Keanu Reeves

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Keanu Charles Reeves
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Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure
The Matrix trilogy

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Keanu Reeves (born September 2, 1964) is an actor, producer, director and musician. Beginning in 1985 and spanning for more than three decades. He gained fame for his starring role performances in several blockbuster films including comedies from the Bill and Ted franchise (1989–1991), action thrillers Point Break (1991) and Speed (1994), and the science fiction-action trilogy The Matrix (1999–2003). He has also appeared in several dramatic films such as Dangerous Liaisons (1988), My Own Private Idaho (1991), and Little Buddha (1993).


Keanu Reeves
8687 Melrose Avenue
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Submitted by Alex R (not verified) on

Love you soo much. I have all your Posters.

Submitted by Patricia Guerrero (not verified) on

Hello Mr Reeves
I know you will not answer this but wanted to write to a person who lost to great people in your life who will understand my pain. I lost 2 special and wonderful people in my life and kids life. My husband was 42 he passed away on March 28th 2016 of a brain anerisom and my little sister 21 she passed away on June 10th 2016 of leukemia. Today I'm talking out all his stuff from the closet to donate it and it's so hard my room is a disaster my kids come in and see me cry and sad. I know I have to be strong for them but who would be strong for me?

Submitted by Asia Zafar (not verified) on

I also lost my husband on 28th november i have 4 little kids..lost older sister in 1995 due to brain tumour
Cancer when i was 12 and lost younger sister due to same
Glioblastoma brain cancer on 26th may 2018 she was just 31 yrs mother is blind and i am taking care of my mom and 4 kids..this is part of ife my sweet heart..can feel your pain..although i am also in deep grief but these pains and griefs made me more strong..
So the grief is always there we can just compromise ..
Seriously we are still better then millions.
Just try to get yourself busy.
Love and prayers.

Submitted by Twinky (not verified) on

Sending comfort Patricia, I lost my husband to divorce after he was diagnosed with PTSD and Gulf War syndrome.I hope knowing you got every year he had and his devotion was all the way to the end of his time with us versus losing him the way I lost the love of my life. Sending hugs and 💖.

Submitted by Patricia Nino G... (not verified) on

Hello Mr Reeves
I know you will not answer this but wanted to write to a person who lost to great people in your life who will understand my pain. I lost 2 special and wonderful people in my life and kids life. My husband was 42 he passed away on March 28th 2016 of a brain anerisom and my little sister 21 she passed away on June 10th 2016 of leukemia. Today I'm talking out all his stuff from the closet to donate it and it's so hard my room is a disaster my kids come in and see me cry and sad. I know I have to be strong for them but who would be strong for me? Life is a Bitch some times when you are happy it try to bring you down . This year my heart was broken twice.

Submitted by Tim (not verified) on

I've lived through a pretty dark childhood, I've known my parents but it wasn't necessarily good. I just want to say you as an actor, and person are an inspiration to me. Strength, is just that. Overcoming past, is another thing. You keep it up, I'll keep watching your portrayals, you'll do fine. Never let the hate get to you, but I'm sure you've learned that. Just know, there are people that care .

Submitted by Kenneth (not verified) on

I'm a big fan and l heard that Keanu Reeveslijes to help charités and l was hoping that the foundation could help the Helping Hands Gofund account.
It's for the low income and disabled people who can't afford equipment or devices after surgery.. Thank You....Kenneth H.

Submitted by Daria (not verified) on

Your peaceful and selfless. From the outside looking in, you live your life in REAL LIFE. You want to be the best example you can be, because that’s what comes with the responsibilities of stardom. But it’s so much more for you, in MY EYES. I see chivalry in its most innocent form, and a gentleman just wanting to do the right things by people, humanity, and that is to be commended. You are by far a HERO. And I pray that you truly have the peace that you exude. I pray for you to have a love that will complete the simple, giving, and humble that you deserve. Peace and Blessing....... Sweet, Gentle, BEAUTIFUL HUMAN.

