Miley Cyrus

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Destiny Hope Cyrus
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Best Known For: 

"Party in the USA"
Twerking with Robin Thick at MTV VMAs
Hannah Montana TV series

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Miley Cyrus is daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. In 2006, Cyrus rose to prominence as a teen idol after being cast in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana, in which she portrayed the starring character Miley Stewart. After signing a recording contract with Hollywood Records in 2007, she released Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus, which served as the series' soundtrack and Cyrus' debut studio album. It sold three million copies in the United States, and produced the Billboard Hot 100 top-ten single "See You Again". That year, her Best of Both Worlds Tour was adapted into the film Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert.

Cyrus' second album, Breakout (2008), was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for shipments exceeding one million copies, and featured the successful track "7 Things". Cyrus developed an adult image and mainstream pop sound with her extended play The Time of Our Lives (2009). Peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, its track "Party in the U.S.A." became her highest-peaking single on the chart up to that point. Cyrus' maturing image progressed with the film The Last Song and her third album Can't Be Tamed in 2010. The latter project featured more prominent dance elements than her earlier releases, and was promoted through sexually-themed performances. After signing with RCA Records, Cyrus released her fourth album, Bangerz, in 2013. Its singles "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" were promoted with provocative music videos. The former was additionally performed during a controversial performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, while the latter became her first number-one hit in the United States.


Miley Cyrus
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Submitted by Mileylover! (not verified) on

Dear Miley,

I write you this comment, because I really want to say I appreciate your work. You made 2013 really a very exciting year, thanks to your appearance. I wish I was you. So cool, and rebellion. I don't have that at all. That's why I look up to you. You're my biggest idol.

You are the living representation of YOLO, and that's what's so great about you. People should realise that more. Really, all those crazy comments about your reputation, your new looks, your extravagance, ... it's all bullshit, don't listen to that!

Just know that there's still one person a big fan of yours,


Submitted by grace (not verified) on

Hey I am a bog fan to soo like she said u still have fans and there r people out there who care about u and always will

Submitted by Lydia Winans (not verified) on

My name is Lydia Winans and I love your music. When I hear "I'll Always remember you" I break down because I go to this camp called Camp Tekawitha since I was 9 years. I'm already 15 years old, I can't go there as a camper anymore. But because of you song, I am going back to my camp for the role of leader quest, which is the next steep of being a counselor. The fans that love you are the ones that you can have a connection with someday.

Submitted by Alyson Greene (not verified) on

I know that you are never going to see this and you have most likely never even heard of this site, but ill say what i wanted to say anyway. your mom and dad gave you the name destiny for a reason. I have never met you or your parents but i know that they would not be proud of you. this is not going to make a difference in your life, but i want to make sure that you know that you were my hero once. Destiny Hope Cyrus you were an amazing person once. when all of my friends said that you would become a loser i said that i believed in you. Now i feel like the idiot. So i know that this is going to should like a really stupid and corny thing to say, but you of all people should know what destiny is. Destiny look inside of you and please look for the young girl who one the teens choice awards for not one thing, but many thinks. Destiny I'm still believing in you. Don't let me down.

Submitted by Alex (not verified) on

Bro. Most of Miley's fans (real fans) love her because she shows people she can do what makes her happy and not have to worry about the worlds judgement. I respect her
For that shit man. She's an example. She's brilliant.

Submitted by Keefe (not verified) on

Lol dude she's like what 23? Why would you want her to act like a little girl again? Let her be who she wants to be , if you were a true fan you would accept her and still be a fan . I still love her regardless of her actions .

Submitted by Andrew Cyrus (not verified) on

Miley crying like a baby over Trump's Terrific Triumph was absolutely priceless!!!!

