R Kelly

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Robert Sylvester Kelly
pop, hip-hop, soul, R&B
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"I Believe I Can Fly"
Trapped in the Closet

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R. Kelly is a singer-songwriter and record producer. A native of Chicago, Illinois, often referred to as King of R&B,[2] Kelly began performing during the late 1980s and debuted in 1992 with the group Public Announcement. In 1993, Kelly went solo with the album 12 Play. He is known for a collection of major hit singles including "Bump n' Grind", "Your Body's Callin'", "I Believe I Can Fly", "Gotham City", "Ignition (Remix)", "If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time", "The World's Greatest", "I'm a Flirt", and the hip-hopera "Trapped in the Closet". In 1998, Kelly won three Grammy Awards out of five nominations for "I Believe I Can Fly".


R. Kelly
Red Light Management
8439 Sunset Blvd
2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Submitted by Larry (not verified) on

Kelly, how you doing? Cool I guess. Just want to know, please. Why did you write Whitney that song -' I look to you'? Did she say anything out of this world to you, I mean frankly men, did she say she was gonna die? I am just really giving that song a thought and I now know something really strange about that song. You wrote it for her, couldn't you have helped her, point her to the right direction. She was suffering and she just couldn't take it anymore. I feel terrible knowing this now. I COULD HAVE REALLY PRAYED FOR HER, I MEAN REALLY REALLY PRAYED AND GOD WOULD HAVE HEARD ME. Kelly men, did you know what I know now then?

Submitted by Greenetez (not verified) on

Dumb question

Submitted by Nicholas Kheswa... (not verified) on

Please live the King of RNB ALONE... WE LOVE U KELLS KEEP OM PRAYING brother.. im your fan 100% I CANT WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT ULBUM

Submitted by Huge fan (not verified) on

You're not quilty as a man who has also been sexual abused as a child I know how you mentally feel I dont care what they try saying that victims from sexuall abuse can re abuse key word is "can" not will! I know you're innocent. Here's how I know why please explain why wouldn't know of all these new allegations came out when you first went through this same shi*t years ago well they can't explain why because it's clear it would have kelly you're the victim of a successful man who hungry woman use ways to try and bleed you out I am also going through some harsh times but brother god is good I hope you understand that many of us including me are forever praying for you

You know what I listen to every day
Shut up!
All these people running their mouth for things they dont know what they talking about SHUT UP!

I'm following you every day I just wish i could talk to you one time not even about the case I know you couldnt anyways i just wanna be able to talk to one my childhood idols and show my support I found out i could possible have cancer and i would love to talk to you not pressing you to though have a bless day you stay in my prayers my brother

Submitted by Niki Reynolds (not verified) on

They need to let that man out, he's been through enough. I want to write him so do other people read his mail to him? What about statute of limitations, some of that stuff has to have one. They need to let him go.

Submitted by Eli Dennison (not verified) on

I love R Kelly’s work and I can not believe how so many people turn their backs on him ….. I truly believe if there was not money and fame involved we wouldn’t have even heard of a CASE …. My beliefs is that this is all about Money and Fame , Not Justice …. A pay day for the lawyer’s and so called victims

Submitted by Lela (not verified) on

Keep your head up... We know who got the hottest music..much love ... im always go be a fan !

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Hey Kells,
I am a huge fan of yours man, from Gary, Indiana,
and I started to just not write because I know you probably get a million fan emails a day, but I wanted you to know that you are a deep inspiration despite whatever the news tries to dispute and bring negative attention to you man. I believe you and even if you do have flaws, its like you always said in your songs, pray for you, don't judge and criticize you. I'm praying for you brother I to lost my mom, and I felt like my fucking world ended the day she died. I don't give a fucking care about anything. And I knew I was raised better, but I just didn't give a fuck. I felt like she was the only reason for ding good, and if life was fucked up enough to take her, then hell, the rest of the world will get whatever they deserve. Listening to your music kept me grounded man, and as you go through your own trial and tribulations man, I just want you to know that it's o.k. to be humane man and shit we all have problems, don't let them fool you. You are cool Kells, keep being you man, and keep pouring your soul into the music. I love you man as a man and a brother and thank you for everything you have given 'US." Love you bruh!!!

