Lady Gaga

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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
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Best Known For: 

A Star Is Born
"Poker Face"
"Bad Romance"

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Lady Gaga was born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986 in Yonkers, New York. She attended New York University's Tisch School for the Arts but left to find creative expression. When Gaga was 20 (in 2007) she began working at Interscope Records as a songwriter for other artists on the label. Those artists included Britney Spears, New Kids on the Block, and The Pussycat Dolls. R&B singer Akon discovered Gaga while she was performing a burlesque show that she created, called "Lady Gaga and the Starlight Revue." Impressed, Akon signed the performer to his label under the Interscope umbrella, Kon Live. Her debut album, The Fame, was a huge success, and the single "Poker Face" topped charts in almost every category, in almost every country.

Lady Gaga is recognized for her flamboyant and diverse style in her fashion, performances and music videos. Gaga had sold an more than 23 million albums and 64 million singles worldwide. She's received five Grammy Awards and 13 MTV Video Music Awards. Lady Gaga has consecutively appeared on Billboard magazine's Artists of the Year (scoring the definitive title in 2010), ranked fourth in VH1's list of 100 Greatest Women in Music, and is the sixth best selling digital singles artist in US according to RIAA.


Lady GaGa
The Lede Company
401 Broadway
Suite 206
New York, NY 10013

Born This Way Foundation, Inc.
10736 Jefferson Blvd.
Suite 525
Culver City, CA 90230


Submitted by phylia poh (not verified) on

i design and produce very loud and flamboyant costumes for individuals in shows. I would love to personally design one for Lady Gaga wondering how can I go about doing this? Thanks

Submitted by mrs hahn from j... (not verified) on two precious IVF daughters Amber and Jade I have allowed as a rite of growing up to fly alone to see u tonight..we queud as a family at Twickenham and O2 and are happy to let them do this today as yr fans are incredibly nice and security cool.they tell us they r in the pit tonite...0700 they arrived at arena today n having a ball.thank u parents dont have to worry about them..have a great show!! Xxc

Submitted by Maria (not verified) on

Wish she would use her beautiful original name. Love to see more performances like the one at this year's Oscars. No need for all the Circus like shows and costumes. She can still fill arenas even if she's wearing classy clothes and that amazing instrument called VOICE. Start a new tour with a new theme. Everyone was blown away by her grace and performance at the Oscars. What a class act to leave the stage so Julie Andrews will have the spot light. She could have stayed to the side somewhere on the stage, but she chose not to. I call that TOTAL RESPECT! Stefani, Joanne, Angelina Germanotta, you are a talented classy lady!

Submitted by Ronnie (not verified) on

My name is ronnie and my daughter loves you ... You are. So real... I want to make a little girls dream com true... She draws with you music.. Hopefully can get to a college.. Your awesome and a very poweful women.. Then the other artist.. You are amazing.. But this is just a post so I know no one will responses it's okay... God bless and keep on with you ronnie...

Submitted by kayl0nnie on

I love u lady gaga.can u come see me.

Submitted by Joshua Middleton (not verified) on

Hi Lady Gaga you have inspired me with your amazing voice I look up to you... Please can you check out my YouTube video of me singing its called (Joshua Middleton born to perform) here is its link
Thank you so much and please keep singing you are amazing!!!!!!!

Submitted by michael (not verified) on

I would like to see lady gaga record ,always on my mind.In tribute to Brenda Lee.oh course in her own rendition as Elvis and the pet shop boys did respectfully.

Submitted by alexia (not verified) on

i always wondered do you give ideas about your music videos (appluase). i thought that one was very thought out and just wondered if you contributed any ideas about what went on.

Submitted by Chad davidson (not verified) on

Hello gorgeous I'm chad and I think you are so beautiful and amazing I could care less that your famous you are truly beautiful to me and I wish I could meet you or even just talk to you if this is even you Stefani Germanotta

Submitted by Christopher (not verified) on

If your in Melbourne, and you want an Aussie feed with a couple of dudes and women, in the Melbourne Bronx , Geelong,, talking like four people, chilling out having a meal.

Submitted by Marcia Holt (not verified) on

You looked stunning and beautiful, your performance was flawless, perfect, heartfelt, powerful. You project such strength of purpose. How fortunate we are to have such a profound talent grace us with that magnificent performance. Makes us feel proud and moves us to tears every time we hear it. Thank you.

Submitted by Jay Powell (not verified) on

I'm the most unlikely person you will ever hear from. I'm a forester in Oregon so far from your life. Just wanted to say your performance in the Super Bowl was incredible. You showed class, respectfulness, and most of all talent. You moved me!!! Great hod.

