Sylvester Stallone

Birth Name: 
Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone
Best Known For: 

Rocky Balboa

Short bio: 

Sylvester Stallone is a native New Yorker who gained worldwide acclaim for the title role of his own screenplay of Rocky. In fact, Stallone won the Academy Award in 1976 for Best Picture. Rocky went on to be a very successful franchise and was inducted into the National Film Registry. The front entrance to the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the Rocky series has been nicknamed the Rocky Steps, and Philadelphia has a statue of his Rocky character placed permanently near the museum. It was also announced in 2010 that Stallone was voted into boxing's Hall of Fame.

Meanwhile, Stallone has had other successful roles including John Rambo in that film series, and most recently in the Expendables. In 2010 the film opened at number one at the box office making him the only actor to open a number one film across five decades. Expendables 2 was released 2012.


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Submitted by Oscar rojas (not verified) on

Hey man your a hudge inspiration to me and you really gave me the courage and the strenth to come from within and train my hardest , i loved you best in the rocky trilogy and my dream is to meet you face to face i know you meet fans but im just a boy with a dream , werent you ever a boy with a dream , it would just make me so happy to meet my hero .. I know im really putting myself out there but i just want you to know how big of a fan i am and i just want to meet you because youve had a hudge impact on my life and my favorite quote to one of your Rocky movies is "get up you son of a bitch cuz micky loves ya ." And i know how hard it is to be An actor and you had to negotiate Holly wood for the role of rocky .. And i just think you know you really have the heart of rocky ... The real rocky would atleast reapond to a a young mans dream .. And i know im going on forever but im just putting all my eggs into one basket !! I really hope you read thus because im your #1 fan and you would just make my dream into a reality

Submitted by Josh (not verified) on

Stallone is a pussy ass gun control nut. Use to love his movies but wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire now. He spent his whole film career using guns but now wants to bash them. What a hipocrite.

Submitted by Bill (not verified) on

Obviously Rambo isn't actually a real person you idiot ! Stallone is brilliant

Submitted by Ray Taranto (not verified) on

I read about the incident at the Golden Globes yesterday and it confirmed my suspicions about the Afflecks and Damon, they are all ill-mannered punks from Boston.

Neither of them would give their seats to your wife while seating was sorted out. Chivalry is dead. It figures when you look at how they treat their women.

The first thing I noticed when I saw the article was your picture which made me smile. We are the same age and I have been watching you since 1976. Seeing you is seeing an old friend. Your accomplishments dwarf those of these punks and you deserved their respect.

Your family is amazing, congratulations. I'm sure you are very proud.

Please know that you are well loved among your fans and that you are a Hollywood Icon. These punks? They don't matter at all.

You are still The Man!

Submitted by Lenny shatek (not verified) on

Tank you. Your work has inspired me. God bless.

Submitted by Marcy (not verified) on


Submitted by bill harvey (not verified) on

rocky, john rambo, barney ross.....
sly knows what it takes to connect. really fascinating. the rocky franchise yet goes on with CREED 1 and 2.
sheer artistry.
the folding chair adjacent to adrian's grave site.
i could go on....
and i've seldom seen an actor/screenwriter work getting older into a script ( and handled ) so well.
i had not seen the expendalble movies till recently. far more than shoot-em-ups; well, they ARE THAT, but viewers get more; dialogue in touch with feelings and heart CHEMISTRY.
and who could pull bruce willis out of a film for wanting too big a payday, and replace him with no less than harrison ford? Yo.

Submitted by Simon James (not verified) on

An Open Letter to Mr Stallone
I want to thank you for your prolific work as an actor, writer and director. You're an icon, a living legend, and I, as a just another human being, want to thank you for everything that you've given.
I'm a father of three young boys, a cancer survivor, a fighter, and I can't ignore the fact that you've given me an example of masculine values since I was a young teenager. I grew up without a father, my mother was a junkie and a poor role model, and I think 'action heroes' like Mr Stallone have more of a social impact than we'd care to admit. Definitely for me, but even for just the average Joe. When we reach times in our life where we are confronted by crisis, a bully, violence - those examples of standing strong, having honour, trying to be righteous - they've been imprinted on us by the Rocky Balboas and the Johnny Rambos. These days it would probably be argued as toxic masculinity, but honestly **** that. Thank you, Mr Stallone, for providing aspirational examples of heroic masculinity.

Submitted by Eric howe (not verified) on

I hope to see many more movies, the greatest from a fan in franklin kentucky

Submitted by Billy brown (not verified) on

I also am paralyzed on same side of the face it took me a long time to get my head up and pale myself proudly but I did and it want drop aging you always been someone I’ve looked up to thanks I hope you get this and you check my past out we got a lot in common

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