!

Submitted by Denee Ebaugh (not verified) on

I am a typical Packer fan and Aaron Rodgers rules!! By typical I mean my Mom was born and raised Green and Gold. When I was a toddler I called the team "The Green Bean Crackers". !! It made my mom laugh. I am now 18 and going off to College at The Univ of Central Florida school of nursing to work as an ARNP in the neonatal intensive care unit. I have tried scharships but so did everyone else. Can you give me any ideas to raise college money. I have a 4.69 GPA as I did HS and College at the same time. I also went into the Medical AcadeMy in my HS and earned my state CNA certificate. I am willing to work hard for anything. I have done a lot of community service. Since you have been to college I wondered if you have any ideas. Go Pack Go. From Florida. Denee

Submitted by Sheryl (not verified) on

My nephew needs a kidney transplant and they are having a benefit for him on the 18th of July. I was wondering if you could donate something or maybe write a note to him because he ABSOLUTELY loves the Packers!

Submitted by Kevin Kade (not verified) on

Hi Aaron Rodgers my name is Kevin we are huge Green Bay fans you have no idea! But I would just like to ask you to say a prayer for my dying grandmother who was born in Green Bay and had been a huge fan all of her life. She has been the rock of this family for many years. She was born in 1931 so her packer tradition dates back a long while. Her favorite player is you only second to her childhood crush Don Hutson. Thank you for your support. Alexian Brothers Hospice facility Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Submitted by Valeria Bejar-R... (not verified) on

My husbands birthday is coming up the 8th of September a simple skype chat would be the greatest gift of all. He is a big packers fan. Tattoos and all recently getting Lambeau field on his back! Please get back to me! 602-620-8045

Submitted by W.J.O'Boyle (not verified) on

Did anyone ever watch the film My man Godfrey? Aaron looks just like William Powell. Couldn't get over the resemblance.

Submitted by Austin Jarvis (not verified) on

Hey Aaron me and my dad were big fans of you and the pack and we always had a dream to go see a packer game together but he passed away just last month and I was wondering if you could help me make a dream a reality.

Sincerely your biggest fan Austin (age 14)

Submitted by Dianna Hitchler (not verified) on

Aaron, Thank you for being a wonderful, moral and humble.example to our son who will be turning 15 years old on November 15th in the year 2015. Triple golden birthday. His only wish for a gift is to attend the Packer game on this very special day. I know your number is 12, not 15, but this would really be the chance of a lifetime for our straight A student, Godly son who volunteers his time for a lot of people in our neighborhood and community. Please consider sending him a pair of tickets so he can go with Dad to a Packer game on such a celebratory day! So proud of you, and really enjoy watching you remain a role model for our son. God bless! Jacob's Mom

Submitted by Kai deVega (not verified) on

Hey I'm Kai deVega, you rule. Your better than Brady, least u don't deflate balls. Anyway eat more HOTDOGS!

Submitted by TRG CWO4 (Ret) (not verified) on

Aaron, yes the fans comment was inappropriate during a moment of silence. But NO his words are not killing people Christians are not butchering people. When you guys start speaking out against the intolerance in the mideast or in their treatment of Christians, then you can speak from your millionaires palace high horse. Apples and Oranges sir I served in the military did most NFL players? Please trying winning some games and not whining about some fan angry at the attacks. High schoolers may play better than your line and receivers lately.

Submitted by Paul Turner (not verified) on

Aaron, I am a Canadian who follows the NFL just a little bit but I read of, and then watched, the video of your response to the anti-Muslim comment during the moment of silence with great interest. Simply, I wanted to commend you for your willingness to take a stand against a simplistic and harmful interpretation of the attacks on Paris. It might be helpful if these people had had the opportunity to meet and know the two Muslim sisters who were shot to death while waitressing at one of the cafes that was attacked. When a person with your public profile dares to take a stand on this type of issue it can only help.
Thank you.

Submitted by Kareem Hamdy (not verified) on

I second this sentiment. The video was shown to me by my 11 year old son, Eyad, who is one of your biggest fans. Thanks so much for doing this. Eyad had unfortunately stumbled on Fox news' O'Reilly and Hannity a couple of times and I think he was starting to question his place in America. My response to him when he showed me your video was to reassure him that you are what most Americans are like, just like him and I are what most Muslims are like. It was a great opportunity to reaffirm his faith in America values.

Submitted by Barb (not verified) on

Hi Aaron,
You won't remember me but I was at the Wallet Gathering last year and was lucky enough to shake your hand. I know you and the team are struggling right now & going thru (what we all hope) is a 3-game slump but as a dedicated Green Packer fan (and always will be), I have complete faith in you and your ability to lead our team to a lot more wins for this season. We love you Aaron!

Submitted by Adam O (not verified) on

Aaron....no matter what they have said about you as well as the whole packers team in the last few games....you are one of the best if not the best quarterback to ever play the game. I have always been a packers fan ever since i could remember. I remember when I first watched you play agains Dallas when you subbed in for brett favre in the middle of the game and you nearly brought the packers back to win it. Ever since then I knew the packers were going to be fine for years to come. Forget about the last couple games and show the Vikings what Packer pride is all about!!!!

oh p.s. Screw what he said about your beard.......he is just mad that he cant grow one!!

Submitted by M Green (not verified) on

Aaron Rodgers what the fuck?! you are failing us as a team and as a real person you fail at life i have vowed not to watch a single game for the rest of the season! I thought the first few games were flukes but they are not.


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