Nicholas Sparks

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Nicholas Charles Sparks
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"The Notebook"

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Nicholas Sparks was born in Omaha, NE in 1965. He lived in Fair Oaks, CA through high school, graduated valedictorian in 1984, and received a full track scholarship to the University of Notre Dame. After breaking the Notre Dame school record as part of a relay team in 1985 as a freshman (a record which still stands), he was injured and spent the summer recovering. During that summer, he wrote his first novel, though it was never published. Later he and his wife moved from Sacramento, California to North Carolina in 1992 where he began selling pharmaceuticals. In 1994, at the age of 28, he wrote The Notebook over a period of six months. In October 1995, rights to The Notebook were sold to Warner Books. It was published in October 1996. Since then, Sparks has written a total of 18 books including, Message in a Bottle (1998), A Walk to Remember (1999), The Rescue (2000), A Bend in the Road (2001), Nights in Rodanthe (2002). All were domestic and international best sellers, with almost $80 million in worldwide sales, and were translated into more than 45 languages. Eight of his books have been made into films.


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Submitted by Justin Reyes (not verified) on

My Name is Justin Reyes, i was just curious where you get all the inspiration for all your books, i read the best of me andd i also watched the movie it made me wonder where you got the inspiration to write such a great book

Submitted by Nicole W (not verified) on

I love everything you write and you probably won't get this which is why I never take the time to write these things out..
The movie was perfect, I was crying and happy and sad and all the emotions that should be felt during this type of film. However, I was disappointed, because you never gave them a true chance. She was ready for him, they waited 21 years to see and love each other again. Why would you kill his character right when Amanda was going through so much. She needed him the most, he should have been there. Don't get me wrong, the donation of the heart was beautiful, but I wish this one would have ended without one of them dying. I wanted to see them happy, together. But all in all, you are an amazing writer and I am sure you have your reasoning. Hope one day I am able to hear it.
Emotional Pregnant Woman Who Needs A Happy Ending

Submitted by Arwa (not verified) on

Hi, i just saw the movie and i'm still crying, it honestly broke my heart. I too, wanted to see them have a happy ending, they really deserved it after everything they'd been through but thinking about it, maybe the donation of the heart and her son continuing to live signified the fact that Dawson would live on longer and would be closer to Amanda, even if he wasn't there physically. I loved their love story and how it began and consumed them both and as a viewer, i felt that they captured it so well on film and managed to get the audience pleading for their happy ending. I've loved watching all of your films and seeing how you explore different love stories and the range of emotions you associate and lead to epic love stories. I would also, love to hear what you would have to say about cutting off their love story so abruptly after their short reunion?
Thank you for writing so beautifully and opening up new worlds for us to escape into.
Sincerely, an admirer of your wonderful books and film adaptations.

Submitted by April (not verified) on


Submitted by Maxine Taylor (not verified) on

Just finished See Me. You've done it again, another home run! Loved it! Definitely movie material. A little different from some of your previous books but a pleasant surprise. Already looking forward to your next novel!

Submitted by ILYN LANAJA (not verified) on

Hi Sir Nicholas Sparks! Good day to you! I tried to find your contact information and your email address but I failed.

I'm a college student fan of yours and I'm writing this for you and for a course requiring us to send a letter to the person we look up to, and I chose you because i look up to you. I really like you because of the way you put your heart into the great novels you write, with every word sinking deep within me leaving me in an emotional state. I started reading your novels since I was eleven. As I watch the movie A Walk to Remember, a thought crossed my mind that it would be nicer to read your book. Until now, I'm seventeen and I still love your books. They both had made me cry and inspired. Ever since I read A Walk to Remember, I have been searching for your other works to read. So far I've read Dear John, Safe Haven, The Lucky One, The Notebook, The Longest Ride, The Choice, Message In The Bottle, True Believer, and The Guardian. I've also watched the movies. They truly are marvelous works from a great writer! You are amazing! I am but your fan forever. Every time I read your novels, I feel as if being taken to another realm though I was just in my bed, reading. I just wish goodness in everything you do. May the Good Lord bless you with every mark of ink you leave for you to inspire more people. Great writers never die for their great works live forever. Continue being one. More power!

PS: Your reply is much appreciated. My teacher would definitely give bonus points. Either way, I would still be the luckiest fan to have roamed this earth Living the life in your books.

Submitted by Rhett G. Wintch (not verified) on

I'm a huge fan of the books and movies of Nickolas Sparks. So much so that I spent 10 years writing the perfect novel of faith, courage, family values, love, understanding, gratitude, and so much more. However it's core meaning is beyond even these values. Love and unity that spans beyond this life. This novel mirrors the movies produced by Mr. Sparks by carrying a similar message. I'd love to send you all the copies you may request.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rhett G. Wintch

Submitted by Dikshita Basumatary (not verified) on

I cannot express how deeply i am in love with your writings. I had started reading your books a few years ago and ever since i am in love. You can truly define what love is and how people feel when in love. I wonder from where do you get all that to write such wonderful books. How much love you must have given or have in your heart to express something like this so beautifully. i would be really glad if one day I could meet you. I would just hug you and thank you for making me believe what true love feels like.

Submitted by Mackenzie (not verified) on

I just read your book Dear John and saw the movie. I had a question about the ending with what happens with Savannah and John. Like did they fall in love and get married, or like does he go back to the army and they remain a friendship. I also was wondering what is happening with Alan. I love the story it's my favorite so far out of all your books . I guess I was just curious for what would happen beyond . And was commenting to see if you had an ending or if there's kind of like a perspective point of view and the reader kind of gets to decide what happens .

Submitted by Brent Coffey (not verified) on

This is the 1st book of yours I have read. I enjoyed it very much and wanted to thank you for my time with your characters. I will be looking to read other books by you.

Submitted by Margie Zilic (not verified) on

I thought I read some time ago that there was going to be more about Noah and Allie's life in the form of a TV series/mini series...just love that story; will there ever be "more to the story"??

Submitted by McKellips (not verified) on


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