Submitted by Barbara Fugate (not verified) on

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you. Your Star Spangled Banner brought us to tears.

Submitted by Tyler Halbrooks (not verified) on

Hi there!
My name is Tyler. I've been hooked on your music since your first big singles came out. My favorite song, by far, is Born This Way. It might be cliche, but it really has helped me cope so much with what I've had going on in my life. As a transgender person living in Texas with conservative, republican, Catholic parents, it's very difficult to get my help or support. So I wanted to thank you for all that you do for people who are different.
I was also wondering if there was any way you would be willing to support/advertise to your fans if I set up a gofundme? I am currently in dire need of top surgery due to rib problems. I can no longer bind, which causes an extreme amount of body dysphoria and bouts of depression that is really hard to handle at times. And using any other form of chest support, even ones that girls use, is painful due to the damage being caused by a binder that I don't even wear that often. My parents will not cover any of the costs and blame me for every problem I've been facing. I'm not allowed to even see my gender therapist very often anymore because they realized that she was "supportive of the idea of sinning," and they don't want anyone supporting my transition. I am 18 years old and starting college next semester and was unable to get a job this past school year because of lack of transportation and because my parents decided to move, so I have no way to get money to fund either this emergency top surgery or for any other transition necessities such as starting testosterone, going to therapy, or going to check-ups.
No matter what response I get from this, I will always appreciate the support you've given my community, and I will always have the greatest respect for you. Thank you for everything, stay beautiful!

Submitted by Mario Zurita (not verified) on

Just a thought, laura branigan had 2 hit,self control,and Gloria. Please lady gaga remake her self control. It would be so awesome,you are so talented and it would be so fun.right. also it would help pay a tribute go how she passed away. Just a thought from way down south in Texas.thank u.

Submitted by (not verified) on

Dear Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta - Lady Gaga,

I am fashion/costume designer experienced in luxury brands, designing for artists and top stars. I am a big fan of You and I would like to collaborate with You (or Your personal designer). My design style is artistic, modern with futuristic elements but at the same time it is elegant and very well made with high finishing.

I would be so happy from hearing from You (or Your designer).

Kind regards,

Submitted by jenissen (not verified) on

I know you can help me in a way. I want to join the Illuminati.
My mail add is

Submitted by Julia (not verified) on

I'd like to invite you to a modest but cool house in the desert for a retreat with folks--no press, no star-struck fans. Just a chill and relaxed visit.

Submitted by Carla (not verified) on

Loved her show on Super writing for my Mom...she saw Lady Gaga when she first became popular and then became a fan when she saw her with Tony Bennett and has followed her since then...My Mom is 84 and absolutely loves Lady Gaga,,,she had 3 major surgeries in 6 months in 2016 the last one a quadruple bypass, and always asked if there was anything new with Lady the show on Super Bowl made her day...
So Ms Lady Gaga, if you are ever performing in Vancouver, B.C. please let us know and you are always welcome to come and relax...

Submitted by Marko (not verified) on

Good afternoon lady Gaga,

My name is Marko, I've been a huge fan of your since the very start and my boyfriend Allan is even a huger fan then me. Allan and I met 3 yrs ago and went on a date but lost contact with each other, 2 and half year later he msg'd me for a drink on facebook but didn't get the msg till weeks later but responded and we've been together ever since 1 yr and 7 months will be on the date of your concert in Edmonton on August 3rd at rogers arena.

Allan was at your Calgary Alberta concert and got your art rave cloth in the crowd and framed it and sent u a picture on Facebook that year. ( I was there to but not with him) He was so excited that You responded to him. I love Allan with all my heart and I want to purpose to him at your concert he's the love and light in my life and I want the world to see how special he is by asking him at your concert to marry me. we have tickets he doesn't know lol.. section 121 row 3 seats 11 and 12.. can u help me make this day even more special? I know you have tons of e mails as such but could u help this special day be even more special? I'd love back stage passes so he could meet you and I could purpose right there.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read this.