Submitted by Sally (not verified) on

Dear Miley I know things are hard for you at this point Liam trying to get back in your life and keeps on letting you down but you don't need him because your amazing and I'm sure anyone would want to be with you also since you bed chance you've lost and gained fans and criticism I want you to know whether your the old or new mileycyrus your allways going to be my idiol from the age of 5 now when I'm 14 to the day I die

Submitted by Maddie Smyth (not verified) on

Myiley y did u change I loved you as Hanna and your old music and old u but now I can't even listen to any of your new music or new u and I used to look up to you but now I cant I liked the old u BTW Maddie smith 5 is Victoria Sylvester(me) so if u see a Maddie smith on any other site it is Victoria (me)

Submitted by Maddie Smyth (not verified) on

Myiley y did u change I loved you as Hanna and your old music and old u but now I can't even listen to any of your new music or new u and I used to look up to you but now I cant I liked the old u BTW Mad5die smith 5 is Victoria Sylvester(me) so if u see a Maddie smith on any other site it is Victoria (me)

Submitted by Austin (not verified) on


You've grown into a very talented and attractive young lady. You've such a role model in Dolly. It's my wish you grow and choose to emulate her. She's a lady in every sense of the word. It's my hope that, one day soon, her example of femininity will at least mold and guide you. It's not a fluke her career has spanned decades. A lady will always Garner respect and adoration. I wish you the best.

Submitted by Anup kumar (not verified) on

Britney of 21st century

Submitted by Sherry (not verified) on

I'm probably not your oldest fan..(60 in a few months) but perhaps one of the most faithful. I'm bringing my daughter, Erica, and 3 friends to your concert in Chicago on Thursday...for her 18th birthday (in Sept). She grew up on Hannah Montana and we have both loved your music....and we also love you!
Some of my conservative friends have given me a hard time for taking her to your concert...but my response to them is simple: I love Miley Cyrus. Nothing she does or will do can change that.
Just know that we'll be out there on Thursday cheering your on and lovin you lots!

Submitted by Shely (not verified) on

You have a beautiful smile! I know you're self-conscious about your smile, which is why you stock your tongue out so often, but you have a beautiful smile!! Don't go giving that up! I know you think you don't know how to smile, but you have a beautiful smile. Make use of it girly!!

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on


Submitted by grace gilreath (not verified) on

Hey Miley Cyrus I have been a fan of yours for so long I don't even no I no all of your music I have been wanting. To meet u my hole life and soon it will happen cause I will never stop dreaming. About that day I love u sooooo much and I love how u don't let anyone. Bring u down and that's awesome. Just the way everyone. Needs to be

Submitted by Antonio DeCicco (not verified) on

honestly miley I am a fan of your music and a lot of people find your music to be an inspiration. personally everytime im reading an article online and it ends up being about you doing something nasty with a blowup doll it turns me off to you as an artist. you are a beautiful talented girl and you are using that talent to gain attention when you should be using that talent to make music. im not judging you because I would hate to be judged myself, im 20 years old and I know being judged sucks. you aren't my idol miley but you make great music and have the potential to make so much more. but your public image turns as many people off as it attracts, myself included, I don't know showbiz and I don't know your manager but from what I do know whatever angle you are playing right now isn't paying off. if you need someone to talk to my email is you are a great singer and have the potential to be a great entertainer, always remember that.

Submitted by makayla (not verified) on

If u wanted to be bad u should of been bad and not auditioned for Hannah motNa u went very. Fast with the whole thing that's why grown ups like u know and children don't like u anymore they hate

Submitted by CHEYANNE (not verified) on

UR an idiot the show Hannah montana started her career duhhh u need to learn about some one before u talk trash and don't hate someone because there making it big and making a fortune and doing what they love and btw she don't need u as a fan any way because she has already millions of fans so think before u speak and u just got slammed by a 13 year old so boom that just happend

Submitted by Alyson (not verified) on

You are an idiot. She is not making money from the right people. Destiny not Miley. her parents believed in her and i get it, we should too, but she is honestly an idiot. Destiny is not loved, she has fans for what she dresses in!!!!!! So guess what CHEYANNE you got slammed by a 12 year old!!!!

Submitted by Ken (not verified) on

But she IS makeing money. It doesn't matter who from. Plus, who are you to say "Not from the right people.?" Just who are the right people? I'd fuck the girls brains out myself if she asked me. On camera or off. Go eat shit you prudish cunt.

