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Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 2017-2021
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Benjamin Solomon "Ben" Carson, Sr. (born September 18, 1951) is an American author, and retired neurosurgeon. He is the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head. In 2008 he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush. Carson gained national fame among political conservatives after delivering a speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast which was perceived as critical of the policies of President Barack Obama. Following widespread speculation of a presidential run, Carson officially announced his campaign for the 2016 Republican nomination for President in May 2015. Carson performed strongly in early polls, leading to his being considered a frontrunner for the nomination during the fall of 2015; however, his polling support began to decline following scrutiny of his foreign policy credentials after the November 2015 Paris attacks. Carson withdrew from the race after Super Tuesday, following a string of disappointing primary results, and endorsed Donald Trump. Following Trump's victory, Trump nominated Carson as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, being confirmed by the United States Senate in a 58–41 vote on March 2, 2017. Carson has also been seen as a symbol of black conservatism.


Benjamin Carson, M.D.
305 West Chesapeake Avenue, Suite 310
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Submitted by Barry Campbell (not verified) on

Dr. Carson, Greetins & salutations!
My wife & I greatly admire your life story & convictions. As I would only like to make a quick point, & not consume your time. I am not a learned man but feel you can get this truth out to our country. Your recent remarks on Islam are on the mark & factual. I'm sure the issue will resurface in the next debates. My point is, PLEASE, let the questioners know Islam is a theocracy, and as such has absolutely no "seperation of church & state" (which is the phrase this country loves to use, with no constitutional support) Islam IS the state and therefore WOULD be creating a national religion, it has no place under our constitution.
I thank you again for your convictions Dr. Carson & anticipate your new title of "President".
Barry Campbell

Submitted by Pamela Gaither ... (not verified) on

I am a white girl who is 53 years old. I have been happily married for 24 years. I am from North Carolina. I know the Lord Jesus gave me a gift ... " LOVE FOR ALL FOLKS!"

I love what Abraham Lincoln did for our country!! Me I was raised Meth., the turn Bapt., Then when to a 4 Square Church... now I just say I believe in the books of Acts! Yes I am Spirit Filled!

Back in the 1990's, I really wanted a black man for president, because I thought a black Baptist man would really do a GREAT job leading the U.S.A.!!
then in 2008 some wanted a Lady President, some wanted a black.... . Ummm...... No offence to the two of them, but that year we had Obama and Clinton.................... I am so happy about Ben Carson running for President!! I Pray in Jesus' name that HIS WILL~ will be done! :) <3

Submitted by Sunne (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson. I am a married Caucasian woman of 30 years, born and raised in Texas. I have been so very intrigued by you! You are such a beautiful person and am so glad to have come to know you through your run for the Presidency. I feel you are too good for all that. However, it would be such a tremendous blessing if you would be a major presence among the government. I do hope that IF you are not elected, you will continue to be in the public eye for the American people. We need you! Thank you for introducing yourself to us!!! Please don't let the politics scare you away from us. God bless you Dr. Carson in all your endeavors!

Submitted by Jeanene J. Malan (not verified) on

I'm a fan! Thank you for being the person God made you to be. Thank you for being a Patriot and a Gentleman. Thank you for loving your family and being such a good example to them and the rest of America, at least those who have brains enough to know you for the wonderful person you are. You have Magnified your callings on earth and you will be Magnified in the Eternities. Bless you!

Submitted by Christian (not verified) on

What is achievement? What is success? Achievement is the tenacity that drives someone to meet a goal, to follow through, and finish up whatever that person started. Success is measured in God's standards as knowing Him, performing His Will, and spreading the Gospel news of Christ Jesus. Dr. Carson, I know you are a successful person. You possess the character traits that will make a Godly president, reform our country, and fix to some extent, America's social, economic, and moral situations. You are remembered in the prayers of many supporters across America. May God bless you. Keep it up.