Submitted by MsHolland (not verified) on

Kelly keep yea head up despite what othere's say one thing they can never take from you is that you are definitely the greatest R and B singer of all times no can judge you who are they to judge and no one is perfect I know only of one perfect man and he sits high and looks low so you just keep doing you my love😘

Submitted by Sha (not verified) on

Always wanted to meet you! I want you to know that there is always light at the end of every dark tunnel and whenever your in Philadelphia look me up! Signed by me Ms Beautiful ! Its going to be ok Daddy take care!

Submitted by Nakia (not verified) on

Hope this reaches you.. Robert Kelly I love your music and the message behind lyrics.. keep your head up... so many opinions on your life... All I have to say is a person does to you what you allow to be done.. God bless and I hope you can read this personally Love...

Submitted by Lashawn (not verified) on

I love ur music

Submitted by Aja Brown (not verified) on


Submitted by O. Rivers (not verified) on

Hello I am your biggest fan.
I cant wait to hear your new album I know its going to be amazing!
If you can contact me I would love to meet you.

Submitted by Lisa Jackson (not verified) on

Im so sorry for the pain you are enduring from the world. Repent and ask The Most High Yah to give you strength.im praying that he protect you my brother. Turn back to God Kelly he loves you the pain ur experiencing is satan trying to take your soul turn back to your creator he loves you. Trust the lord with all your heart. Ask for forgiveness and
forvive those who transgressed aginst you. Dont look back im praying that Yah fight this battle for you. I wish that israel stop persecuting each other we are brothers and sisters please stop hating and allowing the world to use us.we are the people of God. lets turn back to the father. Love u my brother. Praying for you!!

Submitted by Evangelist Foster. (not verified) on

This coming from a good place. Repent, jesus loves you and he made you. I dont want nothing from you. Read the book of malichi. Bless you a church of choice, and watch god move on your behalf. If we judge you and do mean things to you, we are just as worse. Keep your head up. Love you with the love of christ.

Submitted by AudriSweets (not verified) on

I honestly don't believe any of the allegations.. I don't think you can be held against you're will if you're consenting to everything! Nevertheless i think these women are grown now & can speak for themselves.. He isn't holding anyone against they're will if they can leave whenever they please.. REGARDLESS I STILL LOVE HIM ! COME GET ME HELL ILL CONSENT TO BEING YO SEX SLAVE 😏💦👅

Submitted by Koreema Johnson (not verified) on

Stay strong! Keep praying! Continue believing! I hate hearing the things I am hearing about you. I've decided to not engage myself in such bs nonsense. I wish you nothing but the best.

Your True Fan
Koreema Johnson

Submitted by Shavonda (not verified) on

Robert Kelly. I love you and always will no matter what these people are saying about you.

Submitted by Natasha Ross (not verified) on

The best of all times, this news hurts my heart because to see how people who you trusted turn on you in this way, sad real sad. As you stated in your recent song ‘ I admit it’ my heart just hurts to know that you went through all this hurt and pain but managed to keep smiling. God got your back and your true fans got you too. Love you. Keep that good music coming

Submitted by Temekia Ford (not verified) on

I know you've probably received a million e-mails, but despite any and everything I'm a true fan of yours. People make mistakes everyday and if you ever made a mistake oh well there is no reason for everybody to be coming for you. You've made dozens of hits you've made hits for people and had them having #1 records and now because some women have spoke out against you and made you out to be a monster after all the years they've claimed you done this that and the third, I mean why now? All of them are grown they left from whatever was going on and they did it on their own you didn't make them stay it was their choice, if you were this big bad monster they could've should've and would've spoke up before now! Your ex wife was on a reality tv show she NEVER once brought up all the things she claimed you did to her she was crying about not being able to ride on a private jet and all that materialistic stuff. She had the nerves to get remarried on national tv didn't take his last name on top of the marriage didn't last for 2 seconds so maybe her problem is just her! I grew up loving your music and I'm going to ALWAYS continue listening to your music! I LOVE ME SO R KELLY AND WHOEVER GOT A PROBLEM WITH IT I DON'T CARE AT ALL! #TEAM RKELLY

