Donald Trump

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45th President of the United States 2017 - 2021
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Donald John Trump was born June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York, to real estate developer Fred Trump. Trump attended the private Kew-Forest School in Forest Hills, Queens, and later attended the New York Military Academy for the duration of his high school education. Trump attended Fordham University in the Bronx for two years, before transferring to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated in 1968, with a Bachelor of Science degree in economics.

In 1971 Trump was given control of his father's real estate company and renamed it The Trump Organization. Since then, he built a real estate and branding empire and according to Forbes, his 2015 estimated net worth is $4 billion. In the media, Trump is a two-time Emmy Award–nominated personality and has made appearances as a caricatured version of himself in television series and films. In 2003, Trump became the executive producer and host of the NBC reality show "The Apprentice," in which a group of competitors battled for a high-level management job in one of Trump's commercial enterprises. Later the show became the "Celebrity Apprentice."

Changed from being a Democrat to run as a Republican for president. He was elected to only one term in office. Since leaving office, he has spent his time raising money from those who believe he should have won reelection


The Trump Organization
725 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10022


Submitted by Barbara (not verified) on

I believe Mr. Trump will be a great President. He is exactly what our country needs. I would like to see his wife and daughter take a more visual role in the campaign as I believe they will help with reaching the women voters.

Submitted by judy (not verified) on

trump is very good at campaigning,and a master entertainer. but will he be a good will he get done what he hopes to without alienating us from the rest of the world,even some of our allies. i believe he would just be successful in doing nothing but polarizing the american citizenry into different sects with the mindset 'it;s us against them. that doesn't sound like path one takes to make america great!

Submitted by Jessica (not verified) on

Donald trump is delusional egotistical and racist he is not what this county needs

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

I viewed your speech about Muslims being banned from the United States on CNN. I agree, but do believe US Muslim citizens should be allowed to travel home. A possible solution would be to establish time guidelines in which citizens must return to the United States. This would allow people to still visit their families and also provide security to concerned citizens.

Submitted by Daniel Moz (not verified) on

I don't believe it is fair that illegal immigrants receive free health care while working taxpaying Americans are being fined to the tune of 200 dollars a month because they cant afford healthcare. if you agree , thank a Democrat. Maybe the fie should go into an account that will cover uninsured Americans, Go Trump !!

Submitted by Tim Hall (not verified) on

I just would like to say. Me and my girl friend pamela appreciate everything you have ever done... I'm 55 and i have never in my life had a president that was worth a shit till you and your family came along.. We all miss you. And can't wait until you get back in office. But wow what a run... Let's do it again... We pray for your return...

Submitted by Beth (not verified) on

Mr. Trump will be an excellent President of the United States! He does not need to run for president, he is not being paid off by lobbyist or hedgehog funds, he does not need to work nor need the money, but he is running because he LOVES our country and is very loyal and dedicated to make America Great for future generations. He has a lovely family, very good children - all of them that NEVER nothing is written about any of them negatives in the news, and he has wonderful daughters in law and son in law and beautiful grandkids. He will make our country prosper in this competitive world, he will bring full effort to being President, common sense conservative values that will make the Republican Party stronger than ever. He is the voice of the American people, he is the leader that is needed. RNC needs to get behind the candidate the voters want for the future Republican party. Just remember it was in 2011 that the Republican party was in hot water, than we lost Election in 2012 then Speaker of the House resigner when meet with Pope privately, and Republican party was not looking strong but the speaker than did not represent the Republicans well and with the 18 trillion in debt we need to do something as NOTHING ELSE HAS BEEN WORKING! And even with Paul Ryan saving the speaker position as the Democrats would not elect the others, this still leads Paul Ryan as being the man to make both parties happy and many Republicans still upset as the Houses have not done much still. So we are here for another election but lets not make the same mistakes of losing the path to the White House or lose the American support and their faith in the democracy that is for the people to decide on the candidate and TRUMP is winning we should rally behind the candidate that can win and make a difference and make the Republican party better than ever and stronger because before TRUMP the party was fading, no excitement for the polished Republicans voters that have been voting for years, and now we have Republicans and NEW American wanting to vote and that are voting and switching or voting from their affiliated group to the competitive party the Republican Party. This is a dream of the RNC for years to grow the dying conservative party and now it is growing you are still complaining. To me that is enough to get many to leave so instead of embracing the change or the movement as not accepting it, accept it and move with the American People that are speaking in volumes for TRUMP. VOTE TRUMP.

