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Edward Christopher Sheeran
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Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran (born 17 February 1991) is an English singer-songwriter. Born in Hebden Bridge, raised in Framlingham, Suffolk, he moved to London in 2008 to pursue a musical career. In early 2011, Sheeran released an independent extended play, No. 5 Collaborations Project, which caught the attention of both Elton John and Jamie Foxx. He then signed to Asylum Records. His debut album, +, containing the singles "The A Team" and "Lego House", was certified quintuple platinum in the United Kingdom. In 2012, he won two Brit Awards for Best British Male Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act. "The A Team" won the Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically.

Sheeran began to become known abroad in 2012, in the United States he made a guest appearance on Taylor Swift's fourth studio album, Red, and wrote songs for One Direction. "The A Team" was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards and he performed the song in duet with Elton John during the ceremony. He spent much of 2013 touring North America as the opening act for Swift's The Red Tour. His second studio album titled x; read as "multiply", was released worldwide on 23 June 2014, charting at number one in the UK and US.


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Ed Sheeran
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Submitted by Joanne (not verified) on

Hi Ed

Not sure you will get this but I wanted to know if you will be playing anymore concerts in sydney. My two children aged 7 & 11 are totally totally mad about you but I was not able to get tickets for your concert first time around we are hoping fingers crossed that you will put another show on so we can buy tickets to see our favourite singer.

Submitted by Amy (not verified) on

If I was younger, if I was beautiful...I`m not sure I would not faint if I looked into those eyes...that cheeky smile melts me. I don`t have that and never will but listening to that voice and words makes me want you more. It will never happen so I will simply continue to adore you. X

Submitted by wendy killingworth (not verified) on

Hi Ed throughout my daughters pregnancy whenever thing out loud was played, my grand daughter always calmed down n relaxed for bedtime. Now she's very poorly in Birmingham children's hospital with septicaemia, my daughter Hazel is distraught and disillusioned at a time when she should be enjoying her new daughter, Scarlett . To add to this she became a hero on Sunday last when she saved Scarlett's life when she went floppy and stopped breathing. She's since done it again at the hospital and is awaiting a heart scan. Would you help please to heal my daughters heart and get her through this tough time....she's a huge fan and it would give her some faith in herself again if Scarlett could hear u in the flesh ... It may just give her the courage and strength she needs to fight the infection she has and put a beautiful smile back on her face. Many thanks and hope you see this message.

Submitted by Margot (not verified) on

Honestly I'm french and I don't really want to write a big big big text for you to read it and come to me so I'm just saying that, firstable I really like who you are and what you are, secondly I'm singing since I can talk maybe and I would like to meet you...one day.. Don't know, just, to meet you, to know you, to sing with you, cause I think it can be very very nice and I think we can get along (I'm not sure about my english but...) Ok bye !

Submitted by chris hawk (not verified) on

My finance and her best friend will be attending and there gonna be driving over 5 hours to get there, I was just wondering if u could give them a shoutout, they have been so excited for the past few months to get to see you, their names is Megan Hawk and Bethany Nash it would really make them feel special and a big surprise, thank you

Submitted by Sylvia Hester (not verified) on

Ok so I'm putting myself out there, please help if you can, How can I get my daughter to met Ed Sheeran, Jessi has had multiple knee surgeries on both legs she also has Tourette's Syndrome, the only time she doesn't tick is when you sing, or when I get her to sing your songs, the only wish I have for my daughter is to meet you as I'm hoping this just might make her Tourette's stop or at least slow down, from a mother asking for 5 minutes of your time, please please help me as I'm not sure how long she can go on doing this, I have managed to get 2 tickets to see you on the 6th of December but if someone can help me get 2 VIP passes I would be very grateful, thank you for listening to me and please Ed, this is not a joke, I am so very serious, please help my child, please, thanks, Jessi Hester will be in the wheelchair as I don't think she'd be able to walk that far or stand, again if you or anyone else can help me, please do as this would mean the world to her.

