Birth Name: 
Beyoncé Giselle Knowles
R&B, pop
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Member of Destiny's Child
"Crazy in Love"
"Single Ladies"
Married to Jay-Z

Short bio: 

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, known mononymously as Beyoncé, is a singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she enrolled in performing arts schools and performed in singing and dancing competitions as a child before becoming the lead singer of Destiny's Child, one of the world's best-selling girl groups of all time, in the 1990s.

During the group's hiatus, Knowles released her debut solo album Dangerously in Love (2003), which became one most successful albums of the year and earned her five Grammy Awards. It spawned Billboard Hot 100 number one singles "Crazy in Love" and "Baby Boy". Following the disbandment of Destiny's Child in 2005, Knowles's second album B'Day (2006) contained the top five singles "Déjà Vu", "Irreplaceable", and "Beautiful Liar". Her third album I Am... Sasha Fierce (2008) spawned hits "If I Were a Boy", "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)", "Halo", and "Sweet Dreams". The album helped Knowles earn six Grammys in 2010, breaking the record for most Grammy Awards won by a female artist in one night. Her fourth album 4 (2011) became her fourth consecutive number one album on the Billboard 200.

Knowles' work has earned her numerous awards and accolades, including 17 Grammy Awards, 12 MTV Video Music Awards, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (as part of Destiny's Child). As a solo artist, Knowles has sold over 13 million albums in the United States and over 118 million records worldwide, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. In 2009, Billboard named her the Top Female Artist and Top Radio Songs Artist of the 2000s decade, and ranked her as the fourth Artist of the Decade. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) also recognized Knowles as the Top Certified Artist of the 2000s. Following year, Knowles was ranked first on Forbes list of the "100 Most Powerful and Influential Musicians in the World". She also appeared on VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Artists of All Time", and was ranked third on their "100 Greatest Women in Music" list in 2012.

In April 2008, Knowles married rapper Jay-Z. She gave birth to their first child, Blue Ivy Carter, in January 2012.


Beyonce Knowles
1412 Broadway
Floor 24
New York, NY 10018-9235


Submitted by Malaysia Carpenter (not verified) on

beyonce i even own every song you ever made i am currently writing a song i hope to send it to u when im finished

Submitted by jordan (not verified) on

I love you beyonce

Submitted by BEYONC'E BOOTLE (not verified) on

Hi ther if your reading this right know u should know i was trying to write this about 7 time's and that my name is not a fake it's really beyonc'e bootle and thats like only one of the reasons i like your music and i love how people always say your so reaspectfull and because i feel were just alike i can sing to not as good as you but i try me and my mom are from the bahamas but we live in canada i hope u can come i would love to meet u xoxo beyonce .oh by the way if you come here i go to school at parkdale secondary school

Submitted by Kiyonta'e Barrett (not verified) on

Hi my name is kiyontae and i go to Sugar Creek Charter School and i wanted to see if u can pop up at our school on ("Wednesday ,March 4 for the middle school awards at 8:30 sharp"). please come i will love to see yiur face there as mush as any other person whould im beging u. (The children will be so happy and spiritual please).From your fan, Kiyonta'e P.S. PLEASE COME !!!!!

Submitted by Destine Amos (not verified) on

Hey love to sing we tryed to post many videos to go viral but my dream is to finish school and meet famous people I want to meet you I'm not a crazy fan I will stay normal all I want is to let people here me out every time I try they laugh make fun of me but I want to show I don't care about laughter I just want people to here me out that's all I ask please and some one don't get this note I'm heart broken @Beyounce Knowles carter

Submitted by Beyonce (not verified) on

Hey it's Beyonce you are so sweet keep up with the good work

Submitted by Zefanias (not verified) on

I B we are a couple of a medical doctors in Mozambique, we admire your marriage and you we just got married and we pray that our marriage can be as happy as your is, because as you we are both in the same career... I am and orthopedic Surgeon and my wife is an urology residen

Submitted by Dee (not verified) on

You have millions following you especially young girls and I think you provocative songs these days. You wearing a g- string outfit showing off you ass is not what I want my daughters following! I am sure your parents are proud of what you are turning out to be. Getting married should never have changed you and if it did you should think about it because your maker isn't proud.

