Garth Brooks

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Troyal Garth Brooks
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"Friends in Low Places"

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Garth Brooks is a country pop singer-songwriter. His eponymous first album was released in 1989 and peaked at number 2 in the US country album chart while climbing to number 13 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Brooks' integration of rock elements into his recordings and live performances earned him immense popularity. This progressive approach allowed him to dominate the country single and album charts while crossing over into the mainstream pop arena.

Brooks broke records for both sales and concert attendance throughout the 1990s. Troubled by conflicts between career and family, Brooks officially retired from recording and performing from 2001 until 2009. During this time, he sold millions of albums through an exclusive distribution deal with Walmart and sporadically released new singles. In 2005, Brooks started a partial comeback, and has since given several performances and released two compilation albums.

On October 15, 2009, Garth Brooks announced the end of his retirement. In December 2009, he began a five-year concert deal with the Encore Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Following the conclusion of his residency in Las Vegas, Brooks announced his signing with Sony Music Nashville in July 2014. In September 2014, he began his comeback world tour. His most recent album, Man Against Machine, was released on November 11, 2014 via his online music store GhostTunes.

Brooks was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on October 21, 2012.


Garth Brooks
Major Bob Music, Inc.
1111 17th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212


Submitted by Luis Quiroz (not verified) on

Mr. Garth Brooks
Good Morning my wife is a big fan of you and your music.We will be attending on Sept. 16th.. at Anahein Honda Center.Our family first met you in Arizona during your charities events for Kansas City Royals Spring Training few years back.My wife was so impressed by you, taking time for each us and every fan that was out there one cold morning. How do I go about having you signed a photo of you addressed to her.It will make her day !!!!

Submitted by Jake reece (not verified) on

My mom is going through non hodgkin's lymphoma! We r huge fans and would do anything for a call from Garth.can u help me out!

Submitted by Leslie Carter (not verified) on

Dear Garth, my husband Matt carter is your biggest fan. I would love nothing more then to gift him with something personally from you. Your songs have guided him through some rough times. I Bought tickets last year to see you in concert. Let's just say I was wife of the year to him. Thank you for your music. We love you!!!

Submitted by Calvin (not verified) on

HI Garth this Calvin coming to from Auckland New Zealand. Just be to clear things up I did not sign on to the Garth fan club cos of political views or ideas. I signed cos I love u r music an urgent love of life. I've played for five presidents no harm in missingeneral one. But I don't think u were officially asked anyway were you. Anyway
ANY chance of a nodded from u or something been hused fan from the start would love to here from u. My wife kids love u too. Thanks for music thanks for memories.

Submitted by Brandon Harris (not verified) on

I have lost respect for you Mr. Brooks. No playing for our new president Donald Trump. I hope you see this and read it. The same people that made you rich and happy are the same people who voted for him. I for one will never buy anything of yours again.

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

I have no respect for people that voted for trump!!! Thanks you to brooks... he has a brain....

Submitted by Richard Burand (not verified) on

As a friend and father would you please inform the President he is mentally ill (paranoid) and he needs help. In the name of Jesus I pray.

Submitted by Amanda W. (not verified) on

My 3 year old son was recently diagnosed with leukemia. I really would like to get him a signed 3T cowboy hat from Garth Brooks. His birthday is in 2 days and if there's any way I could make this possible please let me know what I need to do! Garth brooks is his favorite country singer!

Submitted by Rhonda Umpherville (not verified) on

I am so looking forward to going to the Garth Brooks concert in Edmonton. I purchased tickets for my husband Gord before Christmas as it was on his bucket list. unfortunately Gord passed away Feb 1, 2017 of a massive heart attack. We played the song the Dance at his service

Submitted by Cindi A Abele (not verified) on

I have been a fan of your since you first came on the country music scene. As a divorced mother of 3 I could never afford to come to a concert. My son's are now grown but I am battling stage 3 Breast cancer. I just wanted to share with you that a beautiful family in Middleton MD gifted me with 2 tickets to your concert in Philadelphia!! With all the hatred and evil on the news these days I just really needed all to know that there are still beautiful people in this world spreading wonderful acts of kindness to a complete stranger!! I live in New Jersey and so look forward to your concert. Hoping to meet you and tell you the full story of this beautiful family who truly made my year and helped to take my mind off of cancer even if just for a short time. Thank you for coming out of retirement, I look forward to seeing you and your beautiful wife. ❤️❤️

Submitted by Colby Upchurch (not verified) on

I went out to see you on 4-1-17. You were my first concert ever, and I sure am glad you were my first concert. Had a heck of a time. Thank you for coming down to lubbock.

