Katy Perry

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Katheryn Elizabeth "Katy" Hudson
Pop, Dance
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"I Kissed a Girl"
"Part of Me"

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Katy Perry was born in Santa Barbara and actually started her career in Christian Music. She used her birth name "Katy Hudson" and recorded a debut Christian Contemporary album as a teen in 2001. When her label went out of business, "Hudson" says she started writing love songs and fun songs.. just hoping one day someone would hear what she had to sing. In 2007 She signed with Capitol records, changed her name to KATY PERRY. That's when she took the pop music world by storm with songs like "I Kissed a Girl" and "Hot n Cold." Perry's third record, Teenage Dream (2010), spawned the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping singles "California Gurls", "Teenage Dream", "Firework", "E.T." and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)". It became the first album recorded by a female artist in history to produce five number-one hits, and the second album overall behind Michael Jackson's Bad (1987). Perry embarked on the California Dreams Tour following its release. In 2012, it was reissued as Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection and contained the number-one single "Part of Me".


Katy Perry
Direct Management Group, Inc.
8332 Melrose Avenue
Top Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069


Submitted by vivien (not verified) on

i just wanted to say ur the best singer ever u r soooooooo good at singing i would just love to meet you i got your perfume and your newest album prism for christmas i listen to it every day my fave song is dark horse and this is how we do<3i just would love to meet you so maby when you get my fan mail u can write me back pleeeeeease im your #1 fan for sure

Submitted by vivien (not verified) on

i would just love to meet you i know all your songs and i got your perfume and newest album prism so if i send u fanmail can u pleeeease write back thanks im your #1 fan ;)

Submitted by Marisol Rojas (not verified) on

Dear Katy Perry...
I'm writing this letter on behalf of my daughter Liz. She loves you and your music. !! She is 20 years old soon she will be 21 in May, she is currently serving in the army. She joined the army as soon as she graduated high school, she didn't have time to enjoy life with family and friends.she spent a year in South Korea, and it was so hard for her to be so far away. She is stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky right now. I know you are probably busy, but if there is any way for you to visit her, I know that would be a dream come true for her!!, but if not if you could send her a card,picture autograph I would appreciate if soo much...she loves you and she always tell me she will love to go to a concert of Katy Perry..... I love my daugther so much and I miss her like crazy and I know it would mean so much to her....I can't even imagine her face if she will see you....she doesn't know about this letter.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.A mother who loves her daughter and i miss her so much

Submitted by Rachael (not verified) on

Katy, my daughters Emily and Izzy (aged 6 and 4) are huge fans although, due to our location, we've never had the chance to meet you in person or even go to one of your concerts (we live in SW England). :-( I just wanted to say a big "Thank you" for your style, confidence and respectful nature that is apparent throughout all of your songs. I love the messages that come out in your songs regarding self respect and trust. Life is not all about sex and how many conquests you have. You are one of the only artists i've heard that actually encourages listeners to focus on themselves and how to love, trust and respect themselves!! You are a TRUE INSPIRATION...Bless you xx
It's my daughters 7th birthday in a few weeks time and we are having a "Katy Perry" Pop party with various games and activites based on your songs. It would mean a lot if you could send her a birthday email/video just to wish her many returns. I understand that you're very busy and get thousands of requests from fans all over the world but if you have time, she's only six and, a simple message would mean more to her than anything else. Her email address is lilmisstippett@hotmail.co.uk or you could send it via mine at mrs-plimuffpete@hotmail.co.uk

Submitted by Brandon mayberry (not verified) on

Hi katy! My names brandon mayberry. My wife and I are huge fans. We love your music and watched one of your documentary on Netflix. We would love to see you in concert before I deploy in December or even just get to meet you or an autograph. Please respond if you could brandon.mayberry@aol.com

Submitted by Katie (not verified) on

Hi Katy:)
My name is Katie I'm 8 old and I yours biiig fan.Yesterday I was with my parens on your concert in Danmark,first time I saw you :):):):)You are so beauty,I love you.
Katie from Logstor, Dk

