Luke Bryan

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Thomas Luther Bryan
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"I Don't Want This Night To End"

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Luke Bryan was born in Leesburg, GA and and 14 he received his first guitar. Bryan's family was very supportive of his musical dreams and encouraged him to move to Nashville as soon as he could. But tragedy struck the Bryan family the night before Luke was going to move to the Music City. His brother was killed in a car accident. Bryan decided to stay in Georgia to be near his family. Finally his father persuaded him to make the move, and Bryan landed in Nashville in 2001. Bryan first signed a publishing deal with co-writes on songs by Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. In 2007 he signed a recording contract with Capitol. Since then, Bryan has had numerous Top Ten hits and number one songs. In 2013, Luke Bryan won the ACM's coveted Entertainer of the Year Award.


Red Light Management
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Nashville, TN 37203


Submitted by NANETTE BREITSP... (not verified) on

I want to thank you for the song Drink A Beer. My husband passed away 4-12-14 of pancreatic I was there until he took his last breath. He was only 50 years old he love to fish. The day he passed I went to his favorite fishing hole. went I was driving home I heard the song on the radio I pulled over and cried.Thank you for the song you touched my heart very deeply


Submitted by matthew tindall (not verified) on

you are the best country music star ever and i have listened to all of your songs and i like it you are my number one.

Submitted by Nicole (not verified) on

Check out my son...Luke Bryan needs to see this! He is definitely his #1 Fan. He says he wants to be LB. Puts on concerts all the time...knows all his songs and I mean every single one. Says Luke is his best friend! Thank you Luke for your music gives my son confidence and ambition. He has told his friends you are gonna go fishing with him on his birthday is one of many ... Young boy rocks karaoke Luke Bryan in FL:

Submitted by Bryce Sherman (not verified) on

Hey man
I'll keep it short but I'm from Calgary Alberta. Saw you a couple yrs ago and was epic. Moved to Brisbane Australia recently where country music isn't the same. Haven't found the the music from North America on radio here but have downloaded what can be found. Long story short my bro visited from Calgary after the oil and gas fall.
We're on the sunshine coast and listening to your tunes in hot tub overlooking Pacific Ocean. One of those moments you never forget. Spring breakdown came on. We must of listened to it about 40 times on repeat laughing and drinking to to folks back home. Listen man, not many songs touch people in a way that makes them think. This one sure did. Brought many smiles and laughs to the good ol country we call home and the memories we all wished lasted for ever. Thanks man for bringing them back. From down under, a brutha from anutha mutha. Keep it real for ever as real counts and you never forget the moments.

Submitted by Kayla (not verified) on

Hey Luke, I was just wanting to do something special for my mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. You are her favorite country artist and well male alive other than my dad. She loves you to death. I just wanted to see if she could meet you at the Birmingham concert. She'd really like it it'd be a nice surprise and be a nice way to get away from the pain for a little while. My email-

Submitted by Jordynn Dugan (not verified) on

I don't mean to say this in a harsh way I mean to say it in a funny way but dude I'm going through YouTube and you kinda fall of the stage maybe one to many times :,D but hey you get saved by the crowds sometimes if they are close enough. lol I've never been to one of your concerts but hopefully one day I will.hope you have a great time throughout this year and the next