Submitted by russellw7@aol.com (not verified) on


Not sure if you will read this but thought you should know, When your Thinking Out Loud song was first played on the radio last year before it became a hit it made my girlfriend cry, I didn't think much of it at the time and thought it was sweet because she said it reminded her of me every time it was played.

Anyway as time went by she was still crying every time it was played no matter where she was she had no control, her friends turned the volume up as they found it amusing. We have since danced to it sat under a thousand stars to it made love while it played and still to this very day your beautiful song still brings tears to her eyes in fact now I have to turn the volume down because I don't want her to well up to much.

We first met when we were teenagers and fell in love but got separated by mistake We met up again after 42 years and now have found true love again living our lives just as we was as teenagers.

Many thanks to all the joy and soul you have brought back to the music industry and good luck with your new tour.

Respect from Russ,

Submitted by Victoria (not verified) on

Dear Ed,

I have a neighbor who is always calling for his cat. Every night, religiously, he'll call his cat by name. And every night i see that little black cat scurry across the street. And every night, there's a woman, who will walk by our house. And every night, these boys will ride their bikes to their homes near by. And every night i tell my brother to set a watch to it.

The universe always starts over when the sun rises, but i hardly think anythings changes.

When you play your music, i'm wiped out from the world. Your voice and guitar are all i hear. And i find peace among a world so chaotically sound.

Thank you.


Submitted by StevenJung (not verified) on

I don't know if this truly works but I have to try and pray. My wife and I have been married since 2012 and we have a beautiful 2 year old redheaded son. Until recently I found out she has felt disconnected and emotionally detached to our marriage. We renewed our vows June 27th 2015. I found out things have been feeling distant for her for a while but she's not good with talking about her emotions. I know I'm not perfect either and I should've noticed these things sooner. Right now in her mind we are separated and in mine she's still as beautiful and I'm more in love today then I was when we first met. I'm going to take her to Tinley Park and I am hoping you play Tenerife Sea and give Steven and Anna Jung a shout out or tell my wife you're playing this song for us because Tenerife Sea is our first dance song. I just over all want her to know with the biggest gesture I can by giving her more memories of the greatest things I can give her with the many more years to come. She loves me too she just lost her way and forgot how to be herself more then a mother or a wife. I pray this is heard. I love my wife more then anything in the world and I know this will help bring us closer together because this is one of the biggest romantic gestures we can give her.
Thank you

Submitted by Kaylyn Arabia (not verified) on

God I don't know if this is true because people do post things to get attention. But I don't think your Lieing. I hope to god with all me heart the this happens for you. You are so amazing I hope that everything works out for you and your family keep your head up. You or this. Times get hard but well I'm not going I tell you that it will get better because people say that to me all the time and I hate it because it never does get better. I wish for all good luck for you. ❤️

-Kaylyn Arabia

Submitted by Veronica Powell (not verified) on

Hey Ed I don't know if this actually works but I have to try, Your music has gotten me through a lot and ever time I listen to one of your songs I find a new part that I fall in love with. I've been playing guitar for six years now and I've been singing as long as I can remember, all I really do is sing covers (mostly of your songs) but I really want to write songs to bring my music to the next level. The songs I've written sound horrible, I just don't know how to get all of my emotions to pull into the chords. So I was just wondering if you could give me some advice? I don't even think this is real but you're my biggest inspiration so if you could give me advice that would be great.

Submitted by Kaylyn Arabia (not verified) on

Dear Ed
People usually write a lot. I have been trying to get in contact with you fore longest time over fb, Twitter, gmail, ou name it. You say people haven't noticed you till you got popular. I am 15 ad I have known you before you were famous. If you ask me, i don't really like the fact that you are a big hit now. Don't get me wrong, you are amazing and I think that You do such a good job. Now that you are such a big hit it is so hard to see you. You travel everywhere and places most people can't go. Your so far away when your on stage an we can't tell if ou are lip singing or not. When I went to the 2015 Mohegan sun concert that you had, my foster mom said that you were lip singing. I thought ou were good. I don't want to keep you long so I'll leave off hear. You are so amazing and don't let those haters get to you. I know you say you don't but words do hurt. Trust me I know. Well keep up the good work Ed
-Kaylyn Arabia

Submitted by k (not verified) on

no matter what's going on in our treasure life. Keep a smile on our face. Be happy and gentle. We must take very good care of ourselves. Fake and cruel things are none of our business. Love insides ourselves and always exists with our loved ones. We all stand by each other and stand by you and your family and friends you care. We are not alone. We have love and health and peace and happiness.
Let us pray and God will do the rest. We keep trying best and love people you care first and always. No loved ones left behind. And we can get the balance for everything. Family , friends, people love and support you are the ones make you warm and strong. Smile and love more!

