Machine Gun Kelly (or MGK)

Birth Name: 
Richard Colson Baker
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Best Known For: 

"Wild Boy"
"Bad Things"
"My Ex's Best Friend"
Being engaged to Megan Fox

Short bio: 

Colson Baker (born April 22, 1990), known professionally as Machine Gun Kelly (MGK), is an American rapper, singer, musician, and actor. He is noted for his compositional blending of contemporary and alternative hip hop with rock.

Machine Gun Kelly released four mixtapes between 2007 and 2010 before signing with Bad Boy Records. He released his debut studio album, Lace Up, in 2012, which peaked at number four on the US Billboard 200 and contained his breakout single "Wild Boy" (featuring Waka Flocka Flame). His second and third albums, General Admission (2015) and Bloom (2017), achieved similar commercial success; the latter included the single "Bad Things" (with Camila Cabello), which peaked at number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. His fourth album, Hotel Diablo (2019), included rap rock.

Machine Gun Kelly released his fifth album, Tickets to My Downfall, in 2020; it marked a complete departure from hip hop and entry into pop punk. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, the only rock album to do so that year, and contained the single "My Ex's Best Friend", which reached number 20 on the Hot 100. He achieved similar commercial success with its follow up Mainstream Sellout (2022).

Machine Gun Kelly had his first starring role in the romantic drama Beyond the Lights (2014), and since appeared in the techno-thriller Nerve (2016), the horror Bird Box (2018), the comedy Big Time Adolescence and portrayed Tommy Lee in the biopic The Dirt (both 2019).


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Submitted by Deanna (not verified) on

I wrote a letter for you and I have not been able to make it out yet my gramal thinks that you are not age appropriate for me. But even though she thinks that I will always LOVE your music because I bet you write every note and evey lyric from the bottom of your heart! I just want to tell you that you changed my life! And my mom's too!!!

Submitted by Taylor James Terry (not verified) on

MGK, you are my favorite singer of all times. You inspired me so much. I like to think I'm your number 1 fan. I'm trying to do work to get money for an outfit of mgk merchandise. I have my hair cut like yours. I would like to be just like you when I grow up. I'm only 13 and have a ways to go. I try coming up with lyrics to become a Hip hop artist. I want to have everything u have when I grow up. Your # 1 fan, Taylor James Terry.

Submitted by Joshua smith (not verified) on

Dude, your music gets me thru damn near suicidal moments.. I really appreciate what you do. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I'm from Atlanta but I feel the way do about my city unfortunately I don't have a voice big enough to make a difference here.. maybe one day I'll see the world thru your shoes.

Submitted by mitchell stringfield (not verified) on

whatsup my dude. i gotta meet you. i hear theres a show coming to cleveland, but man im down right now and my world is collapsing cant afford it this time, but next time for sure. been listening to your music for years. the only concert ive ever been to was you my dude. n honestly it was sick asf. you brought dude on stage so he could propose n shit. we gotta burn one eventually n maybe i can bounce some of my lyrics off ya while we do. haha. that shit would be dope. you my idol homie and eventually ima get my music goin enough to get your attention and burn it down! but anyway. just wanted to thank you for giving me some shit to listen to that keeps me goin. your an inspiration for sure. im missin out on new music from you tho man. where it at?

Submitted by mitchell string... (not verified) on

ayye my dude. thats my bad. haha, but i meant to ask you bro you gotta make another song about just not shit. hahaa. that ("floating song"/ lalala) is way too chill man. chill, but fast enough to keep me out my feels and i love it cuz these days feeling shit aint a hobby of mine. but like i said before my dude. keep that momentum goin. and if you ever need any new ideas. lemme get in on it. dont expect anything other than to chill wit my inspiration fr n i dont do no freestyle shit, but my lyrics are lit n thats how i do it. just bouncin shit off my older brother. diff minds bring out fresh ideas.

Submitted by Est19xxGM (not verified) on

MGK your the only person in this world that picked me up when i was 16 homeless living in the streets. Doing drugs not caring about school. Wanting to die and not be around anymore. And ever since i started listening to your music it has helped me go from rock bottom to the middle. If it wasnt for you i wouldnt of made it this far. And being a part of Est is the best decision i ever made.

