Luke Bryan

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Thomas Luther Bryan
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"I Don't Want This Night To End"

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Luke Bryan was born in Leesburg, GA and and 14 he received his first guitar. Bryan's family was very supportive of his musical dreams and encouraged him to move to Nashville as soon as he could. But tragedy struck the Bryan family the night before Luke was going to move to the Music City. His brother was killed in a car accident. Bryan decided to stay in Georgia to be near his family. Finally his father persuaded him to make the move, and Bryan landed in Nashville in 2001. Bryan first signed a publishing deal with co-writes on songs by Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. In 2007 he signed a recording contract with Capitol. Since then, Bryan has had numerous Top Ten hits and number one songs. In 2013, Luke Bryan won the ACM's coveted Entertainer of the Year Award.


Red Light Management
124 12th Avenue
Suite 600
Nashville, TN 37203


Submitted by ALEXNDRA (not verified) on


Submitted by lukebryan17 (not verified) on

hey y'all I love luke Bryan and luke Bryan butt

Submitted by T Frenzel (not verified) on

Thank you for recording this song. I lost my brother in 2001. Each year on his b'day I "drink a beer" in his memory. See u in Bismarck, ND.

Submitted by macy eddington (not verified) on

hi luke bryan you are my favorite y country singer i listen to you alll day everyday i would like to go to one of your concerts but my grades are not as good as i would like them kto be you are awsome

Submitted by Brooke Abbott (not verified) on

I heard that you won the entertainer of the year at the ACMs music awards and I voted for you
And I am proud of you winning and I would like to be a member of your fan club someday if you get
This you can comment me back thanks your best friend and fan Brooke Abbott

Submitted by Brittany Adams (not verified) on

Hey Luke Bryan I have a 7 year old cousin who is "In Love" with you. You are all she ever talks about we live in Milledgeville Ga. and she really wants to meet you, but i told her that i would try but he probably wouldn't do that for one girl!

Submitted by kyle (not verified) on

If this even could reach Luke I would ask that this be heard loud and clear. I write this to you as I am slowly drinking my beer wondering how life takes a toll in all our lives. Mr. Bryan I would ask that you hear my request, as I am sure you hear 1000 an hour. My name is Kyle Albritton. I do not know you and I only know of you for you song drink a beer. But your song has made an impact on me as well as many I know. My dad committed suicide in 2009. I have gave attempts for years at letting it go or trying to get by without him. It has always failed. I miss my dad man. If id give anything id give my place in this world for his. But as i am reminded day in and day out it is not possible. So I have found a new way of hope. And that is to grant the unimaginable or at least try. Honestly all i know about you sir is that you are a country star and that everyone i know loves you. We have a little summer festival calle the windsor harvest picnic in Illinois where no one knows about or comes. We always have the same performance and we always have the same attendance. I was thinking sir if you could possibly make it in your attendance and schedule to partake in our lil festival that would make the days of so many little time farmer folk and would bring a joy to my heart you wouldnt be able to imagine. something i could hold high knowing i participated in bringing to my hometown. perhaps even my dad could see upon the skies that i am doing something with this life besides pissing it away as i have for so many years sir. if not i completely understand. i am sure you get more then your share of sympathy letters. but sir i dont ask my name be shared for public. i only ask you attend. we dont have much money as im sure your aware. we are or were as i last knew a town of 1200. but they are good people. and i feel maybe even a lil town of good people deserve a lil something special once in a blue moon. anywho thank you for hearing me out sir. my dad was in the air force as was my mother so the yes sir and yes mam are gifts from them. and it has allowed me to start bringing up my lil girl * age 3 * correctly. and boy is she awesome. sorry to add that but man what a amazing lil girl. you would think she was a gift from god specially to bring happiness to this world lol. that is my treasure. maybe someday 2 guys like us can meet and my daughter can see a star. thank you for hearing me bud. taker care. yours truly. Kyle

Submitted by Me (not verified) on

I came across your letter, and I read it once, twice, and yes three times. I am at a loss for words over how selfless in such a painful time in your life you are. I am so sorry for your loss. I have no words for how touching I found your story. I love that even through your pain your thinking about your family, and community over yourself. The world needs more people like you!!! I hope you one day get more then your wish with having someone like Luke Bryan show up. I am glad you shared your story, your an inspiration.

