Dylan O'Brien

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Stiles in MTV's "Teen Wolf"

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Dylan O'Brien was born August 26, 1991 in New York City. He grew up in Springfield Township, New Jersey, until the age of twelve, when he and his family moved to Hermosa Beach, CA. After graduating from Mira Costa High School in 2009, he considered pursuing sports broadcasting and possibly working for the Mets. He had planned to attend Syracuse University in fall 2009 as a sports broadcasting major but decided to move to Los Angeles for an acting career.

At fourteen, O'Brien began posting original videos onto his YouTube channel. With the videos developing, a local producer/director approached him about doing work for a web series of hers. While working on the webseries, O'Brien met an actor who connected him with a manager. In 2011, he began playing the role of Stiles in Teen Wolf, a series loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name. In 2013, O'Brien co-starred in the comedy film "The Internship", with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

O'Brien played the lead role in the 2014 film The Maze Runner, the adaptation of the book of the same name. He filmed the movie in summer 2013 while on hiatus from Teen Wolf.[9] Yahoo! Movies named O'Brien as one of the 15 Breakout Stars to Watch for in 2014


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Submitted by Ayanna Rich (not verified) on

Dear Dylan O' Brien,
I think it's fair to say I'M you biggest fan. That sounds a little strange coming from a 13 year old girl from New Jersey, but it's true. I love your acting most of all, apart from all the other things you do, but I must say you are very good at the drums. I think it's amazing that your not only interested in acting. But hey, who am I telling you about yourself. I'm not writing to you to be a kiss up or anything. Well I guess if this letter even get's to you, your thinking "What is the point of this horribly written letter." Well I guess there isn't one. So I'll just stop here.

-Ayanna Rich (your biggest fan...)


Submitted by paytan b (not verified) on

I think the same way about Dylan. I'm not all crazy ,but at the same time i kinda am.. But i don't really care what other people think. Dylan kinda showed me you don't have to worry what others think. And so hes just really hot and a great actor i don't care if other girls say "no that's not why i like him". Well i have to say BS about that. Sorry if your going to hate on me because of this. But all I'm saying is i agree with what your saying and all.

Submitted by Olivia Brennan (not verified) on

Dear Dylan, I don't really know what to say I suppose you get letters telling you the same thing over and over again all the time but I just want to say that I love you so much and I think about you every single day and you don't know how much it would mean to me if you replied to me. When I say reply I don't necessarily mean write me a long letter or send me an autograph etc ( although I would love that!) I would even just be grateful if you did something as simple as following me on Twitter ( @oliviabrennanxx ) or sending me a message on Twitter because it would mean the world to me. Anyway I doubt you'll ever read this but if you are then I'm sorry for waffling on and I'll end it here. I love you so so much and I hope that one day we will meet!
Lots and lots and lots of love from Olivia Brennan (Manchester, England) xxxxx

Submitted by jessica (not verified) on

Dylan just wanted to say the first moment i whatched The First Time and Teen Wolf ... it was like i took a second breath when i saw you for the first time xx you realy and i mean really are my biggest fan ever x i love you so much ,you have no idea my family thinks i am crazy ...it whould be a true plesure to meet you if not just text back it would be my biggest wish ever x you inspired me to not care of what other people think of you .. your smile is something beyond that i cant even describe and you give me butterflies i know it crazy and all but its true. i know im in shouth africa and all and its far but really my biggest wish is meeting youand i hope we do someday .... please come to south africa if you can it would be a great pleasure

Submitted by Dasia Smith (not verified) on

I know right, I actually took the time to write a letter to this address a few days ago I was so nervous I left a few things out lol but if he writes back I'm going to be so excited!!

Submitted by Alison (not verified) on

Did he write back???

Submitted by George (not verified) on

Hey Dylan !! Man I'm a massive fan !! And love your work soo much.. I just wanted to say you have helped inspire me from the very first episode of teen wolf but espically the mase runner, I hope one day I can just act on a TV show or movie with you one day !! Or even relax together or a day !!! KEEP UP THE WORK !!

Submitted by Lisi (not verified) on


*does not stop screaming*

ILYSFM, Dammit.

Submitted by bella (not verified) on

This may sound strange but I have always wanted a brother that is just like you before i even saw you, you were what i pictured my brother to look like. So i like to think that you are that brother i always wanted and when i think about it my day goes by more quickly.

Submitted by kiara (not verified) on

I love you so much Dylan you are my biggest fan.I loved watching you on teen wolf and the maze runner, I would love to meet you as i'm from sydney love you so much love kiara.

Submitted by Erica Johnson (not verified) on

Dear Dylan O'brien you helped me to get through difficult times just seeing or thinking about you or teen wolf. You are my favorite person in the world. Your humor gets me to smile wich I don't do much anymore. The first time I watched Teen wolf I couldn't get enough of it. When im sad I think about you. You make me happy! I wish I was like you funny, smart, and caring.

