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Seth MacFarlane

Birth Name: 
Seth Woodbury MacFarlane
Best Known For: 

The Family Guy

Short bio: 

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane (born October 26, 1973) is an actor, animator, cartoonist, writer, producer, director, comedian, singer, and songwriter. He is the creator of the TV series Family Guy (1999–2003, 2005–present) and co-creator of the TV series American Dad! (2005–present) and The Cleveland Show (2009–2013). He also voices many of the shows' various characters.

As an actor, he has made guest appearances on shows, such as Gilmore Girls, The War at Home and FlashForward. MacFarlane's interest in science fiction and fantasy has led to cameo and guest appearances on Star Trek: Enterprise and voicing the character of Johann Kraus in Guillermo del Toro's Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

His first feature-length comedy film, Ted, stars Mark Wahlberg as an adult who, as a kid, wished his teddy bear would come to life. MacFarlane voiced and provided motion capture for the bear. It was released on June 29, 2012, and went on to become the highest-grossing original R-rated comedy of all time. In September 2011, MacFarlane released his debut album Music Is Better Than Words. Also in 2011, he began a revival of Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones for the Fox network. The first episode was due to air in the U.S. in 2013, but production has been indefinitely delayed due to MacFarlane's schedule.

MacFarlane served as executive producer of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, an update of the 1980s Carl Sagan–hosted Cosmos series. The new series, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, debuted in March 2014. MacFarlane was instrumental in providing funding for the show, as well as securing studio support for it from other entertainment executives. Besides serving as one of the executive producers, MacFarlane also provided voices for characters during the animation portions of the series.


Seth MacFarlane
Fuzzy Door Productions, Inc.
5700 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 325
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Seth MacFarlane
William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
9601 Wilshire Blvd.
3rd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5213


Gabby C.'s picture
Submitted by Gabby C. (not verified) on

Okay. Bear with me! "Dooo it, dooo it, dooo it". Okay, are you listening to me? Well, reading. Okay! I personally think, MY OPINION that you SHOULD turn Family Guy into a Netflix Only show off of FOX, or Adult Swim, or WLNY or whatever, and move it to a WEB SERIES!!! Also, maybe either that, oooor do a sequel or reboot series of it that's a Netflix Original? I know it sounds crazy, but come on, but bear with me, it just might be crazy enough to WORK. Think about it! ;) :P :)

power daniel's picture
Submitted by power daniel (not verified) on

pleas please please i beseech you terminate Jeff Fischer on American dad he is frankly of no importance just kill him off

Brian McInerney 's picture
Submitted by Brian McInerney (not verified) on

Since the unfortunate passing of Adam West, may he r.i.p. why not offer Michael Keaton a job as the new mayor of Quahog.. your welcome. A job as a voice on family guy will be sufficient payment for this life changing idea.

Zach Cypert's picture
Submitted by Zach Cypert (not verified) on

Hello Seth.
I've been a fan of yours over half my life at this humble yet waste of 27 years of age. Yet I figure I would take a moment to say how much your comedy and creativeness as well as bird and tues in the science community, has been inspiring to me about every step of my life as well as something to look forward too when I had nothing going on. I wish I could be a voice actor or part of your writing crew for some of your shows that I just bleed in relation to. I'm more 90s then 80s but I'm not far off man. I hope you want a space pirate on the Orville for next season. I would be willing to try for a part of one is available. The show is definitely something anyone should be willin to watch with elements that seriously could inspire a generation. If that doesn't sound familiar. But I just wanted to voice my appreciation and that maybe in a perfect world I could be working with you and your crew. Keep it up man. Party on and prosper.

Victor T. Stephens's picture
Submitted by Victor T. Stephens (not verified) on

I have been watching Star Trek for fifty years. And to be blunt, "The Orville" is a disgrace. Although there are some positive aspects to the show, those aspects are nullified by the show's lack of morality, vulgar language, and distasteful humor which is geared more to the immature and simple minded. If "Orville" gets a high rating, it only demonstrates how far the morality in our country has eroded.

Star Trek: Discovery is more in line with the original series and subsequent spin-offs (TNG, DS9, etc); and by far, a better quality show than "Orville".