Submitted by River (not verified) on

Dear Mr.Bryan,

My name is River David and I'm coming to your upcoming show in Dallas,Tx on October 24th. I went to your last show at Gexa around September or so of last year and it was honestly one of the greatest moments of my life, I fell in love with the way your music pulls people in it. I've been in a relationship with my bestfriend Chaznee (pronounced Chaz-Knee, yes I know it's extremely weird) for 18 months now. She's honestly one of the greatest girls I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Her passion in life is to adopt less fortunate children and also to help deaf children hear again. Last October I suffered from an extremely bad concussion that left me at home and at of school for around 146 days, the whole Time she took care of me and took the time out of her day to teach me everything I had learned when no one expected her to. I am not writing for special seats or a call up on stage, I don't need to waste your time with that as I'm sure you're a very busy man but I am writing because her favorite song from you is "I know you're gonna be there" and she is down because it's not one of the chart toppers so there's not a guarantee it will be played. Yes, it would be great if you could give a shoutout to Chaznee but I'm not asking for that because I don't know what your policy is but I am asking that if its not too much of a problem if you could sing that song? Mr.Bryan she is a great person who gets picked on and judged because she is nice to everyone, during our freshman year we were both victims of cyber bullying and vocal attacks from peers for numerous reasons, this didn't effect me because I was raised in the backwoods and learned since I was little to not let things get through my skin but she on the other hand was very hurt by this because of her caring nature. I'm not trying to make this some pity party but I am trying to explain that she's the most deserving person I could think of, to receive a little happiness. I know that this message my never reach you and that even if it does that doesn't mean you'll see it but if you do and could do this I would be forever grateful to you.

Thank you,

River David

Submitted by Alicia Martin (not verified) on

I was assigned to write a research paper about anything I wanted to. I chose you. I hope you would take the time to read it and possibly give your opinion. I would appreciate you just taking the time to read it. I'm a huge fan and I hope to see you in Chicago when you come. My boyfriend is trying to make it happen, but it's not 100% yet. That is my dream! Here is the paper:
Alicia Martin
May 29, 2015