Submitted by Alisha Grates (not verified) on

If this makes it to Luke I just want to pass on this story of how his song that's my kind of night having a huge impact on my nonverbal autistic son, Trevor. Trevor was diagnosed with autism when he was 1 and a half. he is now 3 and for the most part nonverbal. He communicatesby pulling us and he tries to hum words. We found he has a love for music. We were listening to your album in the car and when that's my kind of night came on and he became so happy and kicking and smiling in his car seat. I could not change the song. He will not listen to any other song on my phone or in the car (unless he is watching a movie) he screams when you change it. After a while of constantly listening to that's my kind of night he started to try to hum along with it! And now my nonverbal child is attempting to actually say the words and sing with it! It is so amazing how much he loves your song and how much he tries to sing it! I also want to thank you for your support of autism by being grand marshal at the fed ex race for autism! It is great that someone with your amount of fame supports such great causes. Our whole family are big fans but especially my title guy, Trevor.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


Submitted by Mckenziee (not verified) on

Dear Luke,
I love you so much its on believable. I know so much about you . Everyone says i'm a stalker but im not its just what I know from everything. My number one dream is to get your autograph and a meet and greet. You meet my sister in law in 2007 at a meet and greet in Wisconsin at walmart and you singed her shirt. She said she is the nicest guy she will ever meet . Im going to Country USA so I can see you perfrom but I really want to meet you. Heres my email address just im case

Submitted by Rachael Nichols (not verified) on

Hey Luke I saw you in Pittsburgh on June 21, 2014. You were amazing and I was in section 517 and I found that Steelers hat so I got it signed by Dierks, Lee, Cole and you!! I love you soo much and I also Dierks gave me a signed guitar and it was amazing!!!! When I came home Sunday all my neighbors was mad at me because I got to meet you and now they really want to meet you!! Congrats on the rest of your tour!!!!!

Submitted by John (not verified) on

I just purchased tickets for your concert in Houston at the Woodlands and I got the wrong row and My girlfriend is really angry at me she wont even talk to me. I don't know what to do. Please help me.

Submitted by Cory on

You make a nice gesture of buying her tickets to a concert and she's mad at you because of the row!? She obviously doesn't love you but only what she thinks you can give her. Time to tell her goodbye.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

I'm not gonna b long be I no u won't even see this probly but my name is Jake I'm from cedar Creek mo my dad passed away Feb 21 2014 cancer took him in the most horrible way and just wanted to say your song drink a beer helps me a lot it was right around the time he passed away was the first time I heard your song but just wanted to say thank you man keep doing what u do cheers to u man

Submitted by Courtney (not verified) on

Omg. I love your music sooooo much!! Will you sing for me?! Your voice is amazing! You're just amazing! Marry me? :*

Submitted by Jason crowder (not verified) on

Mr Luke Bryan, I would like to take a moment to share something with you very dear to me, My girlfriend Jessi, her sister and best friend Tiffany Johnson Smith died August 12 2014 from a brain aneurysm. She was 33. One day we are playing corn hole and drinking beer with Tiffany and the next she was in the ICU in a coma from a brain aneurysm and would pass a few days later. Tiffany loved Luke Bryan and everytime that song Drink A Beer, that I read is about your brother and sister, comes on it really touches Jessi, we will be attending the farm tour this year in Claxton GA, and we were trying to find a way to some how see if we could contact you and see if you could make a shout out to Tiffany at the concert during that song because there will be a lot of her friends and family that will be attending the concert but I don't even know where else to even start about contacting you and I thought of Facebook, it would truly mean a lot to all of us if this would be possible, and I want to thank you in advance even if the shout out is not possible for singing such a great song and look forward to seeing you at the concert, if you would like to visit a memorial website I made for Tiffany we are trying to keep her memory alive as also spend the word of the seriousness of this disease, thank you for your time, GATA, Jason

Submitted by sierra McCarthy (not verified) on

Hi my name is Sierra McCarthy I am 11years old my mommys Birthday is coming up and I'm making a surprise party for her....her friends and family is coming....she works 3 jobs and is under stress and I love her and I want to do something special for her so I was wondering if u can plz come surprise her 2...... I live in Jacksonville, Florida the party on is October 25

Submitted by Robert Trujillo (not verified) on

Hi, My name is Robert. I live in Kingman, AZ. My girlfriend is the biggest Luke Bryan fan in the world. She went to camp one week and she couldn't have music and she just about died without hearing Luke's voice. Our song is "play it again". Her birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, and I want to get her the best birthday present ever. So I'm wondering if there was any way you could come to Kingman and just say happy birthday to her in person or over the phone.
Thanks for listening
-Robert Trujillo
My email is
Thanks again.

