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"Best of Me"
"Learn to Fly"
"My Hero"
"Times Like These"

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Foo Fighters are an American rock band formed in Seattle in 1994. Foo Fighters was initially formed as a one man project by former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. Following the success of their eponymous debut album Foo Fighters, Grohl (lead vocals, guitar) recruited a band consisting of Nate Mendel (bass guitar), William Goldsmith (drums), and Pat Smear (guitar). After a succession of lineup changes, including the departures of Goldsmith and Smear, the band formed its core lineup in 1999 consisting of Grohl, Mendel, Chris Shiflett (guitar), and Taylor Hawkins (drums). In 2005 Smear returned to the band and in 2017 Rami Jaffee joined the band performing the keyboards and piano.

Prior to the release of Foo Fighters' 1995 debut album Foo Fighters, which featured Grohl as the only official member, Grohl recruited bassist Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith, both formerly of Sunny Day Real Estate, as well as Nirvana touring guitarist Pat Smear. The band began with performances in Portland, Oregon. Goldsmith quit during the recording of their second album, The Colour and the Shape (1997); most of the drum parts were re-recorded by Grohl. Smear departed soon afterward but appeared as a guest with the band frequently from 2005; he rejoined in 2010.

Smear and Goldsmith were replaced by Franz Stahl and Taylor Hawkins; Stahl was fired before the recording of the group's third album, There Is Nothing Left to Lose (1999). The band briefly continued as a trio until Chris Shiflett joined on guitar after the completion of There Is Nothing Left to Lose. Foo Fighters released their fourth album, One by One, in 2002. It was followed with the two-disc In Your Honor (2005), which was split between acoustic songs and heavier material. Foo Fighters released their sixth album, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, in 2007.

For Foo Fighters' seventh studio album, Wasting Light (2011), produced by Butch Vig, Smear returned as a full member. Sonic Highways (2014) was released as the soundtrack to the television miniseries directed by Grohl. Concrete and Gold (2017) was the second Foo Fighters album to reach number one in the United States and their first studio album to feature longtime session and touring keyboardist Rami Jaffee as a full member. The band's tenth album, Medicine at Midnight (2021), was the last to feature Hawkins, who died in March 2022.

Over the course of their career, Foo Fighters have won 15 Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Album five times, making them among the most successful rock acts in Grammy history. In 2021, the band was announced as recipients of the first-ever "Global Icon" award at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2021, their first year of eligibility.


Foo Fighters
Warm Seas House
23 Wellington Road
London, NW8 9SL


Submitted by Luke Michl (not verified) on

Hey guys I was wondering if you could cover Night Ranger's "Don't Tell Me You Love Me". I know you guys could do it better and I think it would be fucking awesome! Anyways thanks for reading this.

Your Fan

Submitted by Kenny Chicago (not verified) on

Almost every song begins sweet and melodic and finishes with loud screaming.

Submitted by Ben Hornbeck (not verified) on

I have always held you as the true musician of our time Dave! I have not always liked you music but as a musician you are an inspiration to our youth. Now that my 8 year son inspires to be a drummer, some how I always use you as a reference. It amazes me that you can come from one of largest bands of all time yet not let that define you.

Any way this last album is true rock fury. I love it. From front to back and I love the touch of political lyric.

For years I have wondered the world has gone to shit yet artist do nothing. I come from a strong musical background and had my fill of record deals but right now I want to grab everyone and say "hey we are all on same bus, but there is only one driver and 50 of us"

The time has come to wake up the masses and you are so close.

Love the record, love the way you rock. Keep it up my friend.

Submitted by Stephanie Albertine (not verified) on

You guys are all invited to my wedding next weekend 4/9/16 in Fullerton. My boyfriend and I are huge fans. Free food free booze for the Foo Fighters. Come party.

Submitted by Kendrick Davis (not verified) on

Tell Pat to make another solo album, that's all.

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on

Dave, can you lend Axle your throne please? I think he's going to need it!!!

Submitted by Angel ff. (not verified) on

So like I want to start a band but no one seems to have drums I want to like in a way teach myself but don't know where to get a cheap drumset how did you start off grohl.