Submitted by Sandra (not verified) on

Some people are just embattled. The Lord God is saying come to me and I will give you rest. You have a gift, you are blessed. God wants you to live right and nobody needs to tell you what it means because I think you had a praying momma. Then the enemy will have to get off your back, old things have passed away and all things have become new. I am praying for you, God has laid you on my heart and I am in prayer. I wish I could address some of the things you sang about in your song , I admit but this is not the forum for that. I am praying the best for you. God’s blessings.

Submitted by Layla Marie (not verified) on

Why does blacks always want to condemn other blacks and bring there own people down... why do they want to tear R down when 13 14 15 year old girls have babies by 30 40 50 year old mans every day... i was one of those girls.. i admit I persuade an older man regardless of what anyone said... and at the beginning of time I thought women brainwashed man not the other way around.... women mature way faster every one of those girls who are grown ass women now damn sho older than me need to stop a man can only do to you what you let them do and I was always told you can’t rape the willing I’m always going to be team R Kelly... Look at all these catholic priest raping lil boys ant the priests get protected by the church.. what happened to the gospel no sin is greater than the other... every one who is judging and pointing fingers thats a sin to... R baby don’t worry about the world you are great so just know that why people want to see you down... only god can judge you as so just know millions still love you and always will

Submitted by Layla Marie (not verified) on

Your the best of all time.. there will never be another you no one will compare to you.you are the king of r&b and don’t you ever forget... keep your head up and keep pushing black man... i will stay praying for all the haters to leave you alone... you’re hated for being a black powerful man and you are one of the greatest.... I love you and always will

Submitted by Shirley Cooper (not verified) on

Everyone wanna blame R Kelly for these things that happened but it is was that bad where are the parents!!?? Ijs.. I'm a woman and a big fan of him but at the same time I'ma be real!! Everybody played a part in this and it needs to be addressed. They were all good when he was spending that money on them.. Now u a victim! Stop MF playing.. take responsibility for your own actions and on it!! Yes he may have been the worst man ever after the fact that he didn't want u no more!! But I don't think he's that monster!! All the victims wanna be so innocent.. I'm lmao because that's not what it was.. but as far as minors!!. Where they mama at though?? She should have known what her daughter was doing.. She need to be right beside him if it's that crusial.. You should have known where yo MF child was at!! Your fault.. sorry.. now u no.. a man is exactly what he is . A MF man.. Be a mama and know what the fucks going on with ya MF kids.. he ain't the only blame..

