Machine Gun Kelly (or MGK)

Birth Name: 
Richard Colson Baker
Music Category: 
Best Known For: 

"Wild Boy"
"Bad Things"
"My Ex's Best Friend"
Being engaged to Megan Fox

Short bio: 

Colson Baker (born April 22, 1990), known professionally as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), is an American rapper, singer, musician, and actor. He is noted for his compositional blending of contemporary and alternative hip hop with rock.

Machine Gun Kelly released four mixtapes between 2007 and 2010 before signing with Bad Boy Records. He released his debut studio album, Lace Up, in 2012, which peaked at number four on the US Billboard 200 and contained his breakout single "Wild Boy" (featuring Waka Flocka Flame). His second and third albums, General Admission (2015) and Bloom (2017), achieved similar commercial success; the latter included the single "Bad Things" (with Camila Cabello), which peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. His fourth album, Hotel Diablo (2019), included rap rock.

Machine Gun Kelly released his fifth album, Tickets to My Downfall, in 2020; it marked a complete departure from hip hop and entry into pop punk. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, the only rock album to do so that year, and contained the single "My Ex's Best Friend", which reached number 20 on the Hot 100. He achieved similar commercial success with its follow up Mainstream Sellout (2022).

Machine Gun Kelly had his first starring role in the romantic drama Beyond the Lights (2014), and since appeared in the techno-thriller Nerve (2016), the horror Bird Box (2018), the comedy Big Time Adolescence and portrayed Tommy Lee in the biopic The Dirt (both 2019).


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Submitted by Heather kerr aka HEV (not verified) on

My life hasnt been the easiest one...i spent most of it in chidrens hospital due to disabilities i was born with...against all odds i walk and talk and became highly educated but had it taken from me due to a drunk driver crashing into the car i was in...i was on my way to record for my bday and didnt make it.....ive had bouts recurrent of my arms and legs not working quite often and im stuck in the system unable to get the help i need for myself and my son...his father is a horrible person that i have a restraining order against and bc of nj fathers rights i have to keep battling to protect my son...not only that but im stuck in an abusive home bc i have no help and my son sees my drugged out drunken stepfather abuse me and own me like a slave bc i have to cover his ass for my son to have a mother is an alcoholic that says and does awful things to me in front of my son that is killing me inside...and the worst part is that the cycle killed my dreams and any chances of me letting my soul speak bc im their slave....i had all the connections and i had touring set up but even offering her 25000 cash bc i was getting 150000 wasnt enough to have them be people so i could get things right for myself and my son...i live this constant loop of hell son sees it...and he asks me why i stopped doing what i love...i even had times i perfomed with my walker or cane or id put my hospital gown on and go on in a wheelchair...people thought it was a gimmick but it was real...and i had the support of so many people and respect from so many that i made music with...i could still come right back into it if i wasnt here in hell trapped...ive been homeless ive been a prisoner of my own body and now im owned by these people bc i have no help and no one...any time i get close to escaping they end up messing it up by getting locked or keeping me from what i need to and theres never any want to do for a good woman who takes care of all i can

Submitted by Heather kerr aka HEV (not verified) on

I have so much more to tell you...please read my comment posted and contact me if you have the time...i love what youve done with your life and you inspire me to keep going....

Submitted by Heather kerr aka HEV (not verified) on

The 10th was my 33rd bday and as usual my mother let me know i shoulve been an i said sooooo much more....please get back to me when you can 6092221466

Submitted by John Nolen (not verified) on

Olive in Grant's Pass Oregon and I've been listening to MGK for the last three months. His music has helped me through a lot and I would love to get to meet him or something. This guy and his music speak to me in a way that has helped me through some hard shit in my life and I'm so grateful for it. I'm only 19 and I turn 20 in February and it scares the hell out of me. I just want tobe able to tell him to his face that he has helped me change who I am in a way that people can begin to understand me and that in itself is amazing. Thank you MGK for all the hard work and stress you put into your music, if it weren't for you people like me would not have found an outlet so easily.