Submitted by Jo Rudy (not verified) on

Mr. Carson, I was crestfallen when I heard you are dropping out of the next debate (Michigan). I have been following you from the beginning, and I have supported your campaign. I think you are an honest and aspiring candidate, however, I think you are so above the cheesy tactics that avail. You would make an ideal Surgeon General with all of your extraordinary experience, your firm but relaxed demeanor, and your determination to serve your country. But we have to brace ourselves for a Trump victory. In which case you'll be expected to deal with DT. For better or worse, please don't leave us!

Submitted by Richard (not verified) on

What Obama , Hillary Clinton , Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have in common
They are all lawyers
We all know what the Bible says about lawyers
They all were place as stumbling blocks in your path
But don't let that stop you from continuing what you believe in
There are plenty of God fearing people out here in America that believe in you and what you stand for
God Bless

Submitted by Paula Baxter (not verified) on

I very much admire your honesty and intellect. I urge you to support Ted Cruz whom I also feel is honest and intelligent. We need more politicians like both of you!!!!

Submitted by EF (not verified) on

I have been a supporter of Ben Carson from the beginning and it saddens me deeply to hear he may be endorsing Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not qualified, morally or through experience. He will likely lose to Hillary Clinton. This man is as divisive as Barrack Obama. We need a man of true Christian conviction, not just a man who claims to be Christian but shows no fruit by word or action. We need a candidate that tells the truth, not just what angry constituents want to hear. Any of the other 3 candidates are well qualified, but never Donald Trump. If it comes down to him or Clinton, I will write in a candidate. My moral principles will not allow me to vote for this man. I pray Dr Carson will not endorse Trump, and I will be extremely disappointed in him if he does.

Submitted by Nick (not verified) on

An endorsement of trump will shatter my belief in what you stand for...

It would shatter your whole stated premise for running!!!

Submitted by James Kimble (not verified) on

I have heard you say that Donald Trump is a different person in private than in public. My concern is that you also are a different person than you portray in public. Donald Trump is an insulting, vulgar, profane man with a flair for power. Winning is the most important thing to him. I liked you and voted for you here in Alabama. Imagine that. I thought character was more important than celebrity. After your endorsement of him, all I can say is "there's no difference."

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson,
I was appalled by your stand in support of Donald Trump. Calling people names and lying about them is not synonymous with politics. As an SDA christian you can forgive him, but when he refuses to apologize and continues his evil name calling under the guise of politics you should not support such a person. By standing behind him you are lowering yourself to his level, thus dishonoring God and the church you declare to be a part of. America can never be great under the leadership of such a person not even with your help. Evil is evil.

Hiam Akrawi

Submitted by Cy Partington (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson,
You were a truly outstanding candidate. Please know your presence on the campaign trail is already being sorely missed...
Before I became aware of you and your candidacy--I had often hoped (for years) that someone with your character, your background and your temperament would appear and run for the presidency.
As such, you were truly the greatest thing that happened to America, this election cycle. Your strength of character and and your positive influence touched all of us, in a profound and meaningful way.
Please let the rest of us know, when you are ready, how we can support you 'support us' so that we can all come to realize your splendid vision for America.
All the best,
Cy Partington

Submitted by Trevor Middleton (not verified) on

Mr. Carson,

Please read this email to the end - some of it may be hard, but there's a point.

May I begin by saying that you made an enormous difference for me as a child. I dealt with anger issues. A couple of times in 3rd grade I got into fights as a result. My mother read a book of yours and told me about your struggle with same. Not only your near-tragic encounter with your friend, but also your amazing change from that to a successful man of compassion and faith inspired me to work to calm myself and trust God more.

I am a Christian man - evangelical. All the things you spoke of in your campaign spoke to me. I believe this nation needs a spiritual revival and healing. I'm also frustrated by many issues the "progressive" (I say this because of how regressive they truly are) left accentuate such as immigration and the economic troubles we struggle with. I wished that you could have had a better fighting chance.