Submitted by Someone (not verified) on

Beyoncé is a 34 year old women who had many people looking up to her. Young, old, middle aged. If she wants to show off her ass then she can. You're telling Beyoncé to cover up her body because you don't want YOUR daughter to follow. Your the mom, if you have an issue, tell your daughter thats not the way she should dress not another grown woman. Beyoncé isn't beautiful, but she has a amazing personality, a humble one. If anything, that's what your daughter should be following, not her dress code. And of course she's changed! She's friggin married, with a child. If you don't change after that then I'm concerned for you..and then to say the Lord isn't proud of her? I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were in the A-B relationship of Beyoncé and God. I didn't know you could speak for the Lord. Did he tell you personally? Beyoncé got married and now has a baby. I don't know too many people where marriage and baby fall right after each other. If anything, she's doing just fine. Just stay in your lane and care for your family, because Beyoncé sure is

Submitted by resentment on

To think the saying show me a beautiful woman and I'll show u a man thats tired of f*#!ing her really is true. Beyonce is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the world and yet she's facing the same issues in her relationship that everyday people face.. Its sad to think no matter how beautiful a woman is she's always trying to be "the kinda girl you like" beautiful women desperately seeking the approval of the man they love. Yet the same thoughts will haunt a woman betrayed. Am I good enough pretty enough thin enough fun enough. Its so sad that even with all the money power fame and beauty, men and women are still the same.. Always questioning themselves. Women question their worth, while men are questioning themselves for the woman they chose.

Submitted by grizly (not verified) on

Please check your conceited ego. Being so smug is a terrible look for you. You used to be humble and approachable which was nice. Now you look jaded and bitter. Your shit does stink.

Submitted by common sense (not verified) on

love this comment!! how in the world can a no talent like her & the rest of those clowns become so RICH & FAMOUS IS beyond human.

Submitted by Someone (not verified) on

don't let the C in Confidence and Conceited confuse you. There is a difference. She still is humble. Just because she has money doesn't make her an asshole. But you see what you wanna see

Submitted by Aimee nevill (not verified) on

beyonce I'm one of your biggest fans in Australia and I have recently sent you a wedding invitation for my wedding this October now I hear your coming to Australia soon so I hope you can make it to my wedding!!

Submitted by Akuol (not verified) on

Hello my name is akuol my cousin Brithday is on September 1 I would love if you could send her birthday wishes she has helped me through a lot and she is the type of person who smile and lights up the whole place she is a very positive person she cares for others more than herself so I please request this of you to make her wish come true she just adores you her Facebook name is
(Adut Maria Atak) sincerely her cousin akuol.

Submitted by gina c (not verified) on

I don't really like you

Submitted by Averella Mcclean (not verified) on

Beyonce is my inspiration my role model my life is not easy but when I am angry or sad I have her music to put joy in me when I grow up I want to be just like her

Submitted by Averella Mcclean (not verified) on

Beyonce is my inspiration my role model my life is not easy but when I am angry or sad I have her music to put joy in me when I grow up I want to be just like her

Submitted by Aaron Smith (not verified) on

I 1st knew & grew-up w/ ThaGreat #1 Rap-Artist JZ. Now here comes #2 of All-Time MJ#1. & #1 Living Entertainer @ this time, hard to believe someone could take her place. Who knows, maybe Lil.JB. I wouldn't count her out.!
You (3) Belong together. I've seen Mr.JZ grow up, and I have seen Change in him for the Better, since Mrs.JB come into Picture. You Guys can be ThaBest Family Entertainers of All Time, Living and Forever.! Everyone I know Can-Not Talk-S--- about you in front of Me without Explanation/Battle.! We Record All you are in. I won't miss Anything. Love You. Plz don't let this Nasty/Racist/America Bring you down or get between you. Plz be Different than other Entertainers. Die you'll Stupidly or Leave each other because of the Business. Make Great History Together/Forever.! You Can Do It.
One Day I Hope & Pray to meet you Great People. You Appear to be So-Real. @ The MTV-Awards, it was So Beautiful seeing you (3) on Stage.! Very Moving. Fell In-Love w/ you All-Over-Again.
Again... Plz Stay Together. We The Good/Great America & World Love and Adore
The 1st Family of HipHop/Rap, R&B, Pop & Entertainment. God Plz Continue to Bless The Carter Family

