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Sia Kate Isobelle Furler
pop, dance
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Sia Furler (born 18 December 1975), known professionally as Sia, is an Australian singer, songwriter, and music video director. Musically and artistically precocious, Sia became interested in performing in the style of musicians including Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Sting. In the mid-1990s, Sia started a career as a singer in the local Adelaide acid jazz band Crisp. By 1997, when Crisp disbanded, Sia released her debut studio album titled OnlySee on Flavoured Records in Australia. Following the event, Sia moved to London, England and provided lead vocals for British duo Zero 7.

In 2000, Sia signed to Sony Music's sub-label Dance Pool and released her second studio album, Healing Is Difficult, the following year. Displeased with the promotion of the record, Sia signed to Go! Beat and released her third studio album, Colour the Small One, in 2004. Dissatisfied with the project's struggling to connect with a mainstream audience, Sia relocated to New York City in 2005 and began touring across the United States. Sia released her fourth and fifth studio releases, Some People Have Real Problems and We Are Born, in 2008 and 2010, respectively. In 2014, Sia released her sixth studio album, 1000 Forms of Fear, which was preceded by the top-ten single "Chandelier".


Sia Furler
c/o Crush Music
60-62 E. 11th St 7th Floor
New York, NY 10003


Submitted by Carusop7 on

I am a big fan of the songs you love to sing. The first day your album was released I fell in Love with Cheap thrills, Unstoppable being a close second. I instantly felt it needed a remix and searched Youtube and SoundCloud for days waiting for someone to make one. Then your amazing self put up seven on Spotify. All are 100% amazing, but I kind of wanted a different style. I asked a friend to make one for me yesterday. With all legalities, I think he may need your permission. To be honest I really just want you to hear it once completed if you feel that strange void missing also. As an end note, I did not mentioned this to him, and was not planning to either.

Submitted by Benjamin Aumenta (not verified) on

Simply An Amazing Song. Sia, you're beautiful!

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on

Thank you sia. Breathe me has gotten me through the worst times. I love you. If it wasn't for breathe me i wouldn't be here right now.

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on

I listen to breathe me when ever i am down and I just want to stay thank you for getting me through the worst times really. I don't know where I'd be. Just saw you in Austin. I love you. Thanks again.

Submitted by Gavin (not verified) on

WOW sia I am sooo proud of you cheap thrills has reached number 4 on iTunes. Your songs are AMAZING. You are my favorite artist of all time. Please keep writing if you stop I don't know what I would do.

Submitted by Dianna Woodard (not verified) on

Will this get to Sia? Love her...long story. She should know I love her songs and voice! Another fan!!

Submitted by Steve Rengers (not verified) on

I don't expect this to reach Sia. But in the wild chance you actually read my comment I want you know that your music has enriched my life. I am 57 years old and it has been a very long time since anything musically has sparked magic inside me like your music and lyrics have. If I could have any wish I would wish for your return to the recording studio and do it again. Believe me when I say that you stand alone in todays musical offerings. I am a night sky photographer. When I go out to the desert in the middle of the night I listen to you, like Diamonds in the sky!

Steve Rengers

Submitted by Shakira Farrior (not verified) on

Sia, you are one of the most complex and alluring artist that I've listened too. You have bought a different meaning to music over the past few years and it's opened my eyes to a brighter and most breathtaking way to myself. You've continued to rouse my desires to becoming a singer, just like you, and I can't help but feel grateful for that feeling. Thank you.

Submitted by Anon (not verified) on

I don't want to upset you in any way but one of my friends said you hid your face because someone called you ugly . Regardless of is this is true or not I wanted to tell you that you are a beautiful person .Dont let anyone tell you otherwise . The only ugly people in the world are the ones with stronge hate for others . Therefore you are beautiful. Face and personality are both beautiful . Block out the stupid idiots who tell you negative . This is hard but after time goes on you don't care . Concentrate on the positive loving fans you have . All of my friends love you so much and also think you are beautiful. I love you and your songs so much and I hope you take my advise .

Submitted by JayJay (not verified) on

Dear Sia,

I really hope that someday you will read comment for the following reasons:
- I want to thank you for saving my life multiple times, your music always does it for me.
- You give me the courage to wake up in the morning and be "unstoppable"
- Music such as "Big Girls Cry" , "Eye of a needle", "Cheap Thrills", "Elastic Heart", "Breath Me", "Fire Meet Gasoline" is an inspiration, I don't know what I would do without these songs. Thanks again :(
- You hiding behind the wig is a sign of authenticity to your fans, you are not looking to be famous however, you still want to spread your ethereal sound and melody.

