Jim Carrey

Birth Name: 
James Eugene Carrey
Best Known For: 

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Short bio: 

James Eugene Carrey was born on January 17, 1962, in Ontario, Canada, and is the youngest of four children. He and his family struggled financially, even living in a campervan at one point. But Carrey made his stand-up debut in Toronto after his family got back on their feet. Determined to pursue his dream to be a comic, Carrey dropped out of high school to work on his act. He moved to Los Angeles in 1979 and eventually caught the attention of Rodney Dangerfield, who signed Carrey to open for him during his tour.

Carrey met Damon Wayans on the set of Earth Girls Are Easy in 1988, where both actors played aliens. Wayans and his brother, Keenen Ivory Wayans, recruited Carrey for the cast of In Living Color in 1990, where he quickly became a stand-out with outrageous comedic personalities like Fire Marshal Bill.

Carrey's break-out role was on the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in 1994 which was a box-office smash. Later, his performance in Liar Liar in 1997 earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor, and would mark a turning point in his career. Two films that followed, The Truman Show in 1998 and his turn as Andy Kaufman in the biopic Man on the Moon 1999 each netted Carrey a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

Carrey has one child with his first wife, Melissa Carrey. They divorced in 1995. He married actress Lauren Holly in 1996, but they split less than a year later.


Jim Carrey
P.O. Box 57593
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


Submitted by Paul James Simone (not verified) on

Tell Jim Carrey that I am in entertainment as well and I am very happy fire marshall bill was accepted into the entertainment industry.
And his invisable brother fire marshall jim is looking for him and is the nicest person in the world and the funniest too right now so try and keep up. Im sure you can.
A joke ? How do you put out a fire on the 50th floor ? Tell them thier all wet.

Submitted by Paul James Simone (not verified) on

jim you still got it, let me prove it.
Where do you go when all else fails ?
Back to the top.
Why do actorsr's lose their grip ?
To find another roll.

Submitted by steven on

you are on of the best comedy actor i love

Submitted by Zaccarrey (not verified) on

Jim your my hero. Imagine if you could me someone more powerful than God. That's how I would feel if you were to get pissed and stoned with me (drunk and bent on weed) if you ever need help I'm your man. Cause I'm the man for anyone in need. Especially since I couldn't be the man for Luke. My biggest mistake. He killed himself. Leaving it two fold for the rest of us. It's like a cow tongue against mine on a bad trip. Nobody likes it.

Submitted by Zac Dunn stuff all (not verified) on

It's nice to be sharing electrons with you Jim. Were closer than I thought.

Submitted by Joe (not verified) on

Jim, to me, You are the most talented person on this earth, you are so full of life and energy..You spent most of your life entertaining people and i cannot tell you how many times i have felt alive and happy because of you, and i cannot thank you enough for that...and I think that it's great that you are spending most of your time by yourself, and you deserve it...you're probably reflecting and thinking or analysing the purpose of existence. whatever it is that you are doing..I respect that...Jim, I don't personally know you but I do know that it's not right for you to be so lifeless and serious right now, its like you make extreme decisions... YOU SERIOUSLY NEED TO FIND A BALANCE in your life

Submitted by Ashley Beggan-H... (not verified) on

Dear Jim Carrey,

I miss seeing you in movies and laughing at your exaggerated humor. Please listen to these kind words I have to say to you....

When time gets rough in whatever you do, don't forget you aren't suffering alone and you can talk to anyone if you don't feel right. Keep your head up and strive through life! You are my inspiration and the reason why I cope with my depression... When I am feeling down I tell myself '' What can cheer me up right now? '' well it's your movies that help me cope with reality. I haven't had the easiest life and sometimes I wish I could have a different life but I try to look around and be grateful for all I have. I wish I could meet you someday and I swear on my life that it would be the best day in my life. Just being your friend and knowing that you ARE a human too and maybe you feel lonely and need someone there for you!

Kind regards,

Submitted by Martin Villa (not verified) on

Thank you for being you.

Submitted by I don't know (not verified) on

Jim, you hit the nail right on the head!

People are propelled through life by all the bogus constructs of society. I've realized it myself as I entered into the Tech/Business world and found myself mimicking and resiting the same old mumbo jumbo that everyone else was saying to try and fit in.