Submitted by Julia (not verified) on

I went to Eds concert in Orlando on September 8th and I miss him so much. I never wanted to leave. In fact I refused to get up hoping he would come back out. I just got done watching the videos again that I took and it brought me to tears. I love Ed so much, and he's my favorite person in the world. Thank u for the great show Ed, and I love U!

Submitted by Gemma (not verified) on

lol ed is amazing love him xx

Submitted by Sharon (not verified) on

Love your music and your talent! Love your determination and success!! You showed that if you feel strongly you will succeed! Life was a journey where you ended up where you were meant to be!! You deserve it! May you continue to have a healthy, happy and successful life! I hope one day I will get a ticket to come see you live, if you tour the UK or Ireland! Xx

Submitted by Tiffany (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Ed Sheeran,

You probably get a billion emails; fan mail every single day. People saying how much they love you and how well you sing, and all that mushy, gushy stuff. You're probably going to just delete this, or skip over this, too, but if you are reading this, than that's good.

I am 99.99% sure that I am classified as a "Sheeran Fan" to everybody who knows me (even my teacher). But it is way more than just a fan (don't worry, it isn't lovy dovy or anything like that).

Your songs inspire me. You're my idol, or role model. I love the way you write your songs. Also, you know how people think that all pop stars are considered "stupid"? Well, I beg to differ, because I think that you are really smart and interesting, and really different, in a good way, of course.

I have a BILLION questions I would love to ask you, but I don't want to overwhelm you, for you have so many things going on in your life already, like the previous "X" tour you just had. I'm resisting the best I can.

I have no idea who you REALLY are, because I've never actually MET you. I'm not that lucky. I don't know if you're the funny, cool and nice guy I think you are, but if you are that, than I hope to be friends one day. I would actually CARE.

I always see so many comments (I don't know if this will please you or disgust you or not) like "OMG I LOVE ED HIS VOICE HIS SO GOOD OMG OMG OMG" and stuff like that, but me, I'm not in LOVE with you, not even close. I just really admire you, and your talent.

I'm going to stop kissing up to you right now. You're probably tired of it by now, that is, if you are reading this. I think that you're really creative; all your songs have good meanings. Parents and grown-ups usually don't like boy-girl love songs. I don't know if your songs are about boy-girl love or family love or just meanings, but ALL your songs are absolutely wonderful. NOT just one of them. EVERY single one of them are good.

I dream to meet you someday, which I know will NEVER happen. You probably don't want to waste your time on dumb fans like me.

This might seem unnecessary to say or stalkerish, but I am planning to read your autobiography. Your friend, Phillip Butah, is a REALLY good artist.

Am I too gushy? I think I am. Oops, sorry!

Well, you are most likely not even interested in what I am about to say, but besides you, I really like Harry Potter. I know you've met Rupert Grint, the actor of Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, but that is totally off topic.

To finally "wrap" this all up, I am just saying that when I heard you burst your eardrum by jumping off a yacht, I felt really bad, later on feeling happy because you were happy that you could actually get to finally rest and relax at home, and get off tour. I was also really upset that you "went off to the wild" or are planning to, but turns out that I understand, and hope for the best for you.

Also, I really like your tattoos. They're all so sweet!

A lot of people at school think I'm weird because I "like" you. "He's so ugly" they'd say, and "In the song 'Photograph', he sings so high-pitched! I didn't know boys or men could SING that high!" I don't care, though, of what them people say. I believe in you.

I know there are rumours, and that a lot of people think that you and Taylor (Swift) are a "thing", or going to date, but if you guys are just friends, I respect that; you are just friends.

