Niall Horan

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Niall James Horan
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"What Makes You Beautiful" and "Live While We're Young"

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Niall Horan is a member of the boy band "One Direction" a band that finished third on the British singing competition show "the X Factor" in 2010. Horan was born in 1993 in Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland.


Niall Horan
Modest! Management
The Matrix Complex
91 Peterborough Rd
London, SW6 3BU


Submitted by jayden westphal (not verified) on

hi i am like a huge fan of one direction i love them so much they are so adorible and cute

Submitted by wendy (not verified) on

niall horan is my boyfriend

Submitted by ELEANOR (not verified) on


Submitted by Tiana Hardy (not verified) on

Niall Horan is mine, all mine! I already married him. I "married" him the day he showed up on the X-factor. Sorry but it is true. Niall, I love you so friggin' much! You are amazing! His voice is like silk it is amazing!

Submitted by noyb (not verified) on

He aint urs bitch. HE aint NOBODY'S! and he is definitely not ur husband bc niall like skanky bitches like urself claiming him so why don't u back ur fatass off bitch!

Submitted by ashley (not verified) on

she can fantasize if she wants to. whats it to you mrs/mr? though i understand the fact that Nialler is he's own person, yet still that gives you no reason to swear like that. how would you feel, put yourself in Niall
s shoes, if there was 1 person just swearing uselessly, cuz that other girl aint gonna stop fantasizing. you know that what she is saying is not true, so let her dream. its not nice to snatch and burn others dreams.

Submitted by Briana (not verified) on

Sorry, but you got that ALL wrong. Niall is mine. Sorry not sorry. But he's mine I dont care what people say. He's mine

Submitted by Caroline Spears (not verified) on

I LOVE NIALL!!!!! He is awesome

Submitted by Miranda (not verified) on

I love him so much and I just wish he could come to Connecticut so I can go to one of his concerts and hopefully meet him. He is my idol and I cry every time I can't go to his concerts because I don't have money to go. That is just something I wish for but I know he won't be interested it meeting me because I'm not like one of those girls he always dates. :(

Submitted by Darlene Horan (not verified) on

Niall is mine nobody else's I have his pictures all over my room (and some of harrys pictures) Don't steal my man! How old are you?

Submitted by Clarie (not verified) on

Okay honestly "Shut your mouth" let's be clear. Niall obviously IS NOT yours, considering he has fans across the nation. Stealing your man????? really?!. Niall is sweet and very generous to his fans of any age no matter what. So if you've got any manners whatsoever go and look and see what he looks for in a girl cause if you've seen some comments of his interviews he DOES NOT like mean, stubborn people and it's his pet peeve. So let's all be mature here and I'm commenting that Niall is a sweetie and he wouldn't want his fans bullying other fans. :)

Submitted by Nugget pizza moon (not verified) on

Let them be xD wait what am I doing here... oh yes. Have to go on my way~ have a marvellous day ahead

Submitted by nikki scott (not verified) on

i love niall james horan i want to meet him and hear him sing and hear his voice and the other boys too

Submitted by natalie ellis (not verified) on

How do you stay sexy all the time and if I were to date u I wouldn't date u for your fame

Submitted by Candysemma3 (not verified) on

i like aaood too and well as 1D u all should see it on utube it is so funny and if u like it and want mark(the creator) to make more he carn't, but on the other hand i like one direction and i wish i could meet them in and become friends with at least one of them (they live in euroup i live in australia) but still

Submitted by Megan (not verified) on

your the best niall i love you. i realy want to be in 1D because it is the BEST band EVER i love you the most out of 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love Megan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Submitted by Areeba love Niall (not verified) on

I love you from the depth of my heart
and I can't come to 1d concerts due to some difficulties I just want to you.
Please follow me on Twitter then I will be able to talk to you even one time...

Submitted by Shyanne Michelle (not verified) on

Hi, my name is Shyanne and I am a small singer from Alaska and I just wanted to say Niall, you are just flat out amazing! All I have wanted to do all my life is be able to share my passion of singing with the world like you do and I idolize you for that! I wish i could be able to do the same thing you do :) Stay Beautiful!

Submitted by momo (not verified) on

hey what up u are my favorite person i can not what to come see october 1

Submitted by Sarah (not verified) on

Niall I love u! You are the cutest one in One Direction! By the way this is the girl that ashlee Fredrick oosted on instagram. I heard you thought I was cute. Is that right? Everytime I hear you sing in one of your songs, I go crazy. I dont know why I just do. I can take banter. I do it all the time. Just puttin this out there but if someone eats my food I dont talk to them for an hour, unless their special, like you. I talk alot and it is my dream to meet you and the rest of one direction. To wrap it up, this is a wierd question, but will you marry me? Once again I love you!!

Submitted by nicole.little.790693 on

Are my eyes deceiving me? OMG he is so adorable. I wish I could meet him.

Submitted by iluniall (not verified) on

i wish i can see/meet niall soooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anastasha (not verified) on

O.M.G there such an amazing group. I love there music and the coriography in there video's especially in the song " baby you light up my world like nobody else" .....Nial is my favorite he's so dreamy....

Submitted by kelsey henderson (not verified) on


Submitted by Kelly (not verified) on

got a question I have a talent show and how do I build confidence in my self

Submitted by Darlene Horan (not verified) on

I love niall so much he is so cute and funny hope he will be successful in anything. ♥♡♥♡♥♡I love you Niall!!

