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Meghan Trainor

Birth Name: 
Meghan Elizabeth Trainor
Music Category: 
Best Known For: 

"All About That Bass"

Short bio: 

Meghan Trainor was born December 22, 1993 in Nantucket, MA. She began singing at the age of 6 and songwriting at age 11. She later became a member of a band called Island Fusion and a jazz band at high school. At the age of 15, Trainor produced and released a self-titled album. She then attended the Berklee College of Music and found success at a variety of songwriting contests across the United States. In 2011, she released two acoustic albums, "I'll Sing with You" and "Only 17." The latter earned her a song publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music, where she wrote for Rascal Flatts, Sabrina Carpenter, and more.

In February 2014, Trainor was signed to Epic Records by L.A. Reid after performing her song "All About That Bass" on the ukulele for him. The song was later championed by Reid as Trainor's debut single and saw a release on June 30, 2014. "All About That Bass" became one of the best-selling singles of all time, topping the charts in 58 countries. It was number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for eight non-consecutive weeks. The single preceded Trainor's debut EP Title, which debuted at number 15 on the Billboard 200 in September 2014.

Trainor's second single, "Lips Are Movin", marked her second consecutive top five hit on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number four. Her debut album, "Title," is released on January 9, 2015. Trainor's work has been recognized with a variety of award nominations, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for "All About That Bass" at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.


Atom Factory, Inc.
10351 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232


Unnamed unless interested's picture
Submitted by Unnamed unless ... (not verified) on

First off, I like all genres of music (You'd be surprised:-). Your obvious confidence shines through your performances and music. I would welcome the opportunity to simply speak to you to learn more about you.

Katy 's picture
Submitted by Katy (not verified) on

I'm a huge megtron
I love singing along to your music you are such an inspiration
I saw your concert and you were amazing!!!! Hope you can write me back!

Kaylee's picture
Submitted by Kaylee (not verified) on

Hi Meghan this is one of your biggest fans!! We want you to come perform for us in Florida !!!!PLEASE!!!!! Thank u for all of your supporting songs!! Love u always!! P.s my favorite song by u is dear future husband. Thank u sooooo much!!!!!

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

Im definetly no Meghan but i do have something to say katy
You are a very lucky girl and you should never give up on your dreams i want you to think of something Meghan would say and put it in your own words because then you can be just like her and inspire others
Honey are you a good singer
Be yourself and kick but around the world
Keep being inspired and go inspire others

Rymallia's picture
Submitted by Rymallia (not verified) on

I just recently heard All About the Bass and I immedialty shared with my wife. She is a plus girl with some junk in that trunk. She is also very self conscious about herself. One I heard the song I shared it with her and told her that's how I felt about her and she know lobes me and the song even more. Thank you meg.

Andrea's picture
Submitted by Andrea (not verified) on

Although your song has been made to make plus size women feel comfortable and confident in their bodies (which I'm all for) it discriminates towards the women who happen to be skinny. The line "You know I won't be no stick figure, silicone Barbie doll" is quite rude and offensive. Sure you may be a bigger size than that but you just made girls who are that size feel awful about their bodies, and calling thin women "skinny bitches" doesn't help either. Imagine if this was a song all about skinny people being perfect and that the plus size women were "fat bitches",they most likely wouldn't allow the song to air, but because you're shaming skinny women's bodies it's okay. The media needs to stop making plus size women feel better about themselves by shaming smaller women's bodies, and vice versa.

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

Hi Andrea
You may be affended or something
But im sure Meghan didnt mean it like that
Look i agree that line is a ti y innapropiate but there is good in everything
To all thin and thick nobody should get to you about your weight because your beautiful anyway
Nobody cares about your shirt, skirt or dress size and if they dont ljke it they are so not worth it

#1MeghanTraniorFan's picture
Submitted by #1MeghanTraniorFan (not verified) on

You are my rolemodel and my idol!! I love your music it inspired me to be myself no matter what!! I love you soooo much!! Hopefully i can meet you before im to old!! #IwillAlwaysLoveYou!!!!

