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Meghan Trainor

Birth Name: 
Meghan Elizabeth Trainor
Music Category: 
Best Known For: 

"All About That Bass"

Short bio: 

Meghan Trainor was born December 22, 1993 in Nantucket, MA. She began singing at the age of 6 and songwriting at age 11. She later became a member of a band called Island Fusion and a jazz band at high school. At the age of 15, Trainor produced and released a self-titled album. She then attended the Berklee College of Music and found success at a variety of songwriting contests across the United States. In 2011, she released two acoustic albums, "I'll Sing with You" and "Only 17." The latter earned her a song publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music, where she wrote for Rascal Flatts, Sabrina Carpenter, and more.

In February 2014, Trainor was signed to Epic Records by L.A. Reid after performing her song "All About That Bass" on the ukulele for him. The song was later championed by Reid as Trainor's debut single and saw a release on June 30, 2014. "All About That Bass" became one of the best-selling singles of all time, topping the charts in 58 countries. It was number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 for eight non-consecutive weeks. The single preceded Trainor's debut EP Title, which debuted at number 15 on the Billboard 200 in September 2014.

Trainor's second single, "Lips Are Movin", marked her second consecutive top five hit on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number four. Her debut album, "Title," is released on January 9, 2015. Trainor's work has been recognized with a variety of award nominations, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for "All About That Bass" at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.


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10351 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232


not important's picture
Submitted by not important (not verified) on

what the fak is wrong with you i mean. no its not right that she called skinny people a b word but she doesnt desurve to die over it. I hope YOU read this and YOU kill yourself

Coolunicorn's picture
Submitted by Coolunicorn (not verified) on

This is a fan site

Strong's picture
Submitted by Strong (not verified) on

By the way I think just the opposite of you
What you said was not right
You remind me of someone who picked on me all the time
There life was not fun
Whatever your problem is I do not want to see this again please

Strong's picture
Submitted by Strong (not verified) on

By the way I think just the opposite of you
What you said was not right
You remind me of someone who picked on me all the time
There life was not fun
Whatever your problem is I do not want to see this again please

Angelina's picture
Submitted by Angelina (not verified) on

Who cares if she's not as skinny as you want her to be. She is a beautiful and an amazing person who CAN sing and write songs. So BACK OFF!!!!!! If you want to be rude don;t do it over social media.

Maddy's picture
Submitted by Maddy (not verified) on

Dont hate on MTrain just because you couldn't get anywhere in life. You shouldn't tell anyone to kill themselves especially someone so many young girls look up to. Just keep your nasty comments in your peanut sized brain if it can even handle that much. Nobody deserves that rude, nasty, evil and may I just add utterly disgraceful message you just sent to one of the worlds largest growing pop stars. She deserves better then you. (song lyrics but I am thinking your to stupid to know that) I am not just giving you this lashing because I love Meghan but because nobody deserves this. Oh and by the way honey she is way out of your league and way to good for you. Your the one who isn't good enough for anyone. I mean come on do you have fans all around the world. Do honey so next time you go to say something online which you aren't strong enough to say to her face just remember that she has an army of Megatrons who will fight back and I am just the beginning.

Star's picture
Submitted by Star (not verified) on

Why the fuck would u say that about Meghan Trainor?!?! She is like the best singer of all time+she says she's just playing around after she calls skinny people bitches! oh my god you're the one who sucks! She was the one who cheered me up when my parents broke up when I five!

Faye's picture
Submitted by Faye (not verified) on

I would like to see you sing, and mabye Meghan is just tired of all those standards that say in order for a women to be pretty they have to be a certain weight for they're weight. Also if you even knew the lyrics to All About That Bass she says that she's "just playing" after she calls those women bitches then she calls them perfect. You are just a jerky mean person that can't see past looks to see the real beauty: talent, personally and kindness, all of which you have none of.
And I'm twelve btw

just sayin's picture
Submitted by just sayin (not verified) on

for one thing ya didnt hear her song write for mehgan. she said she was just playin in the song and how can a song be bad if it helped alot of big girls? i guess if she said fat people were B's and skinny was great youd have no problem right? just think everytime ya mock a singer. there up on stage making millions and your were your at dont say nothing bad about fat girls one day your going to need something and all your skinny friends wont be there to help ya and a fat girl is going to be there to help ya. its just an example. this is why the world is like it is because of folks like you. if we all can get along thered be no war. i still like you its your oppinion everyone is entitled to one. you just mistook her song wrong. so just give yourself a hug and be happy.

Sakura 's picture
Submitted by Sakura (not verified) on

You really shouldn't call Meghan Trainor fat or ugly or say she can't sing. She is a very beautiful and talented young woman who is mature enough to keep her clothes on. Just because she has wide hips and a bit more booty that doesn't mean she's ugly. There are plenty of female celebrities who are beautiful and have curves: Helena Bonham Carter, Imelda Staunton, Adele and Beyoncé are just a few. As for saying she can't sing, well that's just a down right lie. She is an excellent singer and not only is she a great singer, but she is also a huge motivator for many people around the world.