Submitted by Kelly (not verified) on

got a question I have a talent show and I don't have confidence in my self what do I do please urge my only chance please and I'll be singing last year of school 2014

Submitted by caris (not verified) on

i love niall horan he is so fit and his irish accent is cute. he loves food just like me

Submitted by rachel (not verified) on

i really really love niall and would do anything to contact him

Submitted by lizzy (not verified) on

i love him so back off everyone xoxoo

Submitted by milly (not verified) on

Hiya my names milly and I just wanted to say you have completed me. Ever since I saw you on the X factor I have became a massive fan, one time last year I went through a really hard time at school and with my family so I always played the bands music and thought about you whenever I was upset. I am also a singer and I was always afraid to sing in public but you have inspired me. Thankyou xx

Submitted by call me mrs horan on

I am Niall's number one fan and I love him loads

Submitted by Makayla M (not verified) on

If you were Niall's number one fan, then answer these questions.
1. Do you stay up late at night every night just to write two pages long about Niall. And why you love him?
2. Do you pray to God that he is safe and happy all day every day?
3. Do you know all of the little things that make him happy?
4. Do you know most of the things you need to know about him?

I don't think so....
~Makayla M xx

Submitted by Nyree littlejohn (not verified) on

Yes every night i write about him i pray that he is safe and happy i also have dreams about him. Niall helps me every day he is my inspiration he makes me feel beautiful and smart before i had herd od of one direction i was the strange girl who got bullied but know he changed every thing he made me believe in love hope and happyness:-)<3

Submitted by Megan (not verified) on

i love him
p.s. your birthday is the day after mine (i am really lucky)

love megan xxxxxxxxx

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

you probably can tell by the title. Well I think YOU niall should quit 1D not because I don't like you I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU. Your perfect :] I just think they don't treat you the same. I saw on Internet that you have to bleach your hair???!!!
It's ridiculous. Just because you wanted to go back to your normal hair color. Unbelievable. I also read that your getting hate comments because your Irish???!!!! Like who cares?? Just pleas take this advice. I know your fans will be heartbroken if you do but... It'll be for you to be WHO U ARE!!! Not because of some stupid management. So think about... Remember THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT I LOVE YOU NIALL I REALLY LOVE YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

P.S your my favorite in 1D <3

Submitted by Makayla M (not verified) on

All celebrities get hate comments. All of them do. And most of that hate coming from haters is just because they're jealous. But, just because Niall is getting hate, doesn't mean he should quit One Direction. That's his career. It's his career that he wants to withhold for a long time. If he has to bleach his hair, then so be it. That's just some of the things that you have to go through to do what you want to do. Life isn't easy; if it was, it wouldn't be life.
Thanks for reading this and hopefully understanding that life isn't fair.

-Do you truly love Niall? Think about it. Do you know the little things that will/would make him happy? Do you really know what he goes through everyday and do you actually help him through it? Honestly, telling from your comment, I don't think you truly love him for HIM. Maybe you just love him because he's a popular person to "love" right now. Please think about it. Thanks.-

~Makayla M xx

Submitted by Nugget pizza moon (not verified) on

I'm afraid I do not know him well enough to love him for him. But his last solo song was absolutely beautiful. So.. yeah. Okay time to shut up

Submitted by Paige (not verified) on

I want you to do that you have changed my life and I would love to meet you if you ever do get this messenge but seeing you in videos or in pictures also puts a smile on my face and I want to thank you for bringing me so much happieness and joy to my life and I will always love you and all the others but you niall horan have stolen my heart from the first time you stepped out on that stage and it was love at first sight instantly and I promised myself to never give up on meeting you because you taught me to never give up and to always have faith in myself as we'll I love you niall horan I always have and I always will

Submitted by Nugget pizza moon (not verified) on

THIS one I actually like. I wish you the best of luck! <4 ^^ if you dream, it can happen. It always does. Have a beautiful day

Submitted by Carmen* (not verified) on

I love Niall Horan too much for words** I would do enything just to contact him!,

But don't think I can and don't know how !! Can't wait for the 2015 concert in SA gonna be there

Submitted by Makayla M (not verified) on


Every single time I hear your voice on my iPod or see your face on my lock screen, I smile. I just do. To me, you're something special. I never see any other man pop out in a crowd like you. Every night before I go to sleep, I write two pages long in my notebook about you. Anything. And every night, it's something different. I read a lot of these comments on here and most (I'm not saying all) of the girls sound like they "love" you because you're a) a popular person to "love" right now or b) you're "hot". They don't love you for you. And, honestly, it's SUPER hard to accept that all those fake, blonde haired, make-up caked 'girls' get a guy like you. Now, I know you're hopefully not that kind of guy that would go for a girl like that, but it doesn't mean you haven't/won't. If you ever read this, I know I have probably bored you to death but just know that you have changed my life. Mostly for better. The only thing that would have changed it for worse is that I know I will never get a chance to meet you and tell you in person how much I appreciate you. Anyway, thank you for everything. You've changed my world.

`Makayla xx

Submitted by Nugget pizza moon (not verified) on

Different people are different you know. It'd be lovely if your message was for him and not half of it taking over about others comments. These girls are expressing their love in their own way I guess. Or something. I dunno.. Or maybe I'm just not seeing all the bad stuff in those comments. Ah, I tend to do that. Wait what am I doing here? NEED SLEEP

Submitted by Binca (not verified) on

I think Justin Biber is so much cooler than neil and he has so much sexapiel.

Submitted by jordyn (not verified) on

niall is the most cutest guy on earth, ecept luke hemmings, just saying
niall sould never quit 1d or i will be so mad.


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