All I can say at this point is I LOVE YOU, even though I haven't met you before I feel like crying when I see you.

I thank god everyday for your being with us and achieving what have you done in life.


An awe-inspired fan.

Jean Jack Franji

Submitted by Islam (not verified) on

your are my Favorite singer but after your visit i will not listen to your music again

Submitted by Jason c (not verified) on

G'day, I'm a Huge fan from oz Sia, your voice is mesmerising. Love to hear you sing a song for the next bond movie. I think you would nail it !! Keep making great music. Peace

Submitted by TheLight (not verified) on

Last night I had a dream of a song I had never heard before but managed to remember half of it... I pictured you singing it. Reply back if you are interested.

Submitted by Kathryn Lemkowitz (not verified) on

Sia, my name is Kathryn Jane Lemkowitz and I am a 23 year old female from San Antonio, Texas.
I attend Nursing School at The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. To say the least... Nursing School aint no joke!!!
I have a desire in my heart to let you know that you have changed my life in more ways than one.
You have saved my life,
And you have entered my heart. I I feel your soul with me.
I hope one day you will be canonized as a Saint.
I have been to 3 psych hospitals, 2 rehab facilities, tried to commit suicide 5 times, been to jail, and raped in the year 2016 alone. If it wasnt for you, Sia, I would have died.
I have many hobbies, among those are acting, singing, and dancing. I hope to one day meet you, Ms. Sia.
God bless you, today and always.
With much love, (Te Amo Te Amo Te Amo)

Your Sister in Christ, Kathryn (Nurse Kat)

Submitted by Kathy Baker (not verified) on

I began listening to you several months back. I am hooked for life. You are an amazing, gifted, incredible person and I thank you for passing along something to me through your music (specifically, This is Acting, which I listen to every day) that fills me with hope, inspiration. Thank you, Sia. May the Universe continue to guide you successfully.
Kathy in Portland, OR

Submitted by Sarah Rose (not verified) on


I am (here it comes) a HUGE fan (there, stated the obvious since I AM sending you a message via fanmail right now). I sing your songs at an open mic we host at my job. The place is full of hipsters who only sing orignals and and folk songs, but there I am singing pop songs written by Sia. My dream is to be a singer and produce albums of my own and also to meet you and talk about music with you and get some music advice from my most favorite artist and true inspiration. However, I am sad to say that can never happen as you don't know who I am and most likely never will. Maybe there's a rare chance you'll actually see this and get a kick out of it though. I love your work and you seem like such a beautiful person aside from your musical abilities. My two current favorites of yours at the moment are Bird Set free and Broken Glass. My fiance surprised me with tickets to see you perform at the Hollywood Bowl this past Sunday for my birthday. Such a truly wonderful experience and you give this self-doubtful (is that even a word?) singer and songwriter a little hope that maybe I could one day be just a little bit of what you are as a talented artist. I wish you well in your success and plans ahead!

- Sarah

Submitted by Tracy Nunez (not verified) on

My experience with SIA's music is very deep. I use her music as I ride the NYC subway all day to bless the hearts of people commuting. This being said, her music is deeply personal. I saw SIA this summer and was so moved. My girlfriend got me tickets to the concert in BKLYN Oct. 25th a few day before my 35th birthday. I went with my own SIA wig complete with a bow I put on myself. My girlfriend got us 10th row tickets over 300 each per ticket. Sadly, when SIA came on (being 4'11") I stood on my chair to get a quick photo. A man (a cop) behind me kick my chair to make me fall. He then said that I hit a young girl behind me (not true at all) He told security. I went with them gladly as I did nothing and being a preschool teacher knew I had done NOTHING to harm a child. They believe the cop, dragged me out and left me on the street in Brooklyn without my coat bag or anything. This has left me scared and upset. I'm hoping someone can help. Thank you for reading.

Submitted by Konrad Zawistowski (not verified) on

I want to use the Alan Walker remix of Move Your Body in a school project, it's all non profit, all i want is permission without getting in trouble! I'm a huge fan of your work!

