Adam Levine

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Adam Noah Levine
Pop, Rock, Soul
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Lead Singer for Maroon 5

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Adam Levine was born on March 18, 1979 in Los Angeles, CA. He began his musical career in 1994, when he co-founded and sang lead for alternative rock band Kara's Flowers. But their first albums was a the commercial failure, so the band split up. Later, Levine go the band back together and added a fifth member. The new band released their first album, "Songs About Jane", and have been a success ever since.

Since 2011, Levine has served as a coach on NBC's reality talent show "The Voice." In 2012, he made his acting debut as a recurring character in the horror television show "American Horror Story: Asylum" for the series' second season. He also appeared in the film "Begin Again."

As an entrepreneur, Levine launched his own fragrance line in 2013. The same year, he collaborated with Kmart and to develop his menswear collection. He also owns a record label, 222 Records. In 2013, The Hollywood Reporter reported that "sources familiar with his many business dealings" estimated Levine would earn more than $35 million that year.


The Voice
Universal Studios
Back Lot Stage 12
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 91608


Submitted by Trinity Higgins (not verified) on

Hi. My name is Trinity and I'm 13, I wrote a song dedicated to my dog who passed away in November. I know this is a long shot but my goal is to have you improve it and maybe even turn it into a single. I wouldn't have to have any credit if you wouldn't want me to and I would want ANY money. I appreciate anything, I just want something special for my dog.

Submitted by Cindy (not verified) on

My third son has been ill for the last 5 months he keeps asking me if he's going to die, as a mother you never want your children to say or even think those kinds of things. The reason i am writing this is because Adam Levine your an inspiration to my son, the moment he hears your songs (all his fears and worries fade away). A mother's dream for her son would to have my son met you and your band in person. He suffers from ADHD with panics and anxiety daily, I am so proud to be his mom because this young man has taught himself how to play the electric & acoustic guitar, plays the piano and has a awesome beautiful voice when he sings, and wants a saxophone now! So if dreams really do come true, this would be the dream that I would want for my son is to have his dream come true! Sincerely Thank you Adam and your band for all your hard work and all your talented songs and inspiration you have given my son. Some day maybe dreams do come true!

Submitted by Mireille (not verified) on

Adam is an amazing inspiration and he is a great humanitarian, he is very special and talented . Your son sounds amazing and I wish his dreams to come true. He is lucky to have a mother on earth who cares and appreciates the time she has with him. Sending you positivity ! I was looking to send Adam a request to make one of my sons dream come True he is getting married on July 04th and was hoping for a dream of suguar song for him from Adam, but your dream deserves it before mine . Thank you Adam !

Submitted by joanie ... (not verified) on

this summer is going to hurt... what inspired you for this song... also I have been drinking star bucks every morning... no this isn't what I want to be when Jesus come back! just saying... o also do you knw darkest fan mail.. wanted to drop him a line... good luck with the voice this year best of luck to maroon 5....

Submitted by Dave Artista (not verified) on

You may recognize my last name, I am connected to Spencer K.
I would preferred to have a private conversation with you about something important.
Ple consider this OK ? Thx!

Submitted by Steven Popovich (not verified) on

Hey Adam ....... just a big fan of yours, as well as the Voice. I've been loving Jordan Smith this season and cant wait for his final performance. My wife and i were talking about how amazing he is and what a great job you've done with him. We both think he would do a fantastic job with a Journey/Steve Perry song ...... something like Open Arms or Who's crying now ......... his voice and Steve Perrys are very similar...... cant wait for the finale ..... Good Luck Steve and Nancy

Submitted by Gary Miller (not verified) on

I saw your performance tonight with Joran Smith, it was wonderful! My only concern is when you both sing the word "you" after another word that ens with a "t" it comes off as "chew". It is distracting to me. I did musical theater for many years, I'm old now, lol, but my director taught me to always enunciate and to sing, or say, "you" not "chew". Just a suggestion, it is distracting. I love your singing, and you have a winner with Jordan!
Thanks for listening, and continued success!
Gary Miller
Port St. Lucie, Florida