Submitted by Kenny Hardin (not verified) on

So I know this is probably a VERY long shot but my wife and I will be celebrating our 20 year anniversery this year and the last two years have been really rough. I was diagnosed with PTSD and retired early from a 13 year career as a Police Officer. My wife and I have always loved the band and Everlong was the first dance song at our wedding. We will be staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Lake Tahoe for Labor Day weekend as Sept. 2nd is our anniversery and Sept. 20th would have been the start of my 13th year in my career so September is a big month for me. It would mean so much to us if I could somehow get in contact with the band as I really want to do something special for this wonderful woman who has stood by me through everything. I would like to somehow contact the band if possible, hey ya never know unless you try.

Submitted by Vic Howell (not verified) on

I have a similar request in order to do something special for my husband to be who is also a police officer. Our wedding is a few months away and it has been a very very difficult couple of years for him these past two years (lost both his Mother and brother). Dave is his FAVORITE and Everlong will be played at our wedding also. Would love to see if he could send/write something special for our big day. Was wondering if you had any success with contact info. Thanks!

Submitted by Martin Keller (not verified) on

Hi Dave - Dont know if you remember a house off of Seminary Rd. in Alexandria VA. Mr. Olander and his wife Mrs. Stahl lived there in the mid 80’s. Mrs. Stahl was Peter and Franz’s aunt. You had recently joined them in Scream. I use to cut their lawn and would stop by when you guys were practicing in the back yard. I occasionally brought you guys sandwiches that my mother had made. I remember well talking with you about music, as I was a guitarist, and how your personality was then as it is now in interviews. I also remember how arrogant and at times rude the Stahl brothers could be. They even had the nerve to tell me (peter did) that one of her danish sandwiches (my mom is from Denmark) tasted like shit.

One thing struck me then. This guy Dave needs to find other musicians more his caliber if he wants to succeed in music. He has the drive and character to do so.

Well it is great to see that you stuck with it and have achieved so much.

Fond memories of my teenage years

Best regards,


Submitted by Daniel watts (not verified) on

Hey dave First of all can I just say thanks for the childhood and I know this may be a long shot but I was wondering if you could show your presence in London and do me and the other keen students of the icmp (institute of contemporary music performance) the honour of revealing why you're Soo good at what you do in many areas of music and how to spread our own positive message of music. I've been a fan of you and many other bands since I can remember in fact "big me" is my happy song haha and I just love how whenever you go acoustic your message sticks out like a sore thumb like you did the acoustic versions of ever long and times like these my music school needs that musical kick up the ass which I know you can deliver I hope my message comes across humble and sincere big love to Taylor and the other guys too you guys rock and if you agree I'll even pay for your hotel even if I have to pay double ,big love

Submitted by peter rickshaw (not verified) on

"I'm an American boys, come a long way
I was born and bred in the USA
So listen up close, I got something to say"

While the hunt was daunting, I did in fact find Taylor a couple hookers and jet skis as requested. Times have changed and that is understood, but mission accomplished after a late night of bowling with you knuckleheads years ago in Grand Rapids, MI. Be easy for the now and call me with upcoming work detail.

Much appreciated,
ross carpenter

Submitted by Criticull Vocals (not verified) on

Hey Dave, long time fan of your drumming, and a very new fan of your personality, the first time I saw you speaking was in the Lemmy doc. Your musical skill and experience in the music industry is super impressive to me, and i watch interviews with you while I take notes. My band that I've been in for the past like ten years is breaking up. I'm now 28 and I want to be a vocalist for a living but my hard work kind of just got lost, there is no chance of getting the same band back together. Do you think it is possible for me to still make it as a touring vocalist if I have to start from square one at my age?

Submitted by Eric B (not verified) on

Foo Fighters, Last September, I lost one of kids (a 15-year-old son) to suicide; he had struggled with depression for some time and ultimately lost the battle at a weak moment. His happiest days with us were at live music, including the Foo Fighters Atlanta concert at Centennial Park October 2015. My son was a huge fan and was laid to rest wearing his FF concert t-shirt. Anyway, my therapist has given me a homework assignment to write a song on my guitar about how I'm feeling. Can you offer up any tips to a beginner? Never done this before and I'd like this song to have a chance at not sucking?

Submitted by SkaTim (not verified) on

Yo! Just wondering if you guys are gunna. Heck Aussie Powerhouse band Midnight Oil while they are in your country touring? I am sure you have heard of them but you gotta see them live!!!
PS - love 'Run' and the Vid is cool as!