Love You/Peace

Aaron Smith
3015 Willie Mays Pkwy
Orl. Fl. 32811

Submitted by Erika (not verified) on

Beyonce, it’s been a long time coming but I finally took the time alone late last night to watch “Life is But a Dream”! All I can say in one word is “Wow” how inspiring this was to me. My heart is beating fast right now given that I am actually putting this on paper. Your documentary really allowed me to take a look at myself as a Woman and what’s really inside. At the end of the day the importance of actually being happy rather than just saying you're happy and living life to the fullest is something that is so special and important that every Woman should experience. Unfortunately not always the case for me I am guilty of that. No I‘m not a superstar that everyone loves and wants to see but in my world I am expected to a superstar juggling a demanding career without making any mistakes, rushed on a daily basis which results in exhaustion, and performing as the positive mother for my two (2) girls at all times no matter the circumstances raising them to be strong and independent women. I always knew how much my daughter, Tori, loved you right from the start with Destiny’s Child to this very moment and I can honestly see why. You are correct in saying that people think that when you're famous and have everything that life is perfect but that’s not always the case. Sometimes we strive to be the best everyday but still may have a missing part within. Unfortunately, that has been me at times but know I can admit that. Of course I blast “Partition” and “Flawless” in my car everyday on my way to work and the ghrelin is pumping as fast as the bass but when I pull up to the building it’s time to turn it off and turn myself into what I call “corporate Erika”. After watching your documentary and seeing you on stage so beautiful and fearless and then off the stage (still beautiful) so relaxed and being yourself, it’s really forced me to take a look at me and know that I so much want to express myself too. I guess what I am saying is that it is time for me to bring out the Erika that makes me feel good inside and not always feel that I have to hide it from corporate America given that I am totally expected to look and act a certain way. I am ready to come out of my shell and finally be happy for me. After seeing you “Beyonce” open up to the world and share your most intimate experiences, success and even loss, I believe that I too can begin expressing the real woman that I am inside and not to always worry about what people think of me.

I am so very proud to tell you that you are my daughter’s biggest idol other than me of course LOL. Although Tori was only 5 when she first heard me listening to Destiny’s Child “No No No”, she saw how happy it made me feel dancing around the room, singing and then smiling at her. I see exactly what it is about “Beyonce” that she loves so much. Your music always brought out the best in me and she saw this from a young age. Therefore, growing up with your music from middle school to high school and now to college, has helped shape her into the confident and fearless woman you inspire girls to be. Today, she is in college and has strived to become that strong young Woman you often sing about. She still truly loves and listens to your music more than ever each day as much so that her favorite T-shirt says “I woke up like dis”. Actually, people may think I am strange but I do not care because when I get off that highway, pull up to campus and see her coming towards me I turn up flawless as loud as I can and she and I immediately connect and sing together which makes for a memorable experience and visit. You have not only made a difference in my daughter’s life inspiring her to be fearless and flawless but you have also inspired a mother as well. Who would have thought that a 33 year old beautiful Superstar of a Woman would have so much positive influence and inspire “Me” a 44 year old woman. I just wanted to say that things happen for a reason and there was a reason why I watch “Life is But a Dream” last night late and alone as it has changed something in me and was a long time coming. It was important for me to put these words on paper and express how I truly feel about you “Beyonce” being a great influence in my daughter’s life and mine! Thank you for truly inspiring me to be a strong and passionate Woman! Erika Howard (

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Can you read the poem "homage to my hips" by Lucille Clifton and put it up on YouTube. My English teacher said everyone will get an A id we get you too recite this poem.

Submitted by Nadira (not verified) on

Hello Queen,

I know you have thousands of mail but please listen.

I've looked up to you since a little girl. Destiny's child days you were my inspiraion, the one that looked like me and acted just like me. We are both shy, "good girls", inquisitive, nurturing perfectionist ----- we're both Virgo's haha what a shocker.

