Robbie Williams

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Robert Peter Williams
Pop Rock, dance
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During his World Tour for 2006, 1.6 million tickets were sold in one day.

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Robbie Williams was born in Stoke On Trent, England on February 13th, 1974. At 16, he became a member of the boy band Take That. After the incredible success of Take That and countless number one hits, Robbie Williams left the band in July, 1995.

He released his debut solo album "Life Thru A Lens" on Chrysalis Records. Record sales exploded after the single "Angels" was released for Christmas 1997 - a beautiful ballad, written within 20 minutes, which recently got voted the second best song of all times by British voters. Since then, Robbie has released 4 more original albums: "I've Been Expecting You", with the hit singles "Millennium", "Strong", "No Regrets" and "She's the One", the follow up "Sing When Your Winning", where he dueted with Kylie Minogue, the million seller "Escapology" and the live album "What We Did Last Summer", which was recorded in front of 375,000 people at his legendary Knebworth performances.

Additionally to his original albums, Williams also released an extremely successful cover album of classic swing songs ("Swing When Your Winning"), on which he dueted with actress Nicole Kidman on the Frank Sinatra cover "Something Stupid", which charted in at Number 1 in the UK, and with digitally added Frank Sinatra himself doing a duet. His "Greatest Hits" album was released in 2004 and his 6th album "Intensive Care" was released in 2005, which attracted healthy sales and good reception.

His 7th album, "Rudebox", was released in 2006 receiving mixed reviews and average sales but was still Number 1 in 14 countries. He released the single "She's Madonna" in 2007. Williams spent 2008 and 2009 writing his next album, working with producer Trevor Horn. In October, 2009, his latest single "Bodies" was released, receiving positive reviews and good sales. The much expected comeback album "Reality Killed the Video Star" was released in November, 2009.


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Robbie I am a first responder have been for over thirty years. I put my family second and so I am divorced living alone. your grace your willingness to help people with a dream is inspiring. please keep it up your down to earth feelings toward fellow man is remarkable it shows you true self


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