Submitted by Berringer (not verified) on

Hi my name is berringer and my freind taylor would really love to be able to meet Dylan o' Brian, she is like his biggest fan! I understand if he can't come to meet her but I would really like if you would be able to email me and I could give you a phone number and you could talk to her just for at least a short time. That would be greatly appreciated, Thank you.

Submitted by Drew Dietrich (not verified) on

Dear Dylan O'Brian,

Sorry for not spelling your name correctly, I don't want to press the delete key a million times :) You're a great actor and amazingly cute, I wish I could meet you in real life. I'm not gonna be creepy and list everything I like about you, but I wish you have a great day/night/year/month/week/life.

Submitted by Anastasia (not verified) on

I really love Teen Wolf and specially Dylan O'Brien i think he is a brilliant actor and makes the world laugh,that's why i love him...

Submitted by Gabrielle. (not verified) on

Dearest Dylan,
I know that back in March, you went through a terrible accident. And since then, I sleep at night worrying that you're not okay. I don't know if you will ever read this letter, or if you will ever mention it somewhere, but writing about this makes me feel a lot better than keeping it inside.
Your accident made me realise a lot of things.
I realised that every actor or actress that I've seen has done dangerous stunts just for our entertainment. It can involve hanging from the celling or climbing on walls. Or flying aircrafts...
Whatever you do, you do it for us. Some actors and actresses don't even think about the risk, they just go for it because they believe that we are worth it.
I'm really worried about you Dylan. I really am. And if you can't do any stunts in Teen Wolf or the Maze runner, then don't. Think of yourself and your well being. Because that's what matters most.
I would love to meet you someday. I would love to sit and talk to as a friend and not as a fan. Sometimes when you meet fans you have to make sure they don't cry a lot because of how excited they are. It must feel really nice. But I want you to think of me as a friend and not a fan. Please. I want to mean something to you. More than a fan does.
I watch your funny moments, your interviews, episodes of Teen Wolf over and over again, and I have fallen in love with every inch of you. Every single one of your moles. Your smile. Your soft warm brown eyes. The way your voice goes deep when you speak about something that matters to you. I love you so so so much.
You're ten years, two months, and two days older than me. I always try to find comparison between us as crazy as it sounds.
I love you Dylan. Always have always will. Please take care of you're self. And remember that I'm like the friend you always wanted. I'll try to be there for you. Even though you don't even know me.
Love, Gabrielle.

Submitted by Megan Van Beuge (not verified) on

Dear, Dylan O'Brien
I am a huge fan and you are amazing and i was wondering if i wanted to send a fan letter where would i send it

Submitted by justme (not verified) on

hello dylan,

first i want to say that im really bad at english but im tying to write somthing. i always think about a way to talk to you but i know thats difficult because everyone wants to talk with you. im really sure that you don't even get a change to read this. but i thought that i always can try it. last weeks you where a lot in my mind, because really much things let me think of you. and i don't even know what i could write to you... when people ask me if you meet him and he ask you to marry, what would you say? i would say no, because maybe your famous but i don't want to spend the rest of my life with someone who i bearly know. first i really want to talk to you and have fun with you i want to know how youre really are. because maybe you can put a smile on my face and maybe youre pretty, but i just want to know if you where really made of me... i always hear people like wow i want to marry him or i want to kiss him. maybe a little voice in my head want that to but you cant always get what you want.

i want that you send somthing back, only to know that you read this, and maybe were starting a conversation, that is the only thing i can hope now.

receive justme

Submitted by Daniel bamford (not verified) on

Hi dylan how are you am a big fan off you can I chat with you and if yes how can i be nice to speak to you as a actor please reply back daniel

Submitted by Katarina E. Glueck (not verified) on

Dear Dylan O' Brien,
I'm such a huge fan of this show my friend and I binged watched all episodes to catch up to season 5b last year. Now I'm so eager to watch the season 6 episode 2 of Teen Wolf tonight at 8:00. I'm 15 years old and on Thursday (Thanksgiving) I'm turning 16. I live just near of Chicago and I'm a Sophmore in high school. In addition, my friend and I love Maze Runner and Scorch Trail so much that last year on my 15th birthday we stayed up all night watching movie including both of those movies, but at 5 in the morning my mom yelled at us since we didn't get any sleep. My favorite seasons for season 4 and season 5. I love your character, personality and your humor which has helped me a lot. Season 5 was a great distraction for me while I was having some personal issues, this occurred mainly February - March of this year. I love this show!!!

I do have a few questions for you and the cast of teen wolf in general.
1. Do any of you speak another language fluently?
2. What pets do you have?
3. Since thanksgiving is around the corner. What r u thankful for?

Submitted by Chloe~ (not verified) on

lol as I'm going through all these other comments, I realize that- lmao, anything I would try to compliment you on would've already been said about twenty times, should you even access this site and read the comments. So, I shall simply say that I am a fan of you. I don't even know how I got interested in your acting. I saw the maze runner after I read the books, but wasn't all that interested in you as an actor. I guess it was when I was hella bored and made a rash decision to try teen wolf, even though I thought it would be a Twighlight rip-off. And I don't even like twighlight. And I was wonderfully proven wrong. You play the character stiles wonderfully, and I give you props. Though- I must say, your teenage self in those YouTube videos you made hilariously remind me of stiles. I love them. My favorite is the true wannabe video. Lmao this is getting excruciatingly long, for something you won't even read.