I say wished however, because you are apparently not the man I grew to admire. I thought you had more strength than this. Endorsing Trump? Really? I mistook your quiet demeanor and gentle nature for a quiet humility and strength not as weakness. You're either a complete pushover or a liar. Not only is every word out of this man's mouth vile, but he has insulted and bullied you and the other candidates from the beginning. He wants to armband people he views as undesirables and bring back sedition laws that would shackle free speech in ways we haven't seen since the 18th century - a time that almost destroyed our people. He's either lying about these things to pander to the lowest common denominator, or he is a real and true fascist. Hitler would applaud such policies and here you are supporting him. By joining him you help to confirm every lie liberals have told about us for the past 2 or 3 decades. And then I hear further that you've been offered some position in his administration. So it's either weakness or outright selling out. I pray it's simply weakness. I am however not here to insult you. I am harsh because I hope to wake you up.

He's a man to be fought to the death not embraced. It's not too late Mr. Carson. Christ calls us to do that which is hard but right. The hard but right thing to do now is to back away from him. Say you were wrong. In doing so you may even stir him up into enough aimless rage to help more people see what sort of man they've been voting for. Please Mr. Carson - I beg you to listen. Be the man I respected - the man who inspired me. I trust you to do what's right instead of what appears expedient or easy.

In Christ,

Trevor Middleton
Christian, Boy Scout, Concerned Friend

Submitted by Trevor Middleton (not verified) on

In the copy I'm mailing to the above address, I'm including a line. In case you see this and not that - I believe that we would be better to write in a third party and see Clinton win the presidency, than to sacrifice our souls and our hearts for God in an effort to get that awful man into office.I'm normally a man who tows the party line. But our party has never fielded a man like him. I pray the party doesn't. But if it does - it is not my party. I hope it isn't yours either.

Submitted by Adam Gerald Caveness (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Ben Carson.

As a Christian and an American patriot I was hoping to vote for you as President. Yes I understand why you had to suspend your campaign and yet admired what you stood for. Then your endorsement for Donald Trump took me completely off guard. I respect your right to choose. Free choice is part of the foundations of our country.

However it doesn't change my strong disappointment in your decision to do so.

As a follower of Christ I can't in good conscience vote for Trump. You say he can be reason with and will strengthen our economy. On the former aspect why does he need to use bully tactics and behave like a cruel man-child in public?

You claim his rhetoric is successful despite the sheer slander of it all. Even though it is popular with people it is still unbecoming of a presidential candidate and a person in general. It would be like voting for the class jerk as the class president of a school. You say he is different in private and that he understands his limits. If that be the case should our children follow that example, to cruelly slander others they disagree with then try to be reasonable in private?

Whether he means to or not Trump has given a disgraceful stranded for the nation.

As for his economic ability to lift up the US that too is highly questionable. Quite the number of his businesses and projects either filed for bankruptcy(some multiple times) or failed utterly. Trump University, Trump Mortgage, and Trump Airlines serve as examples of those failures.

Furthermore I believe America doses not need someone like him to lead us, who has polarized our people so easily against one another. Especially in light of the external and internal threats we face today and possibly in the future. To my point of view he is a self-promoting mercenary who doesn't respect the values of true moral leadership.

As an American citizen I will not settle for less in an candidate for the highest office in our land. If it comes down to between Trump and Clinton, or even Sanders I will vote a write-in instead. In spite of my disagreement with your recent endorsement Mr. Carson I do wish you and your family well.

God bless the United State of America.

Submitted by Tim (not verified) on

May the Lord bless and keep you for all time. I hope we can meet someday in heaven. You will be easy to find seated next to Jesus.

Submitted by Martha (not verified) on

Ben Carson thank you for your calmness and mental organization in response to the media you are speaking honesty truth and wise words but the media is twisting your words God will take care of the twisting May the Holy Spirit continue to work through you.

Submitted by Scott (not verified) on

I have great respect for you foundation of Christian faith, but now you are proving yourself a panderer to the Trump campaign. Do you even know why the electoral college was created?
It's a last line of defense against tyranny by mob rule. You can't really mean what you said today? Do you? If so, you prove yourself a panderer and not someone we should have ever trusted with the highest office in the land. We don't need democracy. We are a democratic republic by the wisdom of the Founding Fathers. Not to be ruled by mobs, or taken victim by a dictator.. Trump's demagoguery is exactly what the Founding Father's put these lines of defense into our system. You should know that.
Study up.

