Carrie Underwood

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Carrie Marie Underwood
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Before He Cheats, Jesus Take the Wheel

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Carrie Underwood was the winner of the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. Since that time, Underwood has become the biggest American Idol earner and has sold the fourth largest number of albums in the past decade. She's won six Grammy Awards, sixteen Billboard Music Awards, seven American Music Awards and ten Academy of Country Music Awards. Underwood is the only solo country artist to have a number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 charts from 2000-2010. Underwood has also broken her own Guinness Book record as female artist with the most number one songs on the Billboard charts since 1991. Her original record was ten. Now Underwood holds the record of twelve number ones.


Arista Records Nashville
1400 18th Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212-2809


Submitted by nicole (not verified) on

My daughter loves when I play how great thou art when its being sung by carrie underwood. Whenever she couldn't relax when I was pregnant with my daughter and even now at three months old when she hears it she calms right down and goes to sleep. She is being baptized Sunday April 19th at 10 am and I wish there was a way for carrie to come to the church in north providence Rhode island on 1 oakliegh have to sing this for my daughter aaliyah.

Submitted by Jeff Wilkinson (not verified) on

I just bought tickets for the June 9 show in Toronto. I love this song and so would like to see it on the playlist for that show. I'm a 63-year-old amateur singer, who has survived brain surgery. I sang in auditions leading up to Canada's Got Talent a few years back at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. I'm planning to sing this song in a fall benefit concert for the local food bank here in Kirkland Lake, Ont. But it would be a real treat to see the song done by Carrie. She performs it so well. Would you consider putting it on your play list for Toronto?

Submitted by THEODOROS SITZIRIS (not verified) on


Submitted by fan 05 (not verified) on

We are going to be at the Grand Ole opry the 24th and 25th and I would love for you to play temporary home for my wife. We will be there with our 3 little girls for our 7 year anniversary

Submitted by Izzie decker (not verified) on

Carrie underwood is my favorite person ever she inspires me to stand up for what I believe in and be a true hero if I could have one wish it would be to meet Carrie I'd give anything to meet her I love her and I hope she knows I'm her number 1 fan not just because she's famous but because she's an insparation to me and my life and sometimes when I play family with my friends my name is Carrie and my kids name is always Isaiah and what I hope is to grow up and be just like her I LOVE YOU CARRIE !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Submitted by makayla (not verified) on

i agree carrie is like a insparasion i could never hit high notes in good girl or jesus take the wheel i wanna meet her i am in special ed and she inspired me to do what i like and that some boys are not worth my time when i keep getting bullied so ya

Submitted by DeAnn (not verified) on

My dad passed in April. September 12th would have been their 61st anniversary. My mom had Carrie's song 'how great thou art' video at my dad's funeral...not a dry eye, but a beautiful song. It was my dad's favorite song. I'm taking my 82yo mom to the September 12th concert on her would have been anniversary. She misses my dad so very much. I was hoping that by some small miracle that Carrie would sing 'I'll See You Again' and give a shoutout to my mom, Connie. It would be such a beautiful moment for my mom.

Submitted by dustin erikson (not verified) on

Dear Carrie Underwood I listen to all of your songs the songs I listen to the most is blown away and a few others I also can relate to each song that you sing oh I think it is cool that u are from Oklahoma i am a person that has been dreaming of meating u in person. I am your biggest fan u and another country music singer ate the top coutry music artist i listen to

Submitted by Chandler (not verified) on

Chandler meeting one of her favorite new bands

Submitted by Jeffrey D (not verified) on

Good morning,

My name is Jeffrey Dacus and my wife is a huge fan of Ms. Carrie Underwood, subsequently I am as well (One Flesh One Body) My wife's name is Shannon and Feb. 17th 2016 will be her 40th bday and like many of us it is a milestone we struggle with. My wife is a very strong woman and spent many years as a single mom to 2 boys. We were married on 12-12-12 and she is my everything. I try my best to do for her before I do for myself because she deserves the BEST that life has to offer. Shannon is a GO GETTER and does not stop at achieving her goals, she is currently in school moving forward to achieve her Masters.