Submitted by J.D. Greenfield (not verified) on

Dearest Sia,
I generally don't write fan mail. As a 40 year old woman, it's definitely something I leave to a bit younger generation. But I had to tell you how much I'm inspired by your song One Million Bullets. I'm a recently published author and my novel The Cassandra Curse is available on Amazon in paperback and digital format. I feel as though by fate I stumbled onto your song that feels like a mirror to what I felt when I wrote the book. I would be extremely honored if you read it, it's really the only way you can truly feel what I mean. And even if you don't, thank you for your music. It's a gift. I always joke with my friends that you are my spirit animal. I'm pretty sure I'm right about that. Thank you for who you are and what you give to the world through your music. You really are an inspiration.
J.D. Greenfield

Submitted by mary (not verified) on

Sia. I dont know if this will be seen by you. but i wanted to tell you how much your music has inspired me and touched me. I have been a struggling drug addict for going on thirteen years. My life has darastically changed in the last six months. I got a job that i love after not working for seven plus years. I got a new car, rebuilding a relationship with my family.....its very overwhelming at times and when i get overwhelmed i put your music on and it makes me feel like i could do anything. I could succeed and keep going and overcome all the things in life i was hiding from before. I dont know what it is but your words are magic. Thank you so much for giving me stamina and the will and strength to keep my head up and my drive solid.
Thank you so much.

Submitted by Hannah DeFilippo (not verified) on

nobody in this entire state understands what real music is. Sia is a real singer while drake just talks about things that make no sense into a microphone.
I was so upset when I missed the THIS IS ACTING show in Connecticut because we did not have the money. I was devastated because I don't typically listen to any modern music other than yours and my own.
I also don't believe every thin they post on the internet like the whole #savesia thing. is that for real?

my favorite song of yours is bird set free. I listen to it a lot. you see the lyrics are true, I often sing off key but I don't care. As long as I am singing I am myself. I'll shout the lyrics out, like a bird set free.

seriously I could write a speech:
I don't care if I sing off key. I have thick skin, and an elastic heart.I will shine bright like a diamond because i'm free to be the I am the Greatest, I am Unstoppable, I'm Alive.

my name Is Hannah DeFilippo

thankyou sooo mutch

Submitted by Romy (not verified) on

Well, personnaly SIA is the best woman the purest one on earth! I've never seen someone with this kindest with this love she is litterally perfect! It's only your voice that I love it's you! I really don't have words! Words doesn't mean the world you mean to me! You are my inspiration my everything well SIA I will always be here for you even if you don't even know me but I am here to help you i got your back! I don't wanna seenyou cry I am here to fix every broken piece! And never forget you are never fully dressed without a smile

Submitted by ROMY (not verified) on

Well, personnaly SIA is the best woman the purest one on earth! I've never seen someone with this kindest with this love she is litterally perfect! It's only your voice that I love it's you! I really don't have words! Words doesn't mean the world you mean to me! You are my inspiration my everything well SIA I will always be here for you even if you don't even know me but I am here to help you i got your back! I don't wanna seenyou cry I am here to fix every broken piece! And never forget you are never fully dressed without a smile! My fan page of you on instagram: @sia.fever with my best friend aya! I ADOREE UUUUU

Submitted by Chris Orson (not verified) on

Sia, you are absolutely gorgeous girl and I'd love to hang out with you one day. Ha, I say it like I'm in the industry or something huh? Sneaky sneaky but stranger things have happened. Matter of fact, when I was still in Sacramento I thought I saw you actually. Then my buddies had me believing that you wanted to meet me! OMG just tell me when. 7605326175

Submitted by Croc (not verified) on

Hi Sia hope you have a wonderful birthday 0n 18 Dec. Hope the HP is good for you. From Croc Perth Australia

Submitted by Peyton Collins (not verified) on

I need to tell you this but I see posting about how they hate you wearing a wig on camera because anybody can go on google and look you up and seeing your face. But I think it's because when you wear that wig your a whole new person by putting the past into the past and just starting fresh. Even with your wig on your still beautiful, you don't need makeup and I love your voice so much plus your accent is adorable. I wish one day I could meet you, that would best thing ever. I fell apart when I found out that you tired to kill yourself. But thank god you didn't because you wouldn't have touch so many lives today. I love you to death everyday I dance, sing and watch videos of you. I draw your tattoos on my hands and arms and I can kinda hit the high note in your songs. I hope you got to read this I'm Peyton Collins, I'm almost 15 years old my birthday is in the same month as yours it's December 27 and I got to heritage high school in Saginaw, Michigan. I love to play soccer for a living. I love you Sia, so much!!!!!