Submitted by jean (not verified) on

You should be ashamed to support trump. You have lost whatever respect I had for you.

Submitted by Ron, Massachusetts (not verified) on

Dr. Carson is one of the most level-head and intelligent people that joined the 2016 presidential race.
Yes Trump has issues but nothing compared to Hillary.
Trump is NOT a politician, that is the best thing about his running.
I believe the majority of people voting are voting against their least favorite person.

Well, the election will be over tomorrow and we will have to accept the choice.

I have children and grand-children, I am very concerned for there future.

I wish you well anyway;

Submitted by Teaman (not verified) on

Dr. Ben, thank you for just being exactly who you are.

In an interview, you stated that Trump should apologize for bringing up Obama's place of birth? I will agree with you if you could provide the answer to one simple question.

How is it that Obama has a Social Security Number from New Jersey when he has never lived there?

Is it because his grandmother stole it from a New Jersey man who retired and moved to Hawaii and then died? His grandmother worked for the state of Hawaii and had access.

Submitted by Jim Gnecco (not verified) on

Dr Carson:

I have an idea designed to assist Mr Trump in his election campaign as well as assist our society after his election. Trump could state right now during his campaign that he will create a new cabinet level position, Secretary of Race Relations. And who better to fill that role than the deeply respected Dr Ben Carson!

Yes, I realize that this would mean an expansion of government. However, the role could largely one of advising, getting out into the community when there are relevant issues and making recommendations for programs that would encourage education and family values in underprivileged areas.

Announcing the plan now, before the election could go a long way toward swaying some of the minority vote to support Mr Trump.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Gnecco

Submitted by Dr. Rosetta Row... (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson,
Physician to physician, I am begging you to help us at this critical time before the election.
Donald Trump is severely BIPOLAR - never sleeps, poor impulse control, grandiose, sexually pre-occupied… - but at the same time, a dedicated father, friend, employer.
If we are to prevent Hillary from getting into the White House, he ABSOLUTELY needs to be MEDICATED, and to ADMIT HIS ILLNESS to the American people so that they do not continue to think he is simply a "rude, disgusting, inappropriate pig." You know he can be effectively treated and I think he can effect the change we need in this country.

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson:

Would you be willing to contact the Trump campaign and urge Donald Trump to go back into minority neighborhoods? Trump along with other Republicans needs to make an all-out effort to gain the support of voters in the Black and Hispanic communities, as well as those in other minority communities.

Ask Donald if he will appear with you in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods, ask if you can appear in campaign ads for him, urging minority voters for vote for Trump and vote for Republican candidates for House and Senate. If Donald loses and Republicans lose the Senate, a catastrophic outcome for this country, it will be because we will have been defeated by minorities voting overwhelmingly Democratic.
This has to change if our society is to have a better future.

Also, please contact the RNC, NRSC and NRCC and urge them to go all out in the final two weeks to let Black and Hispanic voters know all the ways the Democratic Party has damaged their lives and how Republicans like Donald Trump and the candidates for House and Senate have an economic agenda which will improve the quality of their lives.

Thank you.

Submitted by Carolyn Gladhar... (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson, I hope this will somehow make it to your desk. I really thought tomorrow would be your big day. I quickly changed loyalties to Mr. Trump because you did.I want to thank you for your sacrifices to want to serve and better our country. I know it cost you dearly and I'm praying the Lord Jesus Christ will pay you double for your trouble!

I first admired you years ago when I read about your surgeries and about your childhood and how your mother raised you to read. I was a homeschooling mom so that resounded with me. Then I learned of your faith and I began to pray mightily for you.

I really hope you get the opportunity to become our Surgeon General. My dad and brother are Christian doctors like you. We would be so blessed!

On a side note, I do covet your prayers for a job. I've been a medical coder for over forty years but my job went overseas to India. For two months I've been job hunting to no avail. I am a single mom with three kids still at home. I have no doubt the Lord will provide as always, but felt compelled to apprise you and ask that you remember me as Joseph asked the cupbearer to remember his plight.

