Snoop Dogg

Birth Name: 
Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.
rap, hip hop, reggae
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collaborations with Dr. Dre and Pharrel Williams
smoking pot

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Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. (born October 20, 1971 or October 20, 1972), best known by his stage name Snoop Dogg, is a rapper and actor from Long Beach, California. His music career began in 1992, when he was discovered by Dr. Dre of N.W.A and as a result was prominently featured throughout Dr. Dre's solo debut album, The Chronic (1992). He has since sold over 35 million albums worldwide.

Snoop's debut album, Doggystyle, was released in 1993 under Death Row Records, debuting at number one on both the Billboard 200 and Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts. Selling almost a million copies in the first week of its release, Doggystyle became certified 4× platinum in 1994 and spawned several hit singles, including "What's My Name?" and "Gin & Juice". In 1994, Snoop released a soundtrack on Death Row Records for the short film Murder Was The Case, starring himself. His second album Tha Doggfather (1996), also debuted at number one on both charts with "Snoop's Upside Ya Head", as the lead single. The album was certified double platinum in 1997.

After leaving Death Row, Snoop signed with No Limit Records, where he recorded his next three albums. Da Game Is to Be Sold, Not to Be Told (1998), No Limit Top Dogg (1999), and Tha Last Meal (2000). Snoop then signed with Priority/Capitol/EMI Records in 2002, where he released Paid tha Cost to Be da Boss. He then signed with Geffen Records in 2004 for his next three albums R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, and Ego Trippin'. Malice 'n Wonderland (2009) and Doggumentary (2011), were released on Priority. Snoop Dogg has starred in motion pictures and hosted several television shows including, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, Snoop Dogg's Father Hood and Dogg After Dark. He also coaches a youth football league and high school football team. In September 2009, Snoop was hired by EMI as the chairman of a reactivated Priority Records.

In 2012, after a trip to Jamaica, Snoop announced a conversion to the Rastafari movement and a new alias, Snoop Lion. Under the new moniker, he released a reggae album, Reincarnated, and a documentary film of the same name, of his Jamaican experience, in early 2013. His thirteenth solo studio album, Bush, was released in May 2015.


Snoop Dogg
Stampede Management
12530 Beatrice Street
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Snoop Dogg
Serious Pimp Records, Ltd.
22622 Lambert St.
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Submitted by anthony humphrey (not verified) on

How u. Doing I'm 14 I love to rap I went to help my family out in life I look up to u pac u are the real hippop and I want to become something more then People think am and that's a rapper if u get it nothing but God have a nice day snoop dog

Submitted by Roger Llamas (not verified) on

may you have luck on your latest endeavor, pranayama, I pass onto you pure energy from the one who entered the most perfect rain bow and saw the other side and is forever in sublime bliss

Submitted by Chris Race (not verified) on

When I used to think of cool people I would love to smoke weed with I thought it Snoop Dogg...

I used to think he was awesome... I remember when he was in Old School the movie... I'm always so happy to see him in Hollywood... I was happy to see him be a great father on his reality show....

Look we get it you don't like Trump. You wanted to vote for Hillary Clinton who said she wasn't going to legalize weed to Goldman Sachs.

I think you're a traitor to the little guy who made you you... I think you lost touch... And I sure hope you're not involved with any of this pizza stuff...

You think it's cool to shoot Donald Trump... I don't think it's cool to shoot Obama and I didn't vote for him the second time...

I tell you to shoot yourself in the foot... But you already did with all this establishment Trump hate...

Submitted by Me (not verified) on

I've been a fan for decades and after your complete disrespect toward YOUR president whether you like it or not! is just disgraceful. I hope some day somebody takes aim at you or your family in the public eye. Your a fucking disgrace!!! Your a sheep just like 90% of dems. Think for yourself!

Submitted by calm down (not verified) on

dude mellow the hellow out

Submitted by K man (not verified) on

If you had a ounce of class which I know you don't!! You'd apologize for your asinine Behavior but like I say you have no class and never will too bad

Submitted by Josh Young (not verified) on

Just trying to ask our city for some help to get this travel football team going. It seems like the city dont want to help our kids we not aksing the city for money although we are getting a few donations we just asking our city for location to run some free camps for the kids we even feed them after we're done. And we sell food for fundraisers after the camp the name of the team is Jackson Cougar's we are located in Jackson TN we got our name from the High School Jackson Central Merry they recently closed the school in 2016 the name of their football team was the Cougars we're just trying to keep the Cougars Spirit Alive and get our inner-city kids something to look forward to. Me and another coach (which is the president over the Youth Cougar Sports) we play in the Super Bowl against each other I ended up winning 7-6 so our teams Joined Forces to take over travel football. It's our first year it's a little bumpy getting it started but our president Maurice Lawrence is working his ass off to get this done as well as all the other coaches I know you can't save the world and I'm not looking for any handouts I just wanted to shoot you a story about this side of the world in little old Jackson Tennessee