Submitted by Hondo Hanes (not verified) on

Garth you are my all time favorite artist. With our country going the way it is as well as the rest of the world, I am frightened for our children and grandchildren for their future. With all the hatred and anguish throughout we need to come together and help keep all of our dreams alive. I know it's a stretch but I believe that it's time to remake micheal Jackson and Lionel Ritchie''s song we are the world. It's been seven years since it was redone from the original in 1985. To help Africa and Haiti in times of trouble. I know we cannot solve all of the world's problems, but we owe it to ourselves to try. You have moved mountains in the past and made dreams come true with just a single prayer. I pray every day I am blessed to open my eyes to see my beautiful family. Hondo Hanes

Submitted by Julia Snyder (not verified) on

I am a volunteer firefighter in Anne Arundel County Maryland. My fire department has sang your live version of "Friends in Low Places" for as long as I can remember at the end of every event that we have had. We get in a big circle and pass a few beers around and sing all together "I've got friends in Orchard Beach" in place of low places, (orchard beach is our fire department name). The song to is is a remembering of the family we inherited over the years after joining the fire department and that they will always be there when on of us needs a shoulder to lean on.

Yesterday, all of our members needed a shoulder to lean on. We were notified of the passing of our senior volunteer captain. It was a sudden passing. He was only 48 years old with a wife and children. He was a big part of our members lives and was always a shoulder to lean on. You never saw this man without a smile. He was always willing to help you whether it be a fire department question or personal. We surely will be missing him in our singing circle.

We are having a memorial later on in the week. We are doing a picture slide show and wanted to end the slide show with a verse of garth singing those exact words for us. We would love if there is a way you could make this happen. Thank you!

Submitted by Joe Hall (not verified) on

The day the tickets were to go on sale and were to $80.00 and selling at 10AM I went online (0930hrs.) early to get ready because I knew they would sell fast. To my amazement tickets were already being sold and at outrageous prices. If it were anybody else I would not of paid $300.00 apiece for bench seats. It seems private vendors got most of the tickets and that was one reason the first concert sold out in 30 seconds. I'm sure it's going to be a great show but i'll never pay that much again.

Submitted by Stephanie McNeil (not verified) on

Hello Garth! I'm so excited to finally have the opportunity to see you in concert this September 3rd in Calgary Alberta. I've wanted to see you since I was 10 years old. Your music and you of course are the reason I learned to speak English as quickly as I did. I would listen to you not knowing a single word of English and completely fell in love with your voice and your music. I know you will put on a great show! I can cross this off my bucket list!

Submitted by Jody (not verified) on

I always thought I was a Garth Brooks fan. That was until my 17 year old daughter found out you were coming to Calgary. She works part time in the summer and was not able to buy tickets the day they came on sale. A couple days later she found 2 tickets on another site and was gladly willing to pay $101 a ticket. As she was putting the order through not only was she charged $7.95 online service fee but also another $30 for each ticket. In total she spent $278 for 2 tickets and didn't care because she was going to see Garth Brooks ! She received confirmation the ticket order went through and at the bottom of the receipt in bold was "please note, these seats are behind the stage". I'm not sure I would have been okay with that price for behind the stage seats but still she was just thrilled to be going to the concert. To top it all off 2 weeks later when checking her statement- the tickets were in USD. So her total cost of these 2 tickets behind the stage was a whopping $345 CDN. You have a true fan in this young girl, I'm not sure I would be quite as excited for the show as she still is!