Submitted by Faye (not verified) on

R. Kelly, I pray that God allow this message to reach you. I am more than just a fan i am your sister in Christ. I have to say you are such a strong man and i truly admire you. I have learned that silence and prayer is the best way to fight any battle and watching you go through the public your trails and tribulations and never once have you replied or gave any energy to the negativity thrown at you in the publics eye. That was actually very inspirational to me, so I try to do the same when im going through. You know sometimes God has to disrupt our life because He needs our full attention, He need us to stop be still and have an one on one conversation with Him so we can stay on the right path. Sometimes He allow things to interrupt our busy life to bring our focus back on Him & know that we still need Him (You know God is a jealous God) so He can take us to what He has planned for us. August 17th 2018 you came to St. Louis, MO I was having the worst day nothing was going my way, i was having the hardest time finding an outfit and my car strart acting up and i left my phone in my friends brother car. When you came on stage you explained to us the issues you were having back stage & they told you to keep it clean, they had christian family members out there & you said to them, I KNOW GOD TOO. So heres where my prayers were answered, since i could not find an outfit and i was running out of time, i just through on a black tank top & my green camouflage pants, just to end up surprisingly finally meeting you in person and dressed just like you. I was one of the last five people in the room to meet you and take a picture (that was one of the best days of my life) meeting you was the silver lining of my day, even if it was for just 10 seconds. I heard your record sales went up since that lifetime program aired, See what people are trying to use to destroy you God used it to restore you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. As a child of God, we must not judge one another and he who has not sin shall cast the first stone. No sin is greater than another. I have to say I did not entertain the allegations back in the early 2000s and i do not entertain them now. You are a very talented, gifted, intelligent, handsome, successful, inspirational young man. You are God's son and He will never fail you, just stay in prayer (Prayer Changes, in my R. Kelly voice) and stay in the presence of God. I also hear that other celebrities are also making their comments and jumping on the band wagon, forgetting YOU are the reason why they have hit songs and albums and a career. But some of these people are the same people that also wants to preach about Black Lives Matters and we as African Americans need to stick together stop belittling and putting each other down and when we see one of our black sisters and brothers life taking a turn for the worst, we need to help them, by keeping them uplifted & encouraged (but I guess YOU are a white american), whenever things happen in our lives we need to take responsiblity for our part ask God to move us forward, but since we live in a money hunger, selfish, victimized, follower (no mind of their own) world its easy for people to turn on one another in a heart beat for money/fame/attention. It's so much that we as fans hear about celebrities like (murder, cheating, raping, gun violence, drugs & physical abuse) but whats crazy, me as a fan, i don't about what you all do in your personal life i dont know you personally and hell these crimes are being committed everyday all day. People that make a career out of trying to destroy someone else's career, reputation and character may have some more deeper issues going on. I was told that God's word said to pray for your enemies and the battle is not yours, its His. Kelly I pray that you will over come this and that God heal and mend you and your siblings (Bruce, Carey & Theresa) relationship as well as if any distance or lack of communication with your children. I pray that any bitterness, hurt or brokeness your ex-wife Andrea is holding in her heart be released, so that she can have a peacful life, I ask God to lift you up in His glory, that you have a heart of forgiveness and understanding as He forgives us, I ask that Lord forgive the Kelly family for any malice and strongholds in their hearts thats causing them to turn against each other due to brokeness, hurt, pain & emptiness, surround them with Angels of healing, forgiving, convictions, understanding, breakthroughs, love and peace. Bring the Kelly family to heal privately in an intimate setting with each other open each and everyone of their hearts to forgive each other. Father they need your embrace, your word, your covetiness in Jesus name I pray your will be done. Amen. Remember Kelly forgiving is not for those who hurt us, but for ourselves to help us move forward & have peace. We must also forgive ourselves. Just a little thing i do for myself, if you would like to try it. I do a self evaluations, i write down everything that is hindering me i say a prayer asking God to remove it and cleanse my heart align my plans with His i burn the paper up saying Father I cast these strongholds over my life into the sea to never return again. Robert Sylvester Kelly YOU ARE MORE THAN A CONQUEROR! God is trying to tell you something (LISTEN), do those words sound fimilar? They should you wrote them. Uplifting sings (Close by Marvin Sapp, Necessary by Fantasia, prayer change by You, the storm is over by YOU, heaven i need a hug by YOU, trade in my life by YOU, a sinners prayer by deitrick haddon & LeAndria Johnson, Jesus on youtube worship with the Greater Allen Cathedral praise team) these are just a few of my go to songs. Kels I love you for you i dont know you personally just from your music and your book Soulacoaster. Stay strong, keep your head up, Keep writing amazing hit records, Stay in Gods presence & PRAYER is your biggest defense, let God handle whats to big for you. Be still and Be quiet, listen for God's answer, He may come to you in your dreams or He may even send your mom. I LOVE YOU CONQUEROR! Happy Belately B-Day. Stay Blessed. Hope to meet you again one day (longer than 10 minutes...lol)

Submitted by christyn jones (not verified) on

hey R.kelly I dont know if you really look at this stuff but im here to tell you to keep your head up and that god is with you every step of the way. im only 16 and i understand what you are going though people are saying that you did all of this stuff. but i dont think you really did it.there will always be people that will try to take away what you have. thats all i wanted to say.oh i almost forgot I LOVE ALL OF YOUR SONGS AND ALWAYS WILL.