Submitted by Katherine (not verified) on

My daughter is 5 and loves MGK. She knows all the lyrics to his songs and dances to them. She said her birthday and Christmas wish this year is to meet Machine Gun Kelly. I told her I would try

Submitted by Savana (not verified) on

I have been following and listening to MGK since his fordt music video "chip off the block". Hands down my all time favorite. Most of his songs have helped me over come battles that i have been fighting since i was a young teen. Ive gone through the addiction stages and have hurt myself and others. Right now im batteling a court case for custody of my only son. I work anywhere from 5-6 days a week sometimes 8 hours sometimes 12. My co workers and others that are around me like my "friends" are always bullying me. I work my ass off and do nothing but help out at work and helpy friends. Im always crying or getting blamed for things that are not my fault. For example, my job is to take care of individuals with dementia and there are things that we have to do that not a lot of people enjoy. I work with women all day long, and of course women like to cause drama and talk shit. But this is gone too far. I feel like everyday im crying and hurting myself or over doing it. I have bi polar disorder and PTSD plus im manic drpressive and hear voices and all that. Im always being blamed for the shit talking at work because of my mental disorder. My dream is to meet MGK and be able to vent and talk to someone whos been through a lot of what ive been through.

Submitted by Hannah (not verified) on

Mgk if you read this I want to tell you my story. I came from nothing just like you did and while I'm still a "kid" I'm still making it in life I got big dreams and I gotta work hard to fulfill them. But I know how you don't speak tp your dad or your mom and listen I don't speak to my mom. She became a junky after my dad left when I was seven started poping out kids making me raise them while her and my dad we're no where to be found. And at night when I rarely had me time I would sit in my room and listen to your songs and write and that's the only way I could cope with the pain (there was way more going on) but I memorized every word to almost everyone of your songs and it has just always been a dream of mine to meet you. You have helped me in so many ways and I just really wanted to thank you.

Submitted by Maddi (not verified) on

Idk what it is about mgk but his lyrics have true meaning and make me feel like I may actually have a place in this world. When I feel down I listen to his music and it's like it lifts me back up. Trying to get tickets for your next tour when you come to London. THANK YOU so much for making you music It really helps me believe in my self. Much love

Submitted by Rachel Smith (not verified) on

I was showed MGK 5 years ago i thinkand i have listened to his music every day and he has changed my life my fav. one is Swing Life Away i listen to him when i work at night and that helps

Submitted by Ben (not verified) on

Hey man listen, I am a huge fan. You're inspirational to me. I fell in love with your music with wild boy and then I dug deeper. The Return inspired me to finish a book I was writing and chip of the block amped me to write my action scenes. Anyways I want Colin Kaepernick on the Browns. He's a more skilled QB than Kizer and he deserves to be signed. You're the most famous celeb from Cleveland I could think of and I think your message will go further than mine.
C-L-E-V-E-L-A-N-Ds the greatest. Make it a movement.

Submitted by Will (not verified) on

I don't want to die. But I don't want to live. I know how to make myself happy. But I can't stop hating myself. I need love. Idk why I'm saying this to you. You're just the music that gets me through a lot. Idk how to get through this feeling. Maybe tonight

Submitted by Logan Brockman (not verified) on

Mgk and eminem, in my mind, are the best rapper ever, and not because they are white. Whenever I hear either of their music, I feel free. Now even though I can't rap, they have inspired me to pursuemusic. Nobody knows but sometimes I will take Eminem music and mgk music and make new songs by combining them. It is my only wish to meet either one but to meet mgk, would be the best feeling in the world, my sister's introduced his songs to me, now he is my hero

Submitted by Logan Brockman (not verified) on

Like him, I'm also from Ohio, I would give anything to meet him

Submitted by Megan (not verified) on

If this ever gets to you I just wanna say I get it! You are the realist artist ive ever listened to and mind you im a new fan, but ive never felt so in tuned with music the way I have been with yours! Like you hear the different pain and passion in every song its like a split personality it just triggers and comes out, doesnt mean it defines you but keeps the flame going...if that makes sense! Definitely hooked! I hope one day I can meet you not only as an artist but as a person. by the way your eyes are just dazzling! You can tells much about a person looking in there eyes! #ohiolove Stay you Mgk! <3 if tou ever wanna reply Clairissa Raynes is my facebook crazy lady blue hair

Submitted by Bill (not verified) on

I know that you (MGK) Will probably never see this but I just want you to know that you and your music have helped me in more ways than you'll ever know. I'm a few years older than you but I've lived through pretty much the same shit that you have. Listening to your music when it's a bad day, which is quite often, it helps me out in more ways than one. Just knowing that you've been through the same shit I have and that you made it out of the darkness, even though I'm sure you still have those rough days, it gives me some hope that maybe I can too. I wish I could say more but I'm not with putting my business out for the world to see but just know that I thank you and appreciate you being so honest with your music and everything you've been through. Wish I could tell you more but anyway keep doin your thing and know that you inspire and help people more than you will ever know. I'll keep you in my prayers and thanks for making music for people like myself homie! Keep it up man!!