Submitted by Sheila Groenewold (not verified) on

Dear garth.
I work with handicap adults and the last time you came you gave one of my clients a guitar. And it was signed he still has that and love it i was wondering if he could meet you and say thank you he has been wanting to say it for 20 years now.his name is Eric Christensen and he lives in siouxfalls and works at dakotabilities it would be so great if he could see you and say thanks I know you have a kind heart because I know the girl you have met in hartford and came to her dad's funeral I know you are busy but it would make his day he got tickets to the Saturday show I don't know which one it is .this Saturday I think but if you could just consider it that would be great. Thanks so much, sheila groenewold

Submitted by Cyndi (not verified) on

For my 50 th birthday my daughter Kaley bought us floor tickets to see your Orlando show. Well we just had Irma come though. Kaley and I have been helping our neighbors clean up and fixing their fences. I was wondering if you could please give her a signed picture or acknowledge her birthday for me.

Submitted by James (not verified) on

I am in the United States Marine Corps and wanted to surprise my fiancé by having Garth come play at our wedding we are both huge fans and I wanted to know how to go about getting him to play at our wedding?

Submitted by Mary Studley (not verified) on

Dear Garth, Ayden was one of your biggest fans and you were Ayden' s Hero, you are Ayden had SMA and had been unable to talk or move since before age 2, He lived on a ventilator for 9 years and ate with a feeding tube. He listened to your songs always. Today Ayden became an angel went to Heaven at age 11. He has now been set free. If by chance you could get tickets for Matt and Courtney Ayden parents for Oct 21 in Lincoln it would be a wonderful tribute to all the battles Ayden had forgot, they live just south of Lincoln in Hickman Nebraska Courtney s aunt Mary

Submitted by Mary Studley (not verified) on

Above should say battles Ayden fought

Submitted by Michele (not verified) on

Garth Brooks

My brother in law's birthday is this Friday the 22 Sept and will be at your concert in Sioux Falls, SD that night. I was wondering if you read this you could wish Sean Farah a happy birthday. Thank you.

Submitted by Vicki Johns (not verified) on

Saw you on CMA Award show! Love to see you on any program because you are my favorite. I thought it was so unnecessary for people to criticize you for lip syncing. Your explanation makes perfect sense. I have never been able to see you in person but I have heard what you put into your performances. Your efforts to put on the best performance for all of those who are able to see you should be appreciated. God bless you. From an old - love-Garth Austinite

Submitted by Sheree Hunt (not verified) on

I stopped liking Garth Brooks when he treated his first wife, Sandy, the way he did. She worked her ass off for him to become famous. It's called character Garth. How can I take you seriously after that? No way!!!!!

Submitted by Lisa (not verified) on

My mom Cathy was diagnosed with CLL (leukemia) in 2005 she received a bone marrow transplant in 2010 and just recently heard it came back she is 57 years old with 3 children including an 18 yr old son and 6 grandchildren. She is an amazing woman who thinks only of herself and never asks for anything. She has been to every concert performed in Pittsburgh since I was born in 1988 and would like to send prayers and love out to her. Any acknowledgement to her silent pain would be amazing! She deserves the world and only hopes that everyday comes with another. I’m hoping a response from you could make her see that there is hope and miracles and she WILL make it past this hardship. God Bless!

Submitted by Lisa (not verified) on

My mom Cathy was diagnosed with CLL (leukemia) in 2005 she received a bone marrow transplant in 2010 and just recently heard it came back she is 57 years old with 3 children including an 18 yr old son and 6 grandchildren. She is an amazing woman who thinks only of herself and never asks for anything. She has been to every concert performed in Pittsburgh since I was born in 1988 and would like to send prayers and love out to her. Any acknowledgement to her silent pain would be amazing! She deserves the world and only hopes that everyday comes with another. I’m hoping a response from you could make her see that there is hope and miracles and she WILL make it past this hardship. God Bless!