Thanks so much for taking your time to read this letter.

Best luck and future to you,


Submitted by Ashleigh (not verified) on

Dear Ed Sheeran,
In all of your hippy love songs (I've only heard one but I'm assuming all), you mention souls. If you would care to elaborate what context these souls are, I would be incredibly appreciative.

Everyone but you hippy fans

Submitted by stacey mccormack (not verified) on

Hi.. My little brother Lewis is a big can of yours since my wedding 11th October my first dance being thinking out loud I too am a huge fan! My little brother was diagnosed with autism at 3 years old and goes to a special school were they do day to say activities cooking gardening ect and shopping he really enjoys school and learning new things but his best thing of all is to ring me as I finish work and make me sing down the phone to him ( I can't sing) lol anyways I was just hoping a big hope! That maybe i could contact you and get some kind of r econision from you... I.e a letter/signed CD ect anyting at all would be most appriated!!

I am currently trying to raise awarness of autism as my little brother was always labelled (naughty child) as a child and they wasent much out there there's alot out there at the moment however I'm fine raising for his school by selling ribons I make crafts for a living.. I am also looking at walking 110 miles with a few work colleeges to raise awarness I would walk a million miles for my little brother he is 15 on the 30th match! Thank you very much for listening and hopefully I'll get some kind of response xxx

Submitted by Michael (not verified) on

Hello my name is Michael,
My partner and I are getting married in August in Southern Ireland and we have chosen one of your songs to be our first dance. The song means a lot to us as a great memory from our first holiday together a couple of years ago. Listen I know we're all busy men and I don't expect anything from you, I'd imagine your constantly getting mail for appearances etc. If there was any chance of a gesture of the song for the bride on the day would really make her day even more.
Thank you for your time,

Submitted by Allie (not verified) on

My name is Allie and I am getting married July 1, 2017. My fiancé, Kyle, and I have found this song that we want to use for our first dance. We are in love with the lyrics, but unfortunately, we are not too fond of the artist’s voice. Both him and I agreed that it would be beyond perfect if it were sung by Ed Sheeran. We searched online just in case he had miraculously already done a cover and couldn’t find one.

I am not sure if it is even a “thing” for people to request famous artists to cover songs for them, but I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. We obviously don’t need it to be a shout out or dedication or anything of the sorts- we simply want to use the audio for our first dance.

• The song is called Never Stop (Wedding Version) by Safetysuit

We would be extremely grateful to receive the honor of him doing this and hope he will consider!

Submitted by kiandria (not verified) on

dear mr ed sheeran. wow ive never done this before not evern sure if this will get to you or not. but my birthday is coming up really soon. november the 15 to be exact. and my only birthday wish is to meet you in person. i really hope this gets to you. i would give you my contact info but im not really sure. but im from alabama though

Submitted by Sydney (not verified) on

Dear Ed.

I know you can't reply to this but I want you to know that I absolutely adore you. You have inspired me to start writing my own songs and I believe you have inspired so many others.
I went to your final concert you did at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand. It was the most amazing show I have ever been to and thought it was so so so amazing. One day I hope I meet you and will probably be very shy when I do but I want you to know now that, if I meet you, that I'm a major fan and

Submitted by Aibfine Carberrry (not verified) on

Hi Ed i know this is probably a long shot and that you probably wont get this but if so. could you please consider singing that my wedding for my 1st dance i know you probably get asked things like this all the time and to be honest i dont have thousands of pound to pay for you but it would be the cherry on top if you could. its in N.Ireland and not to 2019 so gives you plenty off time to move some stuff around
what i can promise you will have great craic. :*

Submitted by Nisha Richardson (not verified) on

Hi I have researched every way to get in touch with you even sending a wedding invitation. My husband to be and I would love, love, love for you to play at our wedding!! We are childhood sweethearts getting together at 15 and been together ever since now 23 :)
We both love your songs and have lots of fun singing to your songs full volume. Sunny Somerset has a cider waiting for you!!!! 14/04/2017

Submitted by L & D (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Sheeran,

My fiancé & I are getting married at the year and would love for you to make a appearance to your song "Perfect." We have been listening to all your albums from + X •/•...what's the next? - or ()? We loved your performance at he Hollywood bowl, and looking forward to your next performance at Staples Center. Wait...we couldn't get tickets, therefore we will be heading to LV to see you! You are one of the greatest artist out there!