Luke Bryan is a country boy at heart; working days on the farm and singing his soul out during the night. Many people would assume that he has had a very easy life, but just like everyone, Luke has had his life tragedies with his family and getting fired from his job he had. He is just like any typical person growing up with dreams to become a country singer-playing his guitar places around the town he grew up in. In most people’s opinion, he has quite a wonderful life with his wife, kids, and successful career. Luke Bryan is a big time country singer with a lot of ambition, who worked hard to become who he wanted to be.
No matter how old or far away you are, you never forget your life when you were still at your home town. Luke Bryan’s real name is Thomas Luther Bryan. He was born on July 17, 1976, currently making him 38 years old. He was born and raised in a small town called Leesburg, Georgia, which would explain his love for the country life. He grew up in a light-yellow, two-story house, that his father still lives in today, also with a swimming pool in the back yard. Growing up, he has always wanted to be in the musical industry. In fact, his mother stated that he was able to hum “Rock of Ages” before he was even able to talk! When he was fourteen years old, he finally received his first guitar, that he fell in love with. At the age of fifteen, he was able to entertain a small crowd at local bars. Also, Luke sung in the choir at First Baptist Church when he was younger. Enduring his love for singing, he also joined the musical at his high school. The musical he was in was called “Annie Get Your Gun”, an early ‘90’s production. The video of his performance was released the day before the 2013 ACM awards. Luke Bryan graduated from Lee County High School in 1996. A couple years down the road, the early years of college, he was the lead singer for his band called Neyami Road. They played between 2 and 3 nights every week. Neyami Road even recorded a CD in Athens, Georgia and sold around 2 or 3 thousand copies around their college, Georgia Southern University. Bryan wrote all of the songs for the band. Luke Bryan’s musical influences included people like George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Merle Haggard. His song “ Muckalee Creek Water” is a song about where he grew up and where he used to fish and hunt.
Luke Bryan’s family are a strong believers of putting their family first in any given situation. Luke has had two major tragedies in his life that greatly impacted his life. October 27, 1996, the first family tragedies, his brother passed away. Just before he was going to go to Nashville, Tennessee to follow his musical career, his brother Chris got into an unexpected car accident. Due to his brother’s death, Bryan put all of his musical dreams on hold to stay with his family and he decided to go to college. He enrolled at Georgia Southern University. Even to this day, Luke is still tore up about his brother passing away. “I’m kind of hyperventilating talking about it.. You never truly.. move beyond it,” a quote from Luke during an interview. Later on, Luke finally went to pursue his career, he was invited to perform at the famous Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. A few days before his big performance, his older sister, Kelly, died at home from an unknown cause. This caused him not to perform at that time. In memory of his only two siblings, he wrote a song that resembles both of them called, “Drink a Beer.” His father, Tommy Bryan, is a peanut farmer located in Luke’s hometown, Leesburg, Georgia. LeClaire Bryan is his mother. He has a beautiful wife names Caroline Bryan also known by her maiden name, Caroline Boyer. Caroline and Luke have two children together; Thomas and Tatum. Thomas’ nickname is Bo, who was born in 2008 and Tatum’s nickname is Tate, who was born in 2011.
Working at your father’s farm, the last thing you would expect is to get fired! Luke’s father knew how Luke wanted to have a musical career in Nashville, which is what made him make the decision. His decision was to fire him, knowing that was the only way for Luke to pursue his career. After getting fired, he finally decided to move to Nashville in September of 2001. When he got to Nashville, he made it successful as a songwriter. When Bryan first moved to Nashville, he wrote songs for artists like Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. Another success he has had in the two months of moving to Nashville, he was able to get a songwriting deal with a company owned by Roger Murrah, In addition to that deal he was also offered a record deal from Capitol Records in October of 2004. Ever since the two deals he was offered, he had many accomplishments with his career. For instance, his first song hit was called, “All My Friends Say”, which reached number five on the charts. His first album that he released was in August 2007 called “I’ll Stay Me”. In February 2008, his third single was released called “County Man”, which became his second top ten hit on the charts. Another example, in October 2009, another album he released was called “Doing My Thing”.
Luke Bryan has been a very successful man in his musical career. For instance, in the first week his album “Crash My Party” sold more than 500,000 copies. He was also a finalist for the second-annual Milestone Award. Bryan led the Billboard Music Awards nominees. He had seven different nominations and has won a total of two awards from the Billboard Music Awards. In October 2009, Luke Bryan was named “Academy of Country Music’s Top New Artist” and “Top New Solo Vocalist”. At the Academy of Country Music(ACM) Awards , he won a total of five different awards, including “Entertainer of the Year” in 2013 and 2015. In 2015 he won “Vocal Event of the Year” for the song “This is How We Roll” featuring Florida Georgia Line also at the ACM Awards. During the American Country Awards he won a total of 12 awards. He has won many more awards than this. Overall, he has won a total of 29 different awards!
Many people would imagine that a famous singer would not be able to live a normal life, but for Luke Bryan that is false. He tried to go back to his hometown of Leesburg at least once a year to visit his family and friends. His wife, Caroline, says that he is a gentleman, and the same exact crazy, energetic person that he is on stage at home. Luke said that he dances around the house when he gets bored. Luke still gets nervous being on stage in front of all of his fans. “I’ve had panic attacks, you know, before big moments,” said Luke Bryan in an interview. Some of his hobbies include hunting deer, doves, quails, and ducks, fishing. He also loves to watch movies with his family and watching basketball and ESPN. One of his favorite activities include playing video games like Call of Duty. Currently, he has three different tattoos; his wife’s name on his buttox, his wife’s initial on his ring finger, and a buck commander on his right arm. He is one of the co-owners of Buck Commander. Other co-owners are Jason Aldean, Willie Robertson, Adam LaRoche, and more. He is just like any other normal person who loves to be with his family and do crazy things.
Luke Bryan is a big time country singer with a lot of ambition, who worked hard to become who he wanted to be. He has had a hard life from dealing with family tragedies to almost having panic attacks before a concert. Luke is a person who will always put his family first and put anyone else’s needs before his own. He is a very caring person who has worked very hard to get at the place he is in now. Just like anyone else, he is a normal person with a wonderful singing voice.