Submitted by Maia (not verified) on

My middle name is Hope:) (i miss Destiny:( she my idol well, was

Submitted by Alex Stahl (not verified) on

Hey there Miley I am a huge fan of your music I listen to your music at least five times a day lol but I am in the marine corps and I'm gonna make this short. It would make my life complete if you joined me for the marine corps ball which is a special honor and I can't tell you how blessed I would be if you came as my date it would make my dreams come true. Thank you for making your amazing music and I'll always be a fan of my favorite southern bell!!!

Submitted by Ano (not verified) on

I'd like to start off by saying I was never a fan of your work but after what you said, I am definitely a fan of you as a person now. And it's pretty crazy how someone's perspective could change by hearing a few words. I guess that goes to show how flawed humans could be when it comes to judging and making opinions before really understanding someone or at least try to. You're cool, and I'd just like to leave you with my favourite saying of all time when I'm down.... "It hurts so good" because there's always an upside to everything! - Cheers

Submitted by Jeremey Ryan Kimes (not verified) on

Want to Date ?

Submitted by Curtis Mark Anaya (not verified) on

look the new way you dressed man like to get to know more about you and listen to a little bit of music but I just mostly get high drink interested in talking on the sideline I'm 23 maLe and I think you're very hot if you want to see a picture of me not naked just the normal one add me on kik knightwolf666 or email me I'm not going to do anything this it's worth a shot or here's my number 4099392072 don't worry I'm not ...I just think you're very hot we hang out smoke weed

Submitted by cheyanne jo har... (not verified) on

dear Miley I and one of your biggest fans really I am but I have a few questions 1. why did u stop or kill Hannah Montana 2. why did u cut ur hair 3. why do u always twerk and act like that im not hating I sware its just u were the reason I started singing u were the 1 person on my list I looked up to and also u look like my sister brook anyway I love ur music and songs if u can please answer my questions please oh and btw I am 13 just so u know again big fan.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Dear Miley,

I am such a big fan of yours.Thanks for always being you.You've shined you're light so big that you've transformed the music and film industry.I love all your songs and all your shows and movies.You're truly an inspiration to girls everywhere.You show that dreams do come true and that we must dream to the fullest and live life to the fullest.You've touched my life in ways I can't explain.I love you Miley!

Submitted by Margot (not verified) on

And I would like to talk to you, that's all
( I'm nice )

Submitted by Unknowed (not verified) on

I always liked you in the hanna days but my cousen "B Jaylee " didn't we would laugh at you because we thauht it was a joke that pg was turning into R now B listens to your music me and b don't even get along so cawens or disagreement

Submitted by Crissy (not verified) on

Well a lot of younger cousins ask "why is miley not wereing a shirt I am forced to say who knows why because in my opinion a 4 year old and a 7 year old doesn't deserve to know that there favorite person is a dumb little girl ps every body says your growing up but you not
#not a fan or at least anymore

Submitted by BOSIBORI ANNETTE (not verified) on


Submitted by camron davis (not verified) on

i think you were put on this earth for me, shoot me an email. you never know what could happen, have a good day beautiful

Submitted by Countrywide (not verified) on

Hey Miley I'm a big fan of yours I really just wanna know when are you going to sing a country song again just for old time sake. #lifesaclimb

Submitted by savanner bananerr (not verified) on

hey Miley... I feel really stupid for doing this because I know how famous you are and that this is probably pointless but just recently I lost me aunt.. she was my bestfriend and she really loves you.. from when you were Hannah Montana to now she's always loved you and your work!! and so have I!! I was just hoping maybe you could pray for me and my family to help us get through this very hard time especially my mom.. my mom was her sister and they were bestfriends and she was all my mom had left of family besides me and my sisters!! I hope to get a reply from you but if not it's ok your a very famous person and are very loved by so many beautiful people and you probably don't have time but just you reading this would mean the world to me... hope to hear back from you..
- Savannah Champion

Submitted by A Fan From Dallas (not verified) on

I don't know if you'll get chance to read this but I just wanted to say that your album has touched me at an emotional level. I feel your heart in soul in every song and the way you talk about love is how I feel. The moment I listened to BB Talk I broke down into tears. It may not mean anything to do but I support you 100% percent. I wish I could be and have the courage you have to be yourself and not give a fuck. I love you miley. I may never get to meet you but you I feel like I have through your music. Sincerely, Jose Ramos.