Submitted by Jenny Luna (not verified) on

Hi Adam am taking the time to write this message to you not knowing if you will ever read it or be able to make this dream come true. When I meet Geury and he visit my house all he wanted was to see your music video in youtube where you showed up in people wedding as a surprise. He came from Dominican republic and he is a non English person that even not knowing the language he loves all your music. His dream would be to see you in our wedding I know we can't offered what you and your band deserve. But it will be Like a dream come true like it happened to u when you became the lead singer of the band. Not everyone is blessed as you are. It will be a honor to have you show up in surprise. He comes from a very poor part of Dominican republic that some dreams don't come true. Our wedding is going to be on.April 17th 2016 at Maestro`s 1703 Bronxdale avenue Bronx, New York 10462. May God continue on blessing you always.

Submitted by Chris mcdonald (not verified) on

I am looking for the best group my wife loves and sure enough it is maroon 5. I havent done anything like this before on trying to get a great group like you. We are from hartford city, indiana and she loves yall to death it would be something great , to get someone like you to have live music from is there any way you could help me out please please please please. Been whatching you for years

Submitted by David Sikes (not verified) on

Dear Mr Levine, we saw you at Mandalay Bay on New Years eve this year. You are one of my wifes favorite bands, and I would like you to know you put on such a great show. My wife and I are both in our 40's, and we absolutely love the passion you and your band put into your music. It is music that you can listen to and get so much out of, not just the music, but the lyrics. we both love the fact that we can relate to the words of your songs. It is so often that you hear a catchy toon, that makes no sense, but no very ofter when you can listen to the songs and really get them, relate to them, my wife had tears in her eyes on three different occasions during the concert. I want to thank all of you for what you do. it makes a difference. thank you David Sikes

Submitted by Liz shaffer (not verified) on

If u are ever in Michigan will you please stop by my kid's school and sit on the wall at lunchtime with her? Maybe the other kids who also love your mad skill will see that she's also a cool kid and give her a chance? Maybe that common ground will be the entryway of friends? She's an artistic dreamer and has been branded as weird and is an outcast. Maybe this would make her feel what i see? feel special and cool?!!!

Submitted by Marie (not verified) on

I'm so sorry that your daughter has it rough in school. She doesn't need Adam to make others like her. Keep building her confidence. I know it's hard, I have 3 daughters myself. If I were famous (or not) I'd sit with her at lunch. Good luck :)

Submitted by Talia (not verified) on

Hey I'm talia from Israel and I'm studying architecture, my project was to thing of someone famous and create a house for them here in tel aviv.. so I'm a big fan of yours (not a shocker ) and I flew to Amsterdam to see your show in June.. you were great by the way! So I was working on your house for 3months and I had to research you and everything to see your needs anyways I had my presentation and it went well.. I don't really know if you will see this or whatever but I felt like I wanted to share that experience with u and probably show you the house I created.. hope everything is well..

Submitted by Lauren martins (not verified) on

When you were younger and played in a band room with the 7 days torn crew. Anthony Mike , the other Mike and jay bird. I was that little brown eyed brown hair girl with the two blonde boys that was always running around on the Dinosuar foot print floors !!

Submitted by Mike Nichols (not verified) on

Hey man,

I dig your music, and have a profound respect for Maroon Five. Expect your folks catching this hear more than their fair share of requests with you being the popular musician and actor that you are, but here is another. Well, this might be a long shot, however; I shal begin. After Kara's Flowers, one of the most brilliant bands surfaced. Songs about Jane is one of the best albums produced to this day. There must have been an awe ha moment in there somewhere. Anyway, will try to keep this short and just fast forward. Although your beautiful partner Behati Prisloo is now the love of your life and your zen, performing "Secret" on The Voice in a classy setting this season, would be epic. Not only would it make us come back to to the earlier days when we first heard it coming out of the dash it would make us all reflect on how we are who we've came to be.... No matter how painful, it would be a respectful reflection on who we are; where we are today and whom we've become.

Sincerely, respectfully.
Just another fan of a soleful musician
Mike Nichols

Submitted by Chris (not verified) on

Adam - First of all I love your show and have huge respect for what you and the other coaches have done to help so many people.