Submitted by Courtney (not verified) on

R. Kelly I've been a true huge fan since I can remember. You are truly a king! I just want to let you know, I always wanted to meet you & that you're in my prayers. God will see you thru all these 1 sided allegations and challenges ahead. Even if no one else in the world doesn't, I love you & your music! There's always 2 sides to a story. Keep your head up baby 😘

Submitted by N Robertson (not verified) on

mr kels u are an amazing artist your music has pulled me through so many dark times in my life and I love u for that you have a song for every emotion and almost every situation I have faced good and bad I am so grateful for the gift u give the world and that is ur music . mr kels I want u to remember this the word NEVER SAID THE WEAPONS WOULDNT FORM , BUT KNOW HE SAID THEY WILL NOT PROSPER.., I love u genuinely don’t let them take u off the pedestal u built your self keep singing love ❤️

Submitted by Omar Fountain (not verified) on

Kell's, somehow get BET to do a series, I am R. Kelly. Not to defend yourself but to express your legacy. It's a fowl thing that is happening to you. Piss on Lifetime and Sue the whole network and see if they survive that.

Submitted by Christane green (not verified) on

Rob dont worry about what these gold digging woman are saying stay strong and pray God will get you through this ordeal keep being u and doing what u do with christ all things are possible.

Submitted by Klaudisha Johnson (not verified) on

Hey Kells, just want you to know how much i love you and support you ! Will never stop being a fan ❤️ Keep your head and and keep being strong im continuously keeping you in high prayer ! I love you 😘

Submitted by Gina (not verified) on

Hello my name Gina Thru everything ur music has lifted me an I would love to meet an talk to u. I live in Warren Ohio an a big fan of ur music and u! Hope to hear from u soon ❤️❤️

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Since watching the Lifetime special I have not listened to any of your music..however Step in the name of Love came on today and I couldn't turn it off. I almost teared up because I felt guilty. But two parts of the movie played in my mind as I listened to your music. I dont know if either part is true but the first was that you had learning disabilities and were bullied in school. The second was that you were molested by a family member. As a survivor of both I understand on a personal level how that completely distorts you as a person. I want you to know that the things that were done to you and the monster you became as result of it is not your fault. The only thing you are responsible for is not allowing your damage cause damage in others. Listening to your music I know that you know the same God as I do. Know that I took my damage to Him and He fixed it and He can and will do that for you as well..stay encouraged and know that He will give you beauty for ashes.

Submitted by Latasha (not verified) on

First of all thank you years and years of music that has gotten me and others in this world through some of our most difficult times. Despite what media, The Savages and these women are saying God holds your fate and your destiny. It’s crazy how much being so gifted and talented can cost a person. Money is the root to all evil in this world and it saddens me that a star, a legend like yourself have to give money to these liars just not to have to deal with scandals and it’s unfortunate that if you do it once then that’s an open door for these lies and accusations to continue and once there’s no more money then Surviving R. Kelly is produced. How evil can a person be to want to see a persons career and life ruined just for money and attention. For what it’s worth to you you have so many dedicated fans who are with you through this and all we want to know is what we can do to help. I never seen a persons life so scarred on mere lies and allegations no evidence no arrest just a lot of lies and we know your hurting because your fans are devistated on all this negative impact and there aren’t even no pending criminal charges. But down through the years you’ve inspired us to believe, to be better, and even to surrender our problems to God. So today and every day my prayers are with you and we your forever fans challenge you to be your own inspiration rely on the music that you’ve given us to bring us through our trying times and in time you’ll see “prayer changes things”, “the storm is over “ because we always knew that you are “ the worlds greatest” .. We love you #KingKelly4Life

Submitted by KryssK (not verified) on

Sending prayers your way, I believe you'll make it through , when you get a 2nd chance make it right this time.God stated No sin is greater than the other.You'll make it through no doubt.