Submitted by Joyce Consoni D... (not verified) on

Hello, how are you? My name is Joyce Consoni Da Silva and I always look for a way to communicate with you, I already sent you letters but I do not know if you received them. I am completely in love with you, I love you very much, your music brings me joy and hope to continue to chase after my dreams. My biggest dream is one day to be able to meet them in person. Success today is always.
Contact me: +551798825-8271

Submitted by Maegg (not verified) on

Long time ff fan. Called 16 year old son in to see new Run video. It took him about two seconds to reply "didn't know they were still making music." Then he totally got off on the song. Really? Got to thinking these millennials don't understand us. Video song idea... we are great. Follow dorky kids at school then blow their socks off with real music that brings both generations together. Your rock, their techie stuff like drones, science and bots. We are all great! I'm willing to throw my number 1 smart ass son under the bus on this.

Submitted by Nick (not verified) on

Hey Guys. My other half, Ceri and I have been having awful bad luck trying see you live. Last time you toured the UK, during the Broken Leg tour, we made a road trip across the UK from Plymouth all the way up to Edinburgh. Ironically my other half slipped over on the dance floor the night before and broke HER leg and so missed the gig. This time round we tried to buy tickets for the O2 arena, but alas, they sold out in less than a minute, mostly due to ticket touts buying up all the tickets then reselling them for often more than 6 times faces value. The cheapest standing ticket was £300!!! Add in travel costs and/or hotel and we're looking at £1000 to come and watch you play. I was very tempted but we have also recently had a baby so that kind of cost is out of the question. Such a shame as we really would like to see you guys play live.

Submitted by Grant Hopkins (not verified) on

Grant from Newcastle, UK, here.
Your band is very inspirational to people around here.
Gig's are real expensive, but here is how I can show my appreciation.
The Colour and the Shape is by far my favorite album. So glorious. But, what the hell Dave, you did that whole first album by yourself? You're a machine dude. That's great. Have a beer - no wait - a fresh pot!

Hey Johnny Park was real good. The sound and lyrics are perplexing. How both guitars work together is magic to me.
Ahh I'm starting to go-on a bit too much.
Just keep going guys. The music is great and inspirational, thank you.

Submitted by Tracey Manson (not verified) on

Hey guys! You're coming to Des Moines, IA in October--how about you open with the HOLY WHITE HOUNDS!! It's their home town and we love you!

Submitted by Lori (not verified) on

I am driven, focused, determined to get my organization for our children off the ground. IWFT I WORK FOR TWO is passionate about helping bullied or at risk kids before they reach the point my son Shay was. Shay decided he should die on November 2, 2011, he was 16 yrs old. I have an amazing approach to reaching our kids. Please call me for an amazing opportunity to help us. 270-485-0524
This is very time sensitive, with your support For Fighters we can change the world. Revolution /P. M. A.

Submitted by Libby (not verified) on

Dave Grohl I don't want anything from you you have already helped me so much...I am a 47 year old single mom with a drummer for a son. As you know having a drummer for a son is not easy...we lived in a townhouse and I had to go door to door and let them know between 4-6 pm there would be noise. And every meal the tapping on the table! I personally am not musically inclined and his father a drummer also is out of the picture. My son is 100% self taught. Not being musically inclined I don't understand the I send him "Dave Grohl" quotes everyday. He is 19 now and seems to be heading on a path that will truly make him happy. Once again thank you for being you.

Submitted by MG (not verified) on


This might be a common question Possibly... maybe But I would very much like to send a message to all the guys Dave, Taylor, Chris,Nate And Rami.

I would just like to send them a personal thanks in some form or another. I've been a fan since I was a kid in the 90's and have been inspired by them to play guitar and sing (attempt to any way). The music they have made has been in my ears through many hard days ranging from just shitty days to near death years. but also through my good days too, again from just belting out the tunes and singing top of my lungs while driving to work, all the way to my engagement day and played we played 'Congregation' as I left the church at my wedding. (on similar point Im glad Grohl waited till after 2015 Sunderland show before he decided to throw himself off the stage. I was there and it was the best show I've been to)

The guys are genuine icons to me and Id like them to know that what they do and what they have done is a constant motivation.
So now I have a form of opportunity to say thanks, and if there is a way you can help with this It would be appreciated.