Submitted by Gina Marie (not verified) on

Hey. I don’t know if you’ll EVER open this message. You probably get so many girls messaging you, saying stupid shit, like “OMG you’re daddy asf!” or “have my babies” but… I figured if you were to ever see this… It might mean something to you. I guess I’ll just start with my story. My biological father was abusive. He beat me black and blue, threw tools at my head… I don’t know, man. I guess I deserved it? He always told me I did. When I was ten, he told his best friend he could “have” me. I didn’t know what it meant. It meant that he could rape me. My “dad’s” best friend raped me. I finally told my mom about it. When I was 12, my parents split. I moved in with my mom. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him. But that doesn’t stop me from crying at night. My left arm is marked up with scars, from when I tried killing myself. I spent 3 ½ months in the hospital. After 4 visits, they put me in residential. Then, the next year, I started smoking weed. My mom knew, she didn’t act like she cared. She knows about the weed. But not about the cigarettes, or the random pills. She doesn’t know how badly I’ve fucked up. She kicked me out July 16th. I moved in with my sister in law, and my brother Ryan. They grounded me for 5 months for an empty bag with weed residue. They called the cops and everything. I go to a small public school. I’ve dated one dude there, but he only wanted sex. I’m not a virgin, I’ve given consent before… but my first time was with a dude 6 years older than me. He was 19, I was 14. Man, I was so desperate to know how it feels, to lay with someone you WANTED, to have someone touch you and it feel GOOD… After that, I started sleeping with a lot of other people. I thought I was pregnant at one point. I’m 15. I turn 16 next year, July 6th. But the reason I’m still alive right now? Honestly, I’m not gonna say that cheesy ass shit where I say it’s your music. I don’t know why I’m alive right now. I guess it’s the hope that it will get better? But in all reality, I’m not sure if it will. I don’t even know why I’m writing to you right now. I guess it’s because you’re the person I admire most? You’re so… strong. You’ve been through so much. You’re an amazing person. I just wish I could be as strong. Thanks for everything. For giving me hope. I’m not sure I can tell you how long it will last, but still. Thank you for giving me strength. I love you. -Gina Marie

Submitted by Jeremy McBride (not verified) on

Hey I know you are busy but I have 2 little kids who love your music and would like to meet you please hit me back

Submitted by Amanda (not verified) on

Hey. Let me just start with you are my biggest inspiration. We actually come from the same town, I have been to many of your concerts just never had the money to get VIP passes well when you come to Iowa with Fallout boy im gonna be at that concert and im determined to get VIP passes, not for me but for a very special person. I have been doing so much research to find your email address or even a mailing address. So i hope i have the right mailing address b/c i really would like to ask a huge favor, again nor for me but for someone i would say is your biggest fan. Thank you - Amanda Westbrook

Submitted by Sue Wojciechowski (not verified) on

Im mailing a letter....My background is spooky similar to yours except the moneys not there..Not to get extREmly personal but sitting in the Cancer Center EVERDAY YOU WERE WITH ME IN MY EAR GIVING ME STRENGTH. PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS LETTER CUZ im in remission now and my husband couldnt handle my sickness and the rest is what im send out to your Interscope address from Michigan
..You my dear friend saved someone you didnt even know exsisted...HOW DO I START TO THANK YOU..
My daughter (breeze) is a little older than Cassie so shes been to hell and on the way back up
My baby girl my best friend and true love has watched her Mama sick her aunt and cousin die in the last year with breast cancer
Shes in counseling im rambling thanks for the songs you read from my mind 😊😊and got PAID...

Submitted by April (not verified) on

I really love your style and everything your about. I have listened to your music since the very beginning. You could say I'm a hardcore fan. I would really love to meet you one day or at least get a signed autograph but meeting you would really make mine and my husband's day. He is also a hardcore fan. Get back to me. Lace up!

