Matthew Gray Gubler

Best Known For: 

Criminal Minds
voice of Simon in the live action/CGI Alvin & the Chipmunks films

Short bio: 

Matthew Gray Gubler (born March 9, 1980) is an actor, director, fashion model, and painter. He is best known for his role as criminal profiler Dr. Spencer Reid in the CBS television show Criminal Minds (2005-present), of which he has also directed nine episodes. Gubler has appeared in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, (500) Days of Summer, Life After Beth, Suburban Gothic, and as the voice of Simon in Alvin and the Chipmunks and its four sequels.


Matthew Gray Gubler
ID Public Relations
7060 Hollywood Blvd
8th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90028


Submitted by brianaspriggs (not verified) on

are you as smart in real life as you are in the show.

Submitted by Aurora Hobden (not verified) on

Loved your character on Criminal Minds and your character in the Alvin and The Chipmunk movies.

Submitted by Stephanie (not verified) on

My mom watches criminal minds soo much that it drives me crazy even though I can’t watch it because I’m too young so she makes me leave the room but she did let me see one episode about jail so she is a big fan also my sister is she in college and she watches it with my mom and in her room. Thanks for noticing.

Submitted by Book_shay_marie... on

You have such great skills on the show are you the same off the show as well

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