Mindless Behavior

R&B, Hip Hop, Pop
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"My Girl" and "Mrs Right"

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Mindless Behavior was organized in Los Angeles in 2008 by Walter Wilsap (Beyonce' & Timbaland), Keisha Gamble, and Vincent Herbert (Lady Gaga & Toni Braxton.) The band trained for at least two years before they stepped into the recording studio to produce their debut "#1 Girl". All members of this boy band are in their early teens. They are Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal. In July 2012, the band embarked on their own 25-city tour, (#1 Girl Tour) with opening acts Jacob Latimore, Lil Twist, and Kayla Brianna.


Streamline / Interscope Records
2220 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica CA 90404


Submitted by shekinah (not verified) on

do you like a girl with weave

Submitted by emani.duley on

Would u ever date a fan,no matter what tone color?

Submitted by jaicee (not verified) on

Why wouldn't they be able to

Submitted by monique caldwell (not verified) on

Ray Ray my question is what is your favorite midnight snack and what movie do you like to watch

Submitted by katlin (not verified) on

ray ray is mine

Submitted by Babyd on

Do yu date mindless fans 1.4.3 ;) MB YALL

Submitted by Alexis Wright (not verified) on

Yes girl they do date fans and i will be one of them girl real soon cuz i like Ray Ray thanks

Submitted by tylisha aka lil tata (not verified) on

what is their fan email address quickly it almost my b-day and I just want it to be special really special so special o will cry just to see them but the point is are they single and do they like their fans

Submitted by miya.H on

I will be princetons

Submitted by Shay (not verified) on

Princeton will never be yours he is mines

Submitted by ray ray mines a... (not verified) on

uh no hunny ray ary is mine ok sorry move on hes mine nd we got the same birthday ok.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Honey retry is mine all day no matter what

Submitted by Rose (not verified) on

Honestly I don't fight for guy I'm not a slut or a hoe I just be myself and they fall in my hands

Submitted by Ariboo (not verified) on

I love you

Submitted by tinatica (not verified) on

hay prodigy I love u and I am single I will drop it low for u

Submitted by ariana (not verified) on

I need ray ray, princton and roc royals number

Submitted by Shayla (not verified) on

First Princeton will never give you his number only me

Submitted by Ariboo (not verified) on

Prodigy is so cute

Submitted by whitlie (not verified) on

I love all of you guys

Submitted by tiffany so-pret... (not verified) on

hey ray ray do you like girls who can sing

Submitted by emily (not verified) on

i would like to say hi and i hope that you reply if you can.

Submitted by shay'Q shay on

Am new here do not really know what's going on but me just wanted 2 say hello

Submitted by Davia peters (not verified) on

Dear roc royal do to have a crush on girl

Submitted by Davia peters (not verified) on

What happened if a fan ask you out on a date what will you say to her

Submitted by kanicka.winston (not verified) on

Describe what you would want your number one girl to be like.

Submitted by sharell (not verified) on

would u ever date one

Submitted by akela (not verified) on

hi my name akela and i am from guyanna wanted to no if u guys no where that is or will u ever visit here someday

Submitted by akela (not verified) on

i wanted to no if u guys are still together or are u guys closer like b4 wen u were kids ?#curious

Submitted by Pauline (not verified) on

Hi Princeton!
I just want to say that I❤️ you and ask if your mom ok.

Submitted by Zyneia (not verified) on

Lol you Princeton a.k.a

Submitted by Shayla (not verified) on

Why do your hair smell so good

Submitted by Shayla (not verified) on

Why do you get your hair to smell good

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