May God elevate you and bless you greatly!!

Carolyn Gladhart Long
Jeremiah 33:3

Submitted by Ron Dail (not verified) on

Dr. Carson, Thank you so much for being involved in the 2016 election. I wish you were the first black president. I hope you will be around if Trump wins or loses. Please help us in the U.S.!!
I hope to see you in office some day.

We need your intelligence, level-head speaking, and integrity.

Ron Dail, Independent in MA

Submitted by Linda Methvin (not verified) on

Dr. Ben Carson,
You are a great man, in your own right. You mother ensured you bettered yourself. I hope you are appointment to a position of your choosing.
I pray you'll seriously consider and support my suggestions. Take to Pres. Elect Trump.
1 Undocumented immigrates to build military. Back in war time, we allowed people from Philippines to join service. They allowed to become citizens, Met Rules. I strongly believe same type of program, for undocumented would help bring together divide! 2 Cyber-security must. 3 Inner cities. Raise community up with education & jobs & housing business. I think young people stray because no opportunity. Encourage Community & Police have ongoing relations. 4 Make Vocational Schools an alternative! 5 Jobs are going to robots - need plan for alternate jobs. 6 Tap all energy resources. 7 Cut back government & ensure money give to department spent not wasted. 8 Government is honest! 9 Set up accountability for entitlements & school loans. Watch some Judge Judy episodes. People spend entitlements for wrong thing. Men having babies with several women (not sexist). Many other examples. Thank you, Linda Methvin

Submitted by Regina (not verified) on

Hi Sir! (I was at your book signing in Pensacola and said I loved you for being our leader) I am so proud to have you as our leader with takes an individual such as you to complete the Ojectives of a revised Christian Revolution. And when he asked you to choose Health and Human Svcs or Education--it is so important that you choose Education. To restore prayer in school where all youthful rebellion restore media monitoring of innocence where children now have no hope or respect or joy. It is only you that can accomplish this new route for a restoration of American values...please sir never say quit until Jesus says its over!!!! Help us Dr. Carson!!!! We need you!!!! We need you!!!!

Submitted by Edwin Solis (not verified) on

Esteemed Dr. Carson,
Please contact me to discuss this matter more in depth. The time has come to do OUR part. Your brother in Christ.

Edwin Solis

Submitted by Wendy Walton (not verified) on

It's sad and disappointing to read the many comments by those calling themselves fellow Believers, Christians and followers of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Who do you really believe in? God or man? Do you not truly believe that God controls all things? Do you not believe that God appoints a king and He moves people around as He wills? I hear so much hate voiced towards mere men as if any 'man' is truly 'running' anything. The only thing I question is who these people really believe in. It's sad to hear seemingly intelligent and educated people put so much trust in a man. I pray for people to go back to The Truth, the Bible and reacquaint yourselves with your Creator. All of our days are already written. God is still God whether you believe Him or not. Every knee will bow and putting your confidence in man will always end in disappointment...always.
I have complete peace in God's decision to allow Mr. Trump to be President. Only God knows how and when tables turn. His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
In His Service,
Wendy Walton

Submitted by Carl Hoosack (not verified) on

I am so sorry that you were subjected to negative behavior at your confirmation hearing today. Please hang in there.We, the Country needs you . God Bless.

Submitted by Cardaphil (not verified) on

If a national lottery could be started, where winners would win new homes, new cars, new appliances, new furnature, etc this would require more workers to manufacture these products.

Submitted by Kath (not verified) on

Our businesses need skilled workers, and our young adults and even our middle aged need jobs. Apprentice programs run by private companies could be the answer, training people for jobs that are actually "shovel ready." I hope our new president is talking about this in his meetings with company executives.