Mark Gillott

Submitted by Deucecharmer (not verified) on

i love your simplistic look at being a music star. I never got that far but music never leaves you. I have a friend you may like Bobby Caldwell from Captain Beyond, Johnny Winter, Rick Derringer, Armeggedon and charter member of The Allman Bros. I love how you give others credit. Bobby has new lineup they are sluggin it out. Check out the site. Any questions let me know.

Submitted by jess (not verified) on


Submitted by Beaux barnes (not verified) on

Thank you for the Music . I am a musician that has had to give up my love for music for my Family. My son has had a liver transplant and my time has been devoted to him whole souled, and I have missed the mark on making my own music but have been inspired by your music to keep the dream alive . I will see u in Fresno ca on Dec 1, 2017 and look forward to be motivated to pursue my dreams and goals . Have a great show much love and the Best to you all !!!

Submitted by madeline (not verified) on

Dave, you can rest assured that I am so fond of you. I saw your bald spot on a recent video. Although it is small, I think it's time you cut your hair. Please don't be too upset...I recently told my husband the same thing and he still likes me.

Submitted by Patrick Rock (not verified) on

I just want to jam with Dave and/or Krist at least once. I have lots of songs you guys would love. I've always loved Nirvana and Foo Fighters and all your other bands. You've definitely played a major part in the making of me and my music. I'll just finish this with "I WISH!"

Sincerely with love and empathy,

Patrick Rock

Submitted by Candi Holland (not verified) on

This is a message to the guys I partied with in the day. I am just curious if they remember me? Especially Dave. Used to know him him as baby davy or davy boy. Knew him with matt. Please tell me you remember.

Submitted by Beau (not verified) on

Dave Grohl,

I know you will probably never read or see this. I am a hard-working blue collar worker. I pretty much know the whole Foo library. To be honest I want to come to one of your concerts because I have no doubt it would be badass. My kids love your music. They pretty much only want to listen to your stuff. I can't buy two tickets when with all the fees total almost $300. Anyway keep rocking.

Submitted by Scott Fennimore (not verified) on

Hello Dave,
Thanks for preserving and using the Neve desk from Sound City.
In my own way I also try to preserve the era. I built a set of Altec 604s from 1959, 9 cubic foot cabinets. I also design and use vacuum tube hi-fi amps. The best.

Submitted by Steve (not verified) on

Hey Grohl-just saw you guys in ATL.Great show but you can’t ba a BAMF wrapped in plastic!! I sat in section 218 ( supposedly premium) and NEVER saw Taylor in the back.Saw you at Centennial at Break-a-long with throne in the rain-you didn’t need plastic then! Stay bad assed and forget the bubble wrap and let your fans that pay their hard earned money SEE ya!

Submitted by Julie roby (not verified) on

I bought 2 standing tickets for the foo fighters concert at the ethiad stadium on 19 June 18 unfortunately since I bought these tickets my child who was attending with me has ended up wheelchair bound
I contacted the ethiad which told me as it's a sell out concert they can't relocate us to disabled access I am appalled that there are no contingency plans in place at such a big venue for emergencies such as this
O make matters worse these were our Christmas gift off my parents any help or advice would be welcomed

Submitted by Cheri Gibson (not verified) on

Times were tough in 2008, son in air force got stomach cancer and had chemo. ...daughter diagnosed with pituritary gland, mom passed at 2 weeks from 91 years old ...neck surgery for your's truly...but with my faith and music from you guys put smiles on my face that I thought would never come. Thank you....basically Thank you guys!!

Submitted by Bob Cronin (not verified) on

I am a huge fan, but not only a fan of you but as a person,
You are a genius of rocking out, but you fucking connect with us, I love that u go balls out like I am near seen before, I gasp. You and the band are Hard working guys!
Plain and simple. You act like every show is their first.
Fucking, Unreal.
Keep it real, will always see u like I did in 1995 at American Theatre in St. Lou!!!!! And will always will, Old school mutha fucker!!!

Submitted by Andy Bennett (not verified) on

I've been listening to your music/lyrics for a long time now. I was troubled by something I heard one day at the Corporate Bathroom and resulted in me wanting to remove this guys head!! When you were injured during a concert and still went on to perform for us and even in later shows; under serious strain and pain; Thank you!! But this idiot thought you did not give it your All.. I wrapped up my manhood, grabbed him and threw him up against the wall and said who are you to judge!! He has way more his plate then you'll ever have.. huhh.. slapped him once in the face and left the mens room!! I like you have children and we do what we have to for them, whatever that is!! I know i'm one in millions that likes your music,, but im one that really likes you and respects you as a dad and what youre doing.. just saying,, Andy

Submitted by Mgiallanza (not verified) on

A new fan. Thanks for sharing your gift on stage & your recordings! May you have many more years doing what you do, so well!!