Submitted by Garrett Scarborough (not verified) on

Hey man. You sit here and talk about how you hope your songs help someone get through hard times. Man I know life is hard and I deal with it one step at a time and you do help people get through hard times. Everyday I through on a song or hell even an album from you and it helps. It makes my day better I rap along and keep that vibe you throw out whether it be a music video or whatever and I just can feel it. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety but once I hear your songs I relax kick back and calm down. There are plenty of times I’ve almost ended it but you saved me. Whether you actually see this or not I just hope someone out there feels the way I do and can feel your music rush through them and help them make it through the day. One day I hope to see you live and maybe meet you but if that day never comes I hope you never stop. One day I hope to aspire to your level and maybe help someone else through they’re struggles. Love ya man much respect.

Submitted by Brenda anne (not verified) on

Every song that mgk has wrote helps me get through the day. I have friends that ask why I always listen to your music and my response is the lyrics have a meaning. So thank you

Submitted by Casey yoder (not verified) on

One of my biggest dreams in life is to meet you. Your very talented and gorgeous! I follow you on social media. Yeah I'm the girl who sends you messages on Instagram which you prob get alot. I love you! I'm from Pennsylvania and our birthdays are 4 days apart... same year 😘

Submitted by Victoria Parker (not verified) on

Mgk's music has always inspired me to become a better person and has helped me through life TREMENDOUSLY! Its my last year of high school and honestly I'd love to end it off with Mgk going with me. I know it'll probably be impossible because of how much work he's doing. I would just like the oppurtunity! 😁

Submitted by Mande. W. (not verified) on

Hey there, lol. The beginning of this is random but it gets better, I promise. I know you will probably never read this, but this was the only outlet I could find to try and contact you. I appreciate your music, I have been on a mgk kick for literally the last four hours listening and watching your music videos, Love your music videos btw they are sooo fucking dope. You aren't just a rapper you are a poet with extreme raw talent. Now to the main reason I am trying to message you. I feel the pain in a lot of your songs, I like to have a good time too and get wild and fucked up, and I know your fans around you just wanting to get turnt up with you. I just wanna say I hope you got someone that always has your back. You have a vision, and I just want to make sure someone's got you. I have had several friends overdose, and a couple of them never woke up. I DONT want to see that happen to you, when someone famous has millions of people who love them and are depressed and inside themselves noone seems to really notice.. Keep writing songs to help cope with when you have to, do whatever you have to do. You have people who geniuenly care (even myself, a complete stranger) that wants to see you do and be the best you can be mentally and physically for yourself and your daughter. I got nothing but mad love for you.
Why I felt the need to say this to you I am not sure, but It was weighing heavily on me and i couldn't sleep until I did. Hopefully this reaches you, and hopefully you don't think "who tf this bitch " lol. I only mean what I am saying in the best way possible.. If I were to ever see you walking out of a club drunk (I'd prolly be coming out that same club drunk my damn self) but I wouldn't see you and record you with my phone for a million people to watch you. I'd see you and try to keep other people from doing that.. Dream big live bigger than you have ever imagined. Xoxo

Submitted by Skyler Mason Faust (not verified) on

Hey Kells I've looked up to u since I heard your music the first time ever, when my brothers would listened to you. I only have one brother in the physical form as of April 22nd 2018 at 2 am he passed away in a motorcycle accident, and he had many drugs on him and in his system, and Its pretty cool how that's ur birthday the same day he left us I honestly think it was meant to be. Me and my brothers would listen to u for hours and hours. From the singles to albums every song we found to be uplifting either way. Of it was sad or hyped af we still felt free listening to your music and I wanna say thank you for what u have created between me and my brothers with just a pen and paper. I am honored to call u my brother. Thank you brother for letting me have such a great family not only by blood but by music and this movement Everyone Stand Together 19xx

Submitted by Star diehl (not verified) on

I'm from a place in maryland called cambridge. Your music helped me through some of the toughest times of ever endured when living in Baltimore city in Maryland its life. Makes life easier to hear the shit you go through or similar but into beautiful lyrics. I have thought about thousands of ways to write or comment this n it all boils down to I know the chance of sonething being read is 50%-1% which is cool and I could grief the hole how cool it be to meet you or all the fan girls out there like I'm just trying to jump his bone 1 thing is personal like to say is how awesome it be to have a drink with you and pick that brain of yours keep makeing that soul soothing music man your gonna go a much longer way with lives your change.
-star diehl

Submitted by Anon (not verified) on

I really feel like rap devil needs to be on spotify. Im talking asap.