You are an amazing performer but the reason I love you is because you are a masterpiece of beauty both outwardly and inward.

I've been bottling up my emotions for a while with the alleged rumors. I was afraid I would burst out in tears. I've listened to you for years and suddenly found myself unable to listen to any of your songs, buy your album or support anything associated with Jay Z. I cried when I found out about the Jay- Z infidelity and have been inwardly crying ever since.

I cringed whenever I heard someone mention his name and kept running until just recent. The pain starting bleeding through when I heard "Heaven" in a store one day and I immediately knew you were singing in honor of your lost child and intuitively knew you were hurting. I tried to brush it off. I didn't want to go there. But I started singing the song to myself and felt at home because I always sing your songs. I started humming it over and over and started singing some of my favorite records. had to address the pain. You being with Jay - Z hurts me. Everytime I think about it I cry because you are worth the treasures of the world. You are an angel of the midnight sky. You are a Queen. A sun so captivating you'd burn yourself just to get closer to its warmth. I look at Jay - Z and my heart throbs. He is the father of your beautiful girl but don't let that be what's imprisoning you. I do not know the man personally but I know his type -- the charming smooth talker that ensues hilarity, brightens your smile, and makes you feel so special. He shows you he loves you through all his efforts. You are the wife that's all that matters. He tells you he's changed and more famously says he's changing. He bring you gifts, shows you affection and makes you feel like a billion in spirit when he's around. I know him. I've loved a man of his pedigree. Beyoncé I love you and I only want the best for you and that's why it makes me so emotional. Ask yourself this. Does he deserve your precious love when he breaks your heart so easily? Is he a man of God that values your worth? When does the lying and betrayal end? When does he stop embarrassing you and taking your love for granted? I don't know the answers to these questions but they are questions I've asked myself and when I answered them honestly without my defenses and disregarding my familiarity with the person I was able to walk away. It took tremendous courage, will power and strength to leave the familiar and jump back i

Submitted by Kirsten (not verified) on

Hello Beyonce
I would love meeting you!
I know that my comment doesn't mean much to you because lots of people texted you this but it would really mean a lot to me if you could at least answer this comment and maybe we could meet.

Submitted by Marren (not verified) on

I would also love to meet you more on a one on one. Please respond to email sent from today. Thank You...

Submitted by Nana Jackon (not verified) on

Dear Beyoncé I would love to go to one of your concerts but your never in my state tomorrow is my birthday May 7th and I would really like to see you perform one day my entire family grew up with you I was seven singing your song "party' and now almost 14 yrs old singing the same song .never been to a concert before haven't seen anyone famous only on t.v. though but hope you get this and hope I'll meet you one day

Submitted by christine (not verified) on

She is working for the devil,and she and jz want you to go down the path of hell.just look it up,search for beyonce and the illuminati

Submitted by Lauriel (not verified) on

If you don't have anything positive to say then keep that shit to yourself.! Stop feeding your flesh with all this negativity... AW Hey B girl love you x.o 💋

Submitted by Barbara (not verified) on

I have not heard it but my daughter (who is deeply hued complexion) says that there is a line in one of your songs that talks about being "hi-yellow" or something. As a successful African American female, this is not a message that you should promote. We are already divided by color differences in our society and for them to continue being exploited in 2014 is disgusting. Now, I don't expect any better from little Wayne, but several months ago, I saw where a long lady who wrote a blog about being dark and beautiful committed suicide.

Submitted by Cory on

I don't know of any Beyonce lyrics where she uses "high yellow," but in Jay-Z's "Off That," he does refer to her as his "high-yellow broad" and a symbol of his success. The beef should probably be with him for stating that having a light skinned woman is preferred.

Submitted by Godly family (not verified) on

You are such a voice...God has made you to Pierce out the darkness with your voice I pray that no wepon formed against you will prosper and you will come into Kingdom Alignement in Jesus Name..I pray that you will awaken and Shout for The Lord like Never before..I pray for spiritual BREAKTHROUGH. you sister..He misses you he says....