Submitted by Chase (not verified) on

My mother is going to your concert in Utah. For a present and it would me the world if you could do a shout out

Submitted by marilyn (not verified) on

this is for my autistic daughter . she just adores luke. she even wants her bedroom decorated of nothing but luke

Submitted by Thomas d. morin (not verified) on

Luke Bryan I have to say play it again and drunk on you r my two favor songs from u and I sing them every time I go out for karaoke amazing job on the Luke

Submitted by Skylar Hawthorne (not verified) on

hey luke you are my favorite singer in the history of music. i love you. i have posters and pictures of you in my room. everybody at school calls me the luke bryan freak. they sometimes pick on my for it but i dont care. i wish i could have an autograph from you. I am your biggest fan. I would give anything to meet you one day.

Submitted by Dalyn J (not verified) on

So I was thinking of a time to ask my girl to officially be my girlfriend and she is in love with you . I didn't want to wait until Christmas. And I want it to be special and unique . And was really hoping I could do it then. It's a long shot but I just want to make her happy because she deserves it.

Submitted by David Tucker (not verified) on

I got news for you BRO that crap you moan is not country music. Try listening to a George Jones cd some time.

Submitted by ysidro vega (not verified) on

Id like to propose to my girlfriend at this concert in san Antonio coming up but don't know who to contact.

Submitted by Leslie ladeau (not verified) on

My daughter is 7 years old and so in love wirh luke. She has cried when she went to yankee candle because she thouight she could by your limitededition candle. That was heart wretcing , also watching CMA awards other night she was watching and all of sudden staryed ceying, asked why and she said luke didnt win..:(( i wabt to take her to see you which closet is an hour and half away but the prices outrageous that i havr to break her heart to tell her i cant take her too expensive. I think that is ridiculous prices. I know your grwat but woth all tje fans youd still make out reasonably priced and makes me think its not about fans but about money and ???? Thank you for your

Submitted by Roxanne Burgess (not verified) on

I have been suffering within myself to let my Daughter rest. She was my only Daughter and seems I'm not getting better. The only thing I enjoy and can make me smile is seeing you sign. I would love to meet and greet you and maybe I could put some of my Daughter behind me. Thank you and sorry for your time

Submitted by Shirley Morris (not verified) on

Dear Luke Bryan,
Hello, my name is Shirley Morris I would like meet you in person on my birthday April 16 2003. I love your music and I love the country, I live in the country. My family and I have lot's of animals we have an Appaloosa horse and a little pony, ten dogs, one goat, 10 cats. I also love to sing, when I grow up I want to be just like you. I am in the choir, I'm at the top of the list of best the best singer. I don'y mind if you come a day late I'll understand, but if you have time would you reply back. I hope I didn't waste your time.

Shirley Morris

Submitted by Melissa Lynn Co... (not verified) on

I Love Luke Bryan's music.

Submitted by Robert Chumley (not verified) on

Just wanted to say the strip it down video is great. I had a smile on my face the whole video.

Submitted by maddy (not verified) on

I am a big fan i have always wanted to see you in real life plz come to Madison or Milwaukee

Submitted by Suriya (not verified) on

Luke you are the best singer, i went to you're Kick The Dust Up tour in Detroit MI. I love you so much!!!

Submitted by Patrick (not verified) on

Hey I'm Patrick I'm a military police officer in the us army. My girlfriend Jessica is your biggest fan and she's really stressed out because of school. If you could just contact her or write her a letter her whole year would be made. Thanks for your time.

Submitted by Amy OBrien (not verified) on

I have no idea if this will reach Luke or his manager but I have a request. On Friday, he will be in Peoria Illinois for a concert. I am hoping that he plans to sing his song “Drink a Beer’ I am asking if it is possible for him to dedicate this to Deputy Craig Whisenand.
Deputy Whisenand was killed in the line of duty August 10th 2015. I am happy to provide proof of his death and the tributes across the United States that came in for him and his family.
It happens that “Drink a Beer” was one of his favorite songs. His widow, Steffany, will be attending this concert.
I was just hoping that perhaps he could dedicate the song to him, I know it would mean a lot to his wife, family and friends.