They say that everything we do is out of greed or money. Try and find an instance where this is not true.

My life changed drastically when I "let go" of it all. It's like almost figuring out the Matrix and having so much joy because you now understand.

Thank you for all your thoughts and insights on these confusing topics.

Happiness is letting go of it ALL.

Jim, please continue to spread the message. LET GO MY FRIENDS AND HAPPINESS SHALL FOLLOW....

Submitted by Michael Mcdonald (not verified) on

Hi Jim,
I really enjoyed the documentary about you and Andy. Something about it really spun my core human vears, and as a writer, I had to get it out. You inspired me to write a short story about you. I hope you read it and that, for a moment, it takes away any concerns that may be bothering you: https://www.abctales.com/story/mixumfoo/jc

Submitted by Bill Egget (not verified) on

Hi Jim,
Just saw you on comedians in cars and saw your work at the gallery. WOW! I was an art major in college and couldn't be more of a fan of your movies. I absolutely love the colors you use in your paintings. They are very personal and have a love and inviting feeling I have not been struck with since Calder. I know, it's a stretch for most, but I really see it. How can I get ANY pop painting by you????? Can I trade paintings with you. I will paint you a 36x48 for a 36x48 Carrey in return. God, I hope this is something you'd be interested in. It would literally
Make my life. Thanks for reading!!
Bill Egger, Park Ridge Il

Submitted by Shawn Frick (not verified) on

Jim Carrey tweeted:

I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live. It was a false alarm, but a real psychic warning. If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican Congress to continue alienating the world we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination.”

I just read this tweet in something that came in my email. Jim Carrey, I USED to be a big fan. With this kind of ignorant attitude from you I'm done. I'll never watch another movie or show you are in. I know you could care less if I watch your movies or not but I'm not the only one. I watch movies and sports to get away of the political world for awhile, well I guess that is slowly changing as well. Have a great rest of your life.

Submitted by Bob Hawkins (not verified) on

Really wish you washed up worthless Hollywood rejects would just realize it's over and go away rather than try and boost your miserable career by turning the focus to politics. Entertainers should entertain, not believe anyone really cares what your political thoughts are, especially from such a washed up waste of a person like you! Go back into rehab, or better yet go back to taking whatever it was that use to make you funny. You're just not funny anymore, and as for your artistic skills, have seen similar from grade school art classes. So sad to see these washed up has beens think they can resurrect their careers by jumping on one of the political bandwagons. Nope, don't care for Trump either but worse of all I'm completely fed up watching TV for entertainment and finding there is only political BS, they no longer know their place in life. Stupid actions by stupid people, he must have an IQ equivalent to my dog, looks similar too...lol

Submitted by Mike C. (not verified) on

Jim Carrey,

I like you and even think you have talent as a painter. But it seems anger and unhappiness drive you forward and feeling rewarded or redeemed through your actions.

I pray to God for opportunities you have and I always promise if I was in a position like yours, I would be a good person and always strive forward with love and honest attempts at healing and uniting.

You were given a wonderful life compared to the other %95 of struggling people. You used your gifts in anger and frustration, I pray for you and that you find true love in our challenging world. Thank you for your time.

Submitted by Alex Flock (not verified) on

Jim Carrey, I will NEVER watch your movies again and I want ALL MY MONEY back. You are BAD for American Citizens and you will be SUED for your HARMFUL, DAMAGING, VIOLENCE Against our Political Leaders. Jim Carrey should pay for the Damages and Slander. Jim Carrey is not a real man but a coward demon. Hey coward Jim Carrey, lets see you run for office, but of course you are NOT Man enough, so you have to cause more damage and harm to our President Trump and his family. Jim Carrey will be SUED for Slander. Jim Carrey, do that trick you did and cut your penis and put it in your mouth.