Submitted by Charlea (not verified) on

Beyonce your my inspiration and the world best singer!!You so beautifully talented and one day I wish to be like you.Your songs inspire me so much I know every single word to each and everyone song!My life long dream is to come to one of your tours and hear you live!!I love you so much xxx

Submitted by Raun. (not verified) on

Hi Beyonce,

My name is Raun and I'm here, hoping to get your assistance to surprise my sister on her special day. She is one of your million fans. Her room is filled with you. During her school years, she danced only to your songs in every competition she participated. She still, today, sounds the whole house with your music from her room. Her name is Rashmi, but she was known as Rashonce during her high school years. She's getting married on December 15, 2014. If it's not too much to ask, I would very much appreciate if you could send me a short video before the 15th, saying a few lines for her, so she can be absolutely surprised. Thank you :)

My email is

Submitted by Tiara nicole Ma... (not verified) on

I love her! Only if I can get a chance to meet her I been trying everything to meet her .. no luck at all .

Submitted by Simon.charleboi... (not verified) on


Try to do an christmas album thats sounds like '' learn to be lonely'' :-P You have a a very nice voice

All yours

Simon C.

Submitted by Ben Lambert (not verified) on

My name is Ben Lambert and i am from New Zealand. I am not sure if you ever read these things but i thought i would try and reach out to you.
I have a beautiful fiance who absolutely adores and idolizes you.
She is a mother to our two girls she is 26 and has lived her life so far for her girls and for our family.
I am writing because i am struggling to find a christmas present for her and i was hoping that you might send her some sort of merry christmas message or a signature or pretty much anything from you would be the most amazing thing that she could hope for.
She loves to play your music loud in our house and the girls (who are 7 and 4) get right into it they dance around and I love it because i know that its creating memories my girls will have till they die.
Thank you for all the inspiring messages you send out and for being the positive role-model that you are to girls young and old.
If you do read this and want to say something nice to my partner i would be forever grateful
my email is and my partners name is Jessica Simeon.

Thank you again and merry christmas.
P.S im 26 now and have been the biggest Jay-z fan for as long as i can remember (not relevant but thought id just add that.)

Submitted by AntoneshaWiley (not verified) on

Hi Beyonce My Name is Antonesha Wiley I'm 14 years old and i was boring here in New Jeresy,Jeresy City I live Here in the ATL....i REALLY LOVE TO SING AND DANCE......uhmm iam 5'3 i weight 134 pounds uhmmmm i have been dancing everysince i was 5 years old uhmm i have 1 sister and 3 brothers uhmmm i have a wonderful Mother love her uhmm my mother is from Brookleyn,New york and so is my sister and my 3 brothers are from chicago i know kinda crazy.....uhmmm i love to turn up and have fun and i have this big dream of meeting YOU....... LIKE OMG YASSS uhmm i have a big dream of becoming a celebrity a big one like U,i can look up to u as a great person a confident person and real woman i have dreams and thoughts about my future and how its going to be and it turns out great i just always pray to god that it well come true and i hope so one day u know uhmm i have alot going on but i pray that god would make it better and i know it well because i believe in him trust and only believe uhmm i have alot of problems in school but ima growing as in a teen to now how to walk away from it and learn from it UHMMM i cant really think of anything else personal to say but hopefully u will read this personal fan message really important i love you and god bless you
LOVE YOU POOH BYEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Thato ncube (not verified) on

Dear Beyonce,
you are the best musician. You are so talented i have loved your music for as long as i can remember. Please inform when you come to South Africa one day: @thatoncube4 (twitter)

Submitted by Lakisha (not verified) on

Beyonce you is soo freaking beautiful i hope i meet you one day bro forreal i love u one love forreal you and nicki minaj look really cute together

Submitted by snoodie (not verified) on

hi this is snoodie i am a girl i am 9 years old and i love your songs movies and every thing you do. i want to now how to become famous and a singer.