Submitted by Rick Combs (not verified) on

I don't know what it is about you....but that voice really just rocks....many a night going down the highway listening to your music and other music from other it 60s 70s music...I listen to it all. So one night I had my MP3 player plugged in and had it set on shuffle.....Something from Nothing came on ( love that Fu**king song) song Friday on My Mind....and I just listened....then just out of nowhere...I was like what the Hell....if any body could ever make a remake of that song and update the beat and add your vocals....that song would fucking rock.....I know you're probably thinking is this dude an idiot.....It would work because of you.....thanks for making the nights and moments I'm jamming worthwhile

Submitted by Tom (not verified) on

Just listening to all my life. I love the beginning then the break but in my head before the next lyrics kicked out and when I heard them I said "they twisted it" then the twist lyric came out. Classic. This is not making sense on paper as i write this. Who will see this I wonder. I was only trying to tell Dave after I listened on pandora that I liked the twist.

Submitted by Tristan Marie (not verified) on

I just want to say thank you. Im 21 and I had lost my parents recently. My dad was a huge fan of yours and I grew up with your music. I played Everlong at his visitation, it was shortly after my mom's passing and that was their song. Everytime my little sister and I have listened to that song since it's gotten us through a lot by remembering them. Never stop making great music to help people like me through. Almost nothing could mean more.

Submitted by Angela (not verified) on

I lost my 17 year old son by suicide in 2012. Kurt Cobain was his idol. I read your background and saw u worked with Kurt. I love your music and so did Nolan! He was in a band with his friends called Down to earth! He loved singing and his base with his buddies! Always sang the Pretender!

Submitted by Jerone (not verified) on

Hey Dave or David, I know u r a Beatles fan so I have a question. Back in the 70's when the Beatles weren't together there was a group that had an album that one could swear were the Beatles. Just curious if u have heard the group. The name is Klaatu. Spelling might be off a little.

Submitted by Tucker james (not verified) on

David, I'm starting a band called apathetic, an I've been getting writer's block, and I was wondering if u could give me a few tips on song writing, if u could u can reach me at this email,, if u could give me some tips it would be very much appreciated, thank u for playing such good music, an plz don't ever stop.

Submitted by BJ Cox (not verified) on


I am 61 and still telling my kids the stories I remember about rock songs or stars. I hope you make more chapters of Sonic Highway. We are losing so many people and so may stories. Most kids don't know that Duane Allman played and wrote that classic riff for Layla. We lost Tom Petty, Greg Allman and artists too many to name. We have people who used music to develop more music. There is so much I would like to see formalized into the constant river of music.

Submitted by Isaac (not verified) on

My principal said that playing my hero to elementary students was not age appropriate. I had my students reflect on the song and meaning and how an ordinary person can be a hero even though they have no super powers, and we had a fire safety talk as well. Sad... wish you could help. Them understand that not all rock music is bad for kids.

Submitted by Devin McMillon (not verified) on

Dave I just gotta say man you are a special person that can really relate to people. You have been someone i have looked up to for a really long time in the early MTV from your drumming days. Love every band u have ever had a hand in...

Thank you foo..
Devin McMillon

Submitted by William Smith (not verified) on

Would the band do a concert in zero G ?

Submitted by Bellatrix (care... (not verified) on

Bellatrix is four, knows every word to several FF songs but Times Like These is her fave. She listens to it approximately 63848365 times a day. She'll hands down, straight up tell you Mr. Dave Grohl is her favorite.
Could you maybe keep politics out of it? Your studio music is pretty clean and as a parent I love your music (I'm 35, I've been a fan for decades, and some day she'll be a nirvana fan as well) and the love my daughter has for it. And I know you don't make music for kids, she's four so it's easy to blow her off, but you obviously go through the effort of making music that doesn't HAVE to be edited. So maybe kids are important to you? And let's be honest "kids" should really, in a perfect world, include teens. *things they shouldn't worry about till they're grown up*


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