Submitted by Karla hoover (not verified) on

Just once let me just touch you once you won’t be dissapointed swear come to Colorado do a show please god I pray for it everyday ain’t no one got shit on mgk Eminem is a bitch his video fall is supposed to be a diss but he still running from shit the whole video what a pussy you don’t run from shit dear god thank you for making such a sexy man haha

Submitted by Bob Jarvis (not verified) on


In every person there is a seed of greatness. The secret is within the life experience that is able to crack the seed open, germinate that seed, and fully awaken one to their full potential.

MGK, I've been an Eminem fan since day one. I know how good Em is. I know the world is saying you're done. But Rap Devil is the reason I'm your fan now. So to me you're just getting started.

Rap Devil, I believe in you.

The burning bridge you just crossed is just the trial that proved the world you're worthy, lace up.

Submitted by Austin Black (not verified) on

No fuckin clue if u read any of this shit man but i know me and my buddys are huge fans thats shit with eminems beef thou is fuckin crazy im with ya on it thou man hell im crazy af to so dont worry on shit hell u probably dont anyways but if u could stop thru carthage missouri thatd be dope af ur probably busy shit so was eminem whrn i asked him he was a asshole about it so who knows maybe you can respond or email my emails so if u ever wanna shoot a fuckin email go for it but my dream one day is to smoke a big ass blunt with ya and party so maybe it happens maybe it dont who fuckin knows lifes crazy ive been thru most of the shit u been thru plus twice more and still dealin with life head on man so rock n fuckin roll and keep on keepin on man

Submitted by Micky Mazzacone (not verified) on

I watched your recent interview with The Breakfast Club and it made me remember "Till I Die" so just being on the computer I wanted to see the actual music video. I watched the whole video and really listened to the words this time. After watching it one more time I went to the comments with a thought in my head. That thought I had, I didn't see ANYONE mention. MGK made a video of where he grew up around people that lived there and there was something I realized. Unlike videos now by rappers in their hoods, NO ONE HAD A GUN, NO ONE was doing drugs etc. All we see in these "street rappers" videos now, that come from the same environment he did, are all bad influences on our youth. MGK made a video instead showing local establishments, and COMMUNITY! Showing people together not fighting over little petty things like most of the rappers now. I completely understand that those things still go on and its a video, but the respect for the way he portrayed where he grew up to be a positive video is amazing. The video has 92M views at this time and I saw a lot to do with Rap Devil (AMAZING) .I hope upcoming rappers can take a page from your book with this one. I just felt it was important for it to be said somewhere, that you did that and its still a very high viewed video. Hopefully we see more videos like that from other rappers because people constantly killing others and all these guns are getting out of hand....YouTube was not enough and I don't have a wide social base but it was an inspiring video compared to what people think they need to portray nowadays. Thank you MGK see you in Florida!

Submitted by Stevencpetty099... (not verified) on

Mgk look brother I hope you see this, I listen to your music everyday it's my reason for getting through life right now. With as popular as you are now you probably won't see this but I won't you to know bro you are the absolute best out there right now you speak for the people and I try to speak for you. My email is my name I don't expect you to contact me but my guy because I understand but please keep doing what you doing because you are the light through the fog that is our dark times. EST 4 LIFE Lace up stay true

Submitted by Hayden Leann (not verified) on

Hi! My name is Hayden and I was at your concert last night at Red Rocks in Colorado and you were amazing! Thanks for the amazing music! I listen to your songs every day :)

