Hugh Jackman

Birth Name: 
Hugh Michael Jackman
Best Known For: 

Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise

Short bio: 

Hugh Michael Jackman (born 12 October 1968) is an Australian actor, singer, and producer. Jackman has won international recognition for his roles in major films, notably as superhero, period, and romance characters. He is best known for his long-running role as Wolverine in the X-Men film series, as well as for his lead roles in the romantic-comedy fantasy Kate & Leopold (2001), the action-horror film Van Helsing (2004), the magic-themed drama The Prestige (2006), the epic historical romantic drama Australia (2008), the sci-fi sports drama Real Steel (2011), the film version of Les Misérables (2012), and the thriller Prisoners (2013). His work in Les Misérables earned him his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor and his first Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy in 2013. In theater, he won a Tony Award for his role in The Boy from Oz.


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Submitted by Edward Floyd (not verified) on

Hello I am a great fan of you and Iove the greatest showman.

Submitted by krysta (not verified) on

I am one of your biggest fans you are the best xmen star ever you play wolverine and he is my favourite
in all the xmen movies that you are in

Submitted by Sharni Stewart ... (not verified) on

Hi Hugh,
Me and my best friend are you biggest fans!! We are both crazy about The Greatest Showman and we talk about how amazing you are all the time!! We are hoping to get tickets to The man the music the show 2019!!

Submitted by Ola (not verified) on

Hello Hugh, I've always loved your acting. I've seen most of your movies but the greatest show man is the best musical movie I've ever seen. I've seen it 4 times and I still want to. Thank you so much.

I love singing and dancing but the greatest show man is unbelievable. FANTASTIC!

To the entire cast....Great job

Submitted by Sandy Baier (not verified) on

Hugh, I just found about your concert in Tampa. I can't get tickets or I would. I will be 81 & have been a fan, from Broadway to film. I never know if I will have another chance, but I would love to be on your special wish list. Tks & LUV

Submitted by Brandon (not verified) on

Thank you for the hard work you put into your every movie. It takes true commitment, and to see them done is inspiring. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by Allie Noel Nash (not verified) on

I’ve been in a car wreck. In my Comatose Stage, my life had failed for 3 days. I never forgot the importance that your voice made my family/friends, & I feel of ourselves. I’m thankful for that! Merci beaucoup!!

Submitted by Mary (not verified) on

Thank you Hugh for an amazing evening of 10* Entertainment at Qudos Arena. There are not enough superlatives in that Oxford or Macquarie Dictionary to describe the joyful happiness that was palpable in the audience this evening. There was Magic & Wonder & a gift generously given by you to every person present. Heartfelt thanks & blessings & smiles & wishing you a wonderful long life to share with Deb & your family. May the sun always shine for you wherever the road may lead you.

Submitted by Carson (not verified) on

So, my friends actually got me into Wolverine. I had no idea who he was or who Hugh Jackman was. After I promised to watch the movies the let up. They told me not to watch Logan as my first Wolverine movie. I said okay. Well 3 months later, there I sit watching Logan as my first Wolverine/X-Men movie. The ending made me cry, but I was hooked. I started watching all the X-men movies and all Hugh Jackman movies such as Les Miserables, The Greatest Showman (Fantastic) and lots more. Hugh Jackman is by far mt favorite actor. So thank you Hugh for hours of entertainment and action.

Submitted by Sophia (not verified) on

I loved the greatest showman. I also loved someone of your other movies. Just wanted to tell you that you inspire me to become an actress, singer, and over all a happy person. 🙂

Submitted by Sadie Nezin (not verified) on

dear Hugh Jackman you are.a role moddle I have watched Greatestshowman 10 or more times! I love it you have inspired me to be a singer-acter when I grow up you truely are the Greatest showman hugh.
love your fan Sadie ps you and my dad are close to the same age!

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