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pop, hip-hop, dance
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"Get Lucky" with Daft Punk
"Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke

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Pharrell Williams (born April 5, 1973), also known simply as Pharrell, is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, musician, and fashion designer. Williams and Chad Hugo make up the record production duo The Neptunes, producing soul, hip hop and R&B music. He is also the lead vocalist and drummer of rock, funk, and hip hop band N.E.R.D, which he formed with Hugo and childhood friend Shay Haley. He released his first single "Frontin'" in 2003 and followed up with his debut solo album In My Mind in 2006. His second album, Girl was released on March 3, 2014.

As part of The Neptunes, Williams has produced numerous hit singles for various recording artists. Williams has earned seven Grammy Awards including two with The Neptunes. He currently owns a media venture that encompasses entertainment, music, fashion, and art called i am OTHER. He is also the co-founder of the clothing brands Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.


Pharrell Williams
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5213


Submitted by Bev (not verified) on

Do you have a song production that reflects the soft, nurturing, and introspective Pharrell who has been so visible in your coaching on The Voice?

Submitted by Christopher Fisher (not verified) on

This is a title album song that I have produced. I'd like Pharrell to produce the rest of the album and do revisions on what I have already recorded. You can view my work on under the name Funkfucius. Thank you.

Submitted by Scott (not verified) on

I already loved your music. Now I have so much respect for your remarks concerning the Michael Brown tragedy. Nobody regardless of race deserves support for lawless bullying behavior and attacking a policeman. Honestly I don't like cops. I've been done wrong by them and I'm white.. Mike Brown unfortunately dug his own grave by his own behavior. It's called ACCOUNTABILITY and it transcends race. You are courageous to say what so many law abiding people are afraid to say.

Submitted by Ron Wilkinson (not verified) on

Nino Tempo & April Stevens "Honeysuckle Rose" Found this on Youtube.I think this would an awesome recording to put a new Pharrell spin for a #1 Hit... just saying

Submitted by Iowa native (not verified) on

Pharrell I think you are a talented individual but I cannot grasp
your musical rendition of having your entourage raise their hands
regarding the various incidents that have occurred across the country
this past year at an award show. You are entitled to your opinion
about the subject matter but I feel that it was not necessary to inject
your opinion at an awards gathering where its purpose was to celebrate
the creative accomplishments of talented artists in the music industry and
not to make a political statement.

Submitted by Dawn Batershill (not verified) on

Hi, My son is an amazing graffiti artist whose talent is just going to waste. He has been doing it for years but taken it more seriously since he is unable to keep a full time job down due to diabetes and epilepsy no one wants to employ him. Was wondering if you would give him the benefit of the doubt and let him maybe design a T-shirt for yourself, if so please email me and I can give you some samples of his work. Regards.

Submitted by Funkista (not verified) on

Pharrell, we love you! The Gaye family lawsuit is a greedy, ugly, twisted, lose-lose situation. Don't let it get you down! Your fans love you as much as ever and we will hang in there with you. It must be painful now, but you will come out on top for sure.

Submitted by walter ladner (... (not verified) on

I'm a DJ (club) from New Orleans since 1971. I've been mixing music {mash-ups) for a long time and I can put several songs inside of "Got To Give It Up" & "Happy" and you would think it was a copy of the originals.The Gaye family went to court with a mix to show the judge. If R.Thicke & P. Williams had mixes showing what I or any other talented DJ could do the judge would have a better understanding of samples.Many and I mean Many of songs sound like other songs.If I played a medley for the judge would be thinking that a lot of songs have been ripped off. JUST SAYING...

Submitted by Stanford Reid (not verified) on

Pharrell is the best role model for anyone who sees the true value in artistic expression as well as anyone who part takes in creating works of art. No other artist offers as much inspiration to the young generation. Pharrell has provided me with much guidance throughout my career, and I haven't met him personally, but if I do, I'll be sure to let him know how much I appreciate his contributions to society and the music industry.

Submitted by Gina (not verified) on

Please check out these amazing artist from Philadelphia, pa. They have a sound like no other band. I believe they are everything you describe what your record label is... "different, crazy, mixed creativeness between funk,rock,country, and r&b.. and they are a music category of their own expressions. Please just listen and give them a chance. Chalk and Beige Americans. I can also send a record..yes vinyl!!

Submitted by Donowonder (not verified) on

I.m late 60's and your "happy" song was commercial. I hope you made a lot of money from it. I'm also classically trained by a voice coach that required perfection. You don't fit the mold, I thought. You really surprised me with several of the suggestions you gave to the girls on the Voice this week. I occasionally jump to conclusions for a variety of reasons but you have broken the mold. I hope you continue to guide vocal performers to understand they have a gift and a responsibility to deliver the perfect notes they are capable of. Thanks tor being a model.