Submitted by phillip glaros (not verified) on

Hello! how are you doing mgk ^_^ i just want too say i love you and your music. im one of your biggest fucking fans ever lol and i just want too say , your songs have gotten me through so many hard depressing , bullying times. your the man foreal. i love you mgk <3 my dream is too meet you and take a picture with you and dub o and rookie ^_^ . i love you guys :'( Lol your the man , fuck da haters foreal. keep doing what your doing . i been bullyed too and jumped. & i just wanna say your the awesomest guy ever as a inspiration , your music makes me very happy and safe. noone ever messes with me if i listen to your music. i love you Mgk and dub o and rookie and the rest of the band. i love you so much as an idol. i want too shake your hand and the rest and take a picture with yall and hanfg it up on my wall if thats posssible . my mother know's IM YOUR BIGGEST idol haha. keep up the inspiration and the hater's dont mean shit. your music saved my life in reality. you seem like your an awesome / nice , intelligent guy to his fans. <3

Your biggest fan ~ Phillip glaros. i hope you have a very good day, and i'll be seeing you hopefully at a concert someday or sometime. godbless .
P.S I GOT Lace up on my wrist ^_^ and getting plenty more

Submitted by Tamara (not verified) on

I LOVE YOU😍😘💋😋 Oh what I would do, if I could have you to myself for 10 minutes!!! Best song..Against the world😉

Submitted by Deanna (not verified) on

I doubt if I'll ever get a response to this message...I just need you to know your music has continued to get me through the difficult things I am battleing in my life. I pray to one day meet you. You have truly touched my soul with your music. Thank you Colton. ❤

Submitted by Alex Bricker (not verified) on

Hey MGK. I know you get thousands of comments a day. I really wanted to reach out to you because your music is what kept me positive after my accident in Hawaii. I got into a motorcycle accident and had 10% to keep my leg in tact to my body. I shattered my femur, fractured both sides of my pelvis and cut a tendent under my left arm. I nearly bleed to death in the ditch and was lucky enough to reach in my pocket and call my parents saying " I love them". It was about 15 min and lost about 850 ml of blood and if I didn't call my father and had a random guy find my scooter at 1 am....I would be dead. After a lot of treatment in Kona, I had to fly to Oahu for my surgeries and special care for my infections. The main reason I'm contacting you today is because you're my number one music artist and would love to meet you or even hear back from you. The song save my tears, made me cry and I listened to it everyday for 45 days, bringing myself to have enough courage and motivation to get out of my hospital bed and do physo and attempt to walk. Over and over I would sing your songs. One of the most emotional songs was 27 for me because being 25 turning 26 it made me realize on how all my friends back in Toronto wouldn't have the good old Brick. It's hard to expalin...but. I just want to let you know your awesome and would love to have a chance to talk or even meet you one day! Thanks MGK for always speaking from your heart and creating music. Really hope this makes it to you someway or somehow...

Submitted by Melissa lehman (not verified) on

I'm Melissa im a huge fan of mgk he is my idol and I would love for my daughter and I to get the chance to meet or talk to him. I'm a single mother and he has always been an inspiration to me. My daughter loves his music she has since she was born. He's helped me be a better person and mother

Submitted by Nathan Traviss (not verified) on

Just wanted to start off by saying you are hands down the best in the game right now! You are my soon to be wifes and I's favourite. We are gonna drive down to the states this summer and hit up EST Fest for the first time for our honeymoon. It's the 1 thing we have both been dying to go to! My girl Brittany is a HUGE fan she watches all you Kelly visions. I was wondering if there would be anyway on our wedding day April 13th 2019 if you could hit her up with a message on Facebook or instagram or something. I am wanting to do some special things for her on our wedding day and the very best thing would be a message from you saying something like " shits about to get real!" Best of luck on your wedding day have a drink on me! kellz " or something.. I understand if you don't have the time or can't be bothered.. I just know it would literally mean the fucking world to dude! Not to mention...we will be blasting MGK all night! We are getting married in the mountains. can't wait! Hope you get the chance to read this. If not keep up pumping out those amazing tracks! And come back to Edmonton!
Shout out to your boys for me! We are all spoiled to have your tracks to get thru the day!

Submitted by Amber hunter (not verified) on

I loved the episode you where on in catfish you made some excellent points and I’m glad that one of the girls where able to come clean and tell you the truth before they toke up anymore of your time away from your daughter and family that was some petty crap they pull just for attention and for that one girl to come out .....