Submitted by Richard McFadden (not verified) on

Lady gaga you take me right to the edge and give me a million and one reasons!!everytime i listen to you you inspire and move me!!make me feel some kinda way. Keep it up and inspire all who was born this way.freaking love you girl

Submitted by Amber Grulkowski (not verified) on

Hi my name is Amber grulkowski I'm 27 years old I was born with disabilities taken away at 7 years old the disabilities I have are pervasive development disorder borderline personality disorder odd adjustment disorder a mood swing disorder ADHD mental illness mild retardation add I wanted to meet the Lady Gaga because I like her I'm a big huge fan of hers I never got to go to any of her concerts to to the fact of not being able to afford it and I like her music I wish I had the dream to meet her in person people have told me in my past that none of my dreams would happen I would never become an actress or a musician or writer

Submitted by Gordo Clark (not verified) on

Dear Lady Gaga, I don't know if this will teach you. My grandson Gordo is totally obsessed with you. He is quite the odd duck and frustrates us but keeps us laughing all the time Thought you might get a kick out of just of few funny things he does. First a little about him; he is on the spectrum; so he obsesses to the extreme with things. He hates school and people; doesn't like to be in crowded places; but he loves Lady Gaga He is getting out of his comfort zone to be in a crowd of people to watch your concert tonight in Seattle. Just a few things that we have been through in the last couple of weeks. We had a family vacation in Utah last week; he wanted to spend more time Utah his nana and papa; so he caught a ride with his sister and a friends mom (which he hated) and we picked him up in Idaho. We had the privilege of listening to Lady Gaga for 3.5 hours on the drive home. He convinced several friends and family members to watch the Monster Tour Concert with him. We have had to endure several days of looking at videos and pictures comparing you to other famous musicians and actresses. He doesn't know yet that his mother has showed us the Lady Gaga file that he has created with photos and images of you. He has even made a Christmas card for you. While on our vacation he wanted to shop for Lady Gaga apparel; that is all he talked about for 2 days; that he needed to go to Salt Lake to get clothes for the concert. We told him we would take him Saturday ( had a family reunion that day inSalt Lake); he insisted on calling the store to save him the clothes. He brought the clothes to the reunion; would take people to the car to show what he had bought but would not take them out of the car because he did not have a lint roller. He would have stayed to visit longer but he had to get for concert tonight in Seattle. He has been preparing all week for the concert tonight he told his mom he would mow the lawn Friday because he would be to busy getting ready Saturday for the concert (normally would never mess his schedule up; Saturday is mow day) now he is mowing the grass on Monday because there was just too much to do to get ready for the concert. He has been stressed out all week about getting to the concert on time; he informed his mom earlier this week that they had to be at the concert no later than 2 pm. He also informed his mom that her husband would need to dro them off (stressed about parking). He later informed his mom that they should probably get to the concert by 9 am. He woke his mom up this morning; angry that they did not go to Seattle last night so that he could have walked where you walked. He has spent all morning running the lint roller on the
Clothes he bought to wear to the concert tonight You will only be a spot on the stage to him from where he is sitting; he will probably watch the concert on the big screen. So if by some small chance that you might read this before the concert tonight could you please do a huge favor for his mama and papa ...give a shout out to him. (I would love to have seen his reaction).
Gotd's Nana & papa

Submitted by Victoria Hartwigh (not verified) on

Sweetheart I just want to thank you so very very much . Idk if you will ever see this . but you have done an impossible feat u have kinda rescued womanhood. Each song that I know by heart expresses another aspect of femiminity . so baby Mrs gaga if ur nasty lol . u don't need my pride but I'm proud of u thank you Stephanie

Submitted by John Thomas Tob... (not verified) on

Dear Lady Gaga: There are many lyrics about the "Live like your dying". I would like to suggest a lyric as to perhaps, the Epiphany's that come to you "Living while your dying" I have been maintaining a chronic diagnosis for 21 years, through now three
pharmaceutical prescribed "Cocktails"! "Until there's a cure" my diagnosis shall be my demise! There are some people who by "living while they were dying!" have changed the world for the better. i.e. Ryan White! Perhaps something like! "Living while your dying" by "Lady Gaga." You take the Hippocrates poison, that shall keep you, living while you are dying. And by Living while you are dying, you may find you will not abide those who choose Ignorance, Fear, Hate! As you are Living while you are dying, It may come to you that by living in the state love for all, you will have truly lived the miracle of life! So on and so on! Thank You: PS: I think perhaps because of the talent given to you, you give wonderful things to the world, through your voice and song's!