Megeylover1O1's picture
Submitted by Megeylover1O1 (not verified) on

Hello Meghan I'm 9 years old and I have been listening yo your album Title scene 2014 Christmas please reply I would really like to meet u byebye

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

My one and a half year old son loves your music. I put on his favorite song and he starts dancing. You show up on the screen his face lights right up. He also walks up to the tv and points to you.

Shane trainor 47's picture
Submitted by Shane trainor 47 on

Dear Meghan,
I am one of your biggest fans here in England.
I love your music, and i think you are a very talented.
I hope your will write back.
Shane hall.x

Linda P Moeun's picture
Submitted by Linda P Moeun (not verified) on

I'm loving ALL your music! Keep them coming...

mark's picture
Submitted by mark (not verified) on

Hi. I live here in Brazil and there's a commercial that plays a lot with the melody and beat of your song " all about that bass" which i like btw. And the lyrics are in Portuguese. The company is Vivo #Parabem .

Stephen's picture
Submitted by Stephen (not verified) on

A beautiful, talented young woman who knows that classy can be very sexy. Love you!!

Emma's picture
Submitted by Emma (not verified) on

I love you dont listen to any people who tell you are not worth it because you are

Doug's picture
Submitted by Doug (not verified) on

I have a ten year old friend and she is being bullied at school about being overweight. It is not her fault as her diet has too much processed carbs and sugar in it. She does not eat vegetables with rice and mashed potatoes replacing vital vegetables.She loves dancing and singing and wants to do this with a passion. She sings all about the bass - day and night and your lyrics are so true. Can you reply to me giving Shaki morale support about eating healthy and taking care of herself emotionally. Many thanks D

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

BTW im no Meghan but i am a singer and song writer
As long as you are there for your friend then thats all that matters
If she wants to sing with a passion then she should
But you have to promise to be there for her ok
Thanks x

sabrina's picture
Submitted by sabrina (not verified) on

hi can you come to my school please

Anna Claiborne's picture
Submitted by Anna Claiborne (not verified) on

Hi, Meghan. I'm Anna and I would like to start by saying you are BEAUTIFUL. And I love your music, it makes my heart beat 100 miles per hour. And I would like thank you so very much because your music fills my heart with joy!! You and Mr. Charlie are hot together I saw you two on stage having a moment and I thought it was hot! I mean wish that you here me out and read this fan mail PLEASE!!!! I LOVE YOU and I wish I could meet you and I don't say hero a lot but you truly are mines. And I tried to end my life many times so I decided to love my family like I was going to lose them. THANKS you are my life saver :)

Selah Price's picture
Submitted by Selah Price (not verified) on

Oh my word! I really love your music and hope to see more coming out. Don't listen to the people that say you suck. You don't! You're awesome. Keep singing! From, A huge fan.

E.P.'s picture
Submitted by E.P. (not verified) on

Dear Meghan,
First of all, you have the prettiest blonde hair in the world!! I want to say that I am a big fan and I hope you have a concert in Chicago!! Do you think you can come to my birthday party in IL?? I'm giving you notice because it is in january. I really want to meet you. Can you please come?? FaceTime me!!

Kayedi Chapman's picture
Submitted by Kayedi Chapman (not verified) on

Hi my name is kayedi and i been in choir for my whole life and love your music alot.. right now i am listening to your first song, all about that bass. plz reply back!! I am ultra fan!!

YMO's picture
Submitted by YMO (not verified) on

Meghan Trainor im a 15 years old rapper who goes by YMO i need your help because i cant find a good music producer and i was wondering if you could help

Anastasiya's picture
Submitted by Anastasiya (not verified) on

Dear Megan,
You inspire me more than any other singer. You are AMAZING shake of all the haters! You and your music are amazing. I am 11 years old and a singer myself. I love covering your songs!!!!

