Luke Bryan

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Thomas Luther Bryan
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"I Don't Want This Night To End"

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Luke Bryan was born in Leesburg, GA and and 14 he received his first guitar. Bryan's family was very supportive of his musical dreams and encouraged him to move to Nashville as soon as he could. But tragedy struck the Bryan family the night before Luke was going to move to the Music City. His brother was killed in a car accident. Bryan decided to stay in Georgia to be near his family. Finally his father persuaded him to make the move, and Bryan landed in Nashville in 2001. Bryan first signed a publishing deal with co-writes on songs by Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. In 2007 he signed a recording contract with Capitol. Since then, Bryan has had numerous Top Ten hits and number one songs. In 2013, Luke Bryan won the ACM's coveted Entertainer of the Year Award.


Red Light Management
124 12th Avenue
Suite 600
Nashville, TN 37203


DeeDee Koelsch's picture
Submitted by DeeDee Koelsch (not verified) on

I was touched so deeply by your story and my heart goes out to you. I myself am the oldest sibling with the job to protect my siblings well obiviously I failed. I lost my sister next to me at age 18 by a drunk driver and them few years later my brother of 21 to self inflicted gun wound. In the meantime my dad and my baby sister was my rock but no on Christmas Eve my dad died of massive heart attack. My baby sister started drinking all the time we tried rehab several times but 2 years ago when we admitted her to the hospital there was nothing we could do so for2 months I stayed by my baby sisters side and heard the horrors of our childhood that I thought I had protected them from become real and how I had to let her go. She died at 39 that has been 2 years now. I haven't been able to go back to work I can't do anything I'm in so much pain and I blame myself. I'm scared we are gonna lose everything which isn't much but my kids deserve something Christmas something and I can't shake this despair. Please tell me how you overcome this I do realize our childhood was different ours wasn't nothing but abuse but I've got to live again that was one of my sisters last request to me. I hope you read this and can give me some insight. Again my heart truly goes out to you. A huge fan Dee Dee Koelsch

Amir 's picture
Submitted by Amir (not verified) on

I Heard Your Story And Where Your Came From I Watch You Performance On The StageI Been A Loyal Fans For Many Years Your Songs Really Help Me Get Through The Day! By Amir B
I Live Now In Acworth Georgia.

Mariya 's picture
Submitted by Mariya (not verified) on

I’m am battling breast cancer for the second time in two hrs chemo radation and all,it’s hard but I’m still dancing and raising my seven kids.your coming to billings mt and it’s a dream come true for me to live to see you

Stephanie Smith's picture
Submitted by Stephanie Smith (not verified) on

Luke we have the same Birthday would love to have a joint Birthday Party!!

Casey Goode's picture
Submitted by Casey Goode (not verified) on

Hey Luke, so my best friend of 18 years Pat past away in Oneida Lake 2 weeks ago while fishing. I know you’ll be at the at the Lakeveiw ampatheter this summer in Syracuse NY. It would me the world to me, our friends and his family if you could give home a shout out before you play the song Drink a Beer.

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Submitted by Robby Gorman (not verified) on


Peggy Oliver's picture
Submitted by Peggy Oliver (not verified) on

I need you to play drink a beer in Toronto on May 31 and please dedicate it to my mom Brenda Oliver. She passed away sept.4 2014 after a hard struggle from cancer. Your song drink a beer came on the station and the line one the first paragraph I have 4 tickets for this concert.
“Can't believe you're really gone”
My mom moved her eyes to look at each of her kids and my dad and then stopped breathing.

Sara's picture
Submitted by Sara (not verified) on

Hi my name is Sara and I just turned 13. My grandfather passed away Father’s Day of 2018. Every time he would be mentioned I would shut everyone out and listen to any of your songs. If you get this I’m saying thank you for keeping me strong in a time I can’t. I’m finally going to my first concert which is your Sunrise Repeat your June 2nd of 2019. Now, every time I’m upset I just listen to your songs.

Davis 's picture
Submitted by Davis (not verified) on

Luke I am your everyday country music fan; fan of all good music no matter the genre whom enjoys and appreciates talent and the gifts singers have since I have none. Watching this season of American Idol I have to ask why would you such an incredible artist continually promot a singer that every song sounds the same. You don’t need need Idol if that requirrs you have to sacrifice your foundational blocks as an artist. Stay true to you not the money, your fan base supports you for staying true to who you are and where you came from.


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