Submitted by Johan (not verified) on

Hi, I am one of those fans that are not going to the concert because she sold out the 17,000 seats in the Coliseum in 24 hrs, and I am out because, the second day of sales of the tickets was sold out. The newspaper said that this will be the only show, but I want to let you know that are many people waiting for another show. Pleaseeeee!!! we need one more day of your show in P.R.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Dear Katy,
After You took the letter I was holding out to You during my eighth time at the PWT show (in Oslo) I want to thank You for that, I'm so glad and happy about having had the chance to contact You directly like this, I was never sure it was going to happen for me, and the next chance might be years away! I'm so sorry that my letter was written in a hurry and was rather a scribble, and not as nicely done as many of them usually are. I forgot to write a lot of things, too, but also wanted to keep it short, for not wasting Your time. It's been said that You read all the handwritten letters which You receive during a concert, and that's really awesome!
I want to thank You again, too, for having been such a wonderful, incredible inspiration to me to make my life better and better all the time by learning from the way You live Yours! I love the comments here, and to know that people love You so much - I do, too, and my biggest dream these days is to come to America and sing Your songs in the street (the kind of thing I've done for a living) in Santa Barbara, like You did years ago before things started to happen in Your life. Perhaps that will be soon, I'm an aging man, Katy, too old to plan for the future, I can only live and act now, and through You I've been learning a lot about how to, even if rather late!
You are such an incredible, wonderful person, and, like many other people, I love You so much!
With best, best, best wishes for the future, may You always be happy!

Submitted by EmilyGrace (not verified) on

I love you sooooo much Katy! I want to be a popstar just like you! I would love for you to give me some advice on singing. I really want to meet you one day!:)

Submitted by Zimmerman, Khri... (not verified) on

Dear Katy Perry,
I love listening to your music. I have been listening to it since you first became popular those years ago now. During my first tour in Afghanistan we use to play your music all the time. Now that I am married and have a daughter they both love your music. Your music is inspirational to us all.
I am currently moving around between bases but am located in Italy for the time. I have a permanent address of SGT KHRISTOPHER ZIMMERMANCMR 427 Box 1432 APO AE 09630. I would greatly appreciate a signed picture with COA for my wife (Lisa ) and Daughter (MaKayla), maybe even one for me if you have time. My daughter, who is 2, is always singing your music in the car and dancing to it at the house.

SGT Zimmerman, Khristopher
North and West Africa NCOIC
U.S Army Africa (USARAF) G2
SIPR: 304-634-5513
NIPR: khristopher.c.zimmerman.mil@mail.mil
SIPR: Khristopher.c.zimmerman.mil@mail.smil.mil
JWICS: Khristopher.c.zimmerman.mil@army.ic.gov
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Caveats: NONE

Submitted by Carrie (not verified) on

HI katy my names Carrie i am 14 years old and i am your biggest fan! you have been my idol since i was 7 years old and i first heard you on the radio!!!!! you are amazing katy and have always made me inspired to go after my dreams!

love you katy

Your Biggest idol / fan Carrie

Submitted by Carrie (not verified) on

Dear Katy My Names Carrie i am 14 years old, I am your biggest fan ever! You have been my idol since i first heard you when i was 7 years old!(: You turly amazing! Its my dream to meet you someday! Your my firework(;

yours turly Carrie

Submitted by Juan Jose (not verified) on

Katy Perry! I love your music! Im Juan josé from Paraguay and im 6 years old! I send you a hig kiss!!!

Submitted by liza (not verified) on

Hello jaty perry how are you, im a huge fan how are you????

Submitted by Katie (not verified) on

Hi I am making a video for my brothers birthday. My brothers partner is going to propose to him and we are trying to make his birthday as special as possible. My brother looks up to Katy Perry and adores her. So all I am asking is if Katy could please send a video to me saying "Happy Birthday Eric Hofmeister" to my email: katiehoffy@hotmail.com. Thankyou

Kind regards,


Submitted by Shane Pierre Parisi (not verified) on

I'm a big fan and I really love your music since the first time I've seen you in pods music video goodbye for now :) you're so fine you're so fucking beautiful I love you so much Katy Perry please write me back asap