Please feel free to call or email me. If you are not the right place to try and get this to him, please let me know. I have never done anything like this before.

Submitted by Paige McKenzie (not verified) on

I traveled the country to get your attention, hopefully one day you'll notice this video!! I graduated college and because of that, my best friend and I went on a cross country road trip and I included you every step of the way! I've been desperately sharing this in hopes that it'll eventually reach you! In the mean time, I hope my fellow Luke Bryan fans will realize my dream and help me reach it. Please share this video! Hopefully one day Luke will watch it himself! Trying to get the adventure of a lifetime to help the dream of a lifetime come true!

Submitted by christina (not verified) on

I like kick the dust up and THAT'S MY KIND OF NIGHT! WHOOO!

Submitted by Mikayla Tolman (not verified) on

Hey Luke Bryan I just wanted to know If you would come to my sisters wedding she is like in love with u and I really want to do something really special for her I dont care what it takes I just want to see my sisters face and I just want her to be really happy I would really enjoy that and If u reply it would be even better. I would really appreciate it.

Submitted by Laurie McDowell (not verified) on

I'm surprising my 10 year old autistic son Ethan with his first concert event. He is a HUGE fan of yours. I work 2 jobs and scrounge up enough money to get 2 tickets. My wish for him is to actually meet you in person and if you and/or band could give him some inspirational advice that would boost his confidence. He's a good boy that is bullied by other kids. We will be attending the June 3, 2016 concert at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. Thank you for your time in your hectic schedule to read this.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Hi, Luke - I have a special favor to ask you regarding my twin son's Nathan and Trevor who are 12. They are HUGE fans of yours and I would not make this request if they were not deserving. There is not a person - teachers, adults - that do not comment on what respectful and nice boys they are. I am so very proud of them both for their compassion and caring for others as well as myself. I am a single Mom and had 5 children to raise on my own. They are the youngest and are my everything - my rocks! They cheerfully help me in anyway possible to ease my burdens and they are always worrying about me etc. They have had to go without more than most kids and therefore, have learned to appreciate things that other kids may not think twice about. That is what stands out about them to others, their thankfulness and appreciation for things and people. I have splurged with my tax money and purchased tickets for me and them to attend your concert on August 19th at the US Bank Stadium. It would blow them away to meet you or even just a shout out - anything so I can see the joy on their face that they are so good about bringing to mine. I understand you get these requests all the time, but it never hurts to try, right?! Your songs are beautiful by the way! Mom from Minnesota.

Submitted by Shirley (not verified) on

I was just wondering why no country stars have helped with the Flint water crisis!

Submitted by Mike place (not verified) on

Dear mr luke bryan my wonderful girlfiend and i had our first date at your concert last year in new hampshire and this year we will be attending your concert july15 at gillette stadium i figure what no better place to ask her to marry me is where it special to both of us

Submitted by Daniel moseley (not verified) on

Hey luke a few of your members of your stage crew jus recently got into an accident i was part of the fire crew at the accident hope they get well soon

Submitted by Nick Germscheid (not verified) on

Hi Lule Bryan my name is Nick Germscheid. I am truly a huge fan of yours and I would love to get to know you. I am super sick having a ton of seizures lately and I would like to have you hopefully visit me. I am feeling very down and just am super depressed. If you could help me out that would make my dream come true. Thanks Luke!