Submitted by Shelby Wright (not verified) on

Dear, Sia

Your my favorite singer and I really love your songs I would love to dance for you some day it's my only dream. I would love to proform with you.

Please contact me back :)

Submitted by Dusty James (not verified) on

So, I was curiots when we're going to get together and go out and have some fun. Let me know when you've got a free minute.

Submitted by Melany Rivera (not verified) on

If I ever saw Sia, I would cry my eyes out. I love her so much. I always wanted to meet her. She is amazing and so inspirational. Sia has a beautiful voice and I love her songs. I love Sia.

Submitted by Elianah (not verified) on

I wanted to thank you for writing the greatest it has gotten me through some of the hardest timeso in my life since you wrote it.

Submitted by Elizabeth (not verified) on

I have no musical talent whatsoever, but my great-grandfather was a composer (of marches) and my sister played with the Marine Corps band. So maybe I have a good ear. Anyway, if there were ever a song that should be played by a really good marching band, it's Sia's "Unstoppable." The part towards the end where there are synthesized drums would be absolutely mind-blowing if played by the drum section of a marching band. I get chills thinking of this song being remixed in this way. I can practically hear/feel it. Please, please, please, someone do this!

Submitted by C.J. (not verified) on

Thank you!! from the deepest darkest depths of solitude and addiction. Your voice brought me the beauty that life had to offer. Even in the darkest of days. You're appreciated!! Thank you!

Submitted by Nicola Jenkins (not verified) on

I am a massive fan of yours. You are by far my favourite vocalist and songwriter. You inspired me to make my debut album Eclectic. Your an amazing woman. Thanks you so much. This is me singing Broken Glass

Submitted by Sarah Grout (not verified) on

You're someone I look up to like a big sis. I always wanted a big sister. I want to be like u. I've been thru a lot w/my ex-brother. He's abused me verbally & physically when I was 13 up til I was 16. He's made my life so bad. Now I've no wish to have any contact w/him. That's how it's been for the past 2yrs. Currently a coworker at my job has been mean to me. She was nice to me until this past sept. I considered her my big sis. Sadly she's neglected me. Thanks to her, she's even torn me down by my self esteem. I wish to sing w/u & work w/u. I know I'd be happier & I could have a better life. I wish I could meet u too. We'd have so much fun! Hope to hear from u when ever u can. If so, I hope we could get to know one another. My life's been like crap & ive been feeling depressed again. I'm tempted to leave my job & never show my face again. Thanks to that coworker she's told everyone negativity about me. It hurts me so much. Thanks for ur kindness to read this! I also hope to be in your music video one day.
Luv u big sis! Is it ok if I consider u my big sis?
Hugs Sarah
My email is

Submitted by Sally Curtis (not verified) on

Hi Sia,
Mine is an unusual request. The verse by Kendrick Lamar - apparently was written with assistance by a Brisbane artist about a friend who fought overseas. That guy was staying with me last year. Unfortunately his health deteriorated and he was hospitalised. I have been unable to find out what has happened to him. I am hoping you may be able to put me in touch with this writer as she has been a friend of his for many years and may know where he is.
Any help appreciated - concerned for my friend

Submitted by Tami A. Welsch (not verified) on

I hadn't been listening to mainstream music for a while. I just found your song chandelier and it just moved me so much. I want to thank you for that gift because it is a gift that you have given us and I wish you well. God bless you Tami

Submitted by Park Jong Hyuk (not verified) on

Hello Sia I'm 22 and I'm from south korea.
I'm writing this comment while listening to Day too soon in your album 'Some people have real problems'.
I don't know whether you would see this or not, but I really want to say that your song heal me for about 4 years.
I studied for entrance exam for 2 years, and it was really exhausted.. but your song (especially Little Black Sandles and Day too soon) always make me relieve.
I really wanna say thanks you and I hope I can hear your voice in real.
I know it would be hard to come Korea, but I will go Austrailia for winter or next spring.
It would be wonderful if you release new albums and have a concert in Austrailia then.
Sorry for bad English, and have a good day. Love you!

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

I get goosebumps when I listen to you sing. Thanks for that.