Submitted by Cdotmom (not verified) on

Love your mentoring on The Voice. Would love to hear
Sawyer do a coffeehouse version of Mr. Brightside.
I think you could do a brilliant arrangement for him. Please?

Submitted by Georgiann (not verified) on

I have always loved Pharrell on the voice---however, this past week he performed on the Voice and he didn't seem to be able to stop swiping away at his crotch---why does he do that---it's classless, tastless, detracts rather than enhances-----also---he seems to want to project an image of an enlightened karmic sort of figure with the responses he gives to the contestants etc.,----crotch grabbing doesn't seem to fit well with that. Makes me wonder who Pharrell really is---------

Submitted by Maximilian (not verified) on

I was goofing off with friends and I came up with with a line that can potentially be a chorus-line. I am hoping I can get a hold of you so we can discuss this a little more. I will be working on the rest of the Vocals and the beat in the mean time. Come back to me whenever.

Submitted by John Kjeldgaard (not verified) on

Sawyer needs to sing Bridge over troubled waters!!!!

Thanks from Nebraska

Submitted by Kathy (not verified) on

The nod to John Denver, people would LOVE! Total emotional connection.

Submitted by Teresa (not verified) on

You wear the most awesome shirts. You wore one on the voice april 7th. I would love to know where to purchase it. It was so fab on you I would love one for my husbands birthday. Really would love to know.

Submitted by ELI Taylor (not verified) on

Hello Pharrel I am doing a report for my English class and would like to know what you can say about music producing for you. And what you did to get where you are.

Thank You

Submitted by Charles Massie (not verified) on

Hello, my name is Charles Massie. I'm from V.A. I'm a writer, singer, rapper, inventor, fashion designer, model and more. I've recently published my first book with Xlibris. It's called, Dark Tales presents... the Trilogy! If you get a chance, please check out my book. It's available on, Amazon, and more. If I get enough money from this book, I can do my next project. Wish me luck!

Thank you,
Charles Massie

Beam me up! ;-)

Submitted by mary marshall (not verified) on

Stop making just adult size sneakers nice sneakers and make some for kids as well. kids need solid colors especially for school.

Submitted by Paula (not verified) on

Dear Pharrell,
As you advise and produce Sawyer forward, please always see his light and cherish his spirit. We entrust in you what the world needs to feel, know, remember and receive through Sawyer You and he are special beyond words. Please, please use it for good... and as you know full well, abundance will follow.
Thank you,

Submitted by Gina Bartolini (not verified) on

Pharrell please have Sawyer sing a John Denver Song he has a similar voice and has that sweet country boy , funny, cute, sweet, genuine and warmth that John Denver did. Pls I want to see Sawyer win.

Submitted by Brigitte Lloyd (not verified) on

suggestion for THE VOICE (probably too late by now) but sawyer wrote in his young years an upbeat song called "It's You" - I would love to hear that one in his mature voice. could it be still arranged that he sings this one for the finals? just a suggestion from a fan ...

Submitted by Pk (not verified) on

First of all, I am your polar opposite but I adore you and your music! There you are, the young happening fit black man, and me an old fat midwest white woman, hahaha. But I know class when I see it, I'm still a hippie rock 'n roller at heart and love your music! Assuming and so hoping you'll be there on the Voice in 2016, I have two suggestions for your contestants, one especially for a duet. They seem to be your 'flavor', I'm thinking if you listened to them, you could see the possibilites. "Turn Your Love Around" by George Benson and "The Time of My Life" by Bill Medly and Jennifer Warnes.I can only imagine what you could do with these songs with the right singers! God Bless and Love

Submitted by Laura (not verified) on

my husband is very talented, has also an excellent band with great singles, but have been bullied by the industry. I know the potential they have, and what they can achieve with the right support. Please help them.

Submitted by Marijane Stomberg (not verified) on

I wrote a song for you, Pharrell Williams. May I email you the mp3 of my "Dreams" or mail you a CD in US mail? I have copyright on the lyrics and music for it. I would love to hear you do a rendition of it.
Thanks. Marijane Stomberg

Submitted by Sharon Holgate (not verified) on

Just want to say how much I have enjoyed watching you on the Voice. I love your humility and gentle spirit. Clearly you acknowledge where you gift comes from.

SO excited that you are coming to our beautiful country and especially your passion to lift up those who need to be uplifted.

Submitted by Simone (not verified) on

Super excited to see you in Johannesburg next month. Please please listen to a track by Justin Chalice- "Be yourself". Our own homegrown S.A. artist. Video is also available on YouTube. His songs are AMAZING! Praying that you listen & love it as much as we do. Freedom Tour is going to be ROCK!!!