My GOAL, as her husband, is to make her 40th birthday one she will never forget. I have taken the first step at doing so by purchasing tickets to Carrie's 03/30/2016 concert here in Denver at the Pepsi Center. My question to you is... Is it possible to meet Carrie? Rather backstage, coffee at Starbucks, Breakfast at Tiffany's I really don't have a preference. LOL!! I just think my wife would be floored at the opportunity (perhaps speechless, which is difficult) of meeting Carrie. Of course I would look like a Knight in Shinning armor but the best part would be the never ending smile across my wife's face to go to the concert and also meet Carrie.

Anything you can do to help me with this DREAM of mine would be appreciated and if you need or would like a picture of my wife I will be sure to include one in our next interaction (my hopes of having a "next interaction") :-)

Submitted by Jerry Lamparski (not verified) on

Hi, my name is Jerry Lamparski and Im trying so hard to ask Carrie to please just give my friend that was diagnosed yesterday with stage 4 cancer a hello. Joe always refers to Carrie as his future wife. Lol. We all laugh. He has a great, loving family. Friends are by his side also. He lost his older brother 3 years ago to cancer. It seems like cancer will take his family out. Joe is 45, the most loving man I have ever met. Im not sure how much time he has left since this just happend. All I know is he adores Carrie. Im not sure what Im asking for. Maybe a fb wish to him from her. A phone call. I dont know.
He is at St. Johns Providence in Southfield, Mi
Hs name is Joseph Scott Zyzkowski. Please if you can please just give him a little light of hope. Thats all I ask. Thank you so much for your time. Jerry Lamparski

Submitted by Michelle Lucas (not verified) on

Hi my names michelle and i am 16 years old. I have been interested in music since i was very little. I still am interested and am trying to find a way to become a singer like you, but i dont know what to do. Do you have any advice for me?

Submitted by Jennifer Ferrari (not verified) on

Just want to say how uplifting a song this is in my life. Keeps me looking up and thanking God everyday and especially through the challenging days that arise. Beautiful song, thanks for recording it!!

Submitted by denise hughes (not verified) on

i don't known if you will even see this, but i had to try. i notices that you support peta and the humane society and yet you are a spokespeople for almay, who is owned by revlon, who still tests on animals. revlon tests where it is required by law. and since they sell to china, they are required to do animal testing. i would urge you to lend your name and reputation to companies that don't make a profit from lab animals. thank you for your time.

Submitted by Allison coats (not verified) on

Dear,Carrie underwood I have being a Fan for your for a while my favorite song from your music is Jesus take the wheel, Church bells, The girl you think I am, How great thou art, Temporary home, What I never new I always want and I heard that you won American idol back in 2005 and I heard you were in the soul surfer movie and the sound of music live and I heard that you I have a husband name mike fisher and a Son name Isaiah Michael fisher and I heard that you are hosting the ACM Awards and I heard that your birthday was Thursday you amazing person in the whole world and I heard that you are coming to the American idol have good day bye By Allison Coats

Submitted by Sammie chandler (not verified) on

I may not have all of your CDs or have been to all of your concerts but man do I wish I did. I am your biggest fan. I am a singer and I'm learning to play guitar. Everytime someone tells me I'm not good enough I listen to your songs or I watch your American idol video on YouTube. You make me believe I can actually become a singer. I wish icould meet you you are my role model.

Submitted by Emme Smith (not verified) on

Dear Carrie,
My name is Emme smith and I will be attending your concert on Thursday April 14th in Phoenix AZ. My birthday is on April 20th and I would love if you could call me up on stage or even just get to meet you after the concert. Please this my biggest dream ever so please give me this favor.

Submitted by Jered Hinzo (not verified) on

I'm going to the Carrie Underwood concert in Bakersfield on September 12th, I would like to know if Carrie could give me a chance to come on stage on one of her breaks to propose to my girlfriend who is a huge fan of Carrie, I love her music too, this would be her dream.

Submitted by olivia (not verified) on

hi carrie underwood I have a little sister named heather and she is a big fan. She has never met you and she would like to. we could take and she has never went to one of your conserts ever.

Submitted by Rebecca (not verified) on

We will be at your Columbia South Carolina show Saturday sept 24 with our 5 year old Delaney. All she wanted for her birthday was to see Carrie underwood in concert. Her favorite song is Church Bells. If there is any way she could be recognized during the show it would mean the world to her! Thanks!