Submitted by Travis schmidt (not verified) on

Your already my favorite rapper of all time! Please remaster a cover for simple man or Tuesday's gone! lynyrd skynyrd Are my favorite musicians I love that you dabbled with simple man live! Please do a cover for either!!!!!!! Your amazing

Submitted by Cait (not verified) on

Ik he did a great jod on the simple man cover my cousin billy powell would b proud

Submitted by Icenineisaac95 (not verified) on

I just wanted to say a few things here, dude, so many of your songs hit home to me..
"Gone" helps me deal with missing my son, because my baby mama left me and ignores me every time i try and talk and ask about him.
You also make references to your father alot, I never knew mine, and recently a few months ago, he shot himself, and once again, I ran upon your song "Gone" and... i don't know, it just really hit home man.
Your music gives me hope, I've been a hardcore EST fan since day one, and I'll be seeing you in November, my hope is to get a picture with you, because I look up to you like the big brother I never had, and always wanted..

Submitted by bill dowell (not verified) on

Mgk your shit lifts me im 34 got shot 6 times3 years ago and your music is what keeps me going 8122413624. Est.1981

Submitted by joy (not verified) on

Dear Machine gun Kelly,
I am writing you in regaurds to my 17 year old daughter name Jasmine Deen , she was born with special needs,This is her last year of high school in Palm Coast hight school in fla. I had just found out she will not be graduating with a high school deploma , just a completion certification. she is a very sweet girl that was born premature , with mental delays, she shys away from every one. over the past year or so. your music has open a new world for her,her face lighten up, when she hears your music play. all she has ever wanted was to meet you in person or get an autograph. some of that nature. I seen how much you inspired her. i cant thank you enough. hope this email makes it way to you some how some way.
jasmine deen

please forgive my spelling , I'm not the best at it . from the parent that loves her daughter unconditionaly joy deen

Submitted by Danielle onelov... (not verified) on

I know u heard this before but ur music pics movies are deff helping me get threw one of the hardest times in my life right now... I truely lost everything. And im in a never ending fight to get myself 2gether and get my life back 2gether.. I was addicted the every first time I heard your soung lead you on... Your words hit home... Everyone of your soungs isnt like the other crap out your music has true meaning experience.. I know itcsounds silly but I feel u rly did save me... At one point I didn't even have a phone or anyway to listen to your music and I ran into a friend who let me use her phone to go on YouTube to watch ur videos it made my whole day all my problems melted away.. And I smiled for the first time in months.. I absolutely Love you and thank u for being so amazing.. Please don't stop :) <3

Submitted by Lanie marshall (not verified) on

Hi my name is Lanie and I love your music I just want you to know you have changed my life by your music you speak the truth and I want you to know that you saved me from doing meth I was a bad meth addict and I heard your music from my brother I just wanna say you are an inspiration to me you are my idol!!! I hope you read this I have never been to your concert I would love to go I turn 21 September 25 and I want to go for my birthday !!! Just understand life was hard for me I hope I can be as strong as you one day !!!:)

Submitted by Ashlynn (not verified) on

I really would love to meet MGK. My friend introduced me to his music. I have never felt so much better about myself. His songs are LIFE SAVING. I've been having issues at home with abuse and shit and to make everything better I go and blast his music and start rapping along with him. I want to meet him and thank him. I want to thank him for being such an inspirational rapper. So if anyone could help me meet him I would be speechless. He is what is keeping me alive. And i'm not just saying that because I want to meet him. Im saying that because that is truly how I feel. I want to thank him for helping people like me get through the hard times in life

Submitted by Brett (not verified) on

I'm not asking for money, I'm not asking for you to reach out to me, I have your albums, I have your respect, I just wanted to say that you truly inspired me. I have a beautiful 3 year old daughter, and I'm going through kinda what you went through. Obviously not as bad, but I respect the fact that you never gave up. I don't care what anyone else says, I'm just being true, like you always are. My dream would be to party with you sometime haha. Don't worry I'm not asking you to, I'm just saying I can tell who you are as a person, and your a fucking strong willing ass motha fucka. Just wanted to say I respect, not only your music, but you as a person. Your the shit brother, never forget that. I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope you always have a successful career. Peace out brother.