Submitted by Roi Greenwalt (not verified) on

While we love your music my wife and I cannot see giving up other amenities to attend your show which is outrageously priced. I mean $150.00 ea. For the worst seats??? Frickin no way!!! Come on Ed, you need to fix this!!!!!!

Submitted by Hayli (not verified) on

I know you might not get this message but if you do please reply to me.
You have inspired me to want to be a singer/songwriter, but I need help writing the songs.
It would inspire me to talk to you and get help with my songs. I have not told very many people this but I have always wanted to be a singer/songwriter, I just haven't really pursued my dream until I found out about you. One of the first songs I heard was your "Lego House". I loved it so much I put it on repeat for a week, and that song was the ONLY song that I listened to. After a while I looked up the rest of your songs. I think I have maybe listened to half of them. I mostly listen to your songs. I listen to them when I am taking quizzes or tests for school (I am home schooled) and since I started listening to them I started getting better grades. I was getting C's and D's now I am getting A's and B's. I would absolutely love to be able to talk to you about songwriting. Like I said before, you are so inspiring and I think it would be awesome to get help from a professional singer/songwriter.

Submitted by Coral Witsey (not verified) on

My husband and I are renewing our vows on 6th June 2018 and we are gonna have our first dance to Perfect. We have been married for 15 year and through that time we have been plagued with tragedy and pain. We lost our beautiful son at aged 13 10 years ago and just when life was getting better Kevin was diagnosed with leukaemia. He has AML and if that wasn't enough, the chemo caused major damage to his nerves and has made him disabled. He is one of the strongest men I have ever met and together we get through these dark times. Kevin proposed to me on 29th February 2016 (again) when he was really sick. He wanted us to renew our love for each other with a wedding day for us and our family as we was married abroad and did it without our families. We want this day to be as special as possible to reaffirm our love for one another but to also to share that love with all our friends and family . We want it to be intimate and not a grand affair. We have found the perfect venue at Tudor barn in eltham Our strength together has got us through all the pain over the years and we are as strong today as we ever was. It would make our day to have you sing our song in person. I understand this would be impossible but my mum always said, if you don't ask you don't get so.... I'm asking. Thanks for reading this. coral. Xx

Submitted by Fiona Stevenson... (not verified) on

Dear Ed,
I have never ever sent any fan mail to anyone in my life ever, however you have recently become the most loved person in my house. While pregnant "shape of you" was released and I loved it and played it! My baby is now 4.5months old and is the happiest baby in the world... However on the very rare occasion that she gets upset (screams) the only (really) thing that calms her down is listening to your song... people who have witnessed the first 10 seconds of her absorbing the song and then smiling and calming down cannot believe it and have begged me to contact you! Firstly THANKS and secondly - how cool is it that a baby loves your song as much as I do!! You are a legend and really, thank you!!xxxx

Submitted by Jaya (not verified) on

Hey Ed,
My name is Jaya, I am currently 13 years old and I live with a sister with a severe disability called Retts Syndrome. Sometimes life is very hard and I struggle to cope but when I listen to your songs whether it is Lego house or even Photograph it always puts a smile to my face. So I just wanted to say thanks for helping me stay strong especially in the worst of times. So thank you so much, Ed, I don't think you know how much your music helps people out. And even though I haven't met you personally hearing your music is good enough for me so thank you so very much, Ed.
Jaya, Caloundra, QLD, Australia

Submitted by Sam Toll (not verified) on

Hi Ed! My name is Sam Toll and my sister Sarah is turning 16 in about a week and she is the BIGGEST fan of yours!! She is so sweet and the nicest person ever. I was wondering if there was any way you could send me a video of you just wishing her happy birthday? I totally understand if you cant but im suprising her with a birthday video and it would literally mean the world to her!!!! She is the most shy and quiet girl but is such a talented musician and writes amazing songs herself. She has always looked up to you and it would just mean so much for you to wish her a happy 16th!!! Thanks! 😊

Submitted by Joanne Brydon (not verified) on

I was so lucky to get a ticket to see you at St James Park on Friday the 8th of June, you were fantastic. Keep keeping it real!