Submitted by Selma D (not verified) on

My God is a God of Love, not a God of hatred
My God is a God of the poor, not a God of the rich
Who is your God???? Ben Carson!! who is your God?
Ben Carson, Cardinal Burke and Pat Robertson - shame on you!!!!
What is the greatest commandment in the Bible?
Open your Bible and read Matthew 22 verses 35-40
Trump is the farthest thing from Jesus that you could ever imagine!!!!

Submitted by Roger Plessen (... (not verified) on

Congratulations, Thank you and God bless you! We have millions of homeless and ten millions of hungry Aa a pastor I deal with these people constantly.

Bible truth: God greatly cares about these people and judges nations that have no mercy for them.

democrats talk welfare but it is too little too late. republicans talk jobs but they are too few and the really needy cannot compete for them. So the hungry stay hungry and the homelesss stay homeless! And homeless veterans...shame on US!

Solution: 1. Tax writeoff for proven rehabilitation of homeless person or family. 2. HUD housing units tenants can purchase at low interest. 3. Jobs for all public assistance assistance people required participation. 4.Quick job training education to get these people into workforce so they can live independently. 5. Educational, medical, legal.spiritual or social sipport and guidance, and mentoring with group interaction.

Submitted by Al (not verified) on

Mr. Carson, I am aware that you are emplementing the WH cuts to HUD. One are that you can cut by 80% is their labor force out on the field. I had a n employee who went to work for them. He was given a new Pick up truck to use at will. He was told to go to lunch and stay away for 3 hours when he came back they told him to slow down and take another brake. In other words they milk every job to the max. A one week job will be charged for a month.
I also have another employee who went to work for a contractor who bids city jobs, said choose etc. this employee a nice guy but no skills at all barely speaks English and he gets prevailing wages, he started at $45. Per hour . Not to long ago he and his crew were flown from LA to Hawaii to go pour a cement slab at a public school. Fully paid flights, 3 meals and entertainment. At Xmas the contractor gave them all a $20k bonus.. once in a while in between jobs he comes back to work for me for a few days and I can tell you that he has slowed down big time to the point that I can rapt afford him at $15. An hour, but he make s $45 per hour plus OT etc. this is not right ,,,, BTW I just saw that I am ONLY 6 days older than you, I'm a proud Virgo!! AHHAA PLEASE HELP US WITH THIS CRAZY WAGES THAT WE ARE PAYING FOR NO REASON.

Submitted by Ronald Omondi (not verified) on

Dear Carson,
Thank you for taking the time to read my email I appreciate it very much. I want to reach out to you because I think you can help me. I am a 23-year-old boy and I am on a minimum income. I do not want any handouts and I just want the opportunity to explain my circumstances. All my life I wanted to become a manager to help people. I came from a poverty stricken family and my parents could not fund my education. I could not afford to pay for my own education and I did not want to get into debt because I have a family to large support. I am still passionate about being a manager and I think this is where you could help.
What I need is assistance to further my education and become a manager. Currently I am working on studying business administration is very hard. I do not want to neglect my family and I do not want to get into debt by getting a student loan. If you could somehow help me realize my dream I could help other people and get my family out of poverty. I am a very driven person which is why I have contacted you. I believe that you have the same drive and determination which I have to get the job done. I admire what you have done with your business and you are my number 1 mentor.
I really hope you reply to this email to help someone realize their dream of being a doctor. My circumstances throughout my life have made it difficult for me to achieve my goal. If you can help me somehow even by giving advice I would be grateful. I look forward to hearing from you.

Submitted by Ann Marie Dabrowski (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson, Thanks for being an example of someone who takes personal responsibility, who speaks softly and weighs the effect of his words, and a great role model for children and adults. I've read Gifted Hands and just finished Think Big. While teaching 5th graders this week, I read a few pages of Think Big to the class each day--I was reading the chapter by your Mom in which she was debating chores. She had you and Curtis make up the "rules." What a wise woman. I tell you, those few pages generated quite a discussion. Some of the kids did not know who you were, but after reading those few pages, they were interested to learn more.