Unless "Orville" changes course, Star Trek fans who are mature and possess a moral code will only find "Orville" repugnant; and will ultimately discontinue viewing the show.

SiFi Lover...'s picture
Submitted by SiFi Lover... (not verified) on

I have to say I am having a ball.

I am not one of those over the top nerdy geeks that has to explain that matter energy transporters would likely kill you and why. Nope I am happy to imagine the possibility of other worlds and what our future could hold even if we are alone or surrounded by other life forms.

I do fear we lack vision however, I would have hoped that by now we would have made greater progress to other stars and planets outside out solar system. So while others take issue with your show, I do not because to achieve anything grate or small you have to have a vision of what could be.

If The Orville inspires the next generation to go to space and achieve something truly awesome, I am all about it.

Damian Allan's picture
Submitted by Damian Allan (not verified) on

I first saw you on enterprise fixing something in the wall and then followed you on family guy and you do the best English accent ever but u have always been a sci fi fan and loving the orville. I'd love to be part of the series just so u can earn money for any future that may come along to keep him alive. He's my only child and was born on my sisters birthday who unfortunately died of cancer. Not asking for a handout but just to work for an absolute genius.

Derek's picture
Submitted by Derek (not verified) on

Hi there I've been a fan of Family Guy since day one but I have to be honest with you guys I don't know if Seth since he has his new show stop writing or reviewing the new storylines but these new story lines are brutal I'm almost to the point where I'm going to not be a fan no more I love the old school so to speak antics of the original Family Guy I hope they start to come back thank you concerned fan!

Ronald Drasser's picture
Submitted by Ronald Drasser (not verified) on

Seth, having been a big fan of the Family Guy, I have to tell you that I am a bigger fan of the Orville. The imagination and hilarious dialogue is outstanding. Just watched the New Dimension episode and I have to admit that it was a truly jaw dropping experience, the imagination needed to come up with the idea of a two dimensional culture was truly amazing!! Keep up the good work and you have a confirmed orvillian fan forever!!

Lee's picture
Submitted by Lee (not verified) on

S16E8 Family Guy - Thought there was going to be a different punch line on the chris O’Donnell helicopter fade out - “or too tall”

A Fan's picture
Submitted by A Fan (not verified) on

Hi Seth! I have loved the Flintstones since I was little, and naturally I was disappointed when I heard that you weren’t going to do a Flintstones reboot after all. I definitely understand how it would compete with or be too similar to Family Guy. Would you consider a Flintstones movie? (An animated one, perhaps maybe even 3D computer like the Peanuts movie in 2015). You could have the plot include a lot of the things that Fred and Barney always did including bowling, Water Buffalo membership, doing sneaky things behind their wives’ backs and getting into all kinds of trouble, working at the quarry, etc. And you could have it themed for ages 14 and up. Just leave all of the characters’ personalities, looks, clothing and hairstyles remain the same (try to cast actors whose voices sound the most similar since all of the original voice actors of the major characters are deceased) as well as their environment, (and don’t forget to include the service animals such as the characters using elephants’ trunks as a sink faucet/garden hose or a monkey who picks up all the bowling pins with their tails! (And they can make funnier, gutsier comments too!). And to give it somewhat of a modern twist, you could have the plot about a modern situation of these days, and perhaps include a few new things including internet, cellphones, and texting (which wasn’t around then). It can be done. And if anybody can do it, YOU can!! Go for it!!!

bullfrog's picture
Submitted by bullfrog (not verified) on

So I noticed several small changes throughout many episodes In the series. Two that come to mind are the phauq bit between Joe and Peter. the punchline being big gay phauq. another is the cowboy buttsex song. these scenes have been altered and are now less funny and I feel it was done to appease a bunch of PC cronies because everybody is ready to be butthurt. there are several other scenes these are the two that come to mind.

Shane's picture
Submitted by Shane (not verified) on

I know everyone wants this. How about Seth and Scott write full length versions of Steves songs and release an album. Im

Jael 's picture
Submitted by Jael (not verified) on

Me an my boyfriend are huge fans we watch family guy every day an we were talking about how awesome it would be if you were to make a movie about family guy using real people to portray the characters. Just a thought

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