Submitted by Cheryl (not verified) on

For many years I have enjoyed your music. It has brought so much joy to me. You are musically gifted. I believe you are the true definition of a pedifile, you use your power, status, and wealth to degrade, manipulate, and control vulnerable people.
I feel saddened, and disappointed. Your days are numbered.

Submitted by Karla Denise Mo... (not verified) on

I believe in you R.Kelly ur are my favorite artist..I’m praying u beat these charges 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️Hope I get a message back.. i’m rooting for you Kells❤️❤️ Ur number one fan🙌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

Submitted by Jason (not verified) on

I am the biggest fan of you.in 23 years of you in the news,i supported you even through people told me that had sex with underage girls at first I did not want to belive it at first because you kept real in your songs and I can relate to your songs.I was hartborken when i saw you got arrested last week.I hope that you will get help

Submitted by Sweetstuff (not verified) on

Love you Robert Kelly, dnt let the media press or anyone put you down. Your stronger than that, your stronger than them. Dont give them any benefit of the doubt. You hear me, hold your head up high, i dnt knw about other fans, but, i love you, always did , always will, stay strong babe, please. Xxxxxxxxx
I sent you a FB message in your page. Xxx

Submitted by Kj (not verified) on

Your nearly through all this kells, you don't deserve jail. Hope you pull through all this son. King of R&B

Submitted by Kim (not verified) on

Just wanted to say keep ya head up.
I know seems impossible but your strong and will get through all BS and hopefully on the right side.
I support you and you have a lot of fans supporting you and wish nothing but the best.
I am so sorry you have to go through this people suck and are so greedy.
None of this makes any sense to me.
Just wanted you to know one more person was praying for you.

Submitted by Leticia (not verified) on

I am a die hard fan of Kells. You can say what you want. It's not going to keep me from listening to his music every day. He throws the best concerts. Please come back to Raleigh NC. We love you and will be praying for you. People always want to tear a brother down. He grew up in the South Side of Chicago and made himself a music mogul. People trying to take what he has left. I pray he get the rights to his music. He's the Greatest of All Times. People still go to Mass. Support their Priests. Still leave their kids with their boyfriend they think they know. Their dirty old uncle or grandfather. But you don't want to talk about that! I don't know and you don't know. But GOD knows. When the money stops, now the Parents trying to tear him down. I just watched Iyanla Fix My Life E7 & 8. Momma was a crack head, prostitute and sold drugs. Her kids went to a Foster home. Foster parents locked the kids in the basement from age 4 to 13. Made the siblings kiss and perform oral sex on each other just to get a meal. Foster parents still do that today. But they not in jail. Kells I pray for your innocence. Love Tish

Submitted by Mashoni combs (not verified) on

Never let people’s negative comments, take u there pray to god that you will get past your weakness’s and that your past will not destroy your future. Stay hopeful, get some relief and getaway on another mindset to keep the right company. :)

Submitted by Alex Gregory (not verified) on

Robert you are my hero and I love every thing about you.

Submitted by Bally (not verified) on

Hi Kel, i read and watch all you going through and to let you know i grew with your songs back in the 90's and all from public announcement. I am here to support and protect you and be your friend any time day or night, what ever trouble you going through now is not natural and will not stand and watch this evil befall you. i will fight for you in the way i know and you shall over come every single problems you have and when you do make sure you message me as there is more to do for you as i will not stay alive and watch you go depress and evil people take you away no way. i will use what power i have to protect you and you shall see result soon. reply me kelly we got loads to tackle.

Submitted by Marquita (not verified) on

I love you kellz ...... Keep your head up kellz

Submitted by Adrian Best (not verified) on

Keep ya head up and try to think about music

Submitted by Allison Thomas (not verified) on

I started listening to your music when you first come out
I never changed artists you're the world greatest true song . I love you as you're my husband I pray for you 🙏🙏🙏God be in the mist of the mess. Keep your head up and stay prayed up. No weapon formed against you shall proper . I will always love you no matter what?

Submitted by Lilly (not verified) on

The devil can keep us under wraps but the light will set us free. God Bless You!


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