Submitted by Kim Cherichella (not verified) on

Can you help me identify Pharrell's baseball cap that he has worn on the voice this week? 11-16 and 11-17

Submitted by Riasha (not verified) on

I watched a segment on you talking about women. l think you get carried away in material world you where still in that world as you were speaking love you're flaws faults blahblah them girls were all betufuil healthy skinny having short hair or diffrent skin tone being of a different ethnicsty is not a flaw that a women should struggle with nor do I think it's something that men bully women about normally on the lines of too fat too skinny no boobs no but crap hair shit teeth women struggle with low self estiam everyday no normal women in film clips to many men have children then she isn't what she use to be. Merilyn Monroe gorgeous talented yep but still had self estiam issues that went with her drug abuse what I'm saying if you show the beuty of a girl show her flaw or choose another song I don't speak much english only 3months mock it if you want.

Submitted by Chuck (not verified) on

You are a great singer but in my opinion set a bad example with holes in the ass of your pants. It's just as bad as them lowered like some gang bangers. Your better than that . Just saying. Also grabbing yourself is in appropriate.

Submitted by Alicia T (not verified) on

I am a small town girl turned into a now stay at home mother of 5. Pharrell, you are so inspiring! You help me to everyday to be the best parent and person I can be! You are a true role model, thoughtful,and original! Thank you for all that you do!

Submitted by Garrett Williard (not verified) on

Hey Pharrell,
My names Garrett and you're one of my biggest idols. I grew up in Virginia Beach, my father graduated from Princess Anne and I always see and admire your house when im on the boat with my friends, it motivates me to work hard. Anyways Im currently in school at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida studying Recording Arts. Moving down to Florida away from everything was the best decision I ever made. It caused me to let go of the childish ruitines I were letting take part in my life and to pursue the things I actually dreamed of; music, clothing, photography, etc.. One night recently I stumbled upon the Q&A you did on How To Succeed in Life, the one where you talked about "what is nothing", and man it changed my whole perspective on life and everything about it. The last 6 months from when I started at Full Sail, has turned me into a completetly new person, and I try my best when I
come back to the beach to push my friends as much as possible to go for the things that they really want to do in their lives. Everyone has some sort of creative ability, whether it be music, drawing, writing. And if you work at it everyday it just becomes something that is apart of you. Anyways the reason I am messaging you is because I am on spring break and will be visiting NYC this thurs-sun for the first time and am beyond excited. My mom got tickets to the Seth Myers show and i just found out last week that you are going be featured as the special guest. Meeting you is on my bucket list right next to traveling the world and teaching kids musicianship. My 21st birthday is April 14th and if you had even a second before or after the show to come say hi, it would mean the world. Im trying to learn the most i can about the music industry and what better way then to talk to Pharrell
Williams. Really hope you see this and have the time to read it.
Best regards,
-Garrett Williard

Submitted by Gianna (not verified) on

Pharrell please find it in your heart to write a song for me ...strum my pain with these words...My dear John letter after 19 years of marriage...not a day passes that I don't see things a little more clearly...How many times you told me I was all's a delicate balance and my scale was tipped way over...always obsessing and worrying about money always having to be in control of finances so we didn't go under...never being able to take a breath... if it wasn't money it was the kids or taking care of the parents could you not feel miserable around me I wasn't any fun never carefree never lighthearted and not having a job only made it worse for clearly I see things now...I thought I was doing what I was supposed to ...sacrificing of myself to keep us afloat like the good wife the good mother I forgot about me...our children are most happy when they see me do for myself whether that's buying a new top, dancing or simply painting my nails It's all so sad that it took all this to make me realize what I had become...that can change and it will...I owe it to myself...I don't worry about running the household or raising our children...I was built for were out of the house 3 to 4 nights a week I was commander in chief but I didn't turn it off when you were around I stayed in that mode...whether it was because I didn't want to burden you with it allowing you the time to adjust to being a lieutenant or was it simply that the lack of interest you showed me made me feel like you couldn't handle it...I thought I was doing the right thing but instead the exact opposite happened ...I made you feel not needed...I lost myself and in turn lost you ...I wasn't easygoing I wasn't fun...every time you spoke to me it was all never made me feel secure that you were a true partner so that I could breath and relax and know that everything would be ok...I could have used you to help me see all this and more but you never took the time to make me feel truly didn't hold me and say relax everything is going to be alright...I felt if I let go we would crumble and we looked to another woman and took the time to give her of yourself what you didn't give me... I only wish you could have chosen to do that for are her friend speak about everything and about nothing...she gives you no stress no chose her...I let you believe I was strong and independent because I foolishly thought that's what you wanted of me...I never let you see I needed so much more...I needed a friend a partner a soul mate...I thought I had that in you and thought we just lost our way but I was wrong...always thinking and never doubting that we shared a love larger than life and that our marriage had the strength and fortitude to see us through...I was a foolish woman