Submitted by Ram Flores (not verified) on

Jim Carrey is doing God's work. He's trying to shame these corrupt republican congressmen and senators, trump, and the white house from destroying and dismantling everything we as a nation have worked for for the last 240 years. The republicans are so afraid of losing their jobs and not being able to send their kids to college, not being able to use city and county workers to build paved roads to their hunting cabins, ranches, their homes on state funds. They're afraid to lose all the benefits and perks that their position offers, and that amounts to a lot of money. So yes, jim carrey is doing his part, He's doing more than you or I to stop this moran. . He's hoping the paintings will shame trump sarah hukabee, Giuliani, scott Pruitt,, and the list goes on. When its all said and done ( History will say that trump , his family, his lawyers, all his business assoc.'s far and near were the most corrupt administration , and by association this world has ever seen or will see . Here is a person who thinks he's above the law, has 18 to 20 women accusing him of some sort of sexual assult, has 4 or 5 lawsuits pending against him, is a pussy grabber, who separates children from their mother's . This is the devil incarnate in the flesh. If you agree and think like this guy, then you're part of the problem
To you JIM CARREY Why don't you draw pictures of train station and bus stations where children are being separated from their parents and loaded up like cattle and taken to facilities in Brownsville tx

Submitted by Rick (not verified) on

He doing this because he needs attention, look at him has-been wash up actor , bye the way if anyone really thinks his b painting are good go ge your eye check

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

After listening and seeing Jim Carrey do Damage and Harm to our President Trump and his family and some politicians, Cancerous Jim Carrey will be SUED and PAY for Damages. Coward Jim Carrey is doing more harm to American Society. Coward Jim Carrey, why do you not run for political office instead of causing more VIOLENCE to Citizens? Coward Jim Carrey, do that Trick you did and cut your penis and put it in your mouth.

Submitted by Cruss121 (not verified) on

Jim, ever since I can remember your movies "Pet detective" and "When nature calls" it brings tears to my eyes. They are both still today the funniest comedies I have ever seen and NOTHING compares to your humor. My friend and I are both die hard fans of "When Natures Calls". We can re site pretty much the entire movie. I'm sure you get emails and messages all the time but just hear me out. I was born in 93 so those movies are from my childhood. I find myself quoting your lines from both movies all the time. Obviously you have other great movies you have played in but those two have really set the bar way to high for other comedies. None in my opinion can even compare. All that being said my friend and I think that you should make a 3rd! I'm sure its crossed your mind at least once! So many movies today are remakes of older movies or just plain stupid that are a waste of time watching. But When Nature Calls is on, no matter what I'm doing I stop and watch it. Please consider making a 3rd. I have some ideas of what animals you could go after lol. My friend and I both have artistic qualities to help you come up with a game plan if you are interested in bringing back Ace one last time!! This message doesn't do enough justice as to how big of fans me and my friend are. God bless brother! Shikaka!!!

Submitted by JP (not verified) on


I am not an artist can't draw diddly, just write dumb poetry, but could you make a poster titled


Submitted by Maria Whitaker (not verified) on

Thank you for all the laughs, you have shared your gifts. GOD loves you very much, and your gifts came from our Creator, and Christ loves you forever, and died for you. Miracles are real, and I recommend Heaven is Real, and Don Pipers 90 minutes in Heaven. I don't think your into these things, but your soul is too precious to be without love, and light. We are all broken, and need our loving healers touch. I know it is not in style these days, but I have a backbone too. Love from a fellow human, who is a spirit, that resides in a body. We are not just what our eyes can currently see.

Submitted by Marcelo (not verified) on

You need to do a remake of cuban pete from the mask now that your older i feel like that would be very popular and funny do it jim DO IT!!!

Submitted by Shawn Graves (not verified) on

I just wanted to say thank you to Jim Carrey for all the great laughs throughout the years and for making us all smile ..The most important thing I wanted to say was thank you for being such a great person and the speech you gave at the college was so inspiring and it really showed the true person you are aside just the comedy..,Thank you Jim

Submitted by Juan Carlos Marquez (not verified) on

u have reached a plateau of ENLIGHTENMENT...thank u for transverting love through the screen...I'm just a small dude giving u props

Submitted by Ryan (not verified) on

Does the p.o . box work for his sherman oaks address

Submitted by EmmettCon and C... (not verified) on

I loved dumb and dumber, and Cameron is a bigger fan, He loves Ace Ventura: pet detective, Bruce Almighty, and Ace Ventura 2.

Submitted by Nathaniel Townsend (not verified) on

You returned the magic of movies amd theatere to me. Long ago I thought I lost my suspension of disbelief, as I grew too bitter and cold in a harsh world. Your performance leave me in awe and wonder. You make even the most unbelieveable character feel real.

You may never see this, but thank you.

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