Submitted by Mission (not verified) on

I don't even know how to start this but man, I need help, I'm not looking for fame or money, I honestly just want my voice to be heard, you are a huge influence on me kels, I'm currently a college student at a small ass town in Kentucky called Morehead, I got budget cut by the army recently and dude the only thing I'm good at is music, I just need a chance I grew up in cities across the nation, but dropped in a town by my parents, rap isn't very accepted here and that's all I want to do man, I want to tell my story to the whole fucking world, I'm really supportive of this movement your starting man that's why I knew to talk to you because I know its not all sell another record typa shit, this shit is your reality and I feel that shit man,

Submitted by harshad (not verified) on

i wan see u as most succesfull rapper... nrich then wiz something big man..dont waste ur talent in that motherfucker also smoke weed..but....u have great talent prove it...ur my hero...pls do it for me

Submitted by Jeremy Childers (not verified) on

Man, I love you so much, you've saved my life so many times. To many to count. Stay laced bro

Submitted by Theresa (not verified) on

I've sat here with out knowing what to say mainly because these emails probably don't even reach you, I live in a small town in Pennsylvania. I was born in bay shore, New York. My whole life growing up was a struggle I can't even begin to explain what I've and been through as a child, I then became pregnant at 17 and had my daughter at 18 in NY I dropped out of high school and did everything I could to work and support my daughter. Then my daughters father and I had decided to move to Pa with his mother and brother thinking it would be a lot easier and cheaper to raise them, he started working at a tire place and I got a job at a nursing home I lied about my diploma to buy some time and get stabilized. I knew it was wrong but I didn't have another choice. It lasted 8 months and while I was pregnant with my son I gir fired. I found work were ever I could so I could at least pay my bills and keep a roof over my kids head. My kids dad then decided to go to the police academy, that when the infidelity started I busted my butt working and taking care of my kids and holding everything down while he went off to become a police. I am now in over my head and I can't seem to put the rest of my story into words .... Meeting with you and showing you my daily struggles and poverty and lifestyle would be more convinces that we are still out here then trying to explain it to you, my friends had told me that they wouldn't be surprised if lifetime made a movie of my life, abusive exes losing everything living in the streets wishing I grew up with parents that went to college and thought about us as much as I think about my kids. Please don't be another prodigy at least spend at a day with me and witness the daily struggles of a mother of 2 living in poverty.

Theresa ( the woman who wants to open the worlds eyes)

Thank you

Submitted by Austin Schreiber (not verified) on

I am a 20 year old rapper from Aurora Indiana and alot of people say that I sound like you and that I should get in contact and I really love your music and I have worked so hard on everything I've done with all of mine for everyone else to enjoy and I would love to have your help with me and getting noticed . Music is my passion

Submitted by dan p (not verified) on

just saw you last night in NYC! best show i've ever seen you've been my fav rapper since my freshman year in high school and i went through so much just to get these tickets. you fuckin rocked it bro I'm so happy i got to see the realest rapper in the game in person, ur one of my biggest inspirations man. your music opened me up to a whole new perspective on my life and life in general. i relate to every one of ur songs from general admission to homecoming. no other rapper will ever compare to the vibe i get from ur songs keep doing you kells ur fuckin killing it, like you said last night don't ever let them take that feeling from u. god bless u i wish the best.

Submitted by John (not verified) on

Not sure if you actually see this or not but, I'm a major fan and have been inspired by every song you've come out with. If somehow we could speak one day that would change everything for me! Thanks for everything!

Submitted by ..... (not verified) on

I am a new rapper trying to get famous, I got bullied growing up and its a hard lifestyle tbh. I survived suicide attempts, I survived depression, my goal is too work with MGK if anyone can get me in contact with him...

Submitted by Ally Echeverria (not verified) on

MGK made a huge impact on me.. he has never been to Belize and i wish he would because he is changing my life..

Submitted by Jacob Griffiths (not verified) on

Dear, Machine Gun Kelly
Hey my name is Jacob Griffiths I am a fan of yours and I have songs i written and I was hoping I could have your help with having some of my songs done by you professionally and in some not most of your songs I can relate to and you and others of my favorite musicians are whom inspired me to start writing songs i was in a band with some of my friends and they helped me be inspired to write songs too but i was hoping to have my songs done professionally done by one of my many favorite musicians.