On a related topic, you might have heard in the national news that a portion of Interstate 85 in Atlanta has been temporarily shut down causing much longer commutes and lost revenue. Fortunately, no lives were lost. The cause of the blaze was a homeless man who set a chair in a shopping cart and set it ablaze. The Atlanta Journal Constitution had a big write up on the debacle under the headline, "System Failure." I'll admit that I did not read the entire article, as I could tell that "the system" was going to be made to blame rather than this man taking personal responsibility.

A few years back, I was substitute teaching third grade. The kids were waiting for the bus, and getting loud and obnoxious. I told one boy to be quiet. He stood defiantly and said, "I know my rights!" I wonder where he got that from. I told him, "You have the right to sit down and wait for the bus without disrupting others."

Wouldn't it be great if we all were more concerned about our responsibilities? Then the rights would rightly follow. Thanks, Ann Marie

Submitted by Cathy Donnelly ... (not verified) on

I'm a federal employee with 44 years of service and 65% disability. I have cerebral paly and have dealt with this my entire life. I work full time and came into the government as a regular hire because I didn't want to come in under the disability status. I so agree with your statement 'it is all in mind" because it is!!!! People do need to go to work and stop taking advantage !!!!

I'm a Democrat but I so believe in the changes President Trump is trying to put through.

So thank you!

It sickens me to see persons taking advantage of the system and they work it every witch way to their advantage. Don't they know they are only hurting themselves.

Submitted by Neldon Millar (not verified) on

Just wanted to say. You are setting an example for all youth to follow. May GOD be with you, your family, friends & those you work with, now & forever.

Submitted by MaryM Matteson (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson,
This is an idea for inner city youth and adults to participate in the world of art. In a joint venture with America's railroads conduct a contest with scholarships in education and/or art to design the decoration of boxcars. Have participants submit prototypes of what they would paint if the could hav a complete side of a boxcar. Organization and completion would be based on the areas in whichthey live. Perhaps within your new community opportunity centers. THEN when we sit at railroad tracks there will be an art show on display rather than dirty and rusting rail cars scribbled with graffiti.
Your time is appreciated.

Submitted by Diana Verrall (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson,

I appreciate you and Dr. Alveda King for supporting President Trump. I wish that you could appear with Trump to smooth over all the racial tensions and statue controversies etc. There are so many that seek to destroy this president and although he is not smooth and politically correct, I think he is good for the country and has brought God back. Please help him!

Diana Verrall

Submitted by Helen Thompson (not verified) on

Dr. Ben Carson, I have always spoken highly of you to my children, who are now engineers and very successful adults. I tell them about how your mom would insist on a good education for you and where you are now in life. Recently I cannot even mention your name, you are a disgrace in my eyes.
What are doing in this man’s administration? Can’t you see that you are a part of the shithouse race?
I am from Jamaica and I feel like I am a part of the shithouse race. I used to be a Republican until he became one also, now I can’t even stand to hear the word.
Shame on you Dr. Carson.
Helen Thompson

Submitted by B.J. (not verified) on

Dr. Carson, as a black woman, I know you are doing a wonderful job. However, I feel you need to investigate the unlawful use of "housing". Here in Texas we have families of generations living off of "housing". Trashing others properties and moving into areas that most working middle income families could not afford. I am sick of my tax dollars going to support people and their life styles that don't want to work.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Good Morning Doctor Carson! I have a question for you. I see that you want to raise rents 3x what they already are for subsidized housing. I am directly affected. I work 40 hours a week and am mom to an 11 year old son and a 22 year old daughter. I have been a volunteer for over 30 years and I have raised my children to do the same. My daughter is graduating May 8, 2018 with a degree in Cyber Security and of course I am so proud of her!

I understand able bodied individuals need to work. I work and view it as a gift from God to be able to do so. I do not understand why the lowest earning individuals have to now endure 3X increase in rent? I rent and would have to live in my car if you do this. I hope you cannot endure having the thought of the myriad lives you will impact with this move. You will impact me in the negative.