Submitted by nicole (not verified) on

Dear katy perry if you ever read this I'm going to write honestly,I absolutely am astond by you latest music album you really know how to write songs I just wanted to say thank you for your talented songs they have helped me greatly through my parents divorce and help me focus on my spiritual life.i learnt from one of you songs that life is a story you never know what to expect but you just have to be strong and be who you are as there is no one better than being you and you have a talent that lefts people/fans moods and make us feel joyful and great fun to have you as a talented singer never forget how strong you really are if you can stand up to the world and perform you are a strong woman with a excellent amount of confidence and bravery

Submitted by akela (not verified) on

hi my names akela and i really love yur music but i live far away in a country caLLED GUYANA

Submitted by Ana (not verified) on

Dearest Katy,

my daughter Ana is loving you same as she loves her own mother(me)..we wake up every single morning with u songs, and also we go to bed every evening by reading lyrics from u songs.Ana is five years old, and she learn english with u songs...so u are her IDOL, but also my IDOL too, as my daughter is growing up with your beautiful songs. Her birthday was in December 9, and her only wish was to invite to her birthday party...i told her if one day you are going to have concert near Serbia, i will take her there.I promised her this!!!I wish to upload videos how she sings your songs..and believe me she is already famous by knowing so much about you, so everyone in preschool calls her Katy!!!
All I can tell you, we are so happy for your singing, and we wish you beautiful and lovely moments in your special life. Dearest Katy, you have briliant Gods gift, to make other people so happy, but most of all, am blessing you with all my heart, as because of you, spirit of my Ana is growing into the right direction, thank you Katy.
LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Dusten ogle (not verified) on

I've loved you and your music from the day you started lol I'd love to have your autograph lol please send to address : 4725 Pryor Ln Cosby TN 37722-3939 love your music

Submitted by kevin smith (not verified) on

do a show in Cornwall Ontario ok I love you Katy Perry big fan of yours

Submitted by Sam Goodwin (not verified) on

My name is Samuel Gordon Davis Goodwin I'm in love with you I've waited a long time to be 18 please give me a chance i will never ever hurt you my number is 615-668-6765

Submitted by Sam Goodwin (not verified) on

Myname is Samuel Gordon Davis Goodwin I'm 18 and I need you in my life and I would do anything for you I plan to be a singer songwriter after my jaw is repaired ppleasegive me a chance i will never ever hurt you

Submitted by Nancy Balik (not verified) on

The IHM Sisters helped many artists. They helped Corita Kent and Valyermo Monks. Did you ever think you met them so they also can help your integration of your creative side and your spiritual side. Maybe after much prayer with the Valyermo Monks you could move to Gods Plan. Many of us like you both, so we would like the IHMs keep their property and you find a home to better serve your young career.

Submitted by Michelle (not verified) on

My daughter turns 30 this Sept 2015 and looks just like you! She was asked for her autograph while in Vegas! My nephews 9' 8 and 5 tell everyone their cousin is Katy Perry. It would be so funny to see you both together!
Love you

Submitted by Jazmine (not verified) on

Hi Katy,
I watched your Part of Me video for the first time. I am currently deployed to Qatar, I know celebrities come to perform every once in a while....I think it would be awesome for you to come support the troops. We would love to have you.

Submitted by Leo Saragih (not verified) on

Dear Katy,
Me & my girlfriend are really admiring U. I wonder would U mind to say ur greetings on a video for my GF birthday? please? Only 10 seconds of duration. I would be very thankful if U willing to make this one, it would be her greatest birthday gift ever. If U do, please send to my email 'desargh@gmail.com'. Her name is 'Agnes Siregar', she will having her birthday on August 22.

Thanks before, Katy. Wishing U will always be successful.

Best Regard

Leo Saragih

Submitted by Lisanne Stom (not verified) on

hey Katy Perry. im not so good in english but i really try it i would to say that i love you so mutch your my idol i have the same dream as you. i would to be famous with singing with mutch of glitter and glamour i love that since i was four. singing give me a feeling of freedom i like it really mutch. and you inspired me to sing you songs are so amazing and it look me really nice if you can come maybe ever to netherland. i can feel your feelings in your song and thats so amazing of you. ill be my hole life a katycat your have the best songs of the world. i know all your songs i would like to sing because of you you stops your feelings in the songs and thats so good. by a lot of songs people singing just normal but your expression your feelings i have your parfume too its so delicious. my dream is to meet you a time thats my really dream... im gonna end this postal I LOVE YOU SO MUTCH Katy Perry Lisanne Stom 13 jears old