Submitted by Tracy Miller (not verified) on

I believe all politicians have it wrong about Abortion.
I believe my viewpoint is shared by the majority of American Women.

Conservatives Right to Life position believes life begins at the moment of conception and will fight to have all abortions illegal.
Liberals Right to Choose position believes a woman should have the right to take a life as long as the baby is still in the womb, and will fight to allow abortions through birth.

Isn't it common sense that when the zygote is just beginning to develop into the embryo stage that a woman should have the right to choose; and when the baby has arms, legs and a brain, that it would be considered murder to take the baby's life?

With most abortions
* Many women are young, under age 20, and a pregnancy may disrupt her reaching her full potential
* Many are poor and having unwanted children iuncreases welfare and crime
* Many are drug abusers, likely to have mentally or physically challenged offspring
* Many are single, and fatherless children raise themselves, or their elderly grandparents struggle to do so when they can barely take care of themselves
* Some have a medical condition and a pregnancy increases risk to the mother
* Some are victims of rape or incest

Until the embryo is the size of a walnut, about 12 weeks gestation, federal law should protect a woman's right to alter the course of her path in life, privately, in an OBGyn's office, in every state. No state may restrict this access.

Once the baby has a brain and its organs are maturing, then it is too late! Taking this life would be murder and all accessories to murder are guilty, in every state.

At about 28 weeks gestation, a baby is viable and should have rights, just like the mother does. The only exceptions for this late term abortion would be to save the mother's life; or if the baby has an inhumane condition like Vika Virus.

It would be BAD for all abortions to be legal and it would be BAD for all abortions to be illegal. Gestation is very relevant here.

Conservative states may implement restrictive laws for Second-Trimester abortions and Liberal states may be more permissive. A woman must retain her right to cross state lines.

I would like to hear Mr. Trump say ...
The president does not make laws, but is influential working with Congress, and is working to create a big win for women and a unifier for political groups.
1) A woman has the constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy within 12 weeks gestation in any state and medical professionals have the right to perform or not perform the procedure.
2) A baby has a constitutional right to life beginning at 28 weeks gestation in every state.
3) The states have the authority to be liberal or conservative by allowing or prohibiting second-trimester abortions, however, a woman is guaranteed the right to cross state lines.

Submitted by Katrine (not verified) on

I wanna give you credit for being a great teacher! You taught me a lot on staying focused - I must say that you helped me to master focus… you know, until I get drunk – which is never :P I admire your personlality, and I work hard to be as outspoken as you, cause we basically have the same points of view: happiness over age, brains takes you forward and deep down I know you have a good heart and just wanna protect the country you love. These are all the right goals to fight for – I hope to fight with you !!

Best regards:
fun_sweetie, 19, Europe. (see, not drunk.. at least in U.S. ;))

Submitted by sharon kidd (not verified) on

do you know about the McCarren-Walters Act...putting a moratorium on imagrants several times. just saying. s. kidd