Submitted by Lisa Higham (not verified) on

I have a daughter with special needs and health issues her wish is to meet you and you have a concert here in Utah tonight can you please grant her that wish I'm not sure how to get ahold of your manager

Submitted by John Esman. Jr (not verified) on

I heard there are people that are harassing you about your faith don't stop sending your Christian songs don't listen to people's negative thoughts God will bless you and many ways the first time I seen you on American Idol when you were being judged I told my wife she's going to be the American Idol this year I love your singing could listen to it 24 hours a day you have a beautiful voice that God has blessed you with someday I would hope that I would get to meet you and see your concert keep holding your faith may God bless you and be safe love your favorite fan

Submitted by Mitchell (not verified) on

You are my favorite singer! I really enjoy your music. Thanks for your music! God bless you, MM

Submitted by Linda (not verified) on

Please do not say you represent Jesus when the way you dress totally contradicts the life

Submitted by Patrick Dew (not verified) on

Ur amazingly beautiful 2 girls can't wait to see u hope ur coming to ct soon?

Submitted by Shelley (not verified) on

Carrie I want you to know I think you are a beautiful amazing performer and singer! i admire your big heart and your faith! But blaming Trump for this nuclear threat is ignorant!!! Please look at history and how long that country and it’s evil leaders have been preparing for this! i voted for both Bushes and they did nothing... Obama nor Clinton handled it either! Trump is the first president to take it on !!! Oh it would be easier to ignore and send him more money since we have tried that and he used our money to build up more weapons! Please please do not lower yourself to push your political opinion us give us an escape from the troubles of our every day lives w your amazing God given talent!! God bless you!!! Still a fan!

Submitted by Felix Campbell (not verified) on

East Texas along the Louisiana State Line and the Sabine River. There are nice secluded Wooded Lots for a get away home

Submitted by Ramon M. Depaula (not verified) on

hello Carrie underwood and this Ramon M. Depaula and I love your Music and your Voice and also my Birthday is on March 17 is next month and its coming up and I will turn 35 and I enjoy your music a lot and I have your Albums

Submitted by Jan (not verified) on

I have been writing a song that can be a number 1 hit. I am a senior, not a weirdo, just a down to earth grandma, so if interested, lets give it a whirl, I know if we put our heads together, it could really be a great one. Hope this gets to you, I really really think u would love this idea. Jan

Submitted by Ashlee Allegretto (not verified) on

Hello Carrie Underwood, I am from Australia, I'm 13 years old and I love you, you are my idol. I want to dance to your songs everytime they come on. I have every album, know every lyric, and even know what songs are on what album and what year there from. Just never Stop singing.

Submitted by Jessica Hood (not verified) on

Just wanted to say thank you and Mike for being great role models for my 3 girls. My oldest who is 7 soon to be 8, is a huge fan.
She even played hockey this year in hopes to see Mike Fisher. Lol. She is a huge PREDS fan and even bigger Carrie Underwood fan. From hearing you sing to life in general.
We are hoping to get tickets to your show next month here in Nashville. If they don't sell out of course, and become unmanageable to buy.
Congratulations on new baby. You will love having two. :)
Mckenlee my daughter says hello.

Submitted by Breeona Harris (not verified) on

Hi you have been such a inspiration. I love your new song Cry Pretty it is one of my favorites and helped me through a hard time,when my brother died I listened to this song over and over and it tough me that some times it’s ok to let go thank you so much.🤗

Submitted by Stacy jo (not verified) on

Congrats on the new addition to the family. For those who don't know the gender good luck with guessing. I love u Carrie

Submitted by Jerica (not verified) on

Please remake mama’s song interchanging he with she 🙏 would love to play this for both mothers of the brides

Submitted by Alissa (not verified) on

Carrie Underwood is my favorite singer of all time and I really wish I could meet her but I live in Florida and it just makes me so sad. I play softball just like she did and she inspires me to keep playing. And the song ''The Champion" gets me pumped up for practicing and going to play a tournament. I love you so much Carrie and your family is beautiful and I can't wait for the twins. Good luck with everything Carrie I believe in you.