As an afterthought- I am no stalker. I may like you a lot- (ok, love you- looks & personality- though I would never want to get with you, you're taken, and I just don't dig that whole dating a fan thing ig. Especially if that fan is me... so, take of that what you will.) I do not know where you live, what you do every day, or anything like that. I simply know who you're dating, your birthday, and the things you've acted in. I try not to learn too much, for I fear turning in to a waaay to obsessive fangirl- one that's borderline stalker. (bc let's face it, I am an obsessive fangirl and I mean, it gets me through the day so I'm not trying to stop that- for obvious reasons.)
Now, I am going to end it here bc I'm rambling on this comment on a site you probably have never heard of, and never will.
But in case you do, ( a very low chance)

It was nice having you read my comment, I am a fan,


So long,
Dylan O'Brien.

I'll be commenting on another site.


Submitted by Kyro (not verified) on

Hi, I've loved Teen Wolf ever since I saw the first episode, I love the plot twists and how there is always multiple enemies in a single season. And I always think it's very interesting in movies, books, and TV shows when a character discovers their secret. Some of my favourite Teen Wolf episodes are the ones where someone discovers Scott (or another character) is a werewolf. With season 6B going to be the end, I was thinking that since they're going for "last one, best one" and that Agent McCall would be back, that he would discover his son is a werewolf. That would definitely add a new dynamic to the plot and I'd love to see how Agent McCall would react. Talk about your world turning upside-down. I think that should DEFINITELY be in the last season. That would probably, be like my favourite episode if they did that.

Submitted by raylee.amos (not verified) on

i thin it is safe to say that teen wolf is the best show on earth it is such a thriller with a bit of romance as well. dylan o'brien i love the maze runner cant wait for the death cure good luck and i wish you well

Submitted by Jaelyn Allen (not verified) on

Hey! Im a really huge fan and I would love to meet you one day but that’s most likely not gonna happen but just know I love u so much and I’m a really huge fan and I really want want to meet hopefully I can see you on my birthday it’s January 13 th and I live in Houston Texas so if u ever want to see me I’ll be in Houston I wish I could meet you in person just seeing your or taking a picture would make me happy I’ve been really lonely lately since I moved to a new house but hopefully one day I can meet you

Submitted by CJ (not verified) on

If this reaches the Dylan O'Brien I would be honored I just wanted to let you know that you are an amazing actor although I'm just an average girl from a small town in QLD Australia you Dyaln O'Brien are an amazing person don't ever doubt yourself being a girl in large world I know it would be difficult for this to get to you but keep at it keep inspiring others with your work in no matter what movie your in your always the kind smart one who's gentle and I believe that that is you yourself a kind and gentle man in this big world and we need more people like that. This is coming from a small person in a big world. I just hope you know your awesome Dylan O'Brien.
From a small fan in this big world

Submitted by abc (not verified) on

This will sound like every other fan girl inspirational message to their idols but this is just to get this off my chest, I have always been a really shy kid everywhere I go but I have a passion for acting and I know that acting is what I want to do with my life because I look up to actors and actresses mostly and writers because they are so inspiring and they allow me to find myself and find my talents. I don’t do anything related to acting right now I just live a boring life but I am getting more and more confident in myself over the past few months and I want to be able to grow up and know that kids like me look up to me because that’s how I see Dylan and so many other amazing people. I want to grow up and do what I love and help people the way Dylan has helped me in becoming a confident, nicer, unique person

Submitted by Lauren (not verified) on

Hey Dylan I’ve been your biggest fan since I was 14!!! I’m now 21! I love you so so so much and I’ve always dreamed off meeting you. I would love if you replied it would be my biggest dream 🥺 I love you so so much !! X

Submitted by Izabel Best (not verified) on

When I was going through something really hard not even my family was there for me but the one person I could count on to make me smile was watching you on so many of ur shows and movies and ur old YouTube videos and just Radom clips or videos of Comic-Con and interviews. You saved me. And even though you don’t know who I am I love you so much. Thank you

Submitted by Dilara (not verified) on

Mr. Dylan O'Brien, I'm trying and will try every way to reach you. I really love you. You are very successful in your career, I am proud as a fan. Dilara with love from Turkey.

Submitted by tasnima khan (not verified) on

dear dylan
im a big fan i wanna know talk to you and i love all the movies and shows your in i really think that your my favourite actor in the whole world wish you get this btw i wrote this to tell u how my i love u

Submitted by Margaret (not verified) on

Dylan, you are my favorite human to walk on this planet. I love you SO MUCH. you make me so happy watching you in tv shows and movies. Your personality is the cutest, happiest thing EVER. I wish I could meet you one day because you have helped me with so many struggles without even knowing. I love you endlessly.

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