Submitted by unknown (not verified) on

omg i love luke bryan i always thought Country music was boring until one of my great friends made me hear your song "play it again' and i fell in love with country and i love your music

Submitted by Sherry (not verified) on

I purchased my husband and my 9 year old daughter tickets to last night's show. We have tried for two years to get tickets for my daughter to see Luke Bryan. My daughter is autistic and loves his music. She was diagnosed when she was five years old. She didn't speak until she was four years old. Music is her thing. She loves country music and she is crazy about Luke Bryan. She had made a poster to take to last night's show that she, her sister and I worked on to take to the show. When she got to the show she was told she could not bring her poster, she was told she had to take it back to the car. She was upset. She was even more upset when she was watching the show and other people there had big posters like hers but they were permitted to bring theirs and she could not bring hers. How do you explain this to a child with autism? She cried through Luke's entire set last night. She said she was happy to see Luke but sad that he didn't get to get a glimpse of her poster.

Submitted by Gigi to sophia (not verified) on

My 8 year old Granddaughter loves you so much & I am bringing her to her first concert ever to see you in Columbia on Oct. 10, 2014 as she earned straight 100's for a year at school to earn it. Her favorite song is I don't want this night to end & i'd be very grateful if you could include that song in the tour.

Submitted by Tracie Robertson (not verified) on

Ofcourse we all love your music, what's not to love. Then we saw you in an interview and thought, wow he turned out to be a real good guy. I have a chance to make an impact on my 12 year old step daughter, just as you make an impact on so many young people out there who adore you, and she's one of them! We are thankful to have a nice guy like you for her to look up to. She's making her way through middle school (God knows we know how hard that can be) but she's doing it with a smile. She has the biggest softest heart, ive ever seen, but she's an old soul and she doesn't even know it. I want to do everything i can to bring her through these tough years as happy and tender hearted as she went into them. This weekend for her 13th birthday, we are bringing her to Gaston, SC for your farm tour! It would be awesome if you thought of it, to give Kayleigh Robertson a birthday shout out! Its just something I thought id try to do for her to make it especially memorable! Thanks so much for your time!
God bless,

Submitted by tyler (not verified) on

Mr. Bryan.
My girlfriend and I was at Macon for farm tour. We loved seeing you up sing. You are grate.

Submitted by Sierra Rhoads (not verified) on

Hi i am in 9th grade, I go to big spring high school and live in Newville, PA. My Dad and brother race late models on dirt tracks. My dad has been racing since he was 15 and my brother started when he was 14 and is now 16. Racing has been in the family for ever. My brother plans to grow up and drive in NASCAR. We have a family owned garage where my dad, my brother, and my pap are all mechanics. This is also where we keep the cars. I help them the best I can. but i am one of there biggest fans and i love them a lot. I wanted to see if you could sponsor them. even if it was just one of them that would be great i just try to help every chance I get. I would love to send you pictures of the cars if you are interested. P.S we are country and we love your music!!!!!!!

Submitted by Allie W (not verified) on

this is from my little girl summer marie. im 2 years old and luke your my biggest fan. I would like to see you in concert sometime. when I cry my mom puts on a song that's call "I don't want this night to end" and well I stop crying. thank you for reading this luke.

Submitted by Kari VanAllen (not verified) on

Hi Luke! Im a big fan and i love to sing also. My dream is to sing with you on stage and hopefully be a country singer too someday. Keep at it your great and God bless you and your family.