You are one person I look up too and all your music inspires me keep up the good work kelly hopefully I’ll see you at your next concert in Phoenix Arizona

Submitted by JD MD (not verified) on


My dad grew up in Rocky River Heights and went to St. Ignatius High. If he had stayed and raised us in Cleveland, I doubt we would have ever crossed paths. LOL. I grew up in LA, saw Bones Thugs at Magic Mountain during a radio concert, started getting high in 9th grade, made my own way making money in high school while also working at video rental stores and in the high school cafeteria, kicked ass on SATs and went to a high-profile university where you filmed The Dirt on a merit-scholarship when my family was so poor that my AP test scores etc all got waived. I definitely got suspended and arrested more than once in high school. I've gone to jail. I've moved in the higher social circles but have never truly felt I belonged. And everyone gives me shit for loving my Cleveland sports teams.

I didn't even know who you were until I saw The Dirt. I have two kids and I am finishing medical school this month, so I've been out of touch with music and everything I loved before med school. But lately I've been watching you on YouTube to try to piece together the parts of your story you've made public. You are from East CLE. You worked jobs in high school. You have a daughter. You know the most successful people fuck shit up, learn from it, and better themselves from those lessons.

I am 10 years older than you are. Maybe you will never see this, but even though you seem to know this already, I wanted to reiterate that you are ridiculously smart (which shows through during your more sincere verses), you are talented, and of course you are familiar with failure, and what defines us is how we deal with that failure.I have failed so many times, I can't imagine success without it. Your performance in The Dirt was brilliant. And yes, I like your more popular songs with starlets, but it's obvious which songs really belong to you, and those are your best.

Never ever fucking give up. EVER. You're going to do great things, just as I am. And CLEVELAND IS FUCKING AWESOME.

Anonymous, J.D., M.D. expected May 2019

Submitted by Allie (not verified) on

MGK is the hottest man I’ve ever seen and I would die if I could meet him

Submitted by Josie cannioto (not verified) on

I just wanted to say I love the work that your doing the music your making definitely going off the charts 🤗
I’m a huge fan and hope one day I’ll have the chance to meet you in person and have a few conversations .
I think you have a lot of talent and that you speak to a lot of under age kids like a roll model . Congratulations on all the success Hoping one day to hear from you love josie cannioto .

Submitted by Blake Branch (not verified) on

Yo Colson. I’m am probably your biggest fan. I listen to your music day in and day out. You’ve helped get me through so much shit in my life and I relate to a lot of things you make music about. My mom hasn’t been there through much. And my dad was there physically and that’s about it. I’d love to have a brief conversation with you. When you see this please take the time to talk to me. I know your busy touring for one of the greatest albums ever made. But a short conversation with you would be a dream come true. EST for mother fucking life!

Submitted by Jeremiah Arnold on

Hi I am a fan of your music

Submitted by Judi Lilley (not verified) on

Just a quick email to thank you for coming to our area on your tour. My daughter has been a follower for a few years now and I want to thank you for making her dream come true by coming to Leeds Uk. She had tickets for Leedsfest because you were there, but felt like she couldn't come because of anxiety, so she sold her ticket. She then found that you were doing a concert in Manchester so booked it because she didn't want to miss you while you were here in the UK. Her best friend, who loves you equally was involved in the Manchester Bombings making them equally worried about coming. Anyhoo, I just wanted to thank you for your music, you make my daughter happy, (personally, I don't understand your music but hey ho it's supposed to be a generation thingy) I wish you well and thank you giving her an amazing night out. Your life experiences means a lot to people who cant comprehend.I just wish other people understood that.

Judi x

Submitted by Jiordan Holt (JD) (not verified) on

Hella glad you got to town man i hope i get to make it to the concert this week man much love for you flavor taste like cindie yeah......... Good fan👐🤘

Submitted by Joslyn o'Brien (not verified) on

I have so much going on in my life right now that I'm on sensory overload, I'm 30 yrs old struggling to find myself ...I am an addict and *lead me on* was truly one of many that was *on point* for I want to help, I want to start a rehab for my people where they can come in groups of friends and get clean with their friends and be able to be housed in an environment that is not government dipped in so to speak.....I know if I was given the chance to provide my friends with an opportunity like this that I could get all of them clean.....including myself I wanna be better for my son.....and I don't have shit to hold onto anymore bruh I'm fucking exhausted and I don't wanna be here anymore but here I am colson, 913-605-6607 it would mean everything to me to hear back from someone who is part of the movement
FB Joslyn O'Brien
Olathe Kansas


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