Samantha 's picture
Submitted by Samantha (not verified) on

You know what stop making fun of others just because you don't like someone... many people like her many people don't but I know that I love her songs and you should at least say something nice -.- she could talk to you like you talk about her

Amber 's picture
Submitted by Amber (not verified) on

Excuse me b! She is better than u r! Ur just jealous because she couldn't be prettier, more talented and beautiful, and plump. Just because Ur all those things doesn't mean u have to hate other people! Meghan, u r amazing. Don't listen to that jealous b word!

Erielle's picture
Submitted by Erielle (not verified) on

All this stuff youre saying is making u sound even worse. Please stop listen two yourslf you sou d unreal and very stupid welk uneducated she did not say it two hurt peopke she was just joking .thankyou crystal for youre opinion but next time keep those words 2 youreself plse

Bree's picture
Submitted by Bree (not verified) on

She obviously can sing, because look where she is now. She IS good enough for a ton of people. Such as me, her dad Gary, her brother Ryan, and millions of Megatrons everywhere. That song is about loving yourself. Obviously, you're pretty young because of the fact you can't say bitch. Get over yourself and stop hating. And don't you ever tell anyone to kill themselves ever.

Klara's picture
Submitted by Klara (not verified) on


lexa's picture
Submitted by lexa (not verified) on

you should talk about anyone like that. it is not nice. she is an inspiration to girls who are over weight

Submitted by CRYSTAL HATER (not verified) on


Johanna's picture
Submitted by Johanna (not verified) on

Well that is not a very nice way to talk about someone I hope you will be nicer in the future:)

Zoe's picture
Submitted by Zoe (not verified) on

Listen up, it is hard being heavy than most. I speak from personal experience. We all weren't blessed with high metabolism. She is waaaaay talented. And she can sing like no other. It is honestly the most beautiful voice in the world. And she is not ugly. She has gorgeous eyes and a beautiful body. And if you think she is still ugly, then remember, it's the inside that counts.You see people like the Kardashians, and they are famous. But for what? See ya hater!✌️

lola's picture
Submitted by lola (not verified) on

Dude, you need to chill.If you dislike her that much just keep it to yourself.And BTW Meghan is amazing and if you can't see that that's your problem.

Jazzy Rainbows 's picture
Submitted by Jazzy Rainbows (not verified) on

you know what?? Megan Trainor is awesome she is a great singer plus in that song she said "naw i'm just playin" so you should just shut up she inspired people and wrote and sang great songs better than you ever could. and DONT EVER tell people to kill themselves because sometimes people listen. I know she won't listen to you any way crystal because your a jerk and need to get a life plus she is a very strong person! i hope you are reading this, because you might be 25 or you might be 8 and just offended by the b word but i don't care! I'm only 11 yet I can and will stand up to anyone no matter their age. btw i love meghan. anyway have a great day! thanks for your time.

- Jazzy Rainbows

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Crystal if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it! You are just a little hater the wants to act cute and wants attention but you need to shut up and leave everyone alone! I hope you read all of the comments after yours and decide to shut up and never say anything about my family ever again!

Lolaleech's picture
Submitted by Lolaleech (not verified) on

How could you say something like that to such a wonderful and brilliant woman????? You Jerk!
Have you ever thought about what it would be like if someone said those things to you? Well guess what! I’m going to say those things back to you! So just read your comment through and turn the message to you.
Meghan Trainor deserves way more than just he awards! She is absolutely beautiful, smart amazing, and any other nice words you can find to describe her!
Did you listen to the lyrics of her mom song? Or did you see what did for this on 6 year with cancer? That’s what I call nice! And I call you horrible!

Gabrielle's picture
Submitted by Gabrielle (not verified) on

Meghan..... You are my hero!!!!! My son of 2 years old is in love with you. He was obsess with your first hit all about the bass and still is. He ask me no joking 150 times a day. Bababass maman. Please. And web your song is finish he says again again and jump. He looks at your video on YouTube all the time. After you came with lips don't lie. Well he says bababa maman. Hihihi. Again and again hihih. I'm sure he is your smallest fan hihi. And you should see the movessss he does on yours songs hihih it's adorable. Even when te song is not playing.... He sing along ... In the shower. Brushing he's teeth.. Playing with toys hihi everywhere. He can't stop. So thankkkkkkkk you. He makes me laugh to see him enjoying your music. You are the best. Te best gift ever you can give a mother is the happiness of his child and I can assure you .... You are his happiness of each day. Morning to night so thankssssssssssss. Wish one day he can meet his idol. Gabrielle

Allison Elizabeth Maker's picture
Submitted by Allison Elizabe... (not verified) on


<3 <3

Meer's picture
Submitted by Meer (not verified) on

Haiti Megan I am your favorite fan

Cami Rodgers's picture
Submitted by Cami Rodgers (not verified) on

HI my names Cami and I'm wondering if we can skype or face time in my class me could research any thing and any one in the world and I choose you please text me back!
Cami rodgers 5 grade weatherford TX :)

wyatt's picture
Submitted by wyatt (not verified) on

Just wanted to say you are one of the most tallented, singer, song writer, performing, smokeing hot young woman, ever. I may be 48 years old and a father of 3 but i enjoy all types of music, and yours really gets my hart pumpin. Especially when danceing at a jack and jill or wedding dance. Thankyou for all your hard work and i hope you keep it comeing.