Submitted by Christine Sjolin (not verified) on

Dear Garth,

This morning I was having a particularly rough morning. My oldest child, who will be 10 on December 2nd has been having a rough time lately and my youngest, who is 3 is in that stage where the sky is green and no matter how many times you prove it is blue, to him, it remains green. I was already sad because I don't know what to do to help my oldest see that life will get better, I dropped the 3 year old at preschool to find that I had committed the biggest mom fail ever. I forgot that it was pajama day. So after leaving the bawling child in the arms of his loving teacher, I got into my car to go to work and all I could think was, "Man, I really need some Garth today." So I sit down at my desk and open Ghost Tunes, only to learn that it is gone along with all of my Garth music. At this point, I have decided that I should probably just go back to bed and hit the re-do button because today is just not working in my favor. What can I do to get my music back and heal my broken heart?

Submitted by Anne Marie (not verified) on

Dear Mr Garth,
I first saw you perform at the Miller tent/Colorado State Fair in Pueblo when I was in HS in the 80s with my dad Einar (who is now in his 70s). Just to say thank you for being a true heart, Christian and supporter of our military.
I appreciate you, happy holidays to you and your family.
Anne Marrie

Submitted by EmalieT (not verified) on

Me and my mom are big fans and I kinda noticed that you don't have a lot of songs on spotify. Why? That is the only song app I listen to(mainly because my mom won't let me have any other app). So I would listen to you, but I kinda can't. Unless I listen to your Garth Brooks radio(witch I love, by the way) but that is only in my dad's truck. And my mom and I barely get to steal it. But I would love to listen to your song's.(especially He Really Loves You). And I would love it if you added more song's on like Beaches of Cheyenne, and the Storm and He really loves you. And so would my mom. And all your other fans. Now, I'm only thirteen so I understand if this seems childish or crazy to you. It's just that music is my only escape when I feel sad or mad about something. And I'm going through a hard time right now. I want to listen to your music because it makes me feel like it sums up my life pretty good.

Submitted by Mandy (not verified) on

I started singing when I was 7 I've been to a few of your concerts. Now 40 yrs old it would be a dream come true to sing in the same stage with Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood! I live live there music.

Submitted by Vanessa Litke (not verified) on

To some who can make a difference
My name is Vanessa Litke. I am from Winnipeg, Mb in Canada. I am writing to you because of a sickening heart-breaking video I recently saw that absolutely broke my heart. I can not stop shedding tears over what is happening to the poor helpless polar bears of this world. It is absolutely beyond devastating. These beautiful majestic animals are literally starving to death. They need help!!!! I have no status no power and no money!!!! I feel helpless. But these animals need a voice!!! They need our help!!! They need YOUR HELP!!!! You have wealth, power and status AND most importantly HEART!!!! So please please please from this animal lover I am begging for your help for any thing you can do to help these poor beautiful animals that are already near extinction. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Submitted by Matthew Hershon (not verified) on


I am currently in my second tour and this time I am in Iraq. I am coming home for 3 weeks in March and I would love to surprise my girlfriend hopefully soon to be wife with tickets to your show at the Houston Rodeo. Her and myself are your biggest fans and she has never seen you live before. If there is anyway to help me out that would be amazing.

One of your biggest fans
CPT Matthew Hershon

Submitted by Jesse Darcourt (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Brooks,
Ever since I met my wife she has always been your number one fan! Truth be told she knows all of your songs and follows you and your family on social media. I remember her telling me a story of her rough upbringing and having to sleep in her mothers car with her tape player and headphones while her mom had to work. This is just One of the examples of how your music has touched and helped people through day-to-day life. Goes to show you don’t have to be a physician to heal people, the messages you have inside your songs are enough to mend wounds and truely aid someone to a good life. I know for a fact if she had a signed photo of you she would cherish it forever. No words could express my gratitude for you and you music. So simply I say, thank you. My email

Submitted by Ian Gaunt (not verified) on

I have a cassette tape of Garth before he was discovered. It's recorded in Stillwater Okla. in a little bar called Wild Willies? There,three young ladies were friends with Garth and were probably instrumental in getting him to finally get out to Nashville to be discovered. I am wondering if anybody is interested in this tape. I also have several photos of the same time. Pictures of the birthday cake the girls made for him.

Submitted by Gerald Lee Ames (not verified) on

Garth Brooks I am very proud you stood down on this President. He is not doing very well is he?

Thank you for taking the high ground.