Submitted by Jenna (not verified) on

Katy, you're an amazing inspiration to everyone. You have the strongest voice I've heard in years. Singing is my passion and like you've said many times, anything is possible. Because of you, I'm actually perusing my dream and hope to one day have my son look up to me the way your fans look up to you. Thank you for making such a positive impact on my life.
Jenna ♡☆♡☆♡☆♡☆

Submitted by #1 Fan (not verified) on

I am your #1 fan! I wish you could crash my 9th birthday party like Maroon 5 did on the "Sugar" video. It's tomorrow :)

Submitted by Lori Ebenhack (not verified) on

My daughter has been in love with you and your music for as long as I can remember. We went to your last 2 concerts in Houston. She even calls you mom. I guess that's a thing. She would freak if she could meet you but, would be thrilled to get an autographed photo, a letter, a phone call, something! She follows you on Twitter. Prisvatic is her Twitter name.

Submitted by Larry in CT (not verified) on

Wow!!! I am very saddened. I really enjoyed your music Katy. I even read a biography on yoiu and was impressed on how you got to be the star you are. But now that I know are supporting that useless liar Hillary, I will NEVER listen to one of your songs ever again

Submitted by Rori (not verified) on

While I don't want to be mean or start anything, I just happened to be skimming down the website and read your comment. I'm sorry, but I believe that you shouldn't base your political beliefs on the liking of someone entirely. While I am no agreeing or disagreeing with those beleifs, that is no reason to stop believing in her. I am a big fan of hers... Not like stalker fan though. Lol. Anyway, I can guess that being a big celebrity has people her pushing her in every direction, so could you take it easy, please? I mean, I've never been famous, but I believe that everyone deserves their own opinions. Also, I guess I am biased forwards Katy Perry because she is a great artist and was on both my favorite shows, Raising Hope and How I Met Your Mother, by coincidence. What are the chances? Plus, she featured in 30h!3 Starstrukk. They are one of my favorite bands! Anyway... Getting off topic... I am a teenage girl and I know that you are one of the many bullies that she discourages in her song Firework.

Submitted by maria elizabeth... (not verified) on

could you come to my 13 birthday party it is on april 2 2016 on 2745 dawson ave apt.c in kenner. please i my biggest fan.!

Submitted by Gregory on

Katy is a one-of-a-kind lady & singer, she's heart-felt, beautiful, & talented; I love her music and her charm.

Hey Katy you are a wonderful lady, keep on being possitive and God will bless you with a man that truly loves you and deserves such a wonderful lady as you.

To you with Gods love.

Submitted by Nancy Eide (not verified) on

Katy..or who reads this. A little girl named Safyre would love a card from you. Safyre lost her family in a fire. Safyre was seriously burned in this fire. She would love cards. Safyre especially wants one from you. Katy... I am attaching her address for cards.,, send her a card... A picture to her. Katy Perry please for Safyre ! P.O. Box 6126. Schenectady NY. 12306. I am just a lady on Facebook who wants a little girls wish granted! Merry Christmas/ happy Hanakka (sp)sorry. Naancy Eide