However, there is one thing that bothers me - in today's society when we are trying so hard to teach our children not to bully one another I feel that some of the"dumb" and "idiot" comments made towards Blake get really close to the bully boundary. While I don't have children at home anymore I would carefully monitor the comments while watching with my grandchildren.

Being from Texas I myself am guilty of the "dumb Okie" comment. No finger pointing intended, just my thoughts.

I hope you have many more successful seasons!

Thanks for listening.

Submitted by Marie Cordero (not verified) on


I have no idea how to go about contacting you but my friend Joann LOVES you. I mean she LOVES you LOVES you. She is a Palm Beach County Police Officer and has been in law enforcement for over 10 years. She gives her all everyday to be the best person she can be. She is a wonderful single mother of three. I want to make Joann's dream come true and have her meet you.

Submitted by Rob (not verified) on

So I thought I would give this a shot in hopes that Adam could do this for me. I’m not asking for anything free but was wondering if Adam could write a note to my girlfriend and just tell her to enjoy the show.

I am planning to take her to the show in Raliegh, NC on Sept.12, 2016.

I am buying her tickets to this show for her birthday(June 19th) and would love to buy her a CD and put a note in there from Adam along with the tickets.

I want to make this birthday special because I didn’t get to celebrate it last year because I was recovering from surgery related to colon cancer. She helped me a great deal through that trying time in my life and I’m happy to say that I am “cancer free”.

Thanks for reading this email and looking forward to rocking at your concert in September.



Submitted by Maylynn (not verified) on

Would you consider a surprise appearance at my daughter's high school graduation party on June 17 at the Maui Beach Hotel elleair Ballroom at 6:00pm. She loves your music. She actually auditioned with your song "Sunday Morning" to land a spot on the school's prestigious Ensemble Group. Please come!
Would be awesome!

Submitted by Tammy (not verified) on

You cancel North Carolina, but are you aware that Russia fines and jailed open PDA by gays??? Not understanding your choice to go there.

Submitted by briana spriggs (not verified) on

dear adam levine, you are my role model for continuing to sing. Once i heard your music I realized I wanted to sing to. But my parents dont agree. they want me to do something that will lead to a long time career. and sometimesd I do too but i just love to sing. Have any advice.

Submitted by Francois (not verified) on

Mr. Lavienne my daughter is a big fan of yours and she want to here you and your band play for her at her birthday party on March 19 she doesn't know I am asking you for this but she will be she'll shocked if you and your band was to show up could you please let me know and thank you

Submitted by Britt Heilmeier (not verified) on

Hi Adam Levine,
We are some of your biggest fans in Denmark!
And we just love "Sugar" which we listen to all the time and I have on my phone as my ringtone.
My soon to be daughter in law said when she first heard "Sugar" that one day when she gets married the best present would be for you and your band to crash the wedding with that song.Well now the wedding is Sep 3 so know that it can't be but would soooo appreciate a video greeting from you for them.
If possible please contact me for would make their day perfect.❤️
Britt Heilmeier

Submitted by Mellydee Howry (not verified) on

Hi Adam I am very sorry to bother you but my mother-in-law's cousin's granddaughter has cancer. She is 13 and has been fighting cancer for a year her name is Samantha Bannister she has a rare brain cancer and nothing is working to help her get better only worse. Her one dream and is to meet her biggest rolemodel she would love to meet you even if it is just on FaceTime or Skype. Please read this. She is located at Royal oak Michigan hospital.

Submitted by Miguel Rodriguez (not verified) on

could greet her daughter Adriana Rodriguez is 11 and will be in concert this Sunday 17 in Costa Rica, from his father who loves her and strange , She lives with her mom in that city :) thank all

Submitted by Kathy (not verified) on

Hi, my son is getting married in NE. His dad died, her dad died. I cannot do much for their wedding, but I thought it would be cool to have you crash their wedding. I am sorry I cannot off you much of anything, just wanted to be the hero at my son's wedding. I read where you crash weddings and was hoping you could crash his. If not We understand. Thank you for your time.