The people earning the most would not even feel this burden, but my kids and I certainly will. Please help me to understand this rationale. Surely there are other alternatives. Respectfully submitted,

Struggling in TN

Submitted by Guy Barnes (not verified) on want the poorest citizens to pay triple the amount they currently pay in rent. Misguided, counter-productive, vindictive, elitist, vile, evil, and downright imbecilic from the start. If poor people are struggling in paying the present 30% of their income for Section 8 housing, how in the hell do you 1% ers expect them to pay three times more.

The United Way has done a study (released around May 18, 2018) on a group of Americans they call ALICE: (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). The study found that this group does not make the money needed “to survive in the modern economy.”

Who is ALICE? ALICE is your child care worker, people on Social Security, the cashier at your supermarket, the gas attendant, the salesperson at your big box store, your waitress, a home health aide, an office clerk. ALICE cannot always pay the bills, has little or nothing in savings, and is forced to make tough choices such as deciding between quality child care or paying the rent. One unexpected car repair or medical bill can push these financially strapped families over the edge.
ALICE is a hardworking member of the community who is employed yet does not earn enough to afford the basic necessities of life.
ALICE earns above the federal poverty level but does not earn enough to afford a bare-bones household budget of housing, child care, food, transportation, and healthcare.

The United Way's study determined that 43% of Americans Can’t Pay for Food and Rent.

Your ill-thought-out plan to triple the housing costs for ALICE will only INCREASE the homeless problem in the country, where it's ALREADY illegal to be homeless and ILLEGAL to feed the homeless

GOOD THINKING YOU MORON!! You Rethugs don't give a rats ass about anything or consequences to the poor in this country. All you see is MORE TAX BREAKS FOR YOUR WEALTHY DONORS AT THE EXPENSE OF THE WORKING CLASS! What a GREAT, GOP, CHRISTIAN NATION WE HAVE BECOME. NOT!!

Submitted by Michael Anthony (not verified) on

Dear Dr. Carson, I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to let you know that the day I first became aware of you, during your run for the Presidency, I was immediately attracted to you (platonically of course). Your calm and positive demeanor, fairness, non partisan attitude, politeness and spirituality, to name but a few attributes to your wonderful and wholesome character are, words are nowhere near a total description, so refreshing, comforting and supportive and strong. You are almost like, talk softly, but carry a big stick ! I wish that I could meet you someday. You are a TRUE leader and inspiration to millions of people, in my humble opinion. I pray for you, your beautiful family and your guidance in getting America through this health dilemma we have right now. If you are ever in Atlanta, I would love to shake your hand. All the best wishes to you and yours ! Mike.

Submitted by Jerry Daigle (not verified) on

Dr. Carson,

I was flipping through channels on my television this morning trying to find something positive about America. For some reason, I just happen to see a picture of you on the screen so I selected that channel. I very rarely watch anything on CNN and especially Jake Tapper because he is such a negative person. Well, my decision to select this channel and watch your interview was the best decision I made in a long time. You handled the questions that Jake Tapper asked you with calmness, grace, and intelligence. Jake Tapper was trying to fan the flames of racism using the president of this country. Whether you like the person Donald Trump or not he is the elected President of our great country. Your words and demeanor gave me hope that there are more Americans like you that are not being promoted in the media. You are a TRUE American with a LOVE for the USA. Please continue your positive words and ideas for this country. It is badly needed at this time in our history. God Bless America and Dr. Ben Carson

Submitted by Lee (not verified) on

Dr. Carson, Thank you so much for providing insight into what is causing the divide in America and pointing out the distraction they serve to keep us from focusing on real social issues- the disintegration of the family, a lack of character ethics and faith, low emphasis on education or the value of installing a work ethic. “If my People who are called by My name will humble themselves abs pray and seek my face, and return file their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land. A prayer over our country on its 1st inaugural day by President Washington, (April 30, 1789) at St. Paul Chapel which sits to this day on Ground Zero, again by President Lincoln on the same day 158 years later (4/30/1863) from congressional request for a National Day of prayer, when 2 days later minor victories ultimately led to the North winning the war, and again on 4/30/21 by some obscure American on the Philadelphia Column at Lincoln Memorial and at the DC mall facing the Western Terrace of the White House.


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