Submitted by Dana (not verified) on

I would like to thank you for Supermarket Flowers. My 17year old son, Nathan will be singing it at his dad's funeral Tuesday with a few words changed. Brock battled metastatic kidney cancer for 8 years. Nathan was 9 when Brock was diagnosed. As the lyrics say, " you got to see the man that I have become, " Brock lunged long enough to see his children grow up. I will treasure this song forever. Thank you!

Submitted by Harish sharma (not verified) on

Hey, ed Sheeran sir I am harish from India I am one of most biggest fan of yours. from the bottom of my heart I want to meet you and I have a tremendous crave to be a singer like you if you read this so sir plz support me and if you wish I would love to meet you..

Submitted by Xo (not verified) on

Hi! We travel with my girl to London(from Finland) to your concert. Unfurtenately we been cheated and never get the tickets we buy😭but maybe some day we see you and!😊

Submitted by Phoebe Dennis (not verified) on

I have tried to write to you a couple of times but I have had no reply.
My name is Phoebe Dennis and I live in Banham, Norfolk only an hour from your home town of
I was wondering if you would consider coming to do a concert close by, I am 8 years old and my sister Lily who is 7 and my cousin George who is 7 would really love to see you in concert but are unable to travel long distances as you concerts seem so far for us to travel.

As I said I have written to you and would love a reply as to whether you are considering a concert maybe in Thetford Forest.

Thank you

Submitted by Karyn hardy (not verified) on

In January 2018 I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl Mercedes she was doing so well for the first 4 days then sadly at 7 days old she passed away I have had a lot of help from the east Anglia children hospice and I still receiving help from them finding it hard. But your song perfect was played at her funeral and now every time I hear your voice or that song I cry but your such an amazing singer and I just hop that I can come see you in concert soon. My dream would be to meet you and say thank you for making the perfect song to remind me of my baby girl. Your one amazing person. Thank you so much. Hope.you get to see this xxx

Submitted by Melony Juricka (not verified) on

Hi Ed, I just wanted to let you know that my daughter loves loves your songs! She is 2 years old and can sing "Perfect" from start to finish! She calls it "her song" As a newborn we would play
Photograph" for her and she would smile and calm down right away. She would ask me to play your songs over and over in the car whenever we get in and at night before bedtime she would want to listen to "her song". So thank you for making my baby happy and love music. If you ever do see this and you have the time to say hello to her that would be awesome! Her name is Emily and she would love to get a shout out! Thank you.

Submitted by Naomi (not verified) on

Hi Ed
Hope you are well.Thank you for great music.My son is a big fan 15 years old he is copying all your songs I had to fly to a different province to pick up a broken guitar from his grandmother because it looked like yours and now he has written 6 of his own songs (with no music lessons) and learned to play some chords by copying you . You must be his biggest inspiration. Thank you for that.Now I need to know how to get one of your guitars to us in South Africa signed by you for this boy who's fingers are bleeding already but he won't stop.I know that would mean the world to him.He wont sing in front of anybody other than his mom and dad (also only when we beg him to) I am hoping to build his confidence Keep up the good music.Regards Naomi

Submitted by Deana Held (not verified) on

I want to personally THANK YOU for writing this absolutely heartwarming song. The first day my daughter played it for me, i had goosebumps all over and my heart actually swelled. The day it was played at her wedding will be in my memory and our family forever. I cried and the guests teared up. To this day, which is since Brittanys wedding Oct 21, 2017, I cry when your song is played. Even plays on intercom at my medical building where I work, it plays daily and my coworkers laugh at me cuz I cry. THANK YOU FOR BLESSING OUR FAMILY WITH THIS AWESOME SONG FOR YEARS TO COME YOU WILL BE MENTIONED !!!! Good job !!!! You have an absolute angel voice. All new songs are the best too !!!! May your future stay bright ! Thanks for listening. Take care and stay well.