Submitted by John (not verified) on

I just learned that you lost had a stillborn child and lost wife in auto accident and the sister got leukemia i was looking for a support group for myself as i lost my wife in an auto accident then my only sibling died and last december my only son died i didn't think anyone had a trifecta of tragedy like that other than myself to go on is a daily sometimes hourly struggle i have been to support groups but i get angry when i hear some peoples bullshit excuse for being there

Submitted by Vanessa Litke (not verified) on

To some who can make a difference
My name is Vanessa Litke. I am from Winnipeg, Mb in Canada. I am writing to you because of a sickening heart-breaking video I recently saw that absolutely broke my heart. I can not stop shedding tears over what is happening to the poor helpless polar bears of this world. It is absolutely beyond devastating. These beautiful majestic animals are literally starving to death. They need help!!!! I have no status no power and no money!!!! I feel helpless. But these animals need a voice!!! They need our help!!! They need YOUR HELP!!!! You have wealth, power and status AND most importantly HEART!!!! So please please please from this animal lover I am begging for your help for any thing you can do to help these poor beautiful animals that are already near extinction. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Submitted by Kelly O'Connell (not verified) on

My mom and me are very connected to you. It doesn't matter that u are a celebrity and we are not, my mom has had dreams of u of a past life and I feel connected to u too. u won't read this but hey it's worth a chance.

Submitted by Debora Peruzzu (not verified) on

Mi spiace per tutto quello che hai passato..ti auguro ogni.bene..buona vita..Debora

Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Hi Keanu Reeves,

I am Muhammad Syaepudin from Indonesia, I watched your all movies.
Especially Speed, Matrix Trilogy, Devil' Advocate, Point Break, Sweet November. You are the best actor that I have ever seen.

Beside you are the best actor, you also generous, kind, simple and humble.
Honestly, I just found the perfect person just like you, you have everything the best.

I pray for you, that ALLAH will give you the guidance to follow his way.
Someday, ALLAH will meet us. Insha Allah.


Submitted by mourad (not verified) on

Dear Keanu,
I really hope I would have the privilege one day of meeting you in person, just saying hello and talking about our lives of everyday. Your way is a model for mine, as is the one of Leonardo, Nikola, Nina, Davis, John, Bob, Jean-Jacques, Honore, and all the similar humans to you/them who were/are free at the max they could while preserving the Human's Natural Fundamentals!

Submitted by Lina Korikalo (not verified) on

Hi Keanu
I know you won't have time to read this,however just to let you know that you are a blessing for us..Thank you for making me scared ,laugh and adventurous with your of luck.and may His guidance and blessings b with you always😘😇😇😇
Love from Vanuatu

Submitted by Shawn Graves (not verified) on

Hey Keanu just wanted to say thank you for being such a down to earth person ...Hollywood has a way of turning good people into self centered hateful and rude people who believe everyone else is beneath them just because they have acquired wealth and fame...You have set the bar so high for all other Hollywood actors in your generosity...A rare breed..Thank You

Submitted by Priyanka chaurasia (not verified) on

hello sir,i dont know if you read this...hope i get lucky.Sir you are a wonderful person,reading articles about u...i feel so good that you are not just the most handsome actor but also a kind human being who encourage others to make world better place to live.i love ur simplicity towards life.I wish i could meet u someday but i know its
impossible . But whenever i see ur pic with any fan of urs...and his/her smile meting u...i feel so happy.Always stay the way you are .😊

Submitted by Jesenia Ortiz (not verified) on

I just want to say, that no matter how your life was, you seem strong and very confident person, thats the reason that all you been through, be now the way you're in all you did... Congrats in a new movie, another great movie... my greetings and success... take care!!

Submitted by MF (not verified) on

Life is what you make of it, I bet you know money don’t matter, what’s holding you go travel go find yourself your beautiful inside out 💛

Submitted by Jeremiah Looking Elk (not verified) on

Hey sir i dont know what to say i have watched you since the matrix and you have always been a influence to keep pushing and i come to learn that things will work out if i keep my head and others smilling i suffered from dyslexia i had it with numbers and words... And it was tough in school but i still did it my father and i been together since day one my mother left when i was 4 months old and its been tough since but you keep going and one of these days its been my goal to meet you only reason is just to talk like human beings i understand you are busy and all but this would serve a purpose to me and my father but hey hope you have a blessed future ahead and its okay shes always with you!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

You’re a huge inspiration and an amazing person. You’ve helped me get through a lot, thank you <3

