Cameron Dallas

Birth Name: 
Cameron Dallas
Best Known For: 

Posting pranks and jokes on Vine.

Short bio: 

Cameron Dallas (born September 8, 1994) is an internet personality from Chino, California who rose to fame on the video application Vine.


Cameron Dallas
PO Box 2763
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Cameron Dallas
26 Mgmt
909 E 29th Street
Suite 5A
Brooklyn, NY 11210


Submitted by kailee (not verified) on

i really need to talk to you because you are the only one who i trust to make me feel better. I am crying my eys out right now thank you for being so nice to people when the are down.

Submitted by Angel Richardson (not verified) on

I have not had my first kiss yet and i have been wishing every wish i can get and i also pray that someday i will meet you and get to kiss you like i see you do some of your other fans. I'm 14 years old and i love you soooo much! It will make my day.

Submitted by Kennisha (not verified) on

Ok so I had a terrible 13 birthday I'm turning 14 this year and I want it to be a good birthday but it will only be good if you call/text me or if you come

Submitted by Emilee (not verified) on

Is the PO Box information given the right PO Box for Cameron Dallas to receive fan mail?

Submitted by Cory on

The PO Box listed is the address Cameron posted via his official Twitter account in 2015 for people to send him fan mail. I've added another address for his management agency if you want to try reaching him there, too.

Submitted by Alanah (not verified) on

I hope one day I get to meet you cameron, i've been a fan of you for about 3 years now, and you never fail to make me happy. I love you!

Submitted by Paige Noelle Be... (not verified) on

You're adorable, thank you for always bringing my bad days good and always keeping a smile on my face

Submitted by Savannah Oberley (not verified) on

Hey Cameron, My name is Savannah. I'm 19 years old and am going to be turning 20 the day before Halloween. it has been my biggest dream to meet you and hang out with you. You and the magcon boys have inspired me very much over the past few years. I don't know exactly when but my friends and I are going to start a hip hop dance channel on youtube. Our group name is eye candy. And my friends Mattie, Kiara, and myself were just wondering how do you guys do it? You know get up on stage and just dance. do you ever get stage fright.

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