Mason Logan's picture
Submitted by Mason Logan (not verified) on

I would like to go to one of your concerts and wanted to know if u we're going back on tour

Marih meyer 's picture
Submitted by Marih meyer (not verified) on

I would like to start by saying you are BEAUTIFUL. And I love your music, it makes my heart beat 100 miles per hour. And I would like thank you so very much because your music fills my heart with joy!! You and Mr. Charlie are hot together I saw you two on stage having a moment and I thought it was hot! I mean wish that you here me out and read this fan mail PLEASE!!!! I LOVE YOU and I wish I could meet you and I don't say hero a lot but you truly are mines. And I tried to end my life many times so I decided to love my family like I was going to lose them. THANKS you are my life saver :)I want u to be my mom u inspire me each and ever day

caprice 's picture
Submitted by caprice (not verified) on

You guys ars hot together

Maisie Anne 's picture
Submitted by Maisie Anne (not verified) on

Dear Megan Trainor,
I am your biggest fan. I love you. I also love singing and dancing to your songs. Please can you write back to me
hugs and kisses
from Maisie Anne

Gaia 's picture
Submitted by Gaia (not verified) on

Hi Megan trainor I'm such a big fan I love your music your music helps me with bully's I love you so much love Gaia rooters

Lindsay's picture
Submitted by Lindsay (not verified) on

I just want to say thank you, Meghan. Your songs, especially All About That Bass, Better When I'm Dancing, and NO, have really, really helped me. I'm only 11, but I had a humongous crush on a guy in one of my class. I like him more than I thought I would ever like anyone. My best friend, started liking him (a lot) this year. I've liked this guy for 3 years though. The weird thing about my friend, is that whenever I like someone, she ends up liking him too. So I don't tell her who I like, but we still like the same people somehow. And what happens, is (this has happened like five times before) I become friends with him, then he tells me that he likes me, or hints that he does, but then he starts to notice my best friend, and then he starts liking her, and I can't help but feel jealousy. This actually just barely happened for the sixth time today, and I cried and cried and cried. To tell the complete truth, I don't know why I'm still friends, with this girl. This really hurts and I keep hoping that this pattern will stop. So I just want to let you know, That just like Gaia, your messages in your music has helped me feel upbeat and good about myself. Thank you soooo much!

caprice 's picture
Submitted by caprice (not verified) on

PEOPLE WHO WERE WRITING TO Crystal saying she sucks to is wrong
This is cyber bullying and police can be called and you will be charged. Meghan Trainor is a successful pop sensation and is going somewhere. So dont waste your time and grow up


Lee's picture
Submitted by Lee (not verified) on

Your a hater clearly

Tiffany Lansdell's picture
Submitted by Tiffany Lansdell (not verified) on

The Military Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP)
Program is committed to eliminating sexual harassment and sexual assault by
creating a climate that respects the dignity of every member of the Army
Family. Our success doesn't just start with military and their Families,
it starts with each and every one of us engaging in educating/speaking up
for others and coming together as a Nation to STOP the violence. Madigan
Medical Center, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington would love
to invite you (and any additional supporters you may have) to come help
us raise awareness for our military installation in support of our
SHARP Awareness month in April.

kayleen's picture
Submitted by kayleen (not verified) on

i love your music i wish you could conntact me at the email your amazing!!!!

Annie's picture
Submitted by Annie (not verified) on

Don't listen to the haters because you make me feel better every day with your music! You make me confident and feel amazing inside! Whenever I hear your music I get up and start dancing and blast the music!! Excited for you to be on 99.5 because I like that station. I love blasting your music when I'm home alone and keep on making amazing music! You change my life in so many positive ways. Can't wait for a concert in Virginia. Love you! <3

Alena Trawick's picture
Submitted by Alena Trawick (not verified) on

Hi this is Alena and I am writing about my Cousins Destiny and Danielle they are huge fans of your song and I would love for you to reply with a video telling the that they are all about that bass and tell them that are wonderful.
That would make their DAY!!!!!

Madison Bosworth's picture
Submitted by Madison Bosworth (not verified) on

Hi Megan Trainer I'm ur biggest fan ever I wish I could meet u in person here is my number (209)326-6104 if u have hangout video call plz send me an invite.!!!!