Submitted by Patty W (not verified) on

I have to say my opinion of Pharrell Williams just plummeted on Monday night. He kept going on about our Nebraska girl who is in "The Voice" competition could really sing and she "came from Nebraska?" .... What the Hell, Pharrell?!! You think that we Nebraskans can't sing? that we only listen to polka and chew on hay straws? I think you owe the GREAT state of Nebraska an apology!!! Not only can we sing, but we can dance, and act. We have schools (that have more than one room) colleges, and sports teams. We have Small business, Big business, and Worldwide business headquarters. We feed the nation and world with our livestock and crops. We sadly also have murder and mayhem. We are a state with many races, colors, religions and customs. In other words, Pharrell, We are just like any other state in America. So yes, I am offended when you act like a girl from Nebraska should not be able to sing, as all Nebraskans should be.

Submitted by koen verberkt (not verified) on

dear mr williams,

i hope you get a change to see this. there are a lot of troubles in this world and i cant do anything about it but one you can solve. im shearching for a pink sweater with a lion on it and the billionaires boy club logo. please tell me where to find it, im looking for quite a while.


koen verberkt

Submitted by Allen Solestar (not verified) on

Hey Pharrell, I have a sound that needs to be heard. Just like u needed to be heard because The Neptunes provided a refreshing and totally different sound to the game. And I particularly would love it if you coached me.

Submitted by Craig (not verified) on

Suggest you have her sing Mercy by Duffy and see how that goes as a potential final song

Submitted by NW (not verified) on

I want to say I have a great level of respect for your response to all people on The Voice. You never limit your standing ovations to your team members. It is obvious you appreciate all gifted musicians whether they are in your team or not. I will miss you on The Voice next season

Submitted by Ernest Wells (not verified) on

I was a fan until I learned you were supporting Hillary. No more!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Diane Laursen (not verified) on

I might not be a "typical" Pharrell fan - being 60 years old - but I think he is so brilliant and I think so highly of him in many ways.

His comments about "empathy" on Charlie Rose ((9/25/17) were so timely and well said. I am a Caucasian woman who wants to change the dynamic of race in our country - Pharell is so correct in his thinking and I hope he continues to spread his collaborative ideas and spirit. I applaud Pharell and his ideas - he is on the right path with empathy. I hope people begin to listen.

Blessings to you Pharrell !!

Diane Laursen
Portland, Oregon

Submitted by Howard Harrison (not verified) on

Pharrell, I met your grandmother once and your dad, you and your brother several times at a business near your grandmother's house. Anyway, I wanted to say how proud I am of you, your accomplishments and the caring gentleman you have grown to be!!

Submitted by Dale Barnes (not verified) on

I was sitting alone one evening looking through I believe Documentaries one night on Netflix and came across Voices of Fire ! I started watching but don’t know why ? I can’t stand Preaching!! But as I listened to your Uncle talk about making the best Best Gospel group of singers I got so motivated in just listening to him speaking about it I actually watched and listened hard to everything he said and also all the testimony of the people being auditioned !! I am not a religious person as much as my in-laws would love me to be !! I’m scared to take the plunge but I want to !! I would hate to disappoint anyone, I’m different in I am so Music driven I don’t sing I can’t sing but I absolutely love to listen to gospel music I get so jacked up about the Words the beat the Total OH man Pharrell I can’t explain it Bud !! It makes me feel a part of what they are feeling and saying man it makes me move and wish I could be a part of how they feel to make them move and sing as they do. I’m a white man but if I had my way I would find a Church like your Uncles and I believe I would be accepted by him and his church and yes Ultimately God ! But what got me the most that night was You ! Sir when the show was over I watched you Global Citizens Rendition of ( LETTER TO MY GODFATHER) Pharrell that song / Video means so much to me BUT ONLY YOU SINGING IT THE WAY YOU DO ) Dude it is my all time favorite song of all time. It took Foghat Slow ride off my page. I have listened to it and watched the videos countless times . I told my wife this news Pharrell she cried and is also so Thankful for you.
Brother you are a very cool person . I have researched your life and your Uncles life. When I get my vacation I am going to go to his Church and listen to him in Person. One thing I ask of you sir is Promise me you are Completely Genuine in Your words of that Song please and then You have me as a Loyal Fan !! I can’t wait to hear your Uncle. Pharrell thanks for Doing what you didn’t know you were Doing YOU DID IT FOR ME.

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