Submitted by emily (not verified) on

hello, my name is emily and you are my hero and I have been listening to your music for a long time and it helped me when I was going through some tough times and I honestly don't know what I would do with out your music and I really would love to talk to you and also doubt that you will have time but my snapchat is emilyfaithnunn1 if you ever get the chance

Submitted by Isiah stitt (not verified) on

Bro I really wanna give the love of my life a ring at your concert December 27 at the Egyptian Room in Indiana while you play the song bad things because that is our song. It would mean the world to me if you played that song for us. Its a surprise as like a special Christmas present

Submitted by Samantha Xavier (not verified) on

I live in Reno, Nv and didn't get the opportunity to go to the concert. I could be the "typical" fan and type how much your talent has not only helped me change as a person, but also how it has made me who I am today! But I'm not typical lol....I would love if ANYBODY could please get back to me....since you give the world soooo much of who you are....I'd like to return the favor!

Submitted by Robert riddle (not verified) on

I can't put in to words what I've been Thur. Mom smoking dope. Pops in other room dien. Living in a hood where white ppl didn't belong. Robbing stores just to eat. Going to homeless shelter to eat. Wondering will this ever get better. From doing drugs to make the pain go away to havein my son. I'm sure I'd never get to meet you or give you thanks in person for helping me cope with life. Hopefully one day I'll get to say thanks in real life. Peace bro.

Submitted by Donald thrasher (not verified) on

U should make a song all about Ohio man I now u love Ohio so raap about it man and u should give me a call

Submitted by michael ford (not verified) on

Can Someone please help me my name is michael im a handicap with bad heart issues and i love MGK i really want a signed photo of him dose this adress work please help thank u guys Lace Up movement for life

Submitted by Melissa (not verified) on

I actually dont know much about mgk just always thought he was Super Sexy and i AM addicted to crazy reckless Boys lol. So bored at home i began to creep a few of his songs. I came across a song called lead you on. After listening to it im pretty sure him and i have something in common. It was a 2 year problem for me im okay now, but it has been the hardest thing in my life to get past, im born April 5th 1993 im 23 years Old right now, and i feel like such a loser for even sending this. But i have to know! Is it just a song for People who struggle. Or are you speaking from experience. I dont want to google it, when it Comes to this subject i AM only going to take it seriously from the person who lived it.

Submitted by Emilyquarles13@... (not verified) on

You're the reason I want to live.. You music speaks to me.. I've never been "popular" or pretty enough to other people.. I've attempted suicide twice.. Last time was a miracle I lived.. So must shit has happened to me and I don't wanna live sometimes.. But your music gives me hope.

Submitted by Paetin Owens (not verified) on

Hey i dont know if ur going to see this or not but I was wanting to do something for my boyfriend because ur like an idol to him ur his favorite artist an it would mean the world to him if he got to meet u in person an the only way I could make that happen for him is to take him to one of ur conserts an I don't think I'm going to be able to do that

Submitted by Khris (sly) Freeman (not verified) on

I discovered Mgk after I lost one of my closest nigga and since then I've lost alot of people. Especially growing up on east 101st and st.clair. and after the loss of my daughter five years ago I was about to end my life. Thanks to mgk and his music I'm alive today. I never met her bc she was born while I was locked up. I found out after I got out 3years later and I felt I had nobody. And there he was still producing shit that helped me cope with everyone I lost. I've never been able to meet him in person aside from on the streets growing up and even if I never do I just hope I'll be able to thank him. That only would mean the world to me

Submitted by Brianschohn@gma... (not verified) on

Hi machine gun kelly my name is brian schohn and i love all of your music i was woundering if u and I can talk i really would love to talk to u about a few things your the only rapper i know that really talks about shit in your music

Submitted by Vinny Ricklin (not verified) on

Hey I'm a rapper but I need to have help with people to sign me up so I don't know how to do that I live in a small town of name Nelson Missouri but I have a hole lot of people said I'm good
I need your help

Submitted by brittany bitch (not verified) on

Mgk me and my husband absolutely love you and ur music and we are so disappointed that you are literally not @ the 2017 grammies

Submitted by Dee (not verified) on

Yo yo kells wud up doe man I gotta give it to you I swear it you out cold wit it I listen to ur music everyday wanna see u perform come to tha D ...

