Colleen Evans

Birth Name: 
Colleen Ballinger
Best Known For: 

Miranda Sings

Short bio: 

Colleen Evans (née Ballinger, born November 21, 1986) is a comedian, actress, singer and YouTube personality. She is best known for her Internet character Miranda Sings, posting videos of the character on YouTube, and performing her one-woman comedy act on tour in theatres worldwide. She created the comically talentless, egotistical and quirky character to satirize the many YouTube videos featuring people singing badly, but who appear unaware of their lack of talent. In her videos and in her stage act, the eccentric, narcissistic character sings and dances badly, discusses current events that she misunderstands, gives inept "tutorials", collaborates with other (apparently reluctant) YouTubers, and rants about her personal issues and her critics, the "haters".

Evans also features comedy and lifestyle videos on her personal YouTube channel, PsychoSoprano. Her YouTube channels, combined, have surpassed 900 million views. In each of 2014 and 2015, Evans was nominated for a Teen Choice Award in the category of "Web Star: Comedy" for her videos, for which Evans ultimately won the award in the 2015 show. She was also nominated for a 2015 Streamy Award. As of August 2015, her channels were ranked as the No. 16 (Miranda Sings) and No. 22 (Psychosoprano) comedy channels on YouTube by data compiler Social Blade. The Hollywood Reporter selected her as one of its Top 25 Digital Stars.

Evans has appeared as an actress and singer Off-Broadway, in regional theatre, on television and in web series, and has sung as a guest artist on albums. In 2014, she guest-starred as Miranda Sings on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and appeared as Miranda on The Tonight Show. In January 2015, Evans was a guest co-host on The View. In April, she appeared as Miranda on The Grace Helbig Show. In July, she married fellow YouTube personality Joshua David Evans and released a best-selling book, written in Miranda's voice, Selp-Helf.


Colleen Ballinger
P.O. Box 62058
Santa Barbara, CA 93160


Submitted by Savanna (not verified) on

Colleen can you please come to Florida in 2016 . I'm so upset I was looking forward to getting tickets to your show in Orlando then I saw the date. Please come to florida

Submitted by Melissa Photiou (not verified) on

colleen can you please come to Florida in 2017.I live in Cyprus and its so far away but I'm so exited because I'm coming to Florida. You are the best youtuber ever and I love you.

Submitted by Abigail (Abby) (not verified) on

Dear Colleen,
I love Miranda Sings and Psycho Soprano. You are amazing. I hope you are doing well and havng some fun

Submitted by Sam (not verified) on

Dear Colleen Evans,
You are so amazing!! I can't believe I found a person like you! I love your colleens corner soooooo much. I want to go on one of your tours and meet you in person but, my mom dosnt want to pay for that because we don't have that much money. But I am glad that your happy and your with josh! It makes me feel happy!! I'm 10 and I really do LOVE watching your videos!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Someone had directed me to your video regarding your Ouija board experience video on YouTube. I would like for you to educate yourself with the term "ideomotor effect." One way to prove this effect is to test it. On your next Ouija board experience you will have the observer who in no way touches the board or planchette or you. Then yourself will be completing blindfolded and in no way can see. The observer will proceed with the questions writing the answers as necessary and in no way commentating other than to ask the questions and just the questions. Let's see your spirits answer back, but guess what they will suddenly forgot to spell as you will see due to the "ideomotor effect." Educate yourself and stop uploading click bait. And it stands to reason as well that you put this video on here for one reason as a YouTuber. It's called subscribers and view count that matters.

Submitted by Quinn Long (not verified) on

Colleen you have inspired and have gotten me through some pretty tough times,and you have inspired me to follow my dreams.Watching your videos make me happy,and fell joy in my life.And I hate to ask you this after everything you have done for me.I really really want to see you on tour like more than life itself,but all of your tour places are really far away,and my parents wont drive me that far.So I know your probably not reading this,and I know you most likely cant change your places.But if there is any chance in the universe you could come closer to around the Oklahoma area I would be more than grateful.Again I really hate bothering you about this its just that your like my hero/role model.And I have been watching you for like 7 years and your just so positive and beautiful,inside and out.And I love you so much!

Submitted by sallie s (not verified) on

Dear Colleen, First off i would like to say thank you so much for being you you have inspired me to be myself and to not let other people control my life you have also taught me to let my inner weirdness shine through i know you probobaly not right me back but if you see this i would love to meet you please right back love sallie

Submitted by PsycoSaprano (not verified) on

Thank you! Your a true Fan

Submitted by Azariah (not verified) on

Hi collen this February is my b'day so in 2017 in the month of February can you do a show

Submitted by kaite (not verified) on

hi colleen,im very sorry i love you so much and im so sorry i understand take all the time you need,and you probably have 10 times the fan mail now about the divorse than normal,so im sorry to take up all your time and i want you to know,ive watched you from the beggining and i love you so much :( <3

Submitted by Kaesey (not verified) on

Colleen your birthday is one day before mine. How cool is that? I love you so much, and I wanted to let you know that you are my idol!!!!

Love YOU! <3

Submitted by faith hayden (not verified) on

Ahow often do you check your fan mail?? i sent your some mail about two weeks agao

Submitted by Zoe M (not verified) on

I love Miranda Sings! She is so BOOTIFUL! I can't compete with that. Her listick is the best. When people what I want to be when I grow up I say Miranda Sings.

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