Submitted by Perry j (not verified) on

Hi miley hope you are great I just become ur number one I wouldn't say fan because I love u so much each time I watch one of ur movie it's like I'm in the movie I love ur voice I love ur personality girl my respect goes out to you trust me,just do one thing for me the next movie don't kiss anyone else lol I wouldn't talk about your songs

Submitted by chad (not verified) on

Hello miley my name is Chad and I am so in love with you you are so gorgeous I wish I had you as my girl friend TTYL beautiful

Submitted by Madison (not verified) on

Miley, you use to be my iodl. I wanted to be just like you when I grew up, I wanted to be a rock star. But not anymore. You've changed, sometimes change is good, but most of the time change is bad. God made you just the way he wanted you, funny and childish. Now that you are an adult and you are being strange, I don't know who you are any more. I always thought that when you got to be an adult you would show them the inner child in them selves, but no, you have just proven me a fool for believing.

Submitted by Sean Smith (not verified) on

Would you ever consider covering "Russian Roulette" by The Lords of the New Church, with The Flaming Lips?

Submitted by Huub (not verified) on

Miley, Will You please make contact with me again? I love you so much and I really miss you.
We were emailing until your account was hacked. I'm so hurt by all your nudity.
Please write me.
Huub from Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Submitted by Mia Hiron (not verified) on

Happy Birthday Miley, i really like your songs and i like your tv show Hannah Montana

Submitted by Lee (not verified) on

I was a fan befor you turned to the way your new and you need to go back to the one I know
And I when to all the place you song befor you turned to the way your are now if you and if I come back will you have the ones how made your close and please tale to make thong 7 year old girls to wear and my 7 year sister want to wear thongs and I told her no becouse you do not have thong out for 7 year old

Submitted by Jane Wurmnest (not verified) on

I can't believe I'm writing this. Something about you made me want to. I'm not a huge fan or anything- no offense- I'm just not really a huge fan of any celeb. Not like you are likely to read this shiz...
But I wanted you to know that something about you seems real to me. Maybe it's that you rock weird hair like I do (I've been cutting my own hair since I was 15) Or that you're not afraid to show your boobs to the world in a way that is more factual than sexual... Or maybe it's the way you were brought up Idk. Anyways
I wanted to say keep doing what you're doing. It's nice and has it's own artistic elements. It's like you're capturing a lot of different dimensions in your art and your music that are hard to tug at. I wish I could meet you. I like jamming and being weird- playing on the escalators at the mall or throwin pennys whatever.
Weird to know this is kind of like a letter to nowhere... Like leaving it in a bottle BUT
Thanks Miley.

Submitted by Damian Tomecki (not verified) on

why did you cut and colored your hair. you looked beautiful.

Submitted by cerra L jayne (not verified) on

dear miss miley cyrus,
i used to look up to you im 13 and living at a childrens home in carmi illinois and i know what its like
to feel unwanted or trying to prove your different or in charge that no one can tell you how to live im a girl who started to dress like a slut when i was 10 because i felt the same as you do and i was molested at age 9 and got beaten and emotionly scarred by watching my mother over dose and in a coma for a week and just wanting to be independent like i could not trust anyone god himself could come down from heaven and i could punch him right down to hell i wanted to curl up and blow away like dust please i really would like you to start with at least start wearing a jacket at your next concert and if its because of my note wear a pin on it
please understand,

Submitted by Chaim shmerel (not verified) on

You used to be my role model but now after everything I lost those feelings.

Submitted by Theresa (not verified) on

It's sad that commicly talented Miley may have given into Hollywood peer pressure. "Molly" is a dangerous drug" may Miley Cyrus have a safe & long future.(her fans hope that for her) There's got to be a place where Miley can show her inpersonative talent other then SNL


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