Submitted by Maureen Moncrieff (not verified) on

Sia! Just want you to know, your song "The Greatest" literally pushed me through one of the hardest times of my life. It inspired me to keep moving forward no matter how hard it was to do so. I listened to it over and over, ( I'm a 50 year old woman btw) and I gotta say... not sure if I could have gotten through it with out that song... the lyrics , music, inspired me so much... and I am now happy to say, I am the happiest, and feeling such freedom that I have ever felt in my life! Thank you for being there for me... even though you had no idea you were! Sincerely Moe. Kemptville Ontario, Canada

Submitted by Romy (not verified) on

Sia thanks for saving me every single day of the year thanks for making me me thanks for healing my soul thanks for inspiring me thanks for being a role model thanks for ur music thanks for giving hope thanks for ur deep lyrics thanks for ur vocals thanks for not giving up thanks for being u thanks for existing! This all what I can say its crazy how every time I am depressed sad or idk and then u make the person I wanna be just in watching a video of urs! I love u so so so much and I wanna help u I wanna be here for u like u where once for me this is my biggest dream! I wanna be ur friend and help u like u did make u smile like u did support u like u did keep u alive like u did
Sia God bless uuu u deserve the best I wish u will always be happy in ur life because u deserve it and deserve more

Submitted by Cecilia Valdes Shaw (not verified) on

Sia, I looked up your bio because your songs/lyrics resonate so much with me, to such a high degree that I had to search why. In reading your bio, I find we have been through so much alike. From thyroid issues to my alien, mermaid, unicorn love and interest. I was unfortunately incarcerated because I worked for the wrong people and was caught on a conspiracy charge. They took me from my kids (single-mom), took all my money, and my doctor's license which I had just earned after so much hard work and struggle...but "I SURVIVED"...they took it all but I'm still breathing..."I'M ALIVE"... Silver this place where all the demons go, where the wind don't change, and nothing in the ground can ever grow, no hope, just lies
and you're taught to cry into your pillow...I wrote a book I had in my head for years...hopefully a movie one day. Thank you for your words that keep me going!!!

Submitted by Allira M (not verified) on

When I first listened to the song 'Unstoppable' I was already imagining a music vid lol! I was just asking your permission? I also wanted to add I am learning how to sing your songs and they are amazing! I wish I could I could have your autograph and meet you!
Love From Your Fans, Allira M, Callum G, Ayden C, Annilse D, Sinisha S, Taylah H and Ruby and Hannah I

Submitted by Derek (not verified) on

How would I go about writing and mailing you a letter for my ex? She loves you so much.

Submitted by Netty stock (not verified) on

Hi, will there be a U.K. Tour any time soon? My partner is the biggest sia fan and would love to be able to get tickets to take her. Thanks

Submitted by Mohnish Singh (not verified) on

Hello Sia. I am from India. I just want to thank you.. Last December I was all under depression and my life was all wayward.. Switching to english songs after a long time i heard CHANDILIER and it just uplifted me from nowhere. From then till now you and your songs have penetrated my heart deeply. I wish i could just talk to you once live.. You are my life saver thankyou for being there .. Whereever you are. Love.

Submitted by Gauthier ADNET (not verified) on


My girlfriend’s birthday coming and she’s a big fan of Sia.
How is it possible to get an autograph ?

A fan from France

Submitted by Lia Dahlquist (not verified) on

Don't want to start like an idiot here (Swedish, so English is not My laungange...I wish).
I heard you for many years ago, don't no exactly when (I as You was also an addict). I heard "Clap your hands"...loved it emediatly. So I let a "friend" listen to it. Her words was; how can you listen to that, that's just reapeting itself!! I smiled!! Did'nt care. From that day on. You are My inspiration. I can here/"see" you in every song. Nobody understands "If you haven't been on the dark side, you can't appreciate the light" Like u say, been there done that. NOT INCLUDING SINGING like YOU. Sorry, but need to write this too the person I really admire; "I Loved you yesterday, I Love you Still....I always have I Always will<3 Love Lia

Submitted by Christopher (not verified) on

I have been a huge fan of the beauty of your voice and talent for awhile now. You can really move emotions in people with that talent. However I must admit it is a shame stars can't have the freedoms we normal orLT average people enjoy and that is horrible. I will express however I do like your cure to the problem since it also proves that your voice and talent isn't the only beauty you possess. If I might say without intent of sounding sexist damn girl what an ass and thank you for sharing it with us.


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