Submitted by karla willlman (not verified) on


i am a huge fan of yours and also of your band Maroon 5. i have watched you on the voice and someday want to be on team Adam. i love your music and what you do on the voice to help people become a better singer

you biggest fan
Karla Willman

Submitted by Bill Higgins (not verified) on

Hellooooooooo Adam!
I just turned 74yrs.old on 12/3 and was thinking about you while watching Mama Cass sing MONDAY MONDAY. I would truly enjoy hearing your version of the song. Could you sing it on THE VOICE? I would be so very grateful. Thank you!!!!

Submitted by Whitney (not verified) on

I'm getting married on October 14th 2017. And you are my most favorite artist. And my favorite judge on the voice. Even though I'm a country girl. ;) I would love to at the least get a response back from you. :)

Submitted by Tom Newman (not verified) on

Hi Adam. I'm 57 years old and one of your biggest fans. I got front row seats to see you in Albany NY on 3/7/17. Can't wait. I'm getting married on 5/13/17 in Hyde Park, NY and would absolutely die if you showed up and sang SUGAR. This is my last horah and that would fulfill my life. I don't have many more years left. Thank you for your consideration.

Submitted by Britton (not verified) on

I'm a blue guy from a blue state, but I don't think it's right to make fun of Blake's accent. The frenemies act is probably just for ratings, and it's ok. But there's no need to assert California superiority over the Southland (even though they deserve it). Hope you agree.

Submitted by Mischelle (Missy) (not verified) on

My niece (who our family just recently met after my other niece, Rachael found her sister, Angel. We have welcomed her into our family. She is now one of us, however she is getting married June 3, 2017 in Indianapolis and she asked me if i would like to make her wedding cake, as I have made a specialty cake for everyone in ur family and a couple wedding cakes for family as well. I have practiced and no luck with my carpal tunnel and arthritis, it just is not possible and i am truly heartbroken that the one thing she asked me for, I am unable to deliver. I listen and watch your "Sugar" video evry day when i get home from work to unwind and smile and feel good. I was just wondering what the possibility is of you showing up at my nieces wedding and making it the wedding of a lifetime for her LOL. That would be the ultimate gift. I saw Maroon five when you were here with Train a few years back when the stage collapsed at the fairgrounds and your group and Train showed how honorable you are as men and a band to continue the show and raise money for those who were injured, so if I do not get any reply, Thank you for all you do. Much love to the group and hope to be surprised.

Submitted by Marianne (not verified) on

Love, LUV you from Proactive to Maroon 5, Begin Again,"The Voice",and Beyond...
YOUR voice and your talents are astounding. Your passion and Goodness is contagious.
I hope you lead a Blessed life as you bring such joy, happiness and hope to others with your endeavors.

You are a true miracle of humanity Adam; may we all find peace,solace and love through the message of music thanks to you and Gregg Alexander. My heroes xo

Submitted by Jo Ellen Barret... (not verified) on

I am a huge fan of Maroon 5… When you first became popular I did not even realize when I heard your songs on the radio that you were the same band until my daughter told me "mom you should buy Maroon Five's cd". Ever since then I have been a HU GE … My favorite song appeared in the movie "somethings got to give"… I fell in love you and your group… Not really love :-) I am a special education teacher at my local public high school… And I saw this thing on Facebook where you support our struggles… I don't think you wrote it but I love that you're a part of it… Would love to hear from you… Your biggest fan… Joellen ...

Submitted by Loretta Gould (not verified) on

I am a somewhat hip 66 year old Grandmother of an 8 year old boy in New Orleans. He has been attending Jazz Fest since he was born and goes both weekends with his Mom,Dad, & lil brother. Your performance with Maroon Five was outstanding and by far one of the best except for one aspect which totally upset my Grandson and brought him to tears. He was in the front row enjoying the concert until you ended your set of songs and began using so much profanity that it shocked not only my daughter but brought my Grandson to actual TEARS rolling out from under his sunglasses. His Mom asked if he wanted to leave, but he chose to stay and talked about it for a week. It seemed so unlike you as we have seen you in concert more than once, and maybe you just got "caught up in the moment" but you dropped the F bomb in front of thousands of your fans with their families in attendance.
You probably won't ever get to read this, but I just felt the need to get my point across. We are die hard New Orleanians and Jazz Festers - - hopefully you will come back to our wonderful hometown with your act not so risqué at such a family venue! WE LOVE YOU on THE VOICE and feel that you make the show (along with Blake) but would have never thought your JF performance would have included such!