Submitted by nikole (not verified) on

beyonce i love u so much i been im love with u since i waz 8yrs old u are so gourges, the most prettiest woman im earth. And OMG u have the most beautiful eyes

Submitted by Cinderella Huns... (not verified) on

Hi Beyoncé, my name is Cinderella Hunsley Gabriel, I have always wanted to write to you but did not know where to start or just think you not going to get my messages anyway, so I just gave up before I even started. I guess that was the biggest mistake I made for the past 10 years, now I'm 20 and I have finally got the courage to do so. When I first saw you on TV, I was ten years old, l thought to myself " damn! This is the older version of me ". When I was asked to dance at school, I would do the " booty hop " of crazy in love. I had a friend that was also crazy about you, we would do it together, and when people asked what is this dance we always do, we'd just say it's a friendship dance. But most of the girls at school would think that we are doing it for boys, and showing off our ass. When my mom past away that year, I started to retreat into my own shell, had low self esteem but I wouldn't show it because I had to prove that I was stronger and put on a facade to be fine. I would perform at school, dance, sometimes sing ( when I still thought I could ). My friend started to drift away from me, I told myself maybe I'm different because I don't have a mother or maybe I bore her because I have gone quiet. At home I watched your videos over and over again, at that time I was watching Destiny's Child. Call the two girls that were my friends and act like we were the members of Destiny's Child. I was a happy child, but always thought if my mother was around my life would have been better. My dad realised that I was not ok, and saw that I missed my mother every day then he was more like a mother to my sister and I than a father. I started sharing my feelings with " you " in your songs and dance by myself, sing. The girls would come and dance with me " Kelly and Michelle " but it wasn't the same for me, there was no Destiny's Children anymore, that's what I called our group. This carried on for years, being alone with your songs and videos, people called me Beyoncé, some would love and some would hate. Then it was like even my own name was not true, what parents would name their child Cinderella, but that made me love my name more than ever, just to show them that I don't care and valued the reason ffor it. Last year I saw the movie " What's love got to do with it " where Angela Basset acts as Tina Turner, again, I saw myself doing the same,but about you. Or someone else, to act as you about your life. I love your music, your strength as a woman, your courage, I could go on the whole day to describe the phenomenal person that you are. I have watched your concerts over and over and now I would like to see you perform live, where I will be in the front row, I will make sure of that. I have all your CDs and DVDs of all albums (not piracy don't worry), and now I NEED to see you in person, I even have a line to say when I see you " Is there a mirror in here, cause I sure do see myself in you" . Well, my life is different now, went a bit fast but I love it, I'm married, got two baby boys and I'm studying to be a teacher. My dad died in August this year when I was 9 months pregnant with my second angel, I gave birth a week after he passed away and I almost did not attend the funeral. I discharged myself because the doctor didn't think I was stable enough to go because I had a C - section, I didn't care about that I wanted to bury my father. He also knew how much I loved you, he used to buy your music for me, from the actual CD,Deluxe, concert until he shouted at me that I'm wasting his money and buying the same thing. He didn't understand but at the end he did. I know it's not too late to meet the older version of me, my role model after my mom died and I believe God will find a way ,if not then I will always carry the love in my heart because it's His will, whatever happens He knows why. I just want to congratulate you for everything that you have achieved in your life.Even my eldest son calls you the other mommy or just mommy, and I didn't tell him to do so. And that for me is such a special thing when he says that. Thank you for reading this message when you do or if you do. Lots of love, Cinderella Cindy-bee Hunsley Gabriel.

Submitted by MIMI (not verified) on

hey beyonce i know my comment or anyones wont change anythin but i wanna let u know that i have never seen any artist who has the perfection you present like never ever.the full control u have over yourself is of noones capability.just guard what God has gave u through prayers so that u can be perfect here on earth and after.i admire u so much that i cant even say in words not cz of the bits u have in ur awesome music or the steps u follow when u dance but the passion u have when doin them.GOD BLESS

Submitted by Cinderella Huns... (not verified) on

Well i have never wrote to a celebrity before or written in these fan mails. Just wanted to share my experiences and know what it feels like to know that your favourite artist read your message, that's if ie. I'm from South Africa in a City called Durban, I know you came here before to meet Mr Nelson Mandela. We wish you could come and perform, there are a lot of people who love your music and idolise you in this country. I just want to pass on my condolences to you about your late friend, your dancer. She was a very talented girl, but it was time, God needed her back. The song you wrote for her was deeply touching, if I could I would have sang it in my dad's funeral. People come and go in our lives, some in death and some go because of conflict or just drift away, but with all that it makes us stronger, it makes us understand all types of people in life, sometimes to makes us not make the same mistake by being with the same type of people. That's life, we grow, we learn from every experience, even from good experiences. Better ti stick with those who are assets to us rather than liabilities, who give us positivity, laughter, joy and happiness. Not everyone will like you in this world but at the end of the day it's not about them it's about yourself, doing yourself. There is still hope for this world and for the society, to change and only for the better. Beyoncé, keep inspiring, I love you and all the best for more years to come in your career. Love Cinderella, Cindy-bee Hunsley Gabriel.