Submitted by Tessa (not verified) on

Hi I was wondering if you guys could help me meet Luke Bryan. The reason why is, his music is why I am here today. I was raped and molested since I was 11 by my cousin boyfriend. December 23 of 2015 I told my mom about what he was doing. Now there is an ongoing investigation. I have been diagnosed with depression,anxiety and PTSD. I have lost my hope and happiness because of what a sick man did too me and he has no shame or guilt Luke Bryan's music is what I listen to when I feel like dying and just giving up. I have nightmares and cry myself to sleep but when I listen to his music it's like it all goes away and I'm numb. I want to meet him so bad because of what his music has done for me and my family is broke and without someone's help I never will. Money has been extremely tight after my dad died 5 years ago from cancer. I would love to hear back from you guys.

Submitted by Tammy (not verified) on

My husband died from kidney cancer in may 23 2016 he was only 46 the last month of his life he play your song huntin fishin and lovin he would say can you play my song I would play it alot for him he was my best friend my lover my husband now ever time i hear that song i turn up the radio

Submitted by stephen (not verified) on

Luke Bryan wish I could meet you im a big fan

Submitted by GG (not verified) on

I decided to start watching Country Music Videos again. Then I saw your "Hunting Fishing" video.... OMG and your wife is loving your out killing things for FUN!!!! You are gross.

Submitted by Nathan demarais (not verified) on

im a big fan of you

Submitted by Ashelee pope (not verified) on

Dear Mr Bryan
My sisters birthday is aug 12 2016 we are spending her birthday with you in. CLeveland, oh at blossom. If it would be possible and you didnt mind i just wanted to see if you could please give a birthday shout out to tracey. I know shed love it and it would blow her mind. Thank you. Good luck see you Friday
Thank you
**huge fans**

Submitted by Theresa Garner (not verified) on

My son is 25. He lost his dad when he was 16 ,he drives for Budweiser like everybody he has trouble paying his bills he's penny to penny .. his dream is to drive a truck for Luke Bryan ...every time Luke's name is mentioned son will say ..I want to drive for him mom ...he has been through so much growing up ,from 16 on ...I'm all he's got ..he lost 4 family members very close togeather his Mom I have to try to make his dream come true .... @ Luke he's a great young man ...give him a chance ❤️❤️❤️

Submitted by makayla shuttleworth (not verified) on

Dear Luke,
It has always been my dream to meet you.. but i come from a poor family and have no money or no way to meet you. im getting a new job so i can save up the money to meet you.. you give me inspiration and motivation to move on when life kicks me down.. i know all your music and your babies are adorable. i dont know where id be without your music.. it helps me get through the day :) i love you Luke
yours truly,
Makayla Shuttleworth

Submitted by December (not verified) on

Luke bryan you are such a great singer I have been a fan of you for a long long time I love all of your music my favorite song of yours is huntin fishin and lovin everyday.I love huntin and fishin I would love to do that with luke bryan.THANK YOU for everything you do and how hard you worked.
From your biggest fan,December

Submitted by Benny Boi (not verified) on

Hey Luke you recon you could do a huge Australian tour soon!!! Us country folk love your music and would appreciate if you could come here!! there will be a snag on the barbie and cold beer in the fridge waiting for you here! See ya soon mate

Submitted by Angela curtis (not verified) on

Hi Luke Bryan. I got a message on Twitter from a "Luke Bryan" I am a huge fan of yours so I wanted to somehow tell you. This person was trying to scam me for money by telling me he needed a fee paid for a briefcase to be sent to my house with lots of money and documents. I have the entire conversation saved if you're interested in reading it I can send it to you personally. the Twitter account the person is using is listed under Luke Bryan, and does not have many followers. Contact me if you want the conversation. Love Angela xoxo

Submitted by Kyla kensley (not verified) on

Hi luke bryan my name is kyla! how do you like being the same age as blake shelton? I love the song roller coaster that is my fav song to listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Submitted by Kimberly dawn codey (not verified) on

How can I help with your charity organizations I like give back to others like children homes and cancer centers

Submitted by Bobbi (not verified) on

I lost two friends. One in 2007 and another in 2013. Watched them both pass in motor vichele accidents and I couldn't save them. This song hit me hard but had so much meaning thank you.


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