Martin Scorsese

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Taxi Driver

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Martin Scorsese was born November 17, 1942 in Queens, NY, and is widely thought of as one of the most significant and influential filmmakers in cinema history. Scorsese's passion for films started at 8-years-old as a pint-sized filmmaker. In 1968, he completed his first feature-length film, "Who's That Knocking at My Door?", but it wasn't until he released "Taxi Driver" nearly 10 years later that he skyrocketed to fame. He proved the film wasn't a fluke with a string of landmark films, such as "Raging Bull", "Goodfellas" and "Mean Streets."

With eight Best Director nominations to date, Scorsese is the most nominated living director, and is tied with Billy Wilder for the second most nominations overall. He finally won the Academy Award for Best Director for The Departed in 2006.


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Submitted by John Papa (not verified) on

Dear Martin,

I am a big fan of your last series ''Vinyl'', and i want to persuade you to continue the second chapter of this story, because its LIT!!!

Yours sincerely,
John Papa

Submitted by Greg Martin (not verified) on

Martin. I am a huge fan I own all of your movies I've watched casino at least a hundred times. Aviator and shutter island bout the same. I'm leaving this comment to ask you plllease please make "The Irishman" soon please. I've been waiting since 2011. De Niro and Pesci together once again in one of your movies even if it's the last time would be more appreciated than you'll ever know. Thank you

Submitted by John J. (not verified) on

Hello Martin Scorsese
I’m a retired fireman from NY, who grew up in Queens. I was in my cups tonight watching old Who YouTube videos, especially of Keith Moon. I remember a few years back you were gonna make a movie about him, called Moon, starring some guy from SNL.
Whaddya say pal? Add this genius to your legacy.
BTW, slang was on purpose.

Submitted by Manuela Cosio (not verified) on

Hi Martin! Big fan.
I love you movie Shutter Island but I have always questioned why Teddy Daniels was in Shutter Island if his only crime was killing his wife after she killed his children. Does that make him highly dangerous? Does that merit his stay at the highly secure Shutter Island? I know he is denying having done this. But he doesn't seem like a crazy person who could hurt someone. Why is the most dangerous criminally in shutter island if the rest seem to be more dangerous than him. Please answer this question is killing me.

Submitted by Jeffrey F Cohen (not verified) on

I do not understand the infatuation with Italian and now Irish gangsters and their corruption. i am a Bronx Jew and I am offended by the Italian sterotypes. This Jew Boy's life was saved by two Italian American physicians (Drs. Iuzzolino and Sisti) on two different occasions for two different afflictions. And yet, for the most part, I associate great Italian American actors like DeNiro, Pesce and Pacino with Italian gangsterism. I would assume that after making their fortunes that they and Mr. Scorsese would be free to delve into the lives of those Italian Americans or other immigrants to the US who exhibited courage, honesty, integrity and hard work and would be great subjects for movies. As an example, let me offer Carmen Lucia, a union organizer born 1902. She was known as the "Hatter's Fighting Lady." During the dirty thirties, she organized unions and strikes and was jailed and beaten a number of times. A true Italian American heroine and not a gangster. Her life is worthy of a Scorsese film.

Submitted by Rehan S Afghani (not verified) on

Mr. Scorsese I am a great fan of your flicks from the start. You've created some very epics on screen and made movies worthwhile to watch but after watching The Irishman I have to hold my reservations about it. Maybe I'm old school who likes to watch movies where its unpredictable to understand the plot or maybe the cast was too iconic to absorb the movie. One could not understand whether to look at Pacino or Deniro and honestly the movie looked like an episode of a drama. I guess the TV's and the way the movies made nowadays are very crisp so it could be the case but in the end the cast was too much for a single movie. Personally Joe Pesci was the winner in this movie for his subtleness and expressions as a mobster. Pacino if you compare it with Nicholson in Hoffa was weak. He didn't have the aura or the glam. Deniro was very cold and smug which didn't suit his character. The camera was constantly close to the faces of all the players hence making them too crispy and old. Now if Canavale was to be Hoffa and Brad Pitt to play Sheeran would've been a different ball game. Overall you could've added a bit more flavor to the movie. It was more an audition to a Scorsese movie than a movie itself. But then IT IS WHAT IT IS.

Submitted by Giuseppi (not verified) on

Mr. Scorsese,
I have enjoyed every movie of yours that I have had the pleasure to watch. I recently saw "The Irishman".
It was fantastic but I thought I should tell you that the name of the game is pronounced (phonetically)

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