Matthew McConaughey

Birth Name: 
Matthew David McConaughey
Best Known For: 

Dazed and Confused
The Wedding Planner
Magic Mike

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Matthew McConaughey is an American actor. McConaughey began his acting career in 1991, appearing in television commercials, before being cast in Richard Linklater's film Dazed and Confused, which became a critical success, garnering largely positive reviews. He was cast in leading roles in many more movies: Contact, Amistad, The Newton Boys, EDtv, and U-571. By the early 2000s, he was frequently cast in romantic comedies, including The Wedding Planner and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, both of which were successful at the box office. McConaughey met Brazilian model and television performer Camila Alves in 2006. The couple were married on June 9, 2012 in Austin, Texas, where they reside.


Matthew McConaughey
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Submitted by Dr Bradley Chicoine (not verified) on

Just wanted to let you know I saw you in your latest movie Gold! Nice job! Excellent acting! Loved that you are making a statement on Trump! You're a true leader! Can't be easy! Let's hope Trump will help in the grand scheme of things!

Submitted by Judy Dargis (not verified) on

I and several of my friends would love for you to do another Lincoln Lawyer movie. We watched LL again last night. Love it every time. You bring that character to life. Please, please.

Submitted by Ellis Young (not verified) on

You are a breath of fresh air in a sea of angry Hollywood folk. Your humility, dedication to growing spiritually and family, and your dedication in making your future-self proud, are brilliant goals.
I hope you know your part to just live life is inspirational to the world. Your star is bright.

Thank you for just living life,
Ellis Young

Submitted by Bobby Hinds (not verified) on

Hi Mathew, I was just wondering how your brother Pat is doing. I know it has been many a years, but I was the winning pitcher on your brothers little league baseball team in Uvalde in 1974. I know you had to of gone to a few of our games, especially the championship game.

Submitted by Deleyce Burg (not verified) on

Opening a Hemp boutique in Stonewall, TX (60 miles or so outside of Austin) and would love the Minister of Culture's help. I'm a Director of the Stonewall Chamber of Commerce and a member of one of the oldest local families. Plus I'm cool to hang out with.
Hygge TX
Deleyce Burg, Owner

Submitted by S Denman (not verified) on

About the Yahoo interview I agree with you and wondered if you have any thoughts on the modern Whig Institute. They seem to be centrist and forward thinking it would be nice to have another point of view in our country that wants real progress and fairness. Thanks for your thoughts from a fellow Texan S Denman in Pflugerville.

Submitted by Cathy (not verified) on

I heard you say you were thinking about running for governor. I like Gov Abbott but I would vote for you. The reason is that you aren’t a career politician. I voted for Trump and happen to think he did a good job. I’ve listened to your interviews and can say that I honestly like what I’ve heard. Your intelligent and I think you would make a good Governor. I’ve always loved being a Texan and feel blessed that I was born here. But, if Beto runs and God help us he wins my husband and myself will seriously think about moving. I don’t know if you will read this but I wanted to take the time to write you. Right now all I see is our country is being flushed down the toilet! Thank you

Submitted by Roy Hearn (not verified) on

Dan Patrick is known as a radio personality, degree in English.
You could challege him if you choose your issues carefully.
After running the Senate, you could build credibility and if the Governor leaves ...

Native Americans full casinos as a billion dollar state revenue, and major job creator.
Imagine Lake Livingston as a magnet for Texans that otherwise go to Louisiana, or Vegas.

Medical marijuana for people who could benifit, also jobs and revenue.

Advocate new generation 4 nuclear plants to replace coal fired electric power plants.

Coal seams can be drilled and seeded to produce gas similar to Natural gas
Instead of mining.

Submitted by Pete Alt (not verified) on

I am a Special Forces Combat Veteran of 32 years. I don't pretend to be anything that I am not except me. I have stayed out of politics for 3 decades as my only priority was the man to my left and my right in battle and protecting my family at home. I read "listened" to you book and it changed my life. I have been plagued with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury etc and reading your book helped more than anything Water Reed did for me. Nope, Im not crazy, Im not a gun fanatic, Im just Pete. Red lights, can turn into green lights if you stay the course and believe in what is real and just. I want you to know that your stories have caused me to reflect and become introspective into my own life. Your stories are not very much different from my own childhood. I appreciate you as a storyteller and a healer with your words. I ask for little in this world but to be a good father and husband regardless of the path life has taken us. I know that you may not even ever see this post but I needed to try to let you know that your book changed how I think. I too have traveled the world and seen the good and the bad. More good than bad but the Amazon and Africa can change your thought processes that have been shaped by living only in America. Thank you again Sir for your words and Gods Speed to you and your family. Thank you again.

Submitted by Barb (not verified) on

Do it!! Your unaffiliated approach is just what we need. Breath of fresh air. Someone to start a discussion, figure out the likenesses instead of the differences, brainstorm and problem solve. Too much power and money have gotten the present political leaders off the track of governing. DO IT!!

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