From your favorite fan- Alissa😇😇😇

Submitted by The DURB (not verified) on

You are a beautiful woman, talented beyond belief, and a great representative of the people of the country. why do you still sing for the NFL as long as they take the knee. I thought you had more respect for the military, and what they have given. You even sang a song to a veterans mother on stage once. You sure do not need the money or more notariety. Take a seat please

Submitted by Brandon (not verified) on

Dear Carrie I was listening to the radio this morning and I heard how the last two years of your life have been very hard. I just wanted to let you know it will happen!! God sometime has a plan for us even though we don’t agree with the plan all the time, we have to put are faith in his hands. My wife and I have also had a rough couple of years. We have had two miscarriages and one still birth, the most recent a still birth, it would have been her first birthday this past Friday and it has not gotten any easier. There is still and will always be apart of my heart missing. I was very close to losing my faith, asking god everyday why did you let this happen, why for the third time have you crushed my heart? I even questioned myself as a person, do I deserve to be a father maybe I’m not meant to be a father, maybe this is God’s way of telling me I’m not meant to be a father. I told myself that’s crazy I am meant to be a father always wanted to be a father I will be a father, weather it’s my biological kid or not.
So my wife and I pray evernight asking god to bless us with a child we’ve still been trying for the last sixth months with no luck, it was not until the week of my one year since we lost our baby girl my wife started to not feel well come to find out we found out she was pregnant on exact day we lost our baby girl a year ago!!
So me and my wife are praying evernight for you and your husband. I’m sure you won’t even see this but if you do remember we are praying and thinking about you and your husband!

Submitted by Dawn Green (not verified) on

Carrie I was disturbed when I saw your CBS news about Miscarriages. I don't know if you've ever looked up the women history of miscarriages but I think you should.
Most women have 1-3 miscarriages in your life span that's average.
I had 5 miscarriages before my daughter and I had 4 miscarriages before my son.
I am blessed to have her children in my life and they weren't easy either. I had to do a lot just to have them.

Submitted by Danielle Haynes (not verified) on

Hello, Carrie,
My name is Danielle Haynes and I would just like for you to know that I am a really big fan of yours every since you won American idol I would also like for you to know that one of my biggest dream is to get to meet you in person.
With all of my love to you and your family,
Danielle Haynes

Submitted by Jay M (not verified) on

I'm a huge fan of yours. I like the Game on music video on Sunday Night Football.

Submitted by Emma (not verified) on

Hi, Im Emma
Im in 8th grade and I love your music. A lot. It so happens this year for school, im in colorguard, we are doing one of your songs "Something in the Water"
Its really amazing and we love our show so much. We are so happy that your song was the one picked. it really does have a deep meaning behind it.

Thanks, Emma

Submitted by Melinda Justice (not verified) on

My husband bought me tickets to your May 1st concert in Greensboro, NC. A year ago I was diagnosed with End-Stage Liver failure. I was a patient at Duke. They almost lost me a couple of times. I was non-communicative for two weeks. Things were VERY touch and go. Apparently I fought and eventually woke up. I give the credit to God. I had people praying ALL over the world since we are prior Air Force and have friends everywhere. My family as well! I know you hear all of the time that you and your songs mean things to all of us, but I have to tell you when I defied the doctors, went home in record time and they were completely confused! Again it was God. Shortly after going home and fighting daily to regain muscle, strength, etc. I stumbled upon your song Champion! I would play it on my phone constantly while I tried to build up endurance and strength. It was either that or "do or die..." You've ALWAYS been my favorite since American Idol. You truly have a gift and I'm grateful! Again, I know this will probably never get to you,, but here's hoping! Thank you for being you and maybe one of these days I'll have the opportunity to meet you personally. You helped in giving me back to my husband of 25 years, my girls, and so many others! I will always be a liver patient but right now the viable part of the Liver is functioning. Eventually I will need a transplant, but for now I'm grateful for EACH day! Thank you!! Good luck on your tour cant wait for the next one!