Gerald Lee Ames
Washington State

Submitted by Mitchell Edwards (not verified) on

Hey Garth, I know you probably get this a lot but you are truly the greatest inspiration to me. I'm a student at Texas A&M University and i don't think there's been a day that's gone by that I don't listen to your music on the way to class. My parents got a divorce and your music really got me through everything. You had a great show in Houston by the way, it couldn't have been better! I was wondering if there was a place that I could send a guitar to have it signed, it would mean the world! I don't know if you read these or not but thanks for always being full of love and inspiration.

Submitted by fan21 (not verified) on

Could you call Simon Cowell from Americas Got Talent he hoped you might write a song for Michael for the finals. Your music is just perfect.

Submitted by Tracey (not verified) on

I have been such a long time fan, but for me it’s about the whole package. I hear your music and love it all. There are so many messages that I hold dear to my heart and turn to when I need comfort. But those songs come from a person who believe each and every word. From what I have observed, you live as you sing. You help those in need and support those less fortunate. You have passion for people, something that more of us could use. Another shining example is when Simon Cowell asked you to writer a song for Michael Ketterer on AGT. I knew the moment he asked, you would say yes because you would love Michael for who he is and how he lives his life. I also wanted to know how much I appreciate that your fame has not gone to your head and you ensure that all people can access your tickets by keeping the prices low. I have been to all 3 concerts you did in Ottawa, and never paid a lot for the tickets. I once lucked out and got 3rd row seats and I don’t think they cost more than 40$ each. Thank you so much. You live with you heart on your sleeve and I love that. It makes you a better artist and more in touch with your audience. Koodos to you Mr. Brooks. Keep doing what you are doing and loving your art. Your connection with people is your halmark.

Submitted by Laura (not verified) on

So I know this probably won’t happen but I have to try! My mom and I love you your music .. But my mom has cancer breast cancer and her dream was always to see you live ! But her favorite song is I got friends in low places! So I would love it if we could come to one of your concerts and sing that song to my mommy before she passes:( it would be so exciting for her to see that! Before well you know! I know you are a truly sweet and awesome husband and father .. So I’m hoping you get this and respond I will sing the song with you!! If that would be ok!! Lol I have a couple of reliitives in the music industry one is Dave Alvin from the blasters my brother in law and Fletcher Dragge from a band called pennywise anyway I hope you get this .. Because this would truly make my mom the happiest woman before she leaves this earth !! My phone number is(951) 332-1339 e maile is I hope you reach out because I know you are a true country boy with fantastic faith !! Again I hope you get this !! 👍 bye 👋 players 🙏

Submitted by MelIssa (not verified) on

The song the dance was my husband favorite song. Actually it was our first dance 2 am on a back dirt road. He told me our first date he wanted that song played at his funeral. We were married 6 years when he passed at the young age of 37. August 27 2006. I love the song but to this day it brings tears. To answer question yes I played it at his funeral.

Just want say Thank You

Submitted by Dave Austin (not verified) on

When did our country become such where we have blurred the office of president and the person. You Mr. Brooks were asked to play for "The President of the United States". I will presume if you voted, I know how you voted. You don't seem to me to someone who plays to the politically correct. I was wrong. You and the Dixie Chicks should go on the Anti-President Tour. Think anyone would show up? I'm sure some sadly.
I'm 59, heard you play that rememberable concert in Scottsdale, AZ when the storm blew in. I've followed your career since. I'm a professional, middle of the road, white, very open-minded, but strongly American with values this country was founded on. If I ever thought I'd pay to see you play again, and I was, I am not now. Since you don't respect the office of the president, then I'm sorry to say I don't respect you. I'm glad I live in a country where you can even have a choice like this. I've lived and visited countries where that is not the case. But I am also glad that I can say with absolute certainty, your music will not be played here. You of all people. Respectfully submitted.

Submitted by Robert (not verified) on

I’ll keep this short,, we were at the Baltimore concert you performed awesome even though there was a ticketron issue and the show didn’t get started till after 11 PM and you still hung in there till almost 2 in the AM. You were hoarse and still sounded great. You promised you would be back one day, please try to fit Ravens Stadium into your schedule, It will sell out within minutes, and I’ll be there with my 73 year old mom, cheering you on at top of our lungs. We love you and Mrs. Yearwood. I know you can’t be everywhere, all I can do is PRAY. LOVE YOU MAN!