Submitted by Jill (not verified) on

My subject line suggests that whoever reads this will trash it like the rest of most of your messages. Assuming the worst in this industry is always most accurate. I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist but I DO NOT want any help of any kind. Katheryn, you and I share an almost identical history, one that I would like to share with you in person if fate, God, or the universe ever allows that possible. I truly believe that I could help you (and you help me) with life's journey of religion, crazy politics and reality. Again, I DO NOT want ANYTHING from you. . .nothing at all. I don't know why our Heavenly Father has placed you so deeply on my heart and mind for several years now. Again, I was raised the same way you were, but believe it or not, probably more strictly. My mother's middle name is Elizabeth. :-) Made me smile when I saw that your middle name was the same. I only want to offer comfort, support and encouragement. I know your lifestyle can sometimes get the best of you, and you need a "real" outlet away from all the media and fame. I was there at one point, and on a smaller scale, know what it is like. Life is short . . .shorter than we realize. We have to stick to those things that matter most in life. And those things have nothing to do with money, power or fame. It's that little girl inside of you that longs for hope, acceptance and eternal worthiness. I am praying that you do get this message and we can somehow connect before our lives as we know it expires. For no one is promised tomorrow. I will say this ONE MORE TIME: I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING AT ALL FROM YOU KATHERYN ELIZABETH HUDSON! Our treasures are in heaven. It is on my bucket list for me to meet and speak with you before leaving this earth. I do have "rich" friends that said they could make this happen. But I do not want want money to be any part of our gathering. I have followed you as an initial Christian singer to your breakout as a phenomenal pop artist and I may know you better than you know yourself. When God the Almighty places something on your heart, you MUST do all you can to withhold that yearning. As a woman who has been considered an outcast from her former church for being a lesbian/homosexual or whatever labels you want to call it, I have suffered enough pain and torment to know that MY GOD does not hate or judge me for being my natural self. Katy, Katheryn, or whatever you choose me to call you, I GET YOU!!! I know you have suffered and I truly sense you are suffering now. Let me be some no-name person that you can call a friend that will support and encourage you along your journey. For our journey isn't forever, and God knows we need honest, REAL people we can count on. So. . ..let's see if this page here is a joke or the real thing. I'm throwing my contact information out there because I believe in you, your heart, and the tireless hours you've put into your success. I know you want to give up sometimes. . .I can't explain it, but I sense your pain and struggles. Consider me an angel wanting to give you angel's wings when you need them the most. :-) Sincerely and with all my heart,


Submitted by Garrett (not verified) on

Hey Katy, I wanna give you the chance to further your career down an important path. How would you like to target a new group of listeners by performing for me and my friends sometime this spring. The whole situation would be mutually beneficial. We'd get a great show and you'd get to practice some new songs. Let me know.

Submitted by Rori (not verified) on

Hi. I'm a fan of Katy Perry... Duh... But I want to send her a fan video. It doesn't list her email, so does she have one for fans to send her fanmail? Just wondering. And if so, could you tell me what it is, please? Thanks.

Submitted by steve (not verified) on

hi katy, of course you will never see this , but I wil feel better for posting, just saw your firework video depicting a youn girl with cancer, my mothers just going through chemo, its awful , so if you do a similar video can please remove eyebrows, as well as eyebrows the nails go but that's probably too much info,
sorry if this annoys you but its reality, plus youll never read it,

Submitted by AIJAZ ALI (not verified) on

Tell me that how I may respond you
When the rose is wet and gloom
I wanted to make things easier for you
When the heart beats on you

Submitted by Catarina (not verified) on

Daer Katy Perry,

My name is Catarina, I'm seven years old, I'm going to turn eight in April 14th. I study at the American School of Brasilia. My favorite song is Birthday! When are you coming to Brazil?

With love,


Submitted by Abhishek Suryawanshi (not verified) on

NAMASTE Katty Perry ,some lines from my 4 chambered heart in which 3 chambers are for you and 1 chamber is to live so that I can meet you in future.
I'm poor but I'm rich in love for u.
I'm small but I'm big enough to see your songs and videos
I'm indian and I'm your biggest fan in india.
I want you to make time for me to meet me here in india .
I live in india,Karnataka,bidar (585401),inside naya kaman,H.NO. 1-2-1
I.e, ANUGACHATU PRAVAH (go like a flow).
I'm sure that you will meet one day my dear.
I'm 17 years old .

Submitted by joshua (not verified) on

My name is Joshua William walker

Submitted by william branigan (not verified) on

hay I am a big fan I love your work and u seem so lovely hope you are well lots and lots of love from William branigan xxx

Submitted by Susana (not verified) on

dear katy perry i am your biggest fan and i love your songs espacaly firework and it would be AWSOME if you came to my house i live in Atlanta GA sinserly,Susana.

Submitted by christina theron (not verified) on

hi Katy love all your song but i wish you would come to shouth africa
no one famouse comes here
sorry for spelling i am 12 and suck at english
pls come lots of people have asked sooo pls come

Submitted by Tom (not verified) on

I wish that I could meet you ?
You're so beautiful I would love to take you out for dinner sometime


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