Submitted by Daniel (not verified) on

I pushed all my family away
all my friends
lost good jobs all for drinking and partying just a little too hard
so here I am again drinking my last dollar away trying to figure my next step
been down south working construction and in copper mines
been up north working on ranches
been to the East Coast riding horses
now back to the west just drinking another way

Submitted by Taylir Kral (not verified) on

Hey Luke,
My friend is a huge fan and has never been to any concert in her life. I got her tickets to your concert in Grand Rapids in February and it would be amazing if she could meet you. She has been through so much in her life that she deserves something special in return. I would really enjoy seeing her smile and enjoying life.

Submitted by lexie Gibson (not verified) on

I understand what luke bryan and his family are having to go through while dealing with the death in the family because my mom died on October 13,2014 and I know how I felt when she died and I know that I still can't talk to people about her death so I understand what he is going through.

Submitted by LEXIE GIBSON (not verified) on

I also wanted to add that my birthday is coming up on January 12,2015 and this is the first birthday of mine that I will have to actually move along in my life without seeing my mom. We never had a good relationship anyways and I didn't leave with her but I will have to enjoy it without her and now I don't know how I am going to do.

Submitted by Todd Millard (not verified) on

2 - 14 year olds - Father died of Cancer - Could use a pick me up, NOT A HANDOUT! - London, Ontario


I don't do this. Have never done this. However, this situation has made me.

There are 2 twin sisters that are 14 years old that come to our Church. When they were 10, their father passed away of Cancer. They are now raised by their single mom who works midnights at a Coffee Shop so that she can make sure her girls get to school and home from school and everything is ok. They obviously do not have a lot but they are the most selfless, kind and caring 14 year olds I have ever met. They are constantly thinking of those around them and put those people's wants and needs around them first in any way they can. It really brings tears to everyone's eyes.

They are absolutely in Love with Luke Bryan. Their facebook is littered with Luke Bryan. Their favorite Christmas gift this year was their Luke Bryan T-shirts!!

When they heard Luke Bryan was coming to London, they lost their minds. I mistakenly said "Wow, that'll sell out in minutes if not seconds.".....I felt so bad as they started to cry.

I AM NOT ASKING FOR A HANDOUT!! I am going to camp out in line over night to try and get them tickets. However, I am concerned that I still will not be able to. I am wondering if there is anyway to ensure these 2 girls get tickets and I WILL PAY FOR THEM!! They do not need a handout, they do not need special treatment, it is amazing how appreciative they are in their daily lives, they would just appreciate knowing they had tickets and could go.

This request would be for the London, Ontario, Canada show at the Budwieser Gardens on 5/3/15

I look forward to your response.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Todd Millard -

Submitted by lizzy (not verified) on

I love you Luke you have the brightest teeth ever. My dream is to se you in person some day that would meen alot to me, but that will never happen because, I live in Sauk City Wisconsin. My name is Elizabeth Karin Breunig thank you for making all of your songs, i'm addicted

Submitted by Carleigh johns (not verified) on

Can you please come to my birthday party I really love your music and you

Submitted by Dotti (not verified) on

If someone would be able to tell me when tickets go on sale for pa for the Aug 1 concert that would be amazing!! I really want to take my mom since she is losing her eye sight due to diabetes. So if someone could please let me know it would be appreciated!

Submitted by destiny (not verified) on

hey luke i am ur biggest fan ever !!! it would be a dream come true !! please come to meet me in breaks virgina for my birthday on april 20 i am 12 years old and it would be dream come true to meet u !! i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by lizzy (not verified) on

Dont listen toy her, I am your biggest fan ebver and I love you even more then her!!:)

Submitted by Karla Alderman (not verified) on

Luke if you are listening i have been very sad since i was 4 years old and now im 9. When i was 4 my grandfather had passed away. When i heard "Drink a Beer" and "Favorite Flowers" it touched my heart so much i almost cried. My grandpa was like a best friend to me. If you would be the kindest man in the world and maybe have a meet and greet for me i would be the happiest girl in the world. Or maybe give me a pair of tickets my family is in a tough time now and cant afford $400 for a concert ticket. And P.S. rockin the spray painted jeans lol. thank you so much your music in spires me so much and i feel very brave. I have a rule when drink a beer or favorite flowers is on i have to be complety quiet and listen and take it in.

Submitted by lizzy (not verified) on

Luke bryan, I just wanted you to know that I was singing one of your songs the other day and it calmed down the steers, thats how amazing your work is to me!(And the cattle!!)