Submitted by Jessica (not verified) on

This song could not be more true, than the tragedy that struck my family while my brother was on his way to "The Dance".

I've thought about writing to you a hundred times, I just just felt like I wanted you to hear my story. I'm not looking for anything from you, I just wanted you to know how much this song and your music has impacted my family.

January 8, 2000 will be a day I never forget. At 17 years old, I lost my best friend, my brother. His name was Mike, he was 20 years old. Not only did I lose him, we also lost his girlfriend, Tanya. She was my classmate and friend.

You see, all of our family was at the wedding reception for my cousin and Mike's best friend. It was a great day. They had just gotten married and it was time to party. But, Mike waited for Tanya to get off work and then they were going to meet us all at the dance.
We were all having a great time, and your song "The Dance" came on. My boyfriend at the time, and I, of course, were dancing to the song. It was while we were dancing to the song at 10:30, that my Mom came up to us and asked if I had seen or heard from Mike and Tanya yet. I hadn't, and we went on with the night. Call it Mother's intuition, because at 10:30, my brother and his girlfriend were killed by a drunk driver on the way to "The Dance".

Now, you know as well as I do, that song has some very impactful words that are exactly related to our worst nightmare imaginable.

Fast forward to a year later, I was a senior in high school and had some incredible friends and family who had supported me while I dealt with his death. We had a new English teacher that year, who was having us write a persuasive speech. Well, I wrote mine on drinking and driving. Now, this teacher didn't know my story or anything about what the past year had been like for me, so she had scheduled me to give my speech on January 8th. I couldn't do. I couldn't bring myself to do it on that day. In fact, I didn't even go to school that day. And in the years following, I've never worked on thre anniversary of his death.
So, January 9th I gave my speech in the auditorium. Little did I know, the teachers in the school had allowed who ever had wanted to watch my speech, leave class and attend. The auditorium was full and when I was done with my speech, I played for song "The Dance" and there was not a dry eye in the place. Friends had gathered to grieve with me that day.

I still have but speech recorded on VHS. The school played it on all of the TVs in the school for years following, around the time of school dances and Prom, as a reminder that it's not worth it.

January 8, 2019 will be 19 years since they died. Nothing will erase the pain I feel from his loss. For years I couldn't listen to this song. You were one of his favorite country artists, and of course you are still one of mine.

Take care.

Submitted by Sherri (not verified) on

My husband and I have seen you in concert twice and what amazing concerts they were! Beyond disappointed that we won’t be able to see you in March 19’. Tickets are scarce and I’ve seen them on sale for up to $9900 each, can’t do that! Our first concert was Riverport 1992, you put a cap on the prices so all your fans could see you. Someday do that for us again!!!

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

short message
thanks for coming to St. Louis
prior to the show - Bob Seeger cover Hollywood nights was playing by another band over the speakers
Who was the band?

Submitted by Connie Rieck (not verified) on

Dear Garth Brooks…
First, I just want to thank you for your amazing music and your dedication to first your beautiful wife and family, and second, your fans… October 15 has two beautiful meanings to each of us… It was the birth of our youngest son and it was the day you came out of retirement… Different years :-) We are so excited for our sons wedding this June and we have chosen your song “MOM” as our mother son dance. It is such a beautiful song and the line “her only goal in life”… Is so me! All I ever wanted to be was a wife, mom and Grandma....And all three are awesome! Anyways… With having our mother son dance to your song “MOM”, I was just wanting to ask for your blessing on this song for such a special day for my son! Thank you and God bless!
From a simple mom and fan..... Connie Rieck

Submitted by Paul (not verified) on

Hope you remember doing Baltimore back in January 2016 during a blizzard? You were amazing especially doing two shows in the same day! However, do you also remember getting us all worked up about coming back in the summer to one of our stadiums to do a concert without snow? Just wondering if you are still considering us? I truly hope so!
Love you man !
Paul, SFC, US Army Retired!


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