Machine Gun Kelly (or MGK)

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Richard Colson Baker
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"Invincible" the official theme song of WrestleMania XXVIII

Short bio: 

Richard Colson Baker was born in April 22, 1990. He's better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly or MGK for short. He got that name for his rapid-fire lyrical flow, and its reference to the notorious criminal George "Machine Gun Kelly" Barnes. MGK is a rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor from Cleveland, Ohio.

MGK become popular after releasing his first four mixtapes, Stamp Of Approval in 2006, Homecoming in 2008, 100 Words and Running in 2010, and Lace Up in 2010. In August 2011, MGK secured a recording contract with Interscope and Bad Boy Records, after a meeting with Jimmy Iovine and Sean "Diddy" Combs. In mid-2011, MGK signed a deal with Young and Reckless Clothing.

In January 22, 2014, MGK began working on his second studio album.


Machine Gun Kelly/MGK
c/o Interscope Records
2220 Colorado Avenue
5th Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90404-3506


Submitted by Heith travis (not verified) on

Mgk diggin the new music. the realness you’ve delivered since day 1 will no doubt already be enough to qualify you as a legend in my opinion.. But this new shoot bring linkinpark back together and honor a legend lost to a battle too many lose🙌🏼

Submitted by Chanel young (not verified) on

Hey Kells, just want to say thanks for your music it helps me get through so much. I had a very bad childhood because my mum (who I don't even call my mum anymore) is an asshole and left me when I was 7 years old. She's been to jail so many times, and dad's even worse. I was 4 when he left me and I barely remember him. My granddad was born in Cleveland, where he met my grandma but moved to Australia just after they got married. Cleveland blood all the way! You're an inspiration, and I can relate to you in so many ways: Rolling papers, Blue dream, got high and went into town, didn't end to well haha. Enjoy life while it lasts.

Submitted by Stephanie Crowe (not verified) on

I am a huge fan and I just thought it would be really cool to hear you do some covers of older songs like 'So happy together'. Everything you do is amazing and right now is probably the hardest period of my life and your music helps me make it through the day.Not only your music but I've seen you in movies and you are just amazing! I love you and even if you dismiss my suggestion I'll always be a huge fan.

Submitted by John Baldwin (not verified) on

Excellent on Howard Stern today. You have a new fan & Eminem sucks anyway

Submitted by Ian Colclasure (not verified) on

Can i use forget me too in one of my YouTube videos


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