Submitted by Sarrah Jane Seg... (not verified) on

To Adam Levine:

I really don't know if you will read this message.I really wish you will perform in my wedding this Sept.2, 2017 like the one I saw in youtube. I know it's impossible for Maroon 5 to come here in (Cebu) Philippines but no harm in wishing right?heheh. Anyways, wish you all the best. I and my fiance really like and love you a lot.. :)

Submitted by Rrita (not verified) on

I read you refused an autograph for a fan saying you don't give autographs to ugly chicks. Is that true? If it's true, I suggest all ugly chicks boycott your tv show, stop buying your music and boycott your concerts. That should put you out of business quickly.

Submitted by James and Debbie Dei (not verified) on

Chill.. I'm sure it's BS Adam wouldn't say something so ridiculous.

Submitted by nathalie breton (not verified) on

i know you must get tons of request like that because lets get real you are the best, i am from a small town in quebec, lac-mégantic, i keep telling my husband that you will be there for my 50th, if you are not i will understand, !!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by nathalie breton (not verified) on

forgot to mention just in case , july-14-18

Submitted by Brandi bivens (not verified) on

I like to take other songs and change them around but I have been writing my on songs too and I was won't to know if I could send them to you so you can look over them I can't tell my mom cause she don't understand she thanks I'm not there in my head and that I can't do nothing if you can look at my songs then let me know so I can send them to you

Submitted by Sandi Mackellar (not verified) on

Adam should not pair his steals together. It guarantees them a fifty-fifty chance of moving forward and significantly reduces the chance of moving forward for singers that actually chose him over other coaches.
I hope he sees this.
Still my favorite coach.

Submitted by amelia brau (not verified) on

You are an amazing man and without you, i would still be grieving over my uncles death. So thankyou, and I hope i can meet you some day. by the way i am your biggest fan !!!!! love you adam!!!!

Submitted by Tresa Osborne (not verified) on

Congrats on your new daughter.

Santana made a song "Hold On" back in the 70's really great. I think Maroon 5 maybe with Mr. Carlos Santana. . . should remake it. Don't mess it up though. You won't.
Ok Love ya,
Bye Bye.

Submitted by Susan (not verified) on

Hey Adam, you probably already do this but would you please tell this wyou are coaching, especially Shareen don’t know how she spells it, to respect the melodies of the songs she chooses. The way she did Hero was totally distracting. Help please it’s making me crazy

Submitted by Anusha Varadarajan (not verified) on

This is one of your biggest fans writing to you . You have a voice like an angel that can capture the entire universe . I am writing to you because the only dream I have is to meet you .. hoping my dream turns into reality... and I can meet you on October 12th at the concert ( for a meet and greet)
Love anusha

Submitted by Matt (not verified) on

Adam, you should be ashamed of yourself for the way you pushed for Reagan to go through. How do you think it made DeAndre feel as he stood up there listening to you tell the fans to vote for Reagan? If Reagan wasn't well enough to sing then send her home!!! Putting her in a bathrobe sitting next to her Mommy was just an attempt for here to get the pity vote! By the way, all of the male contestants this year can sing your tired ass under the table. You disgust me as does the show, and I am through with the Voice. Besides, The Voice never produces a superstar anyway!

Submitted by Joyce (not verified) on

I could not believe how you disrespected this Nico will have a tonight. You choose the one you wanted to win. How would you feel if someone did that to one of your daughters. I thank God for Kelly Clark who gave positive comments to encourage Nico. You need to apologize to Nico and the audience for what you said on live TV. If you can't be fair with your team members, step down!!!


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