Submitted by Utkarsh (not verified) on

4 months ago i was on the verge of committing suicide but i decided before i do so i should log on to youtube and live through that one day. After an hour on youtube i came by a video featuring you. Seeing that video sparked something in me and made me say to myself that if i'm going to die, i will die as a man you would think im capable of being. This made me make a few lifestyle changes. After 4 months things are looking a lot better. I just want to say thank you and i ever become famous enough for you to know me remember that i am there because you were there for me that day

Submitted by Chimesa on

So you’ve made some awesome movies, “check!” Your kindness though, is out of control, dude! Thank you for your light! You fit in my tiny circle and it would be cool if you had your own pack, ‘cause who better to have kids than a starperson like yourself. Can you imagine twin boys?! They’d practically glow with kindness! Light & Love! Amazing work!!!

Submitted by Chimesa on

I apologize, let me clarify: “The Stars” refers to the lights above in the sky, like Orion; a “starperson” is someone that helps raise the vibration of others, illuminates, and helps find (or look) for positive meaning(s) in life.

With all due respect, Mr. Reeves, the time for having children has not passed. All things are possible, manageable, and totally realistic. Your children (who will be healthy in every way) that are asking to be born will come in this life or the next. It’s still up to you. If I know this then I’m sure your team has the resources to get it done. With all of your experiences thus far, the value of such a love would not be lost on you. It’s a love so magical I pray you choose to experience it! Light & Love! Now go get at it!!! (No pressure ;-p)

Submitted by Kortny Lynn Schuette (not verified) on

All famous people are just people they just happen to have money. That’s the only difference there are plenty of people with money that are not famous. Money stands in the way of everything. If you can’t get or look past it there will be no happiness. But then trust comes into play too. Come some are just after that life and money. And it is sad. Everyone wants to meet someone famous. So do I but I’d rather have a legitimate conversation with them. Like a human being. Keep your chin up. It will happen 🙂

Submitted by B.Pierce (not verified) on

I just want to say Keanu reeves is my favorite actor and would think it was the greatest thing in the world to meet him sometime.

Submitted by Xander Kitten (not verified) on

The characters you play are some of the coolest and best est characters because they are just plain awesome. Another thing is that you are one of the upmost inspiring person in the world. I think that you playing Neo in the matrix is sick because of how Neo plays the role of taking down a virus in the actual matrix.

Submitted by Chimesa on

Thank you for Bill and Ted Face the Music"!!! Such a much needed gut laugh accessible without a mask ("Thank you for that, too!). Imagining anyone, much less Death, doing a "40 minute Bass solo" or even a band polite enough to let it happen... no way, that's nuts, I cracked up! The inclusion of the original characters and backstories is clever like; Missy is still in the family in a twisted way, daddy Captain Logan has been promoted to Chief, the historic girlfriends are now wives, yet, Bill and Ted are just as clueless as ever in an charming way. The new characters, the daughters and Kid Cudi, invited the humor of generational gaps and commonalities. This was brilliant family fun without being cheeky!

Submitted by Pamela (not verified) on

You've entertained me through out the years so I would like to thank you with a copy of my book 'I Died Yesterday'. It's one womans journey in the afterlife. To learn more about the book check out . If it sounds interesting to you I would love to send you a copy.

Submitted by Rasel Ali (not verified) on

Hi keanu reeves, i love your movies, especially your personality and the fact that you are the most kindest and considerate person in the movie biz.
Its a long shot but since you love helping people i was wondering if you could help me open a recycling company in the uk, somerset, so i could help the planet to be a better place and it would also help my struggling family. Hope you are well kind sir, best wishes for your future.

Rasel ali and joanne demenis on facebook.

Submitted by Charlie Wick (not verified) on

Hello Mr. Reeves, my name is Charlie Wick and I am from Minnesota. I've grown up watching your movies and I've been a fan since childhood. Ever since the John Wick movies first came out people have always been asking me if I'm related to John Wick because of my last name. I would personally like to thank you and the team behind making those movies on behalf of all Wicks for changing our name associations from candles to action heroes. It has given me a lot of confidence in myself and inspired me to be the best version of myself. On a side note, I would love to take a picture with you sometime so that the next time someone asks if I'm related to John Wick I can say yes and show them the picture and see the look of pure bewilderment and confusion on their face, it would be priceless LOL

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