Submitted by Dezzi Carpenter (not verified) on

Hey, Luke.
my friend Tabatha is a huge fan she's going threw some hard times, she doesn't think this even possible to say this to you. She's been trying to get tickets for your shows but they sell out before she can even have a chance to. I was wondering if you could help me make her one wish come true. Also she's helped me alot threw suicide and some other things. I don't know how this is gonna go down, but hey I did it. I said something to you when no one else would. Money expenses aren't so great right now. I'm going threw alot. But I'm more concerned about my friend. You saved her when no one else would. Your the reason she's alive Luke, you. So if you could please contact me at or text or cal me at 502-938-4056.
thank you so much for listening.
~Dezzi Carpenter

Submitted by Josh cheyne (not verified) on

Hi my name is josh cheyne I live in Canada on a farm and my sister is a huge fan of you and loves you she rides horse back and is a amazing at it her name is Samantha Elsenaar and her birthday is the same day as your spring break concert it would mean the world to her if you could wish her a happy birthday she will be there please that would make it amazing.

Submitted by Becky Bernstein (not verified) on

Luke, I know this is probably an often request.. but my best friend won't tell me what she wants for her birthday and if there is ONE thing I know about her, it's that she's IN LOVE with you! I can honestly say, a HUGE fan of yours! Her name is Lindy Haag, she will be 24 on March 16 and if there is ANY WAY you can respond to this or wish her a happy birthday, it would make her dreams come true!! I truly hope this somehow gets to you!!!!

Submitted by Dawn Boyd (not verified) on

My name is Dawn and I work at Giant Food a grocery store in Maryland. We employ several special need young adults. One is Sara. Sara has tells us every day that she is Luke Bryan's biggest fan . She has a bag with your picture , a key chain, tee shirt and I believe every cd and she knows every song by heart. Talking about Luke is about the only thing that i have seen make Sara so happy. I would appreciate it if it would be possible to please send her an autographed photo and maybe a tee shirt or cd. I hope that these letters are actually read. Her address is Sara Varnado 8061 Telegraph Road Severn Md 21144. I really would appreciate this. Thank you Dawn Boyd

Submitted by ERIC (not verified) on

Luke you are the one and only the best in country music and I'm the only fan that you can definitely count on I would love to meet you in person.

Submitted by Christine (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Bryan,
Last week my boyfriend wrote you seeking your help in his proposal. He and I are both very big fans of yours. Many of your romantic love songs have significance to our love. My newest endeavor is to pour our story into every possible link to you. My boyfriend is planning on proposing to me at your show this July at the Klipsch stadium, on the 25th. He has told me that regardless of whether or not he may have your assistance, he will be asking me to marry him, BUT having the artist that we feel so connecting with bring us up on stage would really start our engagement off on an exciting journey. As well as giving us a beautiful start to continue our next chapter in life. Austin and I have been together for a year, he is my best friend and my soul mate. He is the one I was made for and the one who was made for me. We would so cherish having you as a big part to our life. This is such a dream for Austin. He loves your music so much that he spent months finding your closest concert to take me to so he can propose to me. If you read these just please help us with our special moment. It would mean the world to us. Austin taught me how to love again, and has loved me so incredibly that words could never describe the bond we have. He brought me back from one of the darkest times of my life, and continued to be my rock every day since. Please, if you could please make this special day just a bit more special for us, we would be eternally grateful. Love you music, and congrats on the big win!

Submitted by Brianna Esteppe (not verified) on

I am just letting you know the reason people or as you know them critics are being mean is because they want you to snap do not let them see you break you need to stand strong and be the luke we all love the gourgous and hilarious country star.They come at you right when the award show is around the corner so stop letting them get to you and win that enetainer of the year once again because out about 100 hater you over a million who believe other wise.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Submitted by Libby (not verified) on

Hey I literally listen to you every day that I feel down and I know every word to ever song and to me you are the best singer in the whole entire world the only music I listen to is country and I love you so much❤❤❤

Submitted by Hannah (not verified) on

He like I love your music my favorites are country girl and play it again and blood brothers and that's my kind of night. My family loves you too. I have a friend that could be you so we call him like

Submitted by mckayla paulette (not verified) on

can you please talk to your manger on getting me concert tickets on my 15th birthday


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