Submitted by Rachel smith (not verified) on

Hi there. I have always been a big fan. I am so sorry to hear about your fibromyalgia diagnosis. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 17 years old and am now 40 years old. I know how hard the feeling of always having aches and pains. Almost like you have the flu 24/7 along with pure exhaustion and not understanding why you are so tired. I am currently trying for disability as I can not keep a job and can't afford it. My suggestion is to try some low impact yoga or stretching. Maybe meditation too. That is what I'm trying. I have been on so many medications that have not worked and just hurt my stomach. I truly understand how hard it is to keep a smile on your face trying to hide how bad you feel. Just keep pushing. You can do it. I have been for 23 years and if I can do it then I believe you can too. Hang in there
Rachel Smith

Submitted by Tim Rollick (not verified) on

I just watched your Netflix show 5’2”. I could relate about you being 30 and lonely. I just wanted to tell you, when you feel alone to remember how many people love you and that the world is a better place with you in it.

Submitted by Marti Smith (not verified) on

I am listening to your song, Joanne. I was drawn to this song from the first time I heard it.My husband passed away in August, not expected. My heart beats fast, my tears flow, I ache all over, but this song allows me to have these feelings. I wasn't ready to let the angels have him, let him go to heaven..but that is what happened. Your words are a comfort to me, even though there is a sadness i the words. Thank you for this song. BTW..I am 69, my Ray was 72.

Submitted by Ray Bazinet (not verified) on

Just wanted to say that Lady Gaga is very talented and very unique person and I love Everything She stands for such a talented woman . I wish i could love a woman like her i would treat her like the Queen she deserves an honest loyal man but i know its just a dream . Love you mwaa.

Ray Bazinet.

Submitted by Nancy Shreve (not verified) on

I am going to be 65 yrs old on July 4th. A few years I wrote you to see if I could be a little monster, I never heard back , I figured that you didn’t me, I quit listening to your music. I know you are a talented artist and I guess I’m too old now to be a little monster

Nancy Shreve
Maplewood, Minnesota

Submitted by Debbie (not verified) on

I can't believe it but I just heard this song! I had given up on listening to most music. I have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from Military Sexual Trauma. This song hit so close to home for me. Made me realize I might just be able to rise above these demons in my head that won't let go!

Submitted by katie (not verified) on

Hi im in a Journalism class and we have the choice to pick stories to write about and i really want to write this story about lady gaga but my group disagrees. You're still in my heart gaga! <3

Submitted by Kimberly Proulx (not verified) on

I just feel the need to tell you, Lady Gaga, after viewing A Star Is Born Trailer, you are absolutely Gorgeous, Stunningly Beautiful!!! The trailer alone has Oscar written all over it. My Family can't wait to see it!! We Love You!!!

Submitted by Ralph Brooks (not verified) on

How dare you make a movie..that I cried so were so real...if you do make another like it...I won't stop watching it next time..I earned a new respect for you..I'm 53 and homelless..thank you for making me feel again when I didn't expect are my new friend I never knew..much love from universal studios.

Submitted by Jennifer Springer (not verified) on

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for speaking out on this topic. I have never have reached out to a celebrity, but I respect you as a musician, and in so many ways. I am an attorney in Ohio and was a probate/juvenile judge and when you spoke about this topic, I cried, because you hit the nail right on the head and I too have been through trauma. Thank you for being articulate and courageous, and I say this because you will make such a difference in so many peoples’ lives, like mine. Thank you for being an inspiration.

Submitted by Michel Leger (not verified) on

I am a 63 year old woman who recently went to see the movie and never have I ever been touch by a movie like a star is born. I really never listened to your music and knew a little about you because I have 8 children lol. But I was so moved and so inspired by the way you loved this man and it made me go home and tell my husband of thirty years how much I loved him. You are truly an amazing woman and will certainly listen to your music because you have the voice of an angel. so the reason I am writing this which by the way I have never done this before and never even consider writing to any star in my life but you moved me so very much and I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, for just being you, you will be in my thoughts and heart for the rest of my days, and ade me realiaze that we should never take it for granted the love between a husband and wife, thank you again Miss lady gaga

Submitted by Stephen O'Farrell (not verified) on

Hi Lady GaGa,
Im not going to talk shit like other people havedone before me on this website. I have seen the netflix documentary and the film a star was born. I ust say i can relate to your life a lot myself. I would like for you to come to ireland and visit my home in the countryside and just chill and play a few tunes. I think your such a grounded woman and have great morals behind all the fame which is a credit to you and your morals.
Kind Regards

Submitted by Heather Miser (not verified) on

Dear lady Gaga, I have lost my son and my husband this last year 2018 of July thank you so much for just being real your music helps me

Submitted by Karen Pierce (not verified) on


Just wanted to let you know that I loved "A Star Is Born" which moved me to get tickets for my husband and I to be at your Jazz concert in Vegas on January 20 to celebrate my "70th" birthday.