Emilia Esch's picture
Submitted by Emilia Esch (not verified) on

Hey Maghan Trainer ,
Im geman and im 10 jeart old.
I am a huge fan of yours
my favorite song of yours is dear future husband and no .
I love these songs .
I would be so happy if you answer me .

savanna's picture
Submitted by savanna (not verified) on

You are amazing I wish I could meet you

savanna's picture
Submitted by savanna (not verified) on

My mom is an amazing singer and she's a huge fan would you please respond so I can meet u and she can and maybe sing with you

Maddie Van Lith's picture
Submitted by Maddie Van Lith (not verified) on

Hey, Meghan! I hope you are reading this right now!!! I am you're biggest fan in the world! My #1 dream is to meet you in person and I think you are the very best singer in the whole wide world. Even if you don't read this, I hope you know that you are so amazing and you are awesome! I know and love ALL of your songs! I hope I can at least see you in concert some day!

~Maddie (but you can call me Mads)

Maddy's picture
Submitted by Maddy (not verified) on

Dear Meghan,
you are beautiful, strong and unique and BETTER then anyone I have ever looked up to. You inspire me everyday to WOMAN UP and know that I am beautiful the way I am. You taught me how to say the words "I LOVE ME" when I look at myself in the mirror in the morning. When I am upset I listen to your music and your voice will always KINDLY CLAM ME DOWN. There is NO one like you in the world. You may just be a HOPELESS ROMANTIC right now but you will always have your megatons I promise I WONT LET YOU DOWN! Every time I hear one of your songs I get up and DANCE LIKE YOUR DADDY. You help me get through my little CHAMPAGNE PROBLEMS everyday and teach me to always love my MOM who is the most important person to me. When I hear you on the radio I get GOOSEBUMPS. When you win an award you never forget to THROWBACK LOVE at us megatons and give us a little shout out. I hope one day we can become FRIENDS because I am working on becoming a singer myself and then I can become JUST A FRIEND TO YOU. I am currently working on a cover for ME TOO which has brought out my inner sass so maybe yo will get to WATCH ME DO my thing. From the bottom of my heart I just want to THANKYOU for everything you have done for all the young girls in the world who look up to you. You are such an inspiration and I love you with all my heart.

Mads xx

Deven Garay's picture
Submitted by Deven Garay (not verified) on

My name is Deven Daniel Garay and I'm a highly talented composer. I would love to help in any way in the creative aspect.

Dania's picture
Submitted by Dania (not verified) on

Hi Meghan!
My name is Dania and I am 10 years old. OMG I love you so much. you have been a great influence for me and I now have music lessons every day because you inspired me so much that I want to become famous like you!
Please can you reply at any time possible to you because you are my NO.1 role model and I always follow your footsteps.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nikki7678's picture
Submitted by Nikki7678 (not verified) on

As a 38 year old woman, I am a little older than some her fans but I AM A FAN! She has very inspiring music. Music i am fine letting my stepdaughter listen to. Yeah some is a little bit adult for my 6 year old but most of her songs promote a good body image and confidence in being a woman. A woman of any size, age, and lifestyle.. She doesn't put down skinny women, just photoshopping women to look like something they aren't! That is admirable! I love to work out to her music. It is upbeat and feel good music to live by. She is very talented with a beautiful voice fast or slow and a confidence in herself that every girl, young and old should model after! Very proud to say I'm a fan. Stay the same Meghan! Keep making music and I'll keep listening!

Donna's picture
Submitted by Donna (not verified) on

I love Meghan Trainor because of the songs that made her. She was unique and now she sounds like everyone else. Even though I love her new song No, I think her old stuff is much better. I would love to hear some more music in her old style of music.

Molly's picture
Submitted by Molly (not verified) on

Hello I am Molly Pote. I love your music. You are my biggest inspiration, and my favorite artist ever. Lips are moving, tells me don't hold back use your voice. No tells me don't do things you don't like and I love the song. I really love above all is Better When I'm Dancing. It inspires me to sing,write songs,dance,do this.Anyway if you really are reading this I am inspired by you.

Trinity B's picture
Submitted by Trinity B (not verified) on

I love your music. You are unique and beautiful I always dance to your songs I wish I could meet you in person I ❤️ You and your songs I always watch your YouTube videos

- Trinity


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