Submitted by Joe Gabriel (not verified) on

Dear Sir,

Im a supporter and have made donations to your election. I think you absolutely got what it takes to lead this country, but I don't understand why you sabotage yourself. Please Sir, I don't know how to say this where it doesn't sound disrespectful, but please STOP the games and stick to the issues. Please stop your tweets and personal opinion comments that get you in trouble with the media and effect your poll numbers. You are a great business man, act as one. Build your polls, don't knock them down. Your subject matter and comments should only be on the issues of the economy and the stability of this country. Your followers want you to lead, but you are falling fast and your inner tensions within the GOP and baby comments are to blame for your falling numbers. Stop it NOW or you will hand this election over to Hillary. Please listen to your advisors, please listen to Newt and Pence. Get professional with your subject matter. Stay on point with issues that people need to hear. Stop getting baited by the media. If you would only focus on the issues and stop the "eye for an eye" comments to every negative thing that's said to you, you will win this presidency. Personally, I feel you want to blow it because there is no reason for all your mistakes. Everything that comes out of your mouth is baby media crap. Act and talk like you did at your convention with your family, that was RIGHT ON. Solid/Sure/Confident/ a man with integrity. I think you have it all, and I think you are a smart man, but you are blowing it!!! Please Mr.Trump, get it together and listen to your colleagues, Think before you speak and win in November. I hope this message finds you so you can understand how much we need you in the White House. If you want to be the President, then you need to act as if!!! Thank you Sir, please forgive my forwardness, but there is no way to say this being politically correct. Go get it and be the smart man I know you are. We all Got your back!!!!

Submitted by Linda Methvin (not verified) on

Pres. Elect Trump. I remembered what son said, at a very early interview. 'I saw that look in his eye ....' Good Luck. Please consider my suggestions
1 Undocumented immigrates to build military. Back in war time, we allowed people from Philippines to join service. They allowed to become citizens, Met Rules. I strongly believe same type of program, for undocumented would help bring together divide! 2 Cyber-security must. 3 Inner cities. Raise community up with education & jobs & housing business. I think young people stray because no opportunity. Encourage Community & Police have ongoing relations. 4 Make Vocational Schools an alternative! 5 Jobs are going to robots - need plan for alternate jobs. 6 Tap all energy resources. 7 Cut back government & ensure money give to department spent not wasted. 8 Government is honest! 9 Set up accountability for entitlements & school loans. Watch some Judge Judy episodes. People spend entitlements for wrong thing. Men having babies with several women (not sexist). Many other examples.
Thank you, Linda Methvin

Submitted by Catherine (not verified) on

I heard about a sick, innocent child in Iraq that needs heart surgery but since her country has been banned from travel to America do to the current relashions, she may die. I really think that I should make background checks to make sure they are safe people. This innocent child deserves the surgery she desperately needs so maybe u could look into it

Submitted by Gregory and Sel... (not verified) on

Keep on truckin' Mr. President. Don't let those clowns with cameras get you down ! You are doing a fantastic job, sir, and you have my wife's and my continued support. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN

Submitted by One of your Gre... (not verified) on

Clean House Now! Flush them all away.... God Bless YOU! We Love You!!

Submitted by Kendra St John (not verified) on

Not that I compare the persons of Donald Trump to Jesus because no one can measure up to him. But I do say that Donald Trump was anointed by God to do a job. He did it. The Democratic Party and it’s puppets: media, et al did everything they could to tie his hands. Corona was another weapon they used against him. It’s tragic and killed many, but we know he worked to get that vaccine out, tested and in the hands of distribution. Jesus was hated and heckled. He did what he came to do. Donald made this country great with the help of God and supporters. Those who’d rather see him out were the ones who divided the nation. Jesus was accused of inciting the people. The very people supported him at one point had crucified at another. Donald’s name was put to death to the American public. God knows what he did. I pray that Trump gets even closer to the Lord. I pray also that this nation wakes up and realizes that it’s going downhill fast with the level of immorality deemed as right and villains paraded as saints. Do you know the US isn’t even mentioned in the book of Revelation as it is in Daniel (the pair of wings). Where do we go? Are we conquered by another nation? Forced into a Communistic regime? All powerful nations fall after 200 years. We’re living on grace! How long until God finally has enough? His own chosen in the Old Testament were sent to slavery. Who are we that we are any better? Time to get on our knees! 2 Chronicle 7:14 Thank you Trump for all the good you did for this nation! We thank you for answering the call!

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