You're such an inspiration... your writing/music, your voice, your attitude, your individuality (I could go on and on). Although you have struggled at times, you should be proud of what you have accomplished. You have blossomed into a beautiful woman who knows what she wants and is determined to make it happen - Kudos to you!

In any event, I went all out and paid for great seats - no nosebleed section! I'm so looking forward to this event... can't wait - see ya soon!

Karen Lehman Pierce
(Born and raised in Staten Island NY and have been living n Daytona Beach FL area for over 30 years)

Submitted by S Bell (not verified) on

I would just like to say I'm a male in my fifties and a conservative. Your performance in a Star is Born brought me to tears and stired real emotion to my core. You young lady are a force to be recond with . Thank You Steve

Submitted by Laurie Pachl (not verified) on

Hello Lady Gaga,
How we live in a day and age that a child’s crushed by adults around them. My eleven year old daughter (my youngest) has multi-disbties. Our education system has failed her. Each time she try’s to use her voice, sign language or any type of communication she is not listened to.
Thank you for your courage. Thank you for being who you are. Standing strong, allowing both of my daughters never to doubt themselves. As our struggle continues, I value the woman you are.....nobody on this earth gave you what you have. No person can take it away! Remember your amazing worth?? Bless you in all you do.
Thank you for allowing my girls to be beautiful you g women even if others do not see it. Thank yoy

Submitted by Patricia Rogers (not verified) on

I am 73 years old, So old enough to be what? Your Grandmother? I didn't want to see "A Star Is Born". After all it was the third remake and I'd seen the first two. But I went and WOW. I've never written an fan letter before, but you truly are a talent beyond measure. I always thought that Whitney Houston was the Voice of my time, but you are there. You are truly superb and if the Academy doesn't award your movie and in particular you, as an outstanding talent, then they have no idea what they are doing. God bless you and thank you for lending us your talent. Best regard, Patricia Rogers

Submitted by cindy (not verified) on

you are truly inspirational. Someday I will bring Alice and we will come to your show.

Submitted by Michelle Macula (not verified) on

I knew that we share a birthday this month, but I recently learned of your also challenging Fibromyalgia. I have also been managing this invisible disease for decades. So lady we were both Born this way on the same day. When I was in my 20's and into my 30's I ran 5 to 7k's a day(EVERYDAY) and I can relate to the adrenaline rush (you referenced in a recent interview) once you get started at least. I believe adrenaline, or a cardio-high for myself, was my natural pain reliever even if not long lived. The pre-med and physical manipulation prep to push yourself to get started and just go is so ironic and mirrors a lot of my pre run habits. I just wanted to say keep up for as long as you can and push your limits ( even if they are being ruled by a silent dictator). Air hugs and prayers for a cure for us warriors. Oh, and happy Birthday on the 28th.

Michelle M. 😊

Submitted by Dianne (not verified) on

What do I know, the Voice of Depression/Sadness captures so many people of all ages. Tricks minds into distorted feelings and thoughts. The power of this voice can be controlled and the volume turned down. Of all the accomplishments you have been a fabulous ambassador for mental health, victim of sexual assault, and bullying. Self love is the greatest healing power as the inner child within all of us needs to be nutured, loved and treated with compassion. I wish they had an award show for the above, you would win!

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on

Thank you for “Star is Born.” It was very difficult for me to watch but very powerful. My son struggles desperately with depression, and I thank you for your attention to this horrible mental illness. It is SO very real!

Submitted by Gary Bross (not verified) on

When you first came out I made a big mistake, I told my mother about your name and made fun of you. I made a huge mistake your movie A Star is Born was better than the first two. Your talent as an actress is now set in stone I wish you the best success in both your careers. Your singing is like no other, you looked so beautiful in the movie I just had to tell you, you are the best!

Submitted by Brenda Lawyer (not verified) on

I have to say. I watched "A Star is Born" and I'm obsessed with this version. First, I love your look when you start. All natural and your hair looks great all layered. You are stunning to me. When i watch you and Brad in this movie it reminds me of my husband and myself before I lost him to suicide too. He felt the same was as the movie portrayed, that we'd be better off with him gone. I know it's a movie and acting but thank you for your performance. It has made me love my husband even more, even though I didn't think it was possible, and that he's gone. I've always adored you for all the obvious reasons, amazing talent, but that you are not afraid to be you. I'm sorry for your fight with fibromyalgia but am forever thankful for this version of the movie. I cry with every song and every viewing of the movie, but it's for all the right reasons. Thank you. Well done.


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