Martin Freeman

Birth Name: 
Martin John Christopher Freeman
Best Known For: 

The Office (UK)
The Hobbit film trilogy
Sherlock (BBC)

Short bio: 

Martin John Christopher Freeman (born 8 September 1971) is an English actor who has performed on screen since 1997. He is perhaps best known for his portrayals of Tim Canterbury in The Office, Dr. Watson in Sherlock, Lester Nygaard in Fargo and Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit film trilogy.

His other notable film roles include Love Actually (2003), The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005), Nativity! (2009), and the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy, most prominently in The World's End (2013). Among other accolades, he has won a BAFTA Award (with two further nominations), and received Emmy- and Saturn Award nominations.


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Submitted by Kaarli Makela (not verified) on

I can't think of anyone else for the role!
I have NO idea when, where, or by whom a film might be made about the Great Christopher Steele ... but I cannot think of anyone else who could do him justice, plus I recognize a resemblance which helps immensely.
Tell your agents or managers to comb for that part, or maybe goad some writer to develop the idea.
Looking forward to it, especially at the most happy Final Scene, when he is Knighted by the Sovereign of England! :) SIR CHRISTOPHER STEELE :)
Tata from America and Wish Us Luck!

Submitted by Gordon (not verified) on

As an ex police officer who also served in the prison service and the 1st Ben Welsh Guards I am really impressed by the BBC series " the responder" which shows the mental health pressures faced by a police officer on a fast response team. It shows the daily struggles dealing with the public, the lack of understanding in a macho world of not being able to cry or show your true emotions, of dealing with new officers straight from training who at the early stages only know policing from " the book" and the build up of isolation from what are normal feelings,that takes control after years of being subjected to the traumatic things you witness like sudden deaths, road traffic incidents, violence, domestic abuse,child abuse, riots in prison, suicides etc. Ground-breaking series that made me look back and reminded me of some of the feelings of isolation and stress I felt myself particularly when serving in the prison service but also the police when jobs would come in just at the end of your shift, when all you wanted was to go home to play with your kids or see your wife. Or wiping shit, spit and blood off your uniform before walking in the door after a shift in the prisons.I lost a close friend and colleague in the police who committed suicide and many knew as " nige" who I still miss to this day. and whose beautiful living soul was taken from this world too soon due to his own isolation and trauma. Not being able to talk about those moments take they're toll and I hope that people watching the show will take from it the lessons to what is still an uncaring system it is trying to teach. I often shock people with my warped sense of humour and often times step over the line in conversations, I'm over protective of myself and my loved ones still because of what I witnessed and dealt with in my careers so to see this ground-breaking drama written by an ex police officer really impacted me and gave me some light to hope that maybe just one of two officers under pressure could take that first step to ask for help.....

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