Sincerely and deeply grateful,
Melinda Justice

Submitted by harris (not verified) on

hey carrie i am your biggest fan i have been listening to your music for about 3 years now and i fell in love with in the minute i heard it i am going to your june 21 2019 concet in MN i hope i get to meet you somday and look in the balcony for a big sign

Submitted by Sad fan (not verified) on

Hi! I love your music and your message, but I was so disappointed in the concert in Vancouver last night. The sound over took the vocals in the first two acts and I was ready to leave before you got on stage. We had row 1 seats in the upper bowl and we were relocated to the lower bowl side stage 12 the row, behind the drummers, sound mixing stations and smoke machines. I expect that kind of sound from a thrasher concert not country. I go to concerts all the time and this is the first I had to put in ear plugs. You have a beautiful powerful voice and sometimes your quieter moments weren't even clear. I was so excited to see you live as I missed your last tour and I've been watching you from your win on American Idol. Alas, I will never go to another concert of yours again. I'm going to cher next week and I'm hoping for the best.

Submitted by Tia (not verified) on

Hi Carrie underwood
This is tia
How are you doing
I am a big fan
Thank you so much

Submitted by Ellen (not verified) on

Hello...I know Carrie Underwood likes her 360 stage, but when she is in an arena where people bought tickets in the front doesn’t work. Why? She is 8 feet in the air and they are basically below the sight line. That was terrible. When she did wander over to the other side, she spent a lot of time with her back to the people singing the other way. I saw many people give up and leave because they were only seeing her on the screen...can do that on You Tube. Might want to check out what the location looks like because it was disappointing and we would not buy tickets to er show again.

Submitted by Holly P. (not verified) on

Carrie, I attended your concert tonight and I am blown away at your performance. Every song of yours speaks to me. My husband just got back from a deployment yesterday and when I purchased these tickets I knew there was Chance it would be the same weekend he came home. And sure enough, it was. He knew that I was waiting for this day and understood I have been waiting for this day for quite some time. From everything I have been through, your music was there to help me through it. I can’t tell you enough how grateful am to have your music in my life. Music means a lot to me, being a former music major. I just want to say Thank you for all you do and for helping me get through tough times in life. Everyone has their own story and you helped me get through mine. I’m so proud to be apart of this amazing country we live in!!!

Submitted by Catherine (not verified) on

I know everyone says this but I, too, would love an opportunity to meet the person who co wrote Church Bells and Two Black Cadillacs and The Champion. Love those.
I first got introduced to Carrie's music when "Before He Cheats" came out. I was in the 7th grade and it was just awesome. My very first Carrie concert was the Cry Pretty Tour 360. I took a good friend of mine with me and as soon as I saw her pop up on the stage, my heart skipped like a thousand beats. I was in so much awe. Probably one of my favorite role models alongside Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Carrie has the type of voice that when everyone hears it, the rooms goes quiet and it's just her and the spotlight. It's pure magic. Again, I'd love to meet her somehow, and I can't wait to see what else she has planned in the near future.

Submitted by Carrie (not verified) on

Carrie if you're actually reading this, please please please consider adding another performance in 2020. I can not afford to drive all the way to Wildwood, NJ, and especially not California to see your concert on the beach.I really want to use up my saving to do it, but I just can't. Please think about maybe having a concert on Block island or Newport beach. Honestly anywhere close to Connecticut would be awesome!! Love you Carrie, You're the best!!!!

Submitted by kandle pasquith (not verified) on

Hello Mrs.Carrie Underwood, My name is Kandle Pasquith. I am in the 9th grade at Lake Hamilton Jr High in Hot Springs AR. I have been a fan since I was 4. The first song of your's that I heard was Blown away and I was Blown away! -sorry bad pun- When I heard your song before he cheats I got the strength to break up with my boyfriend when I found out that he was cheating on me. I love your new song The Bullet because my uncle died in the war. I love Cry Pretty!!! Every time I hear it I always turn up my phone or radio and sing along. Your song The Champion is the song that changed my life the most -beside you- when I heard that song I knew that I could follow my dreams and that is when I started singing and writing my own songs. I went and saw you at the Little Rock Verizon Arena when you were on your Cry Pretty tour. You are so gorgeous and talented. Oh by the way Congratulations on your new baby boy. Thank you so much for all that you have done and keeping on writing you are the greatest singer in the world. I hope that one day I can meet you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to read this.


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