Submitted by Richard Mckenzie (not verified) on

After listening to the song “Dive”, I think a remix with Boyz to Men’s Michael McCary, shit would be awesome.

Submitted by Gaya (not verified) on

Dear Ed Sheeran,

I hope you are well, and I want to apologize in advance for this extremely unplanned, purpose-less, heart-consumed post. This is the only time I have done this, and likely to be the only time I ever do. I dedicate this to my love, my life, the reason I have become a fan of you and your artistry. Until last year October, I liked your music but I didn't feel it, I didn't live it. When I met my beautiful soul of a partner, I began to realize your songs were written to him from me. Correction: us. He is your biggest fan but he's too much of a humble guy to make a spectacle of it. I bought him tickets to this show as a surprise. 3 months into our relationship, in March, he was diagnosed with Leukemia, ALL. Our worlds were turned upside down. We've been living at the hospital since. He's gone through chemo, infections, tests after tests, poking, prodding and so much more, still he has loved me through it all. He's going to have a bone marrow transplant in another month. We're both 31, living our love story confined by the walls of this hospital room. Unregretful, found in each other's arms... HAPPY. Why I write here? Because I want you to know, that your songs have enveloped us, and helped us embrace each other to smile through our tears and say "we found love right where we are". I plan to bring him to this concert before his transplant, we have seats on the floor. I'm worried about his health condition (immune system, although right now he can be around people, he's not super strong) so we're still waiting for the Hemotology physician to issue an ok. I just want you to know that we hope to be there, I hope to give him this experience. I wish him to feel our love, surrounded by the magic and passion in your voice. To everyone else who had to read this, im so sorry to share such a private note. Like I said, I have never done this before, I've never contacted a celebrity in my life so I have no need for attention for it. But I just felt like I had to for him. I'm in no way ashamed to express my feelings for him and to thank Ed for his magic. Take care world. And thank you for your time.

Submitted by paul jones (not verified) on

Please Ed lets promote Esperanto as universal language to bring the world closer together.
Its only the young that that really want everybody to get along together.

Submitted by Russell (not verified) on

Hello Ed,
I have been going through a lot in my last 6 years. I am 32 and a recovering alcoholic. I recently had surgery on my neck. Looks like I will be going under the knife again soon. I was fired from my job because I can’t work right now. The only things keeping me away from the bottle are my amazing wife Kristin and music. I love to sing and write music and I actually purchased your Martin Ed Sheeran guitar yesterday (much to my wife’s dismay.). But I have decided to commit to music and really push myself. A ton of my decision has been due to your music and kindness. You are a great person and incredible artist.

Thanks for your time,


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My husband has only just discovered your song Thinking Out Loud (yes really!!) and although he thinks it admirable that you'll still be in love at 70, he says HE stills loves ME and he's 80. How about that?! ;)

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I want to thank you for performing in Israel. I recently received an email asking me to sign a petition asking you not to but I disagree with that stance so I’m adding my voice in support of what you’re doing. I will not go into a political diatribe here, but Israel is not remotely analogous to what South Africa was. You’re doing the right thing, and I say that as someone who actually is concerned with human rights.

Submitted by Sylvie (not verified) on

You melt my heart and take my breath away. I am sorry you had a hard time growing up, being called all sorts of names - you showed'em! Me... loud and proud and married to a beautiful red-haired man for over 3 years, with amazing children. (He is an ER surgeon and kidney transplant surgeon, who has climbed Everest) and our daughter is a
full on Ranga GP. My first living son has 3 degrees from Cambridge and the wee man, is almost albino (genes) and two degrees from KCL. Colour is no barrier. Keep showing them (we are not inferior or aliens!) xxxxx

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Hey I just wanted to let you know your music saved me on my deployment on the uss Nimitz. The days were so long and spending six months on a ship with no days off I had only I had your album and the Lord of the rings movies and I was set. Your album divide truly helped me get through the days.


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