Submitted by RJP (not verified) on

Thank you for a lot I guess you helped me out a lot through my battles my wins and losses. The music changed my life gave me a little more strength to fight another fight with my demons and confidence to become something instead of surrendering. I wish that more of your songs were on the radio so more people would know who you are. Your music soothed my soul. I made more of myself than people would expect. I can't just say my life has been filled with all the rainbows I'm facing court because , the constant bullies who make fun of me because, I'm transgender but I'm not the type to snitch I decided to handle my own and I beat the shit out of one my bullies the ambulance had to come for em I feel bad but it was either them or me had to make a little name for myself. I listened to your music after and it helped me stay calm while the police was talking you got a lot of respect from me.

Submitted by Rachel (not verified) on

hi i am rachel and i am your biggest fan you songs my everything to me i love them with all my heart no joke.
you help me feel like i am made for this world you songs help me with my life.
you are the best rapper mgk i love you.
LOVE you biggest fan rachel

Submitted by sam e sunshine (not verified) on

Your song Lead You On gave me more chills than Dance with the Devil ever could. Why? Because I live it. Every line, I feel...I could not put my addiction into words til I heard that. I listen to it every day. You're such an inspiration, showing me how happy you can be after a dark experience. I'd pay anything to kick it and chill even for an hour...i actually played that song to my mother to explain how I felt. You're fu ckin awesome, and btw, I've been downloading your mixed tapes for years...datpiff..lmfao

Submitted by Michael farabaugh (not verified) on

Hey this is Mike farabaugh i kive in a small town of tyrone pa. And i been writing songs and would like someone to help me make them famous like you or someone sing them.. or at least a meeting so you or someone can look at the things i wrote.. i could write stuff allday but need someone to give me a chance or just even get them looked at

Submitted by Susanna feenstra (not verified) on

I am 39 yrs old and my niece introduced me to MGK'S MUSIC and swing life away changed my view on the world and I left her a note on her bed that said the church of mgk lol everyone u read this or listen to this song it means something different to u depending on how u feel at the time and at the bottom I put parents friends boyfriends money people who talk shit just swing life sway girl and u will be ok hope I interperated your music right and if I didn't sorry but I know what it means to me so ty and I'm a fan for life

Submitted by Ashley Moore (not verified) on

I'm sure u get the I'm ur biggest fan bullshit a lot but I listen to ur music everyday! I believe u r the best rapper alive! My dream is to one day meet u n person and my dream would come true! Ur the realest rapper I've ever come across and i admire everything u do! Keep doing what u do bc u r the shit fuck what the haters say! Look me up on Facebook if u can Ashley Moore from North Carolina!

Submitted by Brenda. (not verified) on

I've never done this before but.. Hey I know I probably won't get a response back but imma take a chance.. and message you. Which I'm sure millions of women/girls do as well. Lol. But I hope you respond back would like to get you know better. I seen you on the catfish show tbh. And since then I seen something in you.

Submitted by Ashley Brennan (not verified) on

I'm a Combat Vet, not that matters, I'm just saying my love for music is something more than can register.MGK is someone I've idolized since I was a teen. I was a hardcore fan before his signing, but I just want to thank MGK for saving my life. I spent 16 months in Baghdad as a female in 2007 as an Military Police officer. Hence. coming home was incredibly hard. I'm home but ruined my life from homelessness to loss of family, and life, whatever. Everyone has a story. I just want to say meeting him would be THE BEST DAY even just to say thanks bc I have my glock in my mouth and hear him in the background and make me stop. It's on my bucket lis (at least a concert) but in Springfield, MA is straight ghetto, so I doubt we'll ever meet like it matters to him tho haha he meets people o the regular. I can relate to him not bc he is a popular musician now, but bc he has been through things ppl like myself can relate too, ex. his bro in military, and drugs, and how we think the same.. He saved me from truly suicide, pain, PTSD, he just makes me through my days mostly. I'm a regular person whom struggled with addiction, killing, and know how it is to look around and be like"no one in this room has been thru what I have". I'm a full time student, I promise though he is always in my speakers everyday bc I idolize his lyrics. He is human and bleeds like the rest of us, but has a gift to be the voice for people like me...

Submitted by Michael lee (not verified) on

I know trail of tears was a long time ago but i thought i would put my number down just so you can call me and I tell you how great your music is and and how it has changed my life every since I've started listening to it 251-454-5142

Submitted by Casey (not verified) on

Hey man I don't know if you check this or not. My boy Jeff had beat cancer twice and is still beating it to this day. Him and his momma are die hard EST fans. It's your music that gives them both the drive to make it through the day.


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