Submitted by Cpl. Lorenzo D ... (not verified) on

Let me start out by saying your songs have been apart of my life forever! Thank you.
I am commenting a unlikely request of you and will understand if you don't respond, get this message, or fulfill it. I have a wedding on the19th of July and it would make my day if you could sing one song for our first dance. We never had the money to make it to your concerts (or anyone elses concerts for that matter) and it would be a dream come true if you donated your time to this special day. You are an amazing person, We love your music, and I hope you can find it in your heart, favor, and time schedule to oblige my humble request. Thank you for your time and attention.
Cpl. Lorenzo D McCoy

P.s. If you have a positive, negative, or neutral response, please contact me at

P.P.S. She doesn't know

Submitted by Amogelang Kekana (not verified) on

Hey.... My name is Amogelang but my friends call me Sasha well because #Beyonce! I started loving Beyonce in 2003 and I was doing grade 3! I loved the Crazy In Love soo much that I even practiced the moves and even received an award at school for dancing! The whole exposure gave me confidence that I should love myself because I felt insecure about myself and sexuality. Since that I've become a tremendous fan of Beyonce, I have almost all her songs in my phone. I'd do anything for her and just by listening to her songs I feel overwhelmed! I still love you Queen Bey! U should come to South Africa and experience the honey that you'll get from all your Bee Hive!! I Love U deep my dear! May the one above continue showering your amazing soul with tremendous blessings and continue to nature u and your family.

All Love
Amogelang AmoYONCE Sasha Kekana! :)

Submitted by Joseph Alston (not verified) on

I hate to leave comment here because I'm sure no one will read it or get it. However, I will make an attempt. Mrs Knowles/Carter or Beyoncé, I'm not sure what you really go by these days, I wanted to propose a remake of a song, which I think would be a instant hit if you remake it.

When I hear this song "Think" by Lyn Collins, I instantly think of you and your voice. I believe this is a song the caters to your voice and everything you stand for. I think the music industry can use a little old school R & B with a little funk to really set things up. I want you to listen to this song, particularly the break and I dare you to tell me I'm wrong.

I think your work is terrific and I would enjoy it, if you remake this song. If you listen to this and agree with me, send me an email at I don't know how to use studio equipment but I really have a nose for great music. Congrats on all your awards and successes. You have done a wonderful job. Also, forgive me for being a bit vulgar, but FUCK MIKE HUCKABEE. Have a great day.

P.S. Tell Jay, I'm waiting for another instant classic.

Best Regards,
Joseph Alston

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Hi Beyonce i'm a your fan from Turkey and my girlfriend too.She loves you too much and i'm gonna surprise for her birthday. I want u to help me about this.I'm gonna prepare a video for her and i want u to say something in this video . This make both me and her very very happy . Please help me. My Girlfriend's name is Yasemin. If you do this i'm gonna steal your life for a about 20 or 30 seconds but it makes me happy forever.Thanks already.

Submitted by Mike Downunder (not verified) on

I know that If I were a boy had a lot of controversy at the time of its release but honestly I love the song. To keep this short I identify myself so much in this song. Especially when sung about how when your love is gone and you know how much you love her. I guess the girl in my life has gone.. How it feels to love the girl and listened to her to know how it hurts.. I know the for granted bit as well. But I don't turn off the phone we love so much it is worth my current pain.. I want her to come home.. I listen to her.. she's very special.. I guess the next song should be something about life in limbo. The waiting the pain that men do actually understand. If you love someone set them free.. In the meantime the pain and the way you miss them remains. Hopeful of one day they come back to you. Thank you for your soulful soothing music.


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