Submitted by Bailen (not verified) on

I'm not a Rapper or music producer and I'm not trying to be one. I'm a fan of music. I've had several different versions of FL Studio just to play around with beats. For whatever reason, I've made a beat and don't want to share it with anyone but you. I visually hear your voice with this track and I want to give it to you. Not looking for any in return. Just want to hear you rap over this track. That's all. Thank you.

Submitted by Makayla hall (not verified) on

Hey Mr. Snoop Dogg. My name is Makayla just wanna say your amazing icon for my generation even though I'm only 21. I have lupus and am on chemo. I've been sick since I was 13. My fiance also has lupus but he's an rapper. He's really good and I want to promote him. Any advice on how I can and also support him at the same time.

Submitted by Joshua Smith (not verified) on

My best Father’s Day yet! Just got tickets to
your concert in North Texas at Lava Cantina for Father’s Day from my girl. Haven’t seen you in concert since 2001 Up In Smoke Tour! My girl is awesome. Mad love for you Snoop. Do your thing!

Submitted by Gina (not verified) on

Hi, snoop dog I was watching a video of yours a song I Never heard of till today 9/27/2018 kill'em wit The Shoulders.Yes Iam late old school 50 years old but Honey I Saw that video and I fell in love with it.Because thats Been My Favorite dance for years. I lost my son In a Traggic Horrible car accident May/2018 I would have loved For Him to See That video cause he use to say Mama thats All you Know How to do is the shoulder Dance. And Look A Here you made a shoulder video lol R.I.P Son my Hero gone but Never forgotten. But you Needed me in that Video snoop Them girls was not kill'em with The shoulders Sorry lol.If you Cant Pop them Shoulders right Sit down have Serveral Seats Messing up My old school Dance lol..And The new Song You Have out With duval liven my best life I love that Beat To That song You Just Made my day.I don't Care what they say about You keep doing you.Iam from Indianapolis I know I will Never see you In life in person. But I Hope You read This If iam Sending it right Just old I dont know much love.😘

Submitted by Will Vale (not verified) on

Yo Snoop, I dont know how to get ahold of you, and never had the money to see you live, but it would be awesome to smoke with you someday and talk about our views on how to make the world a better place

Submitted by Stephanie Ann M... (not verified) on

We think that you should run for president! I think you would do and awesome job at fixing iur fucked up country. You have great morals that the world should share.

Submitted by Cynthia Campbell (not verified) on

Hi Snoop been a fan since you been on the scene now all these rappers and celebrities go the big cities come to the small cities. Let the small people know they mean something my city is falling apart with you gunsters want to bees. Come to the this small little city called Americus GA about 9 miles from Jimmy Carter and about 2 and half hours form Atlanta. Save the small cites.

Submitted by Kp (not verified) on

Snoop I just saw your Tostitos commercial. Bro, you keep it real and getting paper from national ads. Hope the post to Gail king about Kobe doesn’t slow down your momentum getting big deals like that, for telling the truth. You are paving the way for others looking for a break into mainstream from similar background. Thank you for helping your people Coast to Coast world wide. You give us hope. Thank you brotha, don’t stop.

Submitted by Lisa F.C. (not verified) on

I have been a fan for decades! One of the best days was when you came to Dallas several years ago and performed at a pavilion very close to my house. I could hear you from my balcony. It was the tits! I survived severe depression and a shit marriage. No matter how blue I got, your music always made me smile. Keep on keeping on! Much love, peace, and good wishes to you, Snoop!! ❤️✨❤️

Submitted by Dr. Patricia Go... (not verified) on

I heard you on the Late Night With Jimmy when they asked you what you would have been if not a rapper and you said: “A Pastor”. Everyone laughed but I sat straight up in the bed because God told me and I knew that you were not kidding. Please don’t laugh this away. I am a 74 year old pastor and seminary professor who would like to talk with you for about 10 minutes. I don’t know if this message will even get to you but I am praying that it will. I can be reached at (804) 307-1904.

Submitted by Dumuzi (not verified) on

I have never used urban dictionary more than when I listen to your songs. DO it Fluid? Delsym? Alcohol? I, like, have to know what the guy is tripping on.