Makenzie's picture
Submitted by Makenzie (not verified) on

hey Meghan im a huge fan.... I would like to be like u... I don't like to brag but im a really good singer but how do you write a song...thanks

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

Hi Makenzie
Im not Meghan Trainor but i am a great singer
You were probally wanting to hear from Meghan but I myself Write songs

To write a song you have to put emotion into it and write it about a significant event thats changed you so badically you could write about a sad, happy or other event in your life

I hope you become successful and keep singing
Go places Makenzie x

LJ46's picture
Submitted by LJ46 (not verified) on

Wow you are so inspiring I love your songs so much I hope one day I can be just like you

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

Im not Meghan but if you want to be like Meghan than you just have to sing to your heart and belive in yourself and your family because they are your number 1 fan
Go places LJ46

Ebuka Nwagwu's picture
Submitted by Ebuka Nwagwu (not verified) on

Hi Meghan, I love you and your music so much. I have your album and my favourite songs of yours are lips are movin' and credit. Some people insult me because I love your music but I don't care because I love you so much and you make me happy, which is why I am asking you to come to my school prom with me on the 15th of July at

The Valley, Charlton Athletic stadium.
Floyd Road
London, England

at 4pm or any time in the evening that suits you

please get back to me as soon as you can

Thank You so much. I love you. <3

K.C's picture
Submitted by K.C (not verified) on

That is really nice you should see the person who hates megan and then sombody or should said some nice stuff.

K.C's picture
Submitted by K.C (not verified) on

I messed up i ment to say. That is really nice you should see the person who hates Meghan and then somebody or should say my friend said some nice stuff

meg 's picture
Submitted by meg (not verified) on

im awesome

haylie's picture
Submitted by haylie (not verified) on

Check your fan mail I sent u something. ILYSM...

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

ok cool

Meghana's picture
Submitted by Meghana (not verified) on

i dont have your posters all over my room but im might be your biggest but youngest fan. Our names are alike. mine has an a at the end

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

Hi Meghana
Im not Meghan ok
But i am a singer and i myself love Meghan
Listen here
To be a fan you dont have to have posters you just have to belive
Stay young and beautiful Meghana

That Fat Moldy Catapillar's picture
Submitted by That Fat Moldy ... (not verified) on

I HATE MEGHAN SOOOOOO much she is a effing retard she cant even sing high notes i would rather sit around listening to earth wind and fire riding a bbc screaming while MY lips r movin btw SEE YOU AT THE MEET AND GREET MEGHAN!!!!! YUP VIP TICKETS

Allegra 's picture
Submitted by Allegra (not verified) on

Why dont you go do that instead of telling everyone how much you hate her.

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

Come on have a heart
Im going around giving positivity
Hey remember there are little kids who look up to her and love reading fan mail for her
Hooe you grow to belive Emm

Kacie 's picture
Submitted by Kacie (not verified) on

Ur a amazing girl and there are no words to describe u

Kai 's picture
Submitted by Kai (not verified) on

Meghan traitor I can't believe this u are so amazing I am Kai I am 11 years old u are so good I love all ur music u are such an amazing singer I hope to maybe buy tix to ur concert in NC where I live u are so amazing

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

Hey Kai
Im Aliza im spreading positivity
You know Kai when i was 11 i was like obsessed with Meghan now not as much but i never gave up on my dream to meet her because she inspired me...
Stay a MeghanTron

Mtrain_fan_for_lyfee's picture
Submitted by Mtrain_fan_for_lyfee (not verified) on

I would love to meet you someday i love you so much you mean the world to me❤️

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

My names Aliza
I am like a younger Meghan not that young though
If you keep beliving you can meet her
Stay a beliver ok x

Luca O&#039;Loughlin's picture
Submitted by Luca O'Loughlin (not verified) on

to meghan trainor
i would like to see one of your shows
the problim is i live in Ireland in clonsilla
I am 7 years old and enjoy listing to your singing
I am a big fan of yours
Are you going to have a concert in Ireland in the near future
Kind regards
Luca O' Loughlin
good bye meghan Trainor.

Aliza's picture
Submitted by Aliza (not verified) on

Oooooh hi
I love Ireland
Keep beliving and hoping it will happen one day
Stay beautiful Luca


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