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Modern Family

Show Premise: 

Modern Family is the story of Jay Pritchett, his second wife, his stepson, and their infant son; and his two adult children and their families in suburban Los Angeles.

Production History: 

The series premiered on September 23, 2009 and was watched by 12.6 million viewers and on October 8, 2009 the series was picked up for a full season. On January 12, 2010, ABC Entertainment president Stephen McPherson announced that Modern Family had been renewed for a second season. A third season was ordered by ABC on January 10, 2011. The series was also picked up for syndication by USA during the first season for $1.5 million and it was picked up by ten Fox affiliates during the second season.

The show has won many awards, including the Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in each of the past four years and the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series three times so far as well, twice for Eric Stonestreet and once for Ty Burrell, as well as the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series twice for Julie Bowen. It also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.

The series was renewed for its sixth season on May 8, 2014.


20th Century Fox Studios
10201 W. Pico Blvd. Bldg. 69
Los Angeles, CA 90035


layabaya's picture
Submitted by layabaya (not verified) on

Aubrey, you are truly superb as Lily....believably hilarious, sarcastic, ironic and adorable simultaneously!! Wonderful acting-the entire cast is excellent, funny and touchingly tender- and the show will undoubtedly go on record as one of the best sitcoms ever, up there with Seinfeld, I Love Lucy, Will&Grace etc.

I just finished the episode where y'all are on the farm in Missouri, and when you busted out your down home drawl, etc. I couldn't stop laughing...thank you sweetie!!

a huge Modern Family fan

macy's picture
Submitted by macy (not verified) on

Just for the record, and I will try to send something handwritten as well, I would like you to know that you are all GREAT! I love your show. And when I read anything on line that bashes ANY of you, I feel very disgruntled? Is that the best description?
So pay no attention to the jealous people, who obviously lack talent. There are enough of us other people who know that you totally deliver, even when all circumstances may not be ideal. Please continue to grace the world with your presence! In any way you can!

Johannes Rasmussen's picture
Submitted by Johannes Rasmussen (not verified) on

Hey! Watched it 15times and love it, but Ariel Winter is ruining the series. MF has some great actors, but Alex should be written out of the series! Ariel Winter isnt a good enough actor and every sceene she appears in makes me mad! After some sceenes she appears in, im left sitting there in shock thinking how a big budget TV-show like this could hire that bad actor!

Kirsten White's picture
Submitted by Kirsten White (not verified) on

I sent a photo of my daughter, and a self addressed envelope with letter requesting an autographed photo of Mr. Stonestreet. I sent it in December, and have not yet received it. I was hoping it was not lost. I thank you for any help with this. Kirsten White

Cory's picture
Submitted by Cory on

It is still on the early side for a response if you sent the request in December, especially considering the various holidays that folks weren't at the office to process mail.

Joshua hunt's picture
Submitted by Joshua hunt (not verified) on

I saw modern family on the tv show was funny 😄 I like funny show